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Wild Honey

Man it is HOT outside. The weather forecasters were correct. It’s bloody hot. August hot. It’s not even summer. Lucky people are down the shore, though whats the point if the water is too cold and it probably is. Right now it’s 93 according to the New York Times, or rather the guy that’s climbing up outside the Times building today. Tomorrow they’re saying 100 degrees.

Last night was nothing special. No reunited bands from the seventies doing a free show at the South Street Seaport. Came home, took a nap which meant I missed Meghan and Jim’s daughter play a Battle of the Bands, Lily’s band was called Bye Bye Box. I half heartedly committed to it when I saw Jim Mastro the other day. And once I woke up I was somewhat groggy and passed on seeing Sexpod at McSwells. Alice and Karen from Gutbank’s other band.

I watched a recording of Stephen Sondheim’s Company instead. I do love Sondheim and next weekend on Father’s Day I’m seeing Sunday in the Park with George with my brother Frank, his wife Elaine and their daughters Meghan and Corinne. Meg’s husband Rob, isn’t coming for some reason. Or maybe he will and I’ll have to forfeit my ticket. I’d be willing for a price.

Frank and I were planning on seeing Company on Broadway last year, but then I had my meltdown, Frank had a stroke and Company didn’t win any Tony awards so the show closed a week later. It’s available on DVD, but as much as I enjoyed it, there’s a really good documentary on the recording of the original cast album from the early seventies that is also available on DVD from Netflix at least.

Went to bed after reading some more of David Sheff’s Beautiful Boy about his son’s methamphetamine addiction. Sad and harrowing, doesn’t make for a beach read which is just as well since I’m not at the beach. David Sheff is the guy who interviewed John and Yoko for Playboy magazine back in 1980, which is what I was reading on December 8, 1980 when I heard of John Lennon’s murder.

Still a mind fuck 28 years later. Much like the way people remember where they were when they heard John F. Kennedy (or Robert Kennedy 40 years ago), I remember the night of Lennon’s assassination all these years later. But I wrote about that before.

Definitely a scary book David Sheff has written. I don’t know how I would have handled having a son addicted to crystal meth. It is the scourge of the gay community still, and responsible for the rise in HIV infections in the 20-30 year old range of young gay men. Reading the book I find myself gripped by the thought of beating the shit out of the kid, which is how I would have been dealt with if I was a meth addicted kid to my parents.

That’s the first instinct, which is probably why it’s a good thing I’m not a parent apparently. And also a good thing that I don’t go to gay clubs and discos. The reason for that is I can’t stand the bump bump bump of club music. I had to go to the office today to sell 2 air conditioning units. I didn’t hear anything last night and figured that nothing was going to be done, but this morning I got a call from Hayne, the woman I spoke to about it today.

The original plan was to meet up at the office at 10:00AM. She phoned at 9:15. We arranged for 11:00 instead which was fine by me. I got on the bus which was soon crowded, some old geezer sat next to me. I thought I made it so my iPod earphones were wound up and not in anyone’s way, or my way. Got up to get off at the bus terminal, the geezer was sitting on the cord, effectively destroying my earphones.

Oh how I wanted to garrote him with the cord as he walked down the stairs in front of me.

I had Radio Shack headphones as back up and where they used to suit me just fine, now they’re cumbersome and heavy and annoying. Spoke with Julio about where he bought the original set, he tells me he bought them online. I would have bought them wherever they would have been on sale, but they’re nearly impossible to get them retail wise. Heard from some guy named Robert who told me he worked for Hayne and was on his way to get the AC units.

An hour later he still hadn’t arrived. I did a reverse lookup for his number and it was listed as the drag queen restaurant Lucky Chengs. 30 minutes later there’s an unshaven drag queen outside my office. I gave him a quick ‘how to’ on the units and he seemed to grasp the concept, then I helped get the units down to a taxi. I couldn’t help but feel I scammed Hayne and the drag queen but I hadn’t.

In any event, they have my cell number and my email address and it’s been a few hours so I guess everything is working just fine. Did some laundry somehow with low water pressure and got a haircut. That’s been my day thus far.

Rand has been fairly active, posting super 8 films years ago that were made by Martha Keavney. Here’s another one, ‘The Making of The Love of Two Women’. A lot of people really liked this one when we had shown it at McSwells all those years ago. I hope you do too.

