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I Love The Night

As nice as the weather was today, today was not a beach day. Tomorrow will be and Friday will be and Monday definitely will be beach days. Today was spent in Manhattan. Annemarie hardly ever makes it to New York City when she arrives, usually spent going up and down New Jersey highways and parkways between Hoboken and various points in Bergen county and then down to Sandy Hook. So today the plan was for Annemarie to come to Hoboken and then take the Path train into Manhattan. Annemarie and her husband are friends with a chap named Gary and he wanted to meet up for dinner.

The plan like I said was to park in Hoboken which is hardly ever an easy task. There are so many rules and regulations plus if you slip up it’s a $200.00 boot on the car plus the parking ticket and whatever other penalties they could throw at you. The official way to get around it is to get a parking permit. You can park on the street for four hours but anything longer than that will be a pain in the tuchis. So we discussed what we had to do about it yesterday.

I woke up with the alarm clock and was content to keep hitting the snooze button but remembered that I had to go to city hall and visit the parking authority and get a parking permit for the day. I had done it before and it was never much of a problem, usually the whole thing could be taken care of in 15 minutes. So I made some coffee, had some cereal, jumped in the shower and walked to city hall this morning. I got it together and brought a credit card bill, my passport and my voter registration card.

I got on the line in the basement of city hall, there was a window to get your boot taken off your car and two windows for permits. On the other side of the glass things move quite slowly. N front of me on the line were a couple of parents with their kids. One was fairly docile in the stroller and the other was rambunctious three year old girl. After 45 minutes I had my chance at the window. I stated what I wanted, one day pass and showed my passport, my credit card bill and the voter card.

Those things were no longer accepted I was told. What was accepted is a driver’s license (I don’t drive), a cable bill (not in my name) and a lease (which we never got 12 years ago when we moved in). The chunky chick behind the glass couldn’t understand that I did not have a license, or a lease. A US State Department document is no good, nor is a Hudson county voter registration card. I was visibly upset and asked for the 45 minutes I lost waiting on line for no reason. There were no signs stating what one might need by the way.

I walked back home, called Annemarie and told her that she should forget about the parking permit. I decided to stop by a parking garage and check the rates for an 8 hour visit and it was not as bad as one would think. That was our only option. So Annemarie picked me up and we dropped off the car and headed into Manhattan. We decided to see Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love and checked out a gallery, just one gallery. That’s all we had time for. The move was OK, not Woody’s best, not as good as Midnight in Paris. But it was the first time Annemarie and I saw a Woody Allen movie together in decades and the first time we saw one in Manhattan.

After that we wandered around trying to find a shop that had the new Mojo and Uncut magazines and we found one of Seventh Avenue South. Then we headed back to Chelsea where we met Gary and had a very nice dinner at Rocking Horse Café on Eighth Avenue. A very nice time was had, a few drinks a few beers and many laughs. Stories about the cigar shack were asked for and I certainly delivered leaving a few dropped jaws.

Gary headed back to Park Slope and Annemarie & I stepped onto the Hoboken Path train which pulled up just as we stepped onto the platform. A grand day all around for all concerned I think.

01 All the way to memphis

Cherry Bomb

Well I know it’s Saturday because I wrote Friday’s entry earlier today. Obviously my powers of deduction are still functioning. It’s been a pretty good day despite intermittent rain. Been watching TV most of the day, including Bill’s favorite Lawn Hors d’œuvre.

The original series with Jerry Orbach.

Then we watched what is fast becoming another favorite of Bill’s The Closer. It’s our Saturday morning viewing lately. After that we started to watch Poseidon which is a remake of The Poseidon Adventure from the 1970’s.

My brother Brian and I went to see that when it first came out at the Century Theater in Paramus. It was a Saturday night and we bought tickets but as we tried to get into the theater we found that even though it was PG and we were of age, I was 10 and Brian was 15, we still needed an adult or guardian to accompany us to the evening showing.

