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Monkberry Moon Delight

Last night was great. Nice and quiet, no visitors, not that I mind visitors. My body clock was awry most of the weekend after tying more than one on Friday night. Memo to self, “Must eat something substantial if going out drinking or the days that follow will be filled with woe” My memos to myself are generally ominous with a touch of Shakespeare, or Marlowe, or Bacon or a combination of all concerned.

I wound up watching The Simpsons and King of the Hill which didn’t let me down, then somehow wound up watching Michael Moore being interviewed on Larry King. I wasn’t paying much attention until they went to Barack Obama making a speech in Indiana. And of course, Barry was inspiring and dignified. Said so many important things and didn’t go after Hillary Clinton, he made some charges against John McCrazy which were right on, of course. Then I watched the news and went to bed.

Woke up this morning, with some difficulty. Still I rallied and got it together and stood on line for the bus with a few other people, some I have seen before, others, complete strangers. I paid them no mind as I read about human trafficking of women from Moldova. Hard stuff to take in, very eye opening. I didn’t know exactly where Moldova was so I made it a point to look it up when I got the chance.

According to the article it’s pretty dismal in Moldova, and many young women, not knowing any better take job offers in another country, sometimes offered by ‘friends’ or ‘boyfriends’ and wind up working as prostitutes in various countries around the world. Very sad, but there is an organization, trying to help and rescue these women, and sometimes men (who get tricked into slavery following construction jobs). Then there is the death toll in Myanmar of possibly 10,000 people killed by a cyclone. Bad news from around the world.

Who says I’m not topical?

Another week ahead of me, trying to find things to do. Also trying to find a replacement for Lydia who is leaving at the end of the month to resume her tennis pro job at a country club in Southampton. If you know of anyone in the NYC Metro area, send them to me. I’d rather hire a friend, or a friend of a friend than go outside my circle and get someone I don’t know. El Jefe forwarded me a clip that he made at yesterday’s Art and Music Festival which I am posting here.

No plans for the evening, just watching TV I guess. I have The Savages on DVD from Netflix, but I want to watch that with Bill, and he ain’t going to be around tonight. So that’s about it for today. No drama, no fuss, no fight. It was a nice day weather wise and continues that way into the evening. Nothing else to report. No sir, not here, not me.

Hope you are doing ok. This clip was shot by El Jefe. Lady Gigglepuss and I have a cameo at the end.
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/2008springmickey.flv 432 240]
What about those turtles?

Here is a link to 23 years ago… cut n’ paste if you will….