Let me know what you think will ya?

A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

A little bit out of it I am. Just woke up a little while ago from nearly a three hour nap. Just started to crash at work and left early as it was a Friday and I had nothing to do having done it already. All the coffee I drank couldn’t revive me enough and I all of a sudden felt very fatigued. Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary last night, watched TV mainly with Bill then went to bed.

Sleep was uneasy due to a zombie dream last night which featured Eve, a former waitron from McSwells back in the day. Hadn’t seen her in a very long time, and in the dream her delicate features were enhanced by a soul patch which was most unbecoming on a lady. Also Betty was in the dream in a seventies style gown, floral print getting out of her low rider which I’m fairly certain certain she doesn’t drive Somehow we all were in Hasbrouck Heights which to me was always a zombie town.

Not flesh eating zombies, just your everyday run of the mill zombies of Bergen County. Though this dream was quite intense and at one point found myself in a house. Hiding uncomfortably in a pantry while next door a group of people were having a party next door, which could be seen from where I was standing in the dream while zombies searched all around for my unwilling body for dinner. Tossing and turning made for a not very restful sleep so I woke up exhausted. Damn those zombies.

Now I feel better having rested but still a little out of it. Right now I am trying to sell 2 portable air conditioning units for the office. A woman who works in a beauty salon is interested. She said she emailed me before but it was actually the first time. I offered her 2 for $300.00. Cash only, as is. I may have to go to the office tomorrow to complete the deal if she gets back to me. And I have my doubts that she will.

I’ve been trying to sell these since March. I knew I would do well as the weather got warmer and they are predicting a heat wave, 90 degrees and up. But people respond to ads online as a joke occasionally. So I might keep on selling these until Labor Day. Hayne, (the womans name) has the email, and has my phone number so if she wants it, she knows how to get in touch with me. It would be nice to get rid of two units, which would leave me with two other units. Bill has an offer to take one of them, so it’s up to him. I told him to do some research on it. Hopefully he did.

Nothing planned for tonight, I think Bill is going back to Stuyvesant Town for the weekend. I have documentaries on Glenn Gould and also one about Atlantic Records, ‘The House that Ahmet Built’ on DVD. I also have the David Sheff book, Beautiful Boy to read and since I don’t read the fiction in the New Yorker, I am almost finished with the double issue, The Fiction Issue. I like the Coldplay song for iTunes a lot more than the free single they gave away a few weeks ago and I think the new Mike Myers movie, The Love Guru looks really dumb and not in a good way. Just putting it out there.

Hoping for a zombie free night of sleep later, but with a three hour nap under my belt, that might be a few hours away. Cheers.

Hopefully you enjoyed A Spaceman for All Seasons though the lack of comments say otherwise.

Space Oddity

Right now, Bill and I are watching some nut climbing up the facade of the New York Times building at 40th street and Eighth Avenue. This is the second time today. Earlier there was a successful climb, here’s the link cut and paste at bottom. Presently there is a copycat. Someone perhaps inspired, more than likely deluded is climbing and at the 25th floor right now.

The first guy has done it before around the world with his message that ‘Global warming kills more people each week than 9/11’. This new guy seems to be an amateur, climbing on a dare. Odds are against him and so is gravity. A half hour later, he’s been arrested which is a lot better than falling 52 stories to your death.

It’s been an odd day. Not a bad day just things were a little bit weird. Lot’s of cute guys out though. Saw a few fellow cigar smokers which is always a nice sight and smell, for me at least. I do enjoy the smell of a good cigar. The stopped broadcasting the rogue climber outside the New York Times so we don’t know how this sucker will turn out. I’m just glad my palms stopped sweating, so great is my fear of heights. Makes typing difficult.

Last night I watched Repo Man. I hadn’t seen that movie in something like 26 years. Still a very good film, very fast and as Harpy told me ages ago, it’s the only film where the end credits descend rather than ascend. Emilio Estevez was so cute back then and the soundtrack is still great. Definitely worth catching again if you get the chance, or see it for the first time.

They just broadcast that a flight from La Guardia to Charleston SC was $138.00 a year ago, now it is $604.00. I ain’t flying anywhere this year. That is just too crazy. A few airlines are expected to go out of business this year adding to the 22,000 employees laid off so far already in the past 6 months.