If I recall correctly after we were dropped off at the theater by my father, we had to call home and ask to be picked up since we were turned away. We did see it another time at an earlier showing.

It was one of a few big Hollywood blockbusters with a few stars in the billing. Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters, Stella Stevens and the Ernest Borgnine, as well as the former child star of ‘Al Green Was My Valet’, Roddy McDowell.

This one had Kurt Russell and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. They were the only famous people I recognized. And Andre Braugher as the doomed ship’s captain and Fergie’s husband, oh and Richard Dreyfuss playing Dick Cheney.

That didn’t hold my attention that long so I wound up watching Woody Allen’s Manhattan. That I remember seeing with my sister Annemarie at the dollar movies a long time ago. Annemarie and I saw a few Woody Allen movies with her, starting with Sleeper when I was 11.

I distinctly remember 2 elderly women sitting behind us saying that Woody Allen’s feet (wrapped in aluminum foil) looked like baked potatoes.

Love and Death followed that, then Annie Hall when I was 14. We even saw Interiors, Woody’s first ‘serious’ movie, which I enjoyed. I think Manhattan was the last Woody Allen movie we saw together, the 2 of us misty at the end, Mariel Hemingway flying off to London saying, ‘You’ve got to have faith in people’.

I did see Stardust Memories opening weekend at the Century Theater. Sold out show and I found myself the only one laughing in the theater. I think that was when I started to realize that I was not going to live in Bergen County much longer.

I went with Ellen Schermerhorn and another girl and they didn’t laugh either. I heard a story about Ellen who was a sweet girl. A story designed to make her look bad but in hindsight she comes out quite admirable.

The type of girl any father would be proud of. Someone knows of what I write and I’m not going further into it.

That’s it. That’s my penance. I wrote over 500 words earlier today as well as 500 words now. Ta da!

Dig It

Well this is the second attempt. Lost the first set. Word Press being difficult. Last night watched Bananas by Woody Allen with Bill.

It was ok, I had seen it a few times already. Bill liked it a lot, having seen it only for the first time. It left me wondering if a movie that was funny in 1971 be funny almost 40 years later?

It did have it moments but overall it doesn’t hold up. I can see why Woody Allen wanted to make movies that were different than that.

After that I went to bed since I had to get up early for a trip to Sandy Hook with Annemarie. I made arrangements with Julio to get my beach gear back. I’m sure Julio would have liked to go but he has familial duties for the next 20 years.

Anne and I were on the road after I made some sandwiches and it was smooth sailing until we got to the bridge on Route 36. They’re making a new bridge and everything stopped for major merges.

We did make it into Sandy Hook at 11:00 after leaving Hoboken at 9:00. We would have been earlier if it wasn’t for the traffic.

It wasn’t too crowded when we got to the last beach, but it soon started filling up. All day long people were trickling in.

We had plans to see Bill sing at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan at 7:00 so we left the beach at 4:00. We certainly did not expect the traffic on the way out of the park. For an hour, we inched towards Route 36.

We were soon on the highway to the Parkway to the Turnpike. Approaching the Holland Tunnel it was more bumper to bumper so I navigated Annemarie through the streets of Jersey City.

We were going to get back to my apartment, change clothes and take the Path train in, but by 6:30 that seemed highly unlikely. I suggested we just head right into the city.

Anne was a bit mortified at wearing the beach clothes to a nightclub but I assured her that it would be ok, and it was. She followed my directions for driving across town on Canal Street and then up Lafayette Street.

We found a spot on Lafayette a block away and found a cozy corner in the club just as the compère, Rome Neal was making his introductions.

There were a few excellent singers, but of course we were there for Bill who sung 2 beautiful songs. Anne and I split some brushetta and I had 2 Stella Artois to Anne’s 1.

We even made it to the party after the show, enjoying some banana pudding that Rome Neal made and satisfied our hunger.

