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Only Tomorrow

Quite a rainy Sunday and Saturday was not so bad but overall it’s been a sub par weekend. I’ve been busying myself doing this and that, here & there so that went well. A sort of big day tomorrow which brings with it some anxiety. I talked about it with Bill this morning, he was reasonable and I was of course ill prepared for it. We will talk more about it later. Going out tonight is out of the question, so if and when Juan asks I have a perfect excuse. Pedro made an appearance as well online, finishing off with ‘sheep’ to which I ended with ‘pigs’.

I wasn’t sure if he meant sheep as singular or plural and the word is not as clearly defined as pigs is. I have minimized any post notifications that he has and he only seems to communicate with me when posting the same ignorant republican talking points that I doubt he has the time to research. I sat at home waiting for Bill’s return. He was away for three days driving a high school class on a trip. I knew he would be tired and also have luggage so I went down to the street and waited for him to return. I enjoyed a cigar, just sitting on the steps and I heard his luggage being pulled as soon as he stepped onto our block.

Bill called me as he was on his way home, asking if Juan was around. I hadn’t heard from Juan all day and Bill was fine with that. Bill was tired and just wanted to chill out with me and only me. Of course who phones shortly after that, but Juan asking if he could come by. I explained that it was not a good night and he jokingly bitched about it but had no choice but to get over it. Bill and I watched some of Saturday Night Live before he was off to bed.

I slept really well last night and woke up to a rainy morning which really was not so bad. Plans that were made have fallen by the wayside, not going to Monroe Center, not going on the studio tour, not going to Pier A, not going to Chilltown. I am cool with it and will just have to adjust into tomorrow.

Now I am home. Bill naps. No word from Juan, but it’s early. Steady drizzle day, no other way to describe it (besides sculpture).






Dolce, Jim. Dolce.

It’s been a beautiful day again and once again it was preceded by a night of difficulty falling asleep. I did my best but it was not easy. It took some time to actually fall asleep but I am grateful that it was before Bill woke up to drive some kids on a class trip. And of course falling asleep late made for waking up late. I still managed to get through the day, and while outside I ran into Tariq. He was out and about with his guitar but not in a good mood. He insisted I play guitar for him and after some hesitating on my part I did.

It had been a while since I played outdoors and I was able to get a few songs done. Not much singing but it was better than whatever Tariq was probably playing. A guy nearby said I was playing happier, upbeat music compared to what Tariq was playing and feeling. The nearby guy seemed alright but everything that he said was tinged with weirdness. He said he was brain damaged and wrote tons of songs that were ripped off and used by other artists. I was there longer than expected and soon made my way to wherever it was that I was going.

I came home to kill time before going off to work tonight. I was soon wrapped up on a Beatles fan page on Facebook that had a photo of Justin Bieber and a story from the supermarket tabloid- The Globe about how Bieber tried to contact Paul McCartney to write a song. McCartney supposedly wouldn’t take the call. It’s the Globe, people. But the Beatle fans were all ‘Yay Sir Paul’ and ‘That fag shouldn’t even be wearing a Beatles shirt’. Another wanted Bieber’s photo hanging up at the gun range he goes to. A strange group indeed that has been quite disgusting today.


Tonight there are five bands playing, starting at 8PM. With that many bands on the bill none of them will get fed. Maxwell’s is good like that, they feed the bands, but a bill with five bands is probably a no go. I guess I will be working with Ro Da. Last week I thought it would be him but it wasn’t, at least not on Friday. He’s a good friend and it’s good to work alongside him.

And it was a good night even though the skies opened up when it was time to go home. It wasn’t so bad since I had an umbrella.

Difficulty with photos!