So much stuff online today regarding Obama being the presumptive nominee. I spoke to the bookkeeper at work about it. She’s a democrat and for Clinton, likening Obama’s success as Clinton training someone new at a job, then the trainee gets the promotion, leaving the trainer behind in the same position. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t want to get into a discussion about her point of view.

Some Clinton supporters are saying that they would vote for McCrazy rather than vote for Obama. Yes, that would be a brilliant idea. Women, surrender their reproductive rights, people of color prepare for more cutbacks and roll backs, poor people too and gays take more steps back and strap yourselves in for the war without end.

I’ve read some really heinous things about Obama. I had no idea that Clinton supporters were so persecuted by Obama supporters. I didn’t persecute any Clinton supporters I know. In fact Juan called me out when I said that Clinton was shrill. That was as bad as it got.

Here are some snaps from this afternoon, followed by a video from 1987, A Spaceman For All Seasons which is worth watching.

Waiting for that Specials reunion

Here come the guys

‘Yeah I work for the linen supply business. Whats it to you?’


Photographers get paid a lot for a shot like this

Mister Softee

‘Ha ha you got a lucky ho!’ white t shirt actually was saying that.

Double double breasteds on the runway

and from 1987, A Spaceman For All Seasons

cut and paste

Be My Girl – Sally

I saw Allison Lee with her lovely son Hank. Allison I’ve known for years, she’s also born on September 12. Hank has sprouted up. Last I saw he was just crawling. They grow up so fast. It’s true. I know most of you don’t know who Allison Lee is, she’s a sweetheart and that is basically all you need to know. She’s also married or perhaps partnered with Pat Longo, who is also a sweetheart and he’s a friend of my brother Frank. McSwells peripheral people.

Also got a YouTube link from Cheryl Walsh. Cheryl used to live around the block from me in Weehawken with her late husband Don Brody and their 2 kids Perry and Molly. I knew Don Brody when my ex roommate, Jimmy Lee (no relation to Allison) played guitar in Don’s band, Cryin’ Out Loud. They were a Beat N’ Path band, not up to snuff at McSwells as a band but Don was always welcomed. I babysat for the kids once and was declared to be ‘Cooler than Coolio’. High praise indeed.

Perry has been taking piano classes at the Guitar Bar owned by Jim Mastro and Fred Smith. He’s gotten to be quite a handsome lad and has a great voice which you’ll see in the clip at the bottom. I bet the girls are all over him. He’s a big Beatles fan and you know that can’t be bad. Last night I finally watched Lars and the Real Girl. Very low key, but worth a look. Good acting all around.

I don’t believe I’ve seen Ryan Gosling in anything before, but for a former Mouseketeer he’s pretty good. Hard to describe the movie properly, a lonely guy gets an inflatable doll and falls in love with it. With her. But it’s more than that and not what you would expect I think. I showed Bill the clip of Fred Schneider of the B-52’s on the Daily Show which was pretty funny. Fred seemed a bit timid but I guess that may have been part of the act.Work was ok, though waking up was a drag. Busy at work, making me happy. Helped a former employee clean out her office and that was sad. She was let go at the end of April and it’s taken her this long to get her things in order. Bill stopped by the office. I’m trying to sell 5 portable air conditioners on Craigslist. Actually I’ve been trying since April and started at $300 for each unit, now it’s $175 or best offer.

Vivek said I could have one if I wanted but I offered it to Bill for his mother’s apartment in Stuyvesant Town. If you get a window unit they jack up the rent so a portable unit should go unnoticed. I introduced Bill to Greg Stevens and his wife Leslie who runs a Foundation in one of our offices. Greg was super nice and gave Bill a hearty handshake as did Leslie. Vivek was gregarious and mentioned that he’d seen Bill’s picture on my desk.

I showed Bill the unit that I was going to give him and urged him to research it, find out if there are problems that people may have posted online and maybe find a download of a manual since I don’t have one.

And also in the news, related to the end of last night’s posting, Opponents of the historic decision to make same-sex marriage legal in California failed to derail the June 17 start date when their petition to delay was rejected So if you have a same sex partner in California you can get married starting then. Should these douche bags vote against it in November it will be a mess. Between June 17 and election day in November, perhaps if many people get married they will learn that the sky will not be falling and then wake up to learn that there is absolutely nothing to fear at all.

