Daily Archives: May 5, 2009


Well let’s see, at 9:02 I walked through the door. I am home having left the office at 8:00. Not happy at all about that. This shit is fucked up.

I was in the office at 9:30 this morning and 10.5 hours later I was walking out. More of this bullshit. Movie Beam my ass.

I blame Vivek. He has an idea and expects it to become fully formed as soon as the words leave his mouth. His idea that I will be working for his new venture and not the company that hired me, to do a job that I wasn’t hired for is immensely frustrating.

Gone are the days where a friend would call and ask if I knew of anyone looking for a job. I wish that call would come through. But the phone doesn’t ring.

My Korean stalker still calls and leaves messages. She calls and perhaps she’s offering me a job, in Korean.

Not that I would take it.

Luckily I had a sandwich left over from lunch. I had to order for a few visiting lawyers in the office (we’re being sued) and was told to get something for myself.

I had hoped to eat it at home but I wound up wolfing it down while Abby waited in a conference room with no ventilation (they shut off the building ventilation at 5:00PM) and talking either very fast in English or Hindi.

I really couldn’t tell.

Abby’s a good guy, or seems to be and says he runs 2 other businesses. I told him I don’t like this late hour nonsense and he says he understands, he doesn’t like it much either.

I’m busy enough during the day or at least trying to be busy which also takes a lot of energy and by the time I used to go home is when these Movie Beamers start to become active. They wonder why I’m cranky and dragging my ass, muttering under my breath.

And a lot of it involved once again calling up various hotel/motel people telling them I am faxing over a form for them to sign and fax right back.

And of course, they never fax it back, leaving me to call them an hour later, 2 hours later, then finding out that so & so who was supposed to sign it left for the day. Oh the steam comes out of my ears rendering my phone useless.

And I’m s till dealing with my bank card fiasco. Trying to get refunds for shipping the cursed items back to the origin. I might as well eat the shipping charges. Less frustration and it would only cost $7.95.

But this frustration at work, this coming home at 9:00 is bullshit.

It is interesting that once the sun goes down and the trash from delis and restaurants goes to the curbs the rats come out. Saw several this evening on the way home.

Big rats too.

It’s something to watch as they squeeze their way through a closed garage door.

That’s all I have to write about tonight, I’m pretty tired of being frustrated and writing about it is reliving it. I yelled at a coat hanger tonight when I came home.

Oh and my computer died at work today.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Brian & Karen!

Cinco de Mayo!