Daily Archives: February 26, 2009

One of These Days

What happened? Well things went well on Tuesday. I went to work, came home feeling fine. Tom Chin has been a walking petri dish and I wasn’t that close to him physically, 2 arms length at best. Jennifer Bell, a temp that’s been working in the office was out sick.

Some nasty ass bug keeps popping up. I thought I had it in October, then in January but here it was something totally different than those times. I came home from work after seeing Bill for a few minutes.

That went well, then I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich since I didn’t want to cook. I’ve done that before, something simple and filling and I’ve been using the same peanut butter for the past couple of weeks. I looked online and the symptoms I had were tantamount to Salmonella.

Watched President Obama make his speech to the joint session of Congress which went well. I still love the guy, what can I say? Piyush Jindal, I mean Bobby Jindal (changed his name to Bobby after seeing Mike Lookingland as Bobby Brady on TV when he was 4 years old) talk down to the people of the United States in his republican response to the democratic President.

Putting forth the lies of a magnetic levitation train from Anaheim CA to Las Vegas NV. He was a jerk, but then again I expected no less. It was almost like he was put on since Slumdog Millionaire won all those awards and the party of No wanted to cash in on that Hindu magic.

Though Piyush/Bobby converted to catholicism much to the disappointment of his Hindu parents, people see an Indian face and think ‘Hindu’ then maybe ‘Muslim’ or ‘Sikh’ but hardly ever thing ‘Roman Catholic’.

Went to bed after that, no problems, feeling good. Woke up at the usual time, showered, had coffee, got dressed and sat in front of my computer to check emails that I received overnight. As I sat there, something was up with my stomach, enough so to make me hustle to the bathroom where I unleashed the raisin bran and coffee I had a few minutes before that.

Suit and shoes basically ruined, me feeling woozy. Sent an email to work stating that I wouldn’t be coming in and went back to bed where I slept for most of the day and night, getting up to run to the bathroom every 45 minutes or so. Also drinking plenty of water so as not to be dehydrated.

Rand called me at one point, asking me about a Rapid Share file that I sent out from my Yahoo account which I haven’t used in quite a while. Apparently I was hacked and Rand suggested I change my passwords immediately. Of course with a 100 degree temperature, that wasn’t happening so easily. I did the best that I could and changed passwords as well as an alert not to open any email from my yahoo account.

Haven’t heard anything yet so I’m hoping for the best.

I was too weak to do much of anything so I texted Julio asking him if he could pick up some juice from the supermarket on the way home from work. He texted back, he was in bed and had a fever of 102. Stine offered to get me some juice as well as some tangerines and picked up my mail from 5 floors below.

I slept on and off between running to the bathroom. Didn’t eat anything until maybe 8:00PM when I fried up an egg and had some toast. Then it was bedtime again. Woke up this morning, not feeling 100% and sent another email into the office saying that I’ll be out again.

Went back to bed after watching Rick Santelli on the Today show being interview by the Chia Pet. Santelli is the jerk who was railing ignorantly against the stimulus package from the floor of the Chicago stock exchange a week or so ago. All of a sudden he’s a media celebrity who’s been palling around with G. Gordon Liddy, famed felon and plotter of murders of those who are against him and the republicans. That was enough to put me back to sleep.

Woke up an hour or so later and decided to go out and get a bagel. I was feeling relatively ok. Dropped off yesterday’s suit at the cleaners, to the library to pick up a book. The virus is at the library too from what Diane, the head librarian tells me. She was sick over the weekend and today was her first day back.

I headed out from the library and called Stine to see if she wanted a bagel. She was surprised to hear from me and yes she wanted a bagel, and one for Julio who was still in bed, sick. I was going to go to the supermarket to get a few things I might need, but felt I might have over done it as I was drenched in sweat.

That was a few hours ago. I’m feeling ok now, but then again I’m not doing anything. Temperature is 97.7 which beats the 3 digit temperature from yesterday. I hope to go in tomorrow, though it’s probably not expected. Who goes in for one day of work? Someone who wants to keep his job, that’s who.

Rest in Peace Randy Bewley of PYLON