And now, here’s Perry. I was gobsmacked when I first saw it. Still quite good.

There Is No End

I love New York but I also love being able to get out of New York and back to the relative safety of Hoboken. It always amazes me the difference one river makes. Things in Hoboken are somewhat normal and quiet, whereas across the river it’s go go go all the time, no chance to rest.

There was a time where I would go out after work, drink, see a concert, do whatever and it didn’t matter what time I was finished with whatever it was that I was doing, the Path train runs all night and I didn’t mind waiting for the train at whatever time I happened to be in.

I didn’t like waiting in the bowels of the Port Authority though, after 1:00AM all buses leave through the basement and it’s horrible down there. Time crawls, and there’s no real escape, plus I was usually in an altered state which didn’t help the waiting at all. The scenes I used to frequent are over or changed, clubs have closed and things cost a lot more money now than they did then.

Funny thing is I make more money now, but then again my expenses have grown. No more cheap rent in Weehawken, lower rent than most in Hoboken and I have a job that’s not in the music business and they frown on coming into work hung over or still drunk from the night before. And everything is more expensive now that it was then. Even more expensive than it was last year.

I’m not complaining, that is just the way things are lately. Somethings I’ve noticed lately that I hadn’t noticed before, like the fact that so many young men are going bald and have taken that preemptive strike and shave their heads. Really, a lot of guys in their twenties are going bald. Was it like that in my twenties?

I wasn’t in danger of losing my hair at that age. Bill’s in his forties and that seems to be the ripe age to start to lose one’s hair. Just something I’ve noticed. No longer a stigma, the male pattern baldness, and they mostly shave it all off rather than assuming the role of Lord Comb Over.

One thing that has been driving me crazy is the Blackberry. A lot of people have them, I don’t and I don’t want one. What I do want to do is smack them out of people’s hands as they walk down the street not paying any attention to anything going on around them. They walk and stare at that two inch screen as if their lives depended on it.

Maybe their jobs depend on it, but to ignore everything that is going on around you is just insane in this day and age. Oh if I only had the cojones, which by the way is not a song cut out of the Wizard of Oz.

I have a feeling that another blackout will occur in New York City this summer. Just a feeling. I hope I’m wrong. And if I’m not wrong in the off chance, I hope it’s only a blackout, nothing worse though that is still pretty bad. That was a thought I had in my head last night as I lay in bed listening to Bill saw concrete as he slept.

I voted today, partly for the democratic machine, partly for an independent. We shall see how that turns out. I met the independent when she was handing out fliers at the Mother’s Day 5k run that Meghan and Rob participated in. So my fingers are crossed which makes typing difficult.

The haters have got the anti-same sex measure on the ballot in November in California. And a christian legal firm has sued to bar New York State from recognizing same sex marriages that were performed elsewhere.

Who Do You Love?

Monday again, and it wasn’t so bad. I think it’s because Sunday night went so well. I did see Julio, Stine and Alexander, hence the photos of that lovely boy. Came home reheated some leftovers from the night before, I can be so domestic these days. True the apartment is always a mess, but that’s not my doing. On weekends I usually make a chicken with pasta and a tomato cheese sauce. Very good and filling.

It just takes too much time for me during the week, I don’t know how my mother did day after day, year after year, for a family of six, then five, then four, then three. When it was down to two, my parents started to go out to eat frequently.

I tried watching Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling but couldn’t get into it, and though Patricia Clarkson is in it, she hadn’t appeared after a half hour. By that time Bill came home and I switched to a very entertaining and inspiring documentary about Pete Seeger on PBS. Ol’ Pete is 89 years old nowadays and he’s still active and vital.

Just an amazing story and a stand up gent. If you get a chance to see it on PBS, do so. Bill and I really enjoyed it. I remembered when we marched in an anti war rally before the start of the current war and on the bus into Manhattan we each had an ear bud in our ear listening to Pete Seeger making a speech then singing a song. I think that was as close as I got to seeing Pete Seeger sing live, in traffic outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

Soon after that it was bedtime. Bill snoring up a storm, me staring at the ceiling before drifting off. Brilliant morning to wake up to, Bill was out by 6:00, I was out a little before 7:00. A busy day lay ahead. New people were having a meeting in the office and since I am currently without an assistant/receptionist that meant I had to do everything. Not that I minded, being busy does make the day go faster. And it’s been so slow lately that the days have been crawling.

