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Diggin the New

A blessed fatigue. Not overtly so. Let’s see. Last night, watched the second half of the Dark Knight. Still blown away by Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. Truly deserved the Academy Award for it I think.

The whole movie is so very good, but Heath Ledger stole the movie. It’s still a shame that his life was snuffed out like it was. It was on HBO and I knew if I waited I could catch the west coast broadcast and so that’s what I did. Caught the first half up till the convoy destruction scene in the middle of Gotham City.

Bill was working the 6PM to 6PM shift so he wasn’t home. I slept soundly when I went to bed, but missed his warmth in the night. He got home around 7AM with the sun shining through the blinds. And as usual after he put his sleep apnea mask on, his head hits the pillow and he is out like a light.

He was good enough to bring home the paper and bagels saving me from the trouble of doing it myself this morning. I puttered about on the quiet side as Bill slept.

Still avoiding the news programs and watched Across the Universe a few hours later. Bill was awake by that point and wondered what it was I was watching. He enjoyed it, as I slowly indoctrinated him into the Beatles music some more.

It’s a beautiful movie to watch, a bit over the top sometimes, sometimes a bit wonky but overall an enjoyable movie. I knew there was a Lawn Hors d’œuvre marathon on and I wasn’t in the mood for that. I wanted to be entertained.

After Across the Universe ended I searched on the TV and saw that All Together Now was about to begin and switched to that. Bill got a kick out of that. It’s about the making of the Beatles LOVE Show in Las Vegas with Cirque de Soleil. More Beatles, Paul & Ringo with Yoko and Olivia.

Bill enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the show in progress over the course of almost a year, asking me would I do some of the high wire acrobatics in the show for $1000. If there was no risk of life or limb of course I would. Hell, right now there isn’t a lot I wouldn’t do for $1000.00.

But I do have my limits and some principles and those can always be negotiated.

Just got back from Julio & Stine’s. They’re still having problems with their heater so I brought down the 2 Allen wrenches I had which we of no use and some matches. Alexander is now chatting somewhat.

The parents are clearly getting on each others nerves which makes me think that mother and child flying to Denmark next week might be a good thing for a break.

Alexander is quite amusing and always angling for my attention just like his parents. Now I’m being pulled in 3 directions, but I focus on Alexander since he’s less stressful.

Just checked my cellphone and I missed a call from my nephew Brian. I left the phone in the apartment while I was downstairs. That sucks but he sounded really good, saying he misses Bill and myself and he loves us and hopes to see us soon. He also said he’s feeling good so that is excellent news! Wow!

Today was a nice enough day that I went to the river with my guitar expecting to maybe see Tariq or Tim. Neither was around so I just played guitar by myself. Didn’t really sing, maybe grunted a bit.

Played a bluesy slower version of Love Shack, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Elton John’s Hercules, Please Please Me, Me & Julio by the Schoolyard.

It was a lot of fun, and I made $3.00 which isn’t a lot to most but it was a slice of pizza for me, and officially makes me a busker, having made some dosh while playing.

I’m very happy with that result. I think The Lion Sleep Tonight will be my go to song since it’s really easy to play and only three chords. And as Annemarie remarked, a lot of kids probably know it from the Lion King. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never seen it. But I think it’s a nice feather in my cap.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be even nicer and I plan to go out earlier. Not for the money, but for the practice.

The money is nice though, but as usual, I’m not in it for the money, I’m in it for the music, for the art, for the X Ray Style.

Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha

Well sure enough after I posted an oldie but goodie last night, things happen. Well nothing earth shattering or anything like that. I watched the final bits of the McCartney Years, which was alright. Just about 4 clips each from various concerts, including Macca’s appearance at the Super Bowl a few years ago. It was fine, but I was more in the mood for it the day before. And the extras weren’t as special on the first 2 dvd’s but enjoyable nonetheless. I wasn’t going anywhere last night, after running around Hoboken and Manhattan for a while.

I needed to run to my office for something I had left behind or so I thought. It was a waste of time actually since I found what I was looking for next to my computer at home. It’s certainly is a trip of sorts to walk the same route I on the weekend, that I usually walk during the work week. Different people and they’re certainly not in a rush to go anywhere. I successfully avoided them and was in and out of the city in an hour. A fast paced hour that tuckered me out.

I came home had some dinner and watched the rest of Across The Universe which was very good. Good looking cast, all singing different Beatles songs admirably. Characters named Lucy, Max, Jude, Prudence, Sadie, JoJo and Rita, you can see where that’s going though not everyone gets a song sung about them. Still it’s a good introduction to the Beatles music and Julie Taymor’s direction was great as well as the way the film looked. I would give it four stars and recommended it to just about everyone. The I Want You (She’s So Heavy) sequence was really good. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

I lent my Netflix copy to Chaz after coming back from seeing Cloverfield this afternoon. I’ve been following the hype since last summer and I have to say it was merely hype. It was an enjoyable monster movie, and will probably work better on a TV screen, with all the jumpy hand held camera shots. It was nerve wracking to see the jerky motions of the camera on a big screen, too much going on. I felt the same way about Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Didn’t ‘get’ it in the theaters, definitely ‘got’ it on video. Also the same thing with the first Lord of The Rings movie. When I saw it on cable I couldn’t believe I saw it in the theater since I could hardly remember much of it, and my mind wasn’t addled at the time, since it was also an early date with Bill and I was on my good behavior. It’s definitely a movie for teenage boys, but shouldn’t be used as a primer to get around Manhattan. Belief is suspended after seeing characters get from Spring Street to 59th street in no time at all. And a sequel is always a possibility.

Juan came over for a bit last night, we watched a documentary on NY in 1977, about hip hop and punk and Studio 54 with the blackout and Son of Sam. Then we watched Superman 2 but it was a bit much, not as much fun as I had originally thought it would be, my tooth was acting up and I was tired and Juan left around 12:30. I went to sleep only to wake up around 3:00AM with a toothache. Luckily I was able to find a home remedy online, rinsing with salt water and I was able to fall asleep comfortably. That dental appointment on Wednesday is going to be fun, I can see that now.

Talked to my sister on the phone, things are ok in Arcata. I also spoke to brother Frank as well. I had to remind him that we talked about There Will Be Blood two weeks ago. He’s slowly getting better, a bit rambling on the phone, making me hesitant to interrupt. But I had to to tell him I needed to get ready for the movies. Now I’m home, the tooth is still making it’s presence known, though subtlety. Just have to keep the salt water nearby.