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Slow Dive

Well in case you didn’t know, the Yankees won last night. The World Series. Bill was thrilled. I was online, wearing headphones. Even if it were the Mets or another team I would likely be at the computer wearing headphones.

Bill watched the game in the bedroom while he was putting away his laundry, I watched the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I offered him the chance to watch the game on the big TV and I sat and listened to music.

I didn’t do much of anything today, except argue with christianists online. That can get so tedious, mainly because their lack of spell check. Now I’m listening to the Minutemen, one of the best bands I ever saw at McSwells. Posted a few videos on YouTube which should get the curiosity of a few people and perhaps annoy other people.

So for lack of something substantial to write, I’ll write about what I listened to last night. I started off with Be Brave by Section 25. I first heard the song when I was hanging out with a character named Dave Bell.

It stayed with me long after hanging out with Dave Bell and in fact a few years later I asked Mojo Magazine, “what song went ‘Oh Happiness, You always made me laugh/Oh happiness…’” An issue or so later I found my answer, and wound up buying it from iTunes. I love it when Mojo publishes my letters. So far they’ve done it 3 times.

It seemed to be a good fit, to follow Section 25 with Tomorrow Never Knows from the Beatles. It’s quite possible that Tomorrow Never Knows is my favorite Beatles song. It’s a good marker that shows the divide of the 1960’s, being the last song on Revolver. The next songs from the Beatles after that was Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane.

Still I’ll take Tomorrow Never Knows. From there I went to Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana, another band that played McSwells and were nowhere near as good as the Minutemen. My specific memory of that is coming home to Weehawken with William after visiting Connie down the shore in 1991.

It must have been in the waning months of the year. The song blew me away, I hadn’t heard anything quite like it at the time. It’s still quite an amazing song. Too bad it became an albatross for Kurt Cobain, but them’s the breaks.

Black Mirror by Arcade Fire was next up. It was a decent fit after Nirvana. I don’t think I played it since I saw them at Radio City with my brother Frank. Can’t really get into them anymore. That’s how it is for me. Something bad happens while I listen to a song and I can never really enjoy the song, or in this case, the band, anymore.

Don’t get me started about Elton John’s Blue Moves. I haven’t played that since 1976.

Then I went to the live version of Talking Heads The Great Curve. Don’t know why, but it was a lot of fun to bop my head and tap my feet while listening to it with Bill watching the game a few feet behind me. I also think it’s a good thing that Talking Heads will never reunite again.

I sort of broke my avoidance of Prince and played Glam Slam which out of all the songs that I played for myself, was the weakest. I was choosing by album titles and not artist names. But you know, John said ‘enough’ and it was over quickly.

Slow Dive by Siouxsie and the Banshees was a great 1980’s track. I saw the Banshees a few times back in the day, though I can’t say I was a rabid Banshees fan. Budgie was a great drummer though and the late John McGeoch was tops in the guitar department, though he doesn’t play on Slow Dive I think.

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking by the Rolling Stones was cued up next and being a 7 minute song, I stretched my legs, had some juice and had a pee. TMI?

Well that was about it for last night. A not very interesting night but the music was alright I think.

Bolero Sonambulo

It’s a Monday from what I gathered. And a nippy Monday at that. Last night was mellow. After walking back and forth through midtown, I was pretty tired. Didn’t do much of anything except sit in front of the computer while Bill watched the World Series.

The Yankees had him screaming at the TV which I learned to ignore. The game ended around a little before midnight and Bill stayed up and watched Curb Your Enthusiasm (which was OK, but predictable) and Bored to Death (which was funny).

Then Bill went to bed and I almost watched Australia again but decided not to. Nothing against Australia the country, but the movie was a bit hokey from what I have seen so far. Perhaps it gets better. I only watched about 45 minutes so far and will eventually give it another chance.

Tomorrow is election day again. Not as active as I was last year. In fact overall I am fatigued from activism. I’m sure some of you who read Facebook might beg to differ, but that is mainly sharing things that I have read elsewhere.

Mainly things that concern the election in Maine tomorrow. The legislature passed same sex marriage but outside forces, headed by the beast known as Maggie Gallagher have been fighting to have the voters overturn the measure. They cite that it would be a re-definition of marriage when it’s not that at all. It is the stripping away of civil rights, much like what happened a year ago in California.

No, these people don’t want same sex couples to have the same rights as they do. They use the bible as the basis for their inherent wrongness and also claim to love the sinner and hate the sin. The thing is, being gay is not a sin. The fact that they feel that way shows how they really feel.

There’s a segment of this population that would love a theocracy, much like Saudi Arabia or Iran, only Christian. Religious law rules over all and if you don’t subscribe to their religion, well then that is just too damn bad.

Also up tomorrow is the election for Governor of New Jersey. Of course I’m voting for Jon Corzine, not that I’m a big fan. But he’s go to be better than Chris Christie. But New Jerseyans can be quite daft and I hope many other, perhaps much more people will be voting Democratic. No much info or faith in the independent candidate, Chris Daggett.

After a fun day like yesterday, today was bound to be a let down. And it was a let down. Not that I expected any different. I sent some more resumes out and surprised that emails that I’ve sent to various friends and former co-workers, merely requesting advice have gone unanswered.

I wouldn’t be put off by ‘ sorry I can’t help you’. I would rather hear that than nothing at all, but nothing at all is what I got. And when you ain’t got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose.

I did go out for a while this afternoon, walked around Hoboken, did some grocery shopping. Sad to say, but that was the highlight of my day. I’m not complaining.

October was disappointing. I had hoped something would happen employment wise, only because I did get a good job a few years ago in October. But that was then, this is now. And that is that.