I did have errands to run and that got me out of the office. That was great since it was a beautiful day. After work I wandered down to Farfetched and talked with Susan for a spell. New landlord so there’s lot’s of worry regarding the store. So far it seems good, they are an established store but with the greed a lot of landlords have whether or not the store stays open when the current lease expires would be up to him.

It’s not a heavily trafficked area, the store across the street turned over a handful of times in the past eight years, so if the landlord was smart, he would just leave things the way they are now. So understandably, Susan was a bit stressed. I was glad I was able to listen and make her laugh a bit, before I walked up to the Path train at 33rd street, enjoying a Padron and listening to Led Zeppelin which is great to listen to while strolling around Manhattan.

That’s about it for now, have a good night. Rest in peace, Bo Diddley.

Love of the Loved

A beautiful Sunday. My My My, beautiful day, would you say say say say that you love me? Oh my my my it’s a beautiful day. How’s that for a trip back to the early 1970’s? Worked for me. It really is a beautiful day. Yesterday was quite humid in between thunderstorms. Before I get into what I watched last night, I neglected to mention how good Lost was the other night.

2 hour season finale and I have to say not only is Kate hot (on the island at least) Sawyer is really hot. Such a bad boy. A very good cliffhanger, worth watching again. It was probably the best episode out of all the dramas on television this past season. Do any of you watch Lost? Would you tell me what you thought?

Last night I watched La Vie En Rose, the bio-pic of Edith Piaf. Very good, harrowing. My only wish was that it was told more in a linear style rather than jumping to the recent past, the far past and then the present. But Marion Cotillard was very good, a remarkable performance worthy of an Academy Award.

After that I wound up watching a remake of The Andromeda Strain with Benjamin Bratt and Ricky Schroeder. It was hard to follow since Jordan from Scrubs and Gin from Lost had supporting roles and I kept expecting them to fall back into those characters. It was 1:00 in the morning and I was reading Beautiful Boy at the same time. Eventually I could barely keep my eyes open and fell into a deep sleep.

Woke up refreshed this morning, a bright sunny morning. I rustled myself out of bed and had a cuppa before heading out to get bagels and whatnot. Bagel store was crowded, all it takes are couples clinging to each other and a baby stroller and the line is out onto the sidewalk. Had a run in myself with a couple.

I ordered my bagels, asking them to put Julio and Stine’s in a separate bag which usually confounds the counter person. Next to me at the register were a couple and the girl was insisting that I had her bagels that she paid for. Her boyfriend was trying to calm her down as I was explaining that these were my bagels and I just paid for them.

Yes she was an idiot and since I had my coffee before going out, she was a very lucky idiot. I could have sworn she was going to follow me out the door but I guess her lackey boyfriend was holding her back as her bagels were in front of her after all.

After watching some of the Sunday morning news shows and getting upset with Clinton’s people saying that she should be the nominee after all, despite her agreeing with Obama that Michigan and Florida primary votes be counted. due to those states moving their primary dates ahead.

Then there are the Clinton supporters swearing that they would vote for McCain instead of Obama should the nomination justifiably go to Obama. This is what will give the presidency to McCain. I know if Clinton got the nomination, I wouldn’t be happy about it but would still give her my vote since I cannot ever vote republican. Bah!

I also watched I’m Not There this afternoon. I enjoyed that more than I expected to. Like La Vie En Rose, it was all over the place time wise, but with different actors portraying Bob Dylan. Cate Blanchett was the best Dylan, though they were all very good, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, but Ben Whishaw and Marcus Carl Franklin were both stand out performances as well.

Funny to see Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth and Julianne Moore (no relation to Thurston) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Serge) each portraying women from the Dylan’s past. I only had disc 1 so I don’t know what disc 2 contained, I could only hope they were better than the extras on the disc I had, just text from articles about the film. Looking back, I think the dvd’s that I’ve watched this weekend all had people in it that were strung out on methamphetamine at some point in their lives.


And to finish on an Up note, here are some recent pics from an hour ago of the king of the third floor, Alexander Lopez!

\"Enough with the pictures\" said Alexander, \'Goo goo ga ga!\"
“Enough with the pictures,” Alexander muttered, “goo goo ga ga!”

and this…