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A quiet Sunday. Last night was a quiet Saturday. The whole day mainly. I watched Today in NY yesterday morning and there was Pat Battle interviewing Mitzi Gaynor. Mitzi Gaynor was going to be on Long Island public television promoting a dvd of her TV specials from the 1960’s and 70’s. I’m sure I watched them on occasion since there was only one TV set in the house back then.

For those playing at home, Mitzi Gaynor was in the movie South Pacific. Well at 77 years old she’s still singing and dancing as I found out last night while watching the PBS show. There was nothing on TV that I wanted to watch and I thought I would kill some time before watching Baby Mama.

It was a lot of clips from the specials as expected and there was Mitzi Gaynor looking quite good and perhaps sexy in the Long Island studio last night. A GILF for some I bet but I don’t think she’s a grandmother.

After that I watched Baby Mama and wow was I disappointed. Definitely not as good as Mean Girls and nowhere near as funny as 30 Rock. I think the best scenes were shown in the trailers and commercials. Really a disappointment.

Then it was Saturday Night Live which was a repeat so I was in bed by 12:30. Bill at his mother’s apartment, Juan- who knows where. Woke up and went out this morning, got some bagels for the third floor family. Alexander just bouncing around in his stationery bouncy thing. Julio and Stine muddling through their morning.

I went into the city this afternoon to do something on my computer there that I couldn’t do at home. Chatted with Annemarie on the phone, told her of my plans to stop by the Hoboken Barack Obama office by the Path train. And that’s where I found myself, offering my time to help with the campaign.

Tomorrow after work I will be by the Path train registering voters, and maybe Tuesday as well since Tuesday is the actual deadline for voter registration in New Jersey. I also offered data entry and phone bank. I’m sick and tired of these idiots from the McCain camp spewing hatred and expressing how ignorant they are.

I told Harpy the other night on the phone that I was watching Obama speak and I realized, I love this guy. I worry about him and I’ve made donations to the campaign when things were better only a few weeks ago. I just feel I should do something, contribute to the campaign other than monetarily. My sister told me a political news blackout might be a good thing, so I’ll unplug from the TV info for the week.

At least that’s the plan. So instead of watching it on TV I’ll be campaigning instead. Just a week without election news on TV, though as I write that I fear I’ll be missing the info that O & RM supply that doesn’t get much coverage on the local and national newscasts that I watch.

But then again, there’s Truth Out, Media Matters, Huffington Post, Daily Kos as well as tons of others that I get the information from. You have to admit, television is the big mama of all the info sources.

Hell I grew up with TV, more than my siblings. It’s generally on all the time here. Rarely do I play music with the sound off of the TV or totally off.

Right now Bill is home watching the latest Chris Rock HBO special. I’m not watching it but hearing it actually. I watched the premiere a few weeks ago and it was ok. Still just ok, just a little bit funnier without having to watch the jump cuts from stage to stage around the world.

If you take the Path train to Hoboken around 6:00 keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the guy in the suit and tie registering new voters. Go Obama!

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