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Well it was back to work for me today. It wasn’t so bad. Had some difficulty sleeping last night even after remaining awake most of the night. It wasn’t due to nerves. It was too warm, then it was too cool. It went on like that for awhile until I don’t know when. Bill of course was fast asleep snoring which usually puts me to sleep mostly, but not last night.

I’m pretty sure the bug had left me. It didn’t kill me, it made me stronger. Or so I would like to think. I did wonder during the intake last week at the ER, why I was asked what my religion was. I answered Atheist, which is what I am, but why would religion enter the picture?

Perhaps to see if I was a Christian Scientist, or a Jehovah’s Witness? I don’t know, but it was an odd question and perhaps an invasion of privacy.

The antibiotics worked so now I’m doing pro-biotics as per my sister the erstwhile blogger suggested. That means eating yogurt which isn’t as bad as I remembered. I bought some organic yogurt in Manhattan this morning which made me realize that I should have bought some in Hoboken instead and save some money that way.

I did take my time getting to work, caught a later bus, no Casey again. I really hope he didn’t catch whatever it was that I had. I did give him Purell almost immediately after shaking his hand. Maybe the terrorist fist jab would have been more appropriate.

Got to the office at 8:30 and of course no one was in. In fact no one was in until 10:00. Greg Stevens sent me an email saying that he was sick with a cold and a sore throat which made me realize that that was what I had and I more than likely infected him, though the bug is going around and he could have gotten it from anyone, especially since he rides the subway. I replied, wished him a quick recovery and suggested a good rest and plenty of fluids.

The mood in the office is still pretty much a downer and with Greg out that left Vivek, Tom Chin and myself. And Tom Chin and I had a run in mere minutes after him asking me how I was feeling. You see on Friday, while feverish I got a call from one of the sub-tenants asking me how to get into a locked file cabinet. I told her and thought that was that.

Apparently there were some items in the locked cabinet that were confidential, but the sub-tenant wasn’t going for those, she just wanted access to two empty drawers. Tom Chin has this really annoying habit of asking a question and when I answer proceeds to talk at me.

He’s been doing this since I started and I’ve generally resigned myself to the fact that he’s an asshole on this point. But this morning as he proceeded to get at me I stopped and turned the tables telling him that I answered the phone with a fever of 101 and it may have been a mistake but nothing happened at all.

The problem was taken care of right then and there when Vivek saw what the sub-tenant was doing. Tom Chin’s power trip over me ended this morning, basically letting him know that he had better cut the shit, so to speak.

He was quite meek throughout the rest of the day, which is probably how he is when at home dealing with his wife and their two terriers in Connecticut. Never saw a picture of his wife, but have seen a picture of Tom Chin with the two dogs. Looked like three bitches to me.

It was a good day.

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  1. bhikkhu

    Years ago they asked me at the same “what religion are you” question and I told them ” atheist”. An old woman was filling out the form and she refused to write that down, so I told her to write whatever she wanted….they ask that question in case you are on your deathbed in their care, so they know which kind of last rites voodoo man to call on your behalf……I think it’s legal. If it was a job interview, then no, it’s illegal…..

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