Daily Archives: September 18, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

And here we are at Friday. So far it’s been a busy day. Running around here and there. Saw Bill off this morning. He was off to Elmira NY to play keyboards at some church function and also see a friend he hasn’t seen in years, Jennifer. I met the two women driving him, nice people.

I heard from Casey Chasm yesterday, Mrs. Chasm was due yesterday so today I asked how things went and they were inducing labor today. I’m sure all will be well with them.

Besides quite a few unemployed people wandering around. So I have the apartment to myself tonight. What to do? I did laundry today, returned Close Encounters to the library this morning. Read the papers.

Not much going on in Hoboken or so I thought. Just read about someone who was brandishing weapons on Garden Street, right around the block from where I am. On my travels I saw some sort of commotion. I

figured they were chopping down trees like they’ve been doing around Hoboken lately. But apparently a senior citizen with a gun and a grenade was running around. Inside the senior’s house there was a stockpile of guns and grenades.

The bomb squad has been called in from Jersey City to investigate 632 Garden Street. 20 guns have been found. It all started this morning and the investigation continues at this hour. Oh Hoboken, so much to answer for.

That’s about the high point of the day.

Bill just phoned from Jennifer’s car. They were out looking for a steakhouse where they can eat and catch up on the last 20 years. I

took the air conditioner out from the window yesterday. Didn’t use it that much this summer. Only had it in the window for about a month. Life on the 5th floor brings a nice breeze provided all the windows are open for circulation.

There was talk of a Karaoke night earlier this week but haven’t heard much about it since. I asked around and got some links which I distributed to Rand, Lois & Bill but haven’t heard from anyone about it. The date was next Saturday so maybe there is still time. Or maybe not.

Tonight is Blow Off at the Highline Ballroom again and I will definitely not be attending that again. Juan’s working and Bill’s out of town and I sure as hell ain’t going there solo. Turns out I don’t like club music so much.

And to tell you the truth I never really cared much for Husker Du. Sacrilege? Perhaps. The Minutemen were so much better and easier to talk to rather than grumpy old Bob Mould.

I did like Husker Du’s cover of the Byrds Eight Miles High and that was sung by Grant Hart, the drummer.

Bob Mould did have a really nice boyfriend. I forget his name and don’t know if they’re still together. He is friends with a few of my friends so if I ever cross paths with him again I guess I will have to play nice.

RIP Mary Travers