Daily Archives: March 16, 2009


Back to work for me today. Not such a bad thing considering whats going on these days.

Something interesting happened just now. Actually over the past few hours. Quite inconsequential I’m sure, but as I was walking to the bus terminal I was thinking of the Roches, specifically a song, called The Death of Suzzy Roche.

All about how the people in the laundromat want Suzzy Roche dead since she puts on airs and acts like the queen of the laundry. I thought of it a few months ago and texted Kathe Charas with the line, ‘Everyone in the laundromat is equal’ to which Kathe texted back, ‘Suzzy Roche!’

And I was thinking about that and then thought about Seinfeld, the episode where Elaine goes by the name of Susie which made me think about Suzzy Roche. Well that particular episode is coming up tonight on a repeat of Seinfeld.

Synchronicity- it hardly ever happens. I guess that’s the high point of my day. Sad isn’t it?

I got up earlier this morning than I’ve been getting up lately. 6:30. I did my thing and Bill eventually got up and dressed while I was still puttering around. I was out at the usual time oddly enough. Walked though midtown to my office, in earlier than usual despite catching a later bus. It was quiet again.

A large part of my day is now spent looking for things to do. I did spend almost an hour at the post office, it was that crowded. A never ending snaking line. I wisely brought my iPod and listened to N.A.S.A.

Got back to the office about 15 minutes before it was time for me to go. Of course Vivek was in by then and asked if I wouldn’t mind going to the post office for him. I rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth, (or was it rolling my teeth and gritting my eyes) and Vivek said I could just put it in the mail box tonight so I did that.

Came home and as I was changing out of my work clothes, I get a call from Julio. He never calls anymore. He asks what I’m doing and I tell him I’m hanging up my suit. He asks if I would like some ice cream and he knew what my answer would be.

He came up a few minutes later with a few gallons of Breyers chocolate ice cream and chocolate velvet ice cream and low fat chocolate ice cream and some Klondike Bars. Apparently they’re shooting a table top for Breyers Ice Cream and have a lot at his studio. I

t was fun to hang out with him if only for a few minutes. He had to leave shortly after coming up since Stine was making dinner and climbing the walls. Julio told me that Alexander is now walking and you have to keep an eye on him all the time.

Poor Stine, with the baby all day. Nerves are frayed for all concerned with the exception of Alexander. We did have a shot of Gammel Dansk, a Danish liquor that I’ve had in my refrigerator since Julio and Stine gave it to me a few years ago. A bit like Jagermeister. A nice buzz that is gone now.

No photographing Bill at the studio tonight, no session at all. I don’t mind, I’m home and I have a lot of ice cream. Not that I’m eating it all tonight. Not me.

Though those Klondike bars do look enticing. I can hear them calling my name. Must. Resist. Cannot. Succumb. Must…be…strong. So far so good. It’s been 5 minutes and I’m good. No chocolaty goodness for me!

This just in: Dick Cheney is STILL A DICK!