Now Anne is back in Garfield, Bill is in bed and I’m writing this for the second time. I’m at least glad I was able to take a shower and change out of the bathing suit I had been wearing for the past 15 hours.

Now it’s time for sleep. No pics tonight, no time. I will post the beach pics tomorrow and also post 2 videos I shot from the show tomorrow on YouTube under the log in johnotoole99.

Lisa Says

A pleasant enough Saturday for me, and I’ve been busy. First off I woke up at 7:30 and said to myself, whoa- too early! So I went back to bed after relieving myself. Woke up again around 9:00. Bill is coming over tonight so I made the bed and puttered around the apartment, trying to clean up before coffee.

Not a good idea.

I made a pot of java and took a shower. It’s a weekend so no shaving, no hair gel. Mr. Natural, that’s me. I had 2 phone messages, both from Julio. He was out getting bagels this morning and was calling to ask if I wanted any. I called him back and he got me 2 bagels.

I think when I called he was on his way back from the bagel store so he turned around and got me mine. Soon he was knocking on my door with a bag containing 2 poppy seed bagels. No newspapers though, but that was alright. We chatted for a few minutes.

He had gotten Stine flowers among other things, and also got some more flowers as a gift from Alexander to his mum. He went back downstairs and I made a nice breakfast, re-reading an old Mojo instead of a newspaper.

I went to the library to pick up a book I ordered which wasn’t the book I had thought it was. I was looking for a book of Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees. He used to make family trees about bands that were reprinted in Trouser Press magazine ages ago.

I saw the book online for sale but it was way out of my price range. The book I had was from the 1970’s and in very bad shape. I carried it with me from the library to the supermarket and when I got home I saw another book I had ordered from the library came in.

I eventually went back and returned the book I picked up a few hours before, got the new book as well as 2 Woody Allen movies, Sleeper & Love and Death, and an Almodovar movie, All About My Mother. Bill mentioned he wanted to watch some movies tonight so I figured those 3 would be good.

At least better than the 2 I have from Netflix. One of those is a 1973 film of Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming and the other is Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man, neither of which could be described as a lighthearted romantic comedy.

I decided to head out to Washington Street in the afternoon. I walked over to Tunes where I looked for a Snoop Dogg CD single of Sensual Seduction. I had a download of the instrumental version but lost it somehow. So I’ve been searching for that lately.

I accidentally bought a 12” single from Amazon, and I say accidentally since I don’t have a turntable anymore so that’s no good. They didn’t have it in Tunes but I did buy 2 Cd’s by Bowie, Let’s Dance and All Saints.

All Saints is a collection of the Dame’s instrumentals from 1977 to 1999. Also bought VU by the Velvet Underground. All used Cd’s and relatively cheap.

I walked to CVS to see if they had ironing boards. The reason I did that was when I bought the Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector at a hardware store, a few days later I went and found the same CO detector at CVS about 15 dollars cheaper.

But no, they didn’t have ironing boards so I went to the hardware store and bought one. I have decided to start to iron my shirts.

You see, after I wear a short that’s been cleaned and pressed from the dry cleaners, if I wear it once it gets pretty wrinkled, but the shirt is still okay. So instead of constantly sending shirts out to be pressed, I can at least iron them after wearing it once and it still looks ok, wearable.

I ambled down Washington Street with the ironing board under my arm, looking almost like I was waiting to catch a wave. Spoke to Annemarie and then started ironing shirts, always remembering not to leave the iron down on the shirt lest I get a scorched imprint of the iron, like they used to do on sitcoms.

I think I did alright but I’m sure there is a ‘proper’ way to iron cotton shirts. There’s probably a video on YouTube. That’s how I learned how to sew a button, via YouTube videos.

A few minutes later, I decided to check online for the instrumental version of Sensual Seduction since it’s all in the timing and right now I am downloading it. Fingers crossed, I hope it goes well.

It went well.