It’s Friday. Been a good day. No stress really. Rather relaxed. No session with Phillip Beansprout tonight. So that’s two weeks without psychotherapy. I’m handling it ok I guess. Phillip has his issues this week so there was no session. I am as ambivalent as I was last week.

Hung out with Juan last night. We tried watching yet another DVD about the New York Dolls but neither one of us cared much. Their story is compelling but I don’t find the music to be as such. I explained to Juan, I love the Beatles and don’t like Elvis. I love the Sex Pistols and don’t like the New York Dolls. Basically I like those who have been influenced by people I don’t particularly care for.

Work was easy. Felicia was in a pretty good mood. Since I had no session to attend to I was able to partake in the Happy Hour they have every Friday. I had a few Coronas and smoke some cigarettes on the roof with Felicia and a new girl, Natasha. A very nice panoramic view from up there, twelve stories up. A bit confusing when I got upstairs to the roof after climbing up a myriad staircase. Where I thought I’d see Brooklyn, I saw the Empire State Building. Where I expected to see downtown, I saw Jersey City. Maybe it was the beer that messed up my sense of direction.

We hung out, with Natasha and Felicia talking about breast sizes. Felicia whips out her mastectomy scar. Interesting. She’s outwardly comfortable with her battles with cancer. When Natasha left Felicia proceeded to tell me of her story of her parents. Mother committed suicide in South America, Father owed money to some hoodlums. He wound up in jail with a missing finger.

Harsh story but she seems to have a grip on it. I haven’t even told you the whole story of her, for it’s too gruesome for words. Let’s just leave it at that.

I am planning on checking out Teddy Thompson tomorrow at Summerstage. I had hoped on seeing him then heading over to Prospect Park to see Laurie Anderson, but I think that might be too much to ask for. Felicia invited me to her place in Chelsea for a barbecue she was thinking about having. I told her to give me a call. Maybe she will. I might have my bicycle because in the back of my mind I plan on doing a bike ride up to the George Washington Bridge and down the Manhattan side to Central Park. Been a while since I’ve done that.

If I do that I was also planning on taking the elevator at the Light Rail station to Union City so I could avoid the hills going out of Hoboken. Is it cheating? Only hill wise, since I’ll be adding a mile or two in distance. The hill out of Hoboken is not very bike friendly and it goes through the entrance ramp for the Lincoln Tunnel so the elevator would make things safer.

I also had a plan on attending Folsom East this Sunday. I mentioned it to Bill a week or so ago and he didn’t say yes or no, but I should’ve realized that since he didn’t drive at all last week, having a church service to perform at last Saturday and then spending most of Sunday at Tekserve, that he’d be driving this weekend. So Folsom East would’ve been a solo visit for me. Now given the option of going to that and being disappointed and merely dissed, or going to the beach with Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, getting out of town, chilling out and clearing my head while cleansing my soul, I think I’ll head out of town. Nothing to keep me in Hoboken. Bill’s driving. Might as well go and have a good time.

Sounds like an excellent plan.

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