Well today is a weird day. I had to leave work early to get some paperwork from my dentist at the dental school. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. I left my office at 2:15, telling Tom Chin that I had a 3:00 appointment. I chatted with Rand on the phone, lot’s of larfs with Rand.

We talked about the weather forecast on Saturday, 40% chance of thunderstorms on the day of our respective gate sales. We also talked about Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell, a Rock Classic and the Pretenders 1st album which is still a fantastic debut that they’ve yet to top or equal.

I decided to head back to the office when I looked at my watch, it was 3:30 and figured ‘what the hell, I’d be leaving in an hour anyhow’, so I just walked across town to the bus terminal instead. I checked my voice mail at work while walking down 42nd street. And there were no messages. Came home, changed my clothes and checked my office email.

There was a message from Vivek asking me to book a flight from San Francisco to Seattle. I checked my office voice mail again and there was Vivek asking me the same thing, leaving his credit card info so I could make the reservation. Of course as I am researching from home, there’s another message asking about flights from San Jose to Seattle.

So I research that when Vivek calls. I tell him if he flies from San Jose he won’t be getting to Seattle until 2:30 in the morning due to a transfer and plane change in Las Vegas. He says to go ahead with the San Francisco research. I get him three flights, all under $200.00, going one way which is what he wanted. As far as I know now, Vivek is in the San Francisco airport waiting for one of three flights.

He’s doing the booking himself. I’m tethered to the computer just in case. I hope he doesn’t insist on my getting a blackberry. Today was a lot cooler than it’s been the past 4 days. It’s been in the 80 degree range. I walked down to the dental school and back and I wasn’t nearly as sweaty as I would have been yesterday just walking around the block.

Last night, after watching Keith Olbermann and The Daily Show/Colbert Report I watched back to back episodes of the Office, which was just as uncomfortable on TBS as it is on NBC. The first episode was all about a joint found in the parking lot and Michael convincing Dwight to pee in a cup for him, forcing Dwight to betray his morals and resign as an auxiliary police officer. That was strangely sad to watch since Dwight is generally an unlikable buffoon.

The 2nd episode was all about complaints in the office that were given to sad sack Toby. After that it was time to sleep and I didn’t hit Bill at all while we slept. Which was good for the both of us I suppose. I was also fired up after reading someone’s blog last night which got me to write some more. I don’t do that often obviously but decided to post rather than leave it floating around somewhere like a managing director in the San Francisco airport.

Harpy, keep the change.

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