Banzai Pipeline

Well today is Tuesday. Nothing much happening today, the potential job I had for Greg Stevens fell through. Still I was handed a nice $20.00 bill for my services yesterday.

Today was a beautiful day. Now all the kids are in school, but still the stroller set roam, free range style throughout Hoboken.

No need to head into the city so I didn’t go. Last night came home in time to catch the first episode of the Jay Leno show and to my surprise is wasn’t that bad. Sure there is no edge to his comedy and I do like edgy comedy, but I did chuckle at one or two bits.

The now more than ever, infamous Kanye West was on with Jay Z and Rhianna, before that Jay had him out for a conversation about his being an asshole at the previous night’s MTV awards.

He got choked up when Leno asked him how he thought his mother would react to his behavior of bum rushing the stage and stealing Taylor Swift’s time. I didn’t see the show but I did see the clip and found myself so far removed from this modern day pop scene that I really didn’t care.

I don’t know most of the songs these days. In fact last week was the first time I actually heard Rhianna’s Umbrella and that song is two years old. I heard it twice in one day.

I heard from Juan yesterday asking if I would be around today. I told him then that I wasn’t sure but sent a text last night saying that I would be free. We spoke today and he said he was heading up and wanted to hang out.

I was hoping he would be up this afternoon but here it is 8:00 and no sign nor word from him. It’s OK, I didn’t sit around the apartment waiting for him. I walked over to the river and read for a bit. Nice day for it.

Also looked into some Karaoke places to go to for what I guess might be for Rand’s birthday. There is a place, Pulse on west 41st near the bus terminal that I passed by many times. I sent a link for that place to Rand, Lois and Bill.

And I contacted former co-worker Janelle who suggested Sing Sing on St Marks Place and Chorus on west 23rd St in Korea-town. It all depends on how many people want to go basically. The more people coming, the less costly it will be for all concerned.

I know Bill would love as will Lois, Rand & Lisa. I would like to give it a go, try out my Boz Scaggs number. I think I could do it. I still don’t know the rules of Karaoke, are you supposed to sing just like the song or do a radical deconstruction?

Leave people in awe, or leave them laughing. And if they laugh, will it be at you or with you? I suppose it remains to be seen. If you want to go, let me know.

I think the date is September 26 before Rand flies off to Florida.

Juan called, he’s visiting his mom and then heading over here.

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  1. Harpy

    Accuracy has it’s point, but an individual’s deconstruct can also work in their favor. The audience see’s a new side to the song and you. If you make the song your own, you’re a pop star. You blow it, you laugh it off as drunken excess.

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