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Woke Up This Morning

Monday morning I’ve got Friday on my mind. Who was that? Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders? Anyone? Hello? Is this on? Who am I kidding? The only one that leaves feedback is Song and he’s in Sydney. Juan used to but now he’s a working man. Annemarie prefers private emails and gentlemen prefer blondes. It’s been that kind of day. Still woozy from The Sopranos last night which I thought was brilliant and posted that several times on various bulletin boards. I was amazed, though not really, more disappointed in the fact that so many people HATED the final episode.

SPOILER ALERT. It was so intense from the beginning to the very end. I don’t recall seeing a more intense show. Phil Leotardo rightly got bumped off though I would have liked his lieutenants get rubbed out as well. There were so many theories going around about what would actually happen and out of the ones that I heard, no one had a clue. I obviously didn’t but how ofter do I actually have a clue? It ended like this, David Chase ended it right in the middle of Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey which was perfect. Tony, Carmela and AJ sitting in a restaurant in Bloomfield waiting for Meadow to show up. Shady characters walking around. Is this how Tony will live the rest of his life? Always looking over his shoulder? Or will it end right then and there with Carmela covered in Tony’s blood and guts? Or will the whole family get offed?

NO way to say. David Chase ended it mid-song. ‘Don’t Stop…!’ which isn’t how the song ends. The screen goes black. 10 seconds later, the credits roll. That is what upset so many people. No blood. No happy song, no puppy dog licking the face. Earlier in the season Tony and his brother in law, Bobby are talking about death and Bobby says he thinks that you never hear the shot, or the bullet. Everything goes to black. And that’s how the show ended. Everything went to black. No shots, no screams, no blood, no puppies (and everyone loves puppies). It was all very much reminiscent of ‘The Lady or The Tiger’ which I thought was written by Rudyard Kipling but was actually written by Frank Stockton. A lot of people had to read it in high school, I know I did. Probably failed the test and wrote Kipling instead of Stockton. It’s such a short story that you can read it all here via this link.

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So many people went to the HBO website that it crashed from all the complaints. From what I’ve read on the bulletin boards, a lot of people were ready to cancel their subscriptions to HBO. Don’t you just love it when people are forced to think about the thing they are watching/reading/listening to? I know I love to think when doing those things. I just need to shut down my thought process when I’m not doing any of those things. Like now.