I Don’t Want To Let You Go

Patience has always been a virtue that I struggle with and today it was made known that I still struggle with it. It wasn’t so bad but in fact I am still in a holding pattern of patience with an anxious front coming in from the east.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day- I walked around Hoboken a bit, cleaned the apartment a bit and did some laundry. All was as planned. Bill had an audition and then attended what turned into a master class on acting. I busied myself at home and around town and even had time for a nap.

I also watched a whole hell of a lot of Harry Potter on cable. I couldn’t resist, for some reason I find myself enchanted by the movies, which got better with each release. Having seen them all I was able to leave and come back and jump right in later in each movie. I still think the last two- The Deathly Hallows Parts One & Two are some very good, very intense filmmaking.

After that I watched Boardwalk Empire during which Bill came home from his master class. Then we watched Pan Am which was a bit lame. I told Bill that they’re bound to be heading up to JFK’s assassination, then the Beatles arrival in the US.

JFK’s assassination would probably figure in Christina Ricci’s storyline since she was a big JFK supporter in his 1960 campaign and they had an episode dealing with the Ich bien ein Berliner story, even bringing up the fact that JFK basically said that he was a jelly donut. It’s a good thing that most everyone likes jelly donuts. And the Beatles did arrive on a Pan Am flight in February 1964, so guess who’s be manning that flight? More than likely our four stewardesses and flight crew.

Bill went to bed at some point during the news following and I stayed up watching I don’t know what on cable. I slept really well once again though I did have to tell Bill that he was snoring again, despite wearing a sleep apnea mask. So for Bill it looks like another visit to the Sleep Research Center is going to happen. Bill hasn’t been sleeping well. He’s been sleeping a lot, just not getting that full restful sleep that we all would like to have.

Thanks to the melatonin I slept deeply, so deeply that I had to ask Bill what day it was before he headed out after kissing me goodbye in the morning.
Today I lumbered out of bed, did my things, shower a shave and heading out for groceries as well as greeting the world with a smile. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. So right now I am hopeful and anxious.

Some texting with Bobby Risotto going back and forth, not immediate texting just a line here and there every couple of hours. It’s been a good day, gorgeous and somewhat warm. It was a good day to be off and a good day to be out. Hopefully days like that will present themselves accordingly, sooner if not later.

November 14, 2011

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