Daily Archives: May 1, 2008

You Can’t Say No Forever

Let’s see. Betty sent me a story about how Julie Nixon Eisenhower is a Barack Obama supporter, giving the maximum allowed by law. Her sister, Tricia Nixon Cox is a McCain supporter. Betty also sent me a link about the longshoremen and dock workers from Long Beach to Seattle going on a strike for May Day as a protest against the war. No mention of this on the national news. Brian Williams who I used to like isn’t mentioning at all.

Betty always sends me informative links since we are of similar mindsets. I first knew Betty when she was a waitron at McSwells and had an apartment directly above the bar. When I was living in Hoboken for those very long months in 1991, I would wait at the bus stop outside of McSwells and Betty would have a chat with me from her window above. Then I would take a bus into the city to get a bus out to Lodi. Such stupid, futile times those were.

For some reason I just flashed on a memory of playing something called The Noise Fest in Rahway NJ. It must have been around 1985. I had my Fender Super Bullet II plugged in, and my body was filled with caffeine. I did my fast rhythmic thing, Lois played bass, Jane played cello, and two others played various percussion. We were the Lay Offs and we were noisy alright, and I was a bundle of nerves unable to look at the audience which gave the appearance of being aloof. Don’t know why that popped into my head. There’s a tape of it somewhere, maybe.

Last night Bill was here once again and that was good. We watched, what else, but Lawn Hor d’oeuvres. It was better than The Olivia Show somewhat, all about a Scientology type group that an artist was trying to frame for his wife wanting to leave him and her murder. It was ok. I try to guess the killer in the first 5 minutes but I guessed wrong, it wasn’t the art dealer, it was the artist. I went to sleep soon after that, Bill stayed up to watch some David Letterman.

Once again, slept really well and once again slept later than I used to. Bill stayed in bed as I showered and dressed and still sleeping when I went off to work. He’s been going to his mother’s apartment before work to make sure she’s eating properly. When he comes to Hoboken he also goes there before coming over to make sure she’s eaten dinner and ready for bed.

I made my way across town, since it was Thursday I stopped by Smilers, saw Bill’s biggest fan, West Indian Tony and got myself an egg sandwich. Thursday also means Penne, Pesto and Chicken for lunch. It really is the little things in life that gets you through the day. Well at least today it was the little things.

This weekend is the Hoboken Spring Art and Music Fest which means a street fair with all the little knick knacks and tchotchkes that you don’t really need. Where in the past the music was the Bongos, or Patti Smith or Dr. John, this year it’s Micky Dolenz who lately looks like a former dictator from the Soviet Bloc. Don’t know if I’ll be checking it out, though deep down I know I’ll check out one or two songs. I’ll let you know.

Here is a white tiger swimming.

This has been my 900th entry. Woo hoo! Cheers!