Daily Archives: June 22, 2008

Outside World

Just resting today. Smell ya later… Not so fast Kowalski!

Credit to Harpy for commenting and unlocking the pen.

Well I rallied. Last night I hung out with Rand after posting the daily digital rag. He’s an excellent drinking companion that Rand is. He was drinking wine and I was drinking Stella Artois. Too warm out for Guinness. We go back about 26 years Rand and I. A lot of in jokes among a wide range of topics and gossip.

After about 5 pints at McSwells we wound up walking to the river and continuing our chat which then veered to the subject of YouTube. Lot’s of laughs at my willing expense. Apparently there a a few people that I know that have commented to each other about certain videos and the fans and admirers that post rave reviews. Funny kinky things, and why not?

And speaking of kink, today was Folsom East in Chelsea. I went a few years ago with Bill and Pedro. That was a hoot. Pedro stuck to my side like glue which made me feel great. I had gone once or twice since then and it was my back up plan just in case I didn’t go bicycling as I planned. Up to the Bridge, over and to the park I would go.

But despite it being bright and sunny, it rained intermittently though out the day, while the sun was still shining. Bob Mould was scheduled to perform at 6:00 and I was hoping to go see it, but with the rain came a strange heavy exhaustion. I think it was from the cycling yesterday as my legs and hips ache. That, or I’m turning into an old lady. Where’s my housecoat?

It could be the bicycle exhaustion, the pints of Stella last night or the strange weather. Or a combination of all three. I just had a heavy pasta dinner that I couldn’t finish so I’m trying to let it settle before I pass out. Might as well write I say. Bill’s in Boston singing at some hall in Newton. He’s getting paid for it and staying with a friend and her family for the night. Just as well, I don’t feel like sharing the sheets tonight.

I watched 2 Joy Division dvd’s today. One was Control by Anton Corbijn and the other was Joy Division: Under Review which was a bunch of writers from Mojo talking between footage and songs. I didn’t get much of anything from either video and then again, I don’t get much of anything if at all from Joy Division’s music. And I’ve tried.

Still I like New Order so that should count for something. Anton Corbijn is a famous rock photographer. He has an interesting life and catalog himself. Nice breeze wafts through the open window and my body is asking me why am I still awake.

So perhaps it would be best for sleep soon. I thought as the day progressed I would rebound, but it’s not turning out to be that way. Just a deep fatigue. Maybe sleeping for 10 hours would work. In any event you can be sure I’ll let you know. So much for a day off.