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Yalla Yalla

It’s been another quiet day, especially since Hoboken kids went back to school today. Even though there are 2 schools within 100 yards of my apartment I heard nothing.

I was so tired from going to the museum and walking downtown afterwards that I slept really well which may have helped not hearing the kids on their way to school.

Oddly enough, I’m not feeling the pit of despair that I would feel for the first week or two of September. That sinking feeling of the beginning of the school year followed me throughout my life.

But apparently not this year.

Last night I watched Weeds with Bill. Well he was partially awake and only watched part of it.

What a surprise ending. Blew me away enough that I might have ruined the season finale with my reaction of the Facebook.

I certainly would not have expected the HBO/Showtime crossover with Eric draining Esteban of his Mexican blood, and neither should you.

Then I watched Letterman and Conan, alternating during commercial breaks. The Dirty Projectors were on Letterman and Pitbull, a reggaeton singer was on Conan. I opted for the Dirty Projectors.

Today, like I said, was quiet. The streets of Hoboken were devoid of kids. I made tentative plans to go gallery hopping next week sometime. There will be different shows than those that were hanging in July when I went with Annemarie and Earl.

Juan has extended me an invitation to visit him in Trenton but with his schedule he will have to