I’m So Tired

Well I don’t know what it is, but I do know it wasn’t the beers on Saturday night, nor the bike riding earlier in the day, because I have never been ill like this before. Last night after my hasty posting, courtesy of Harpy commenting and my response I went to sleep around 8:30. Woke up around 11:00. then throughout the early morning.

Just waking up and noticing the time, not actually getting out of bed. So basically I wound up sleeping close to 20 hours. I took my temperature and the highest was 100 degrees. Now it’s 99, when earlier it was 98. I sit, I sweat and I fart. I did have the ambition to go out and get some food and some juice, even took a shower, but couldn’t actually leave the apartment and now I don’t think I want to.

Lot’s of sleep that’s for sure. Now I am awake, (or am I sleeping) and dealing with the hard knot that used to be a spine. George Carlin died while I slept. That’s too bad. He was funny. He was quite hip with Toledo Window Box and his various albums in the 1970’s. Quite counter culture but he didn’t start out that was.

I do remember that Saturday night in 1975 when my brother Brian and I decided not to watch wrestling on WOR Channel 9 and watched instead that new show, called Saturday Night on NBC. George Carlin was the first host of the series. It’s too bad, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Now the news is on, teenage girl with the world at her feet dies at a graduation party on Long Island.

Tom Ridge rattles his saber insisting that Iran is running rampant in Iraq. This after saying that things were getting better. You think they would be a little more consistent with the disinformation they spew forth each day. The MTA in New York is making noise about raising the rates for riding the subway which is still in a state of disrepair and not dependable at all.

So yes, the thing to do would be to raise the rates, not having the people that run such a dilapidated system take a pay cut. Just nothing but bad news which makes me wish I stayed asleep.

I spoke with Rand and he said what I had sounded like the cold he had a week or so ago. But I’m not congested, just exhausted. Not even hungry though I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich earlier today. Oh how it sucks to be ill during the summer.

Hopefully my body could get it together and make it to work tomorrow. That seems to be it for now. Probably going back to sleep later. Feel pretty out of it. If only it were a hangover. I think it’s from walking down the street the other day and people coughing without covering their mouths. I usually hold my breath as I pass through that area but I guess something got in regardless, leaving me in this state of sweat and achy bones.


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  1. bhikkhu

    Sorry to hear you are sick. When I visited NYC in April I came home with an illness too. I hope you are feeling better(soon).


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