Daily Archives: June 21, 2007

We Meet Under Tables

Thursday once again. Right on schedule. Not much is going on right now. Last night Bill went to bed early and Juan came over. We watched Bill on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. It was only for about 30 seconds but it was very exciting to see Bill portraying Angel Cabrera. Of course Conan O’Brien revealed to Max Weinberg that it was an actor (Bill) hired to play Angel Cabrera. Max was going off on what good friends he is with Angel Cabrera and Conan basically shut him down, labeling Max as an ass, superimposing the words on Max’s face.

Juan and I just sat around. Surprisingly, Juan decided to leave on his own without my telling him that I need to go to bed. Homeboy has been working hard lately, or at least getting up earlier than he is used to. And just like me, he is getting up at a time that only a short time ago, he would be getting home or going to sleep. Memories of blacking out. Such good times, such blank slates. Soon enough I was horizontal, groping Bill as he slept until my arm fell asleep. He was out cold and so was my arm.

Woke up, Bill had been gone for hours. Left at 3:00AM to catch a bus to Long Island at 4:00AM. They wrapped at 9:30AM and he went to work. He is presently a zombie. We’re both pretty happy with each other. I love it when he’s a zombie. A laughing happy zombie watching Scrubs. Not bad at all. It was a beautiful day weather wise and the fifteen minutes of rain was a nice break. 15 minutes of rain. Didn’t Andy Warhol say something about that? I played David Bowie’s 1. Outside on the way into the city and onto the office.

That’s a record that I was playing when I worked at Right Track when I had one of my meltdowns back then. It’s a dark record but chock full o’hooks. It was dodgy playing certain tracks so I skipped over them. So that’s my history of that cd. Not one of my desert island discs. That one would be Earthling since I was there when he was recording it. I’m pretty sure I wrote about that. Would someone do research on it? I’d appreciate it, thanks. You are, simply the best thing since sliced bread. And when you think about it, life is easier with sliced bread.

Work was fun and busy and Vivek, the managing director told me how he appreciates the way I’ve turned the office around and that he thinks I’m doing a really good job. Perhaps I actually am. In a way I feel like Michael from The Office, or Risotto who in reality is my former boss who made an impression on me with regards to the job at hand. He is also the one who recommended me for the position. So a tip of the hat to the Mouse.

Also spoke with Frank and Elaine in separate phone calls. He’s doing better and might get out tomorrow which is very cool. So I guess I’ll be going out there on Saturday since Sunday I’ll be with Bill and his holy rollers walking down Fifth Avenue. The call with Frank was almost like old times, meaning a couple of months ago. He stammers a bit but he has been talking better. It’s a struggle, but he’s doing well. There’s technical details that I can’t get into for private reasons and also because I’m rather inept when it comes to technical things like that. I can put a stereo, maybe even a computer together without reading the instruction manual, but medical stuff? Fegeddaboudit.

There goes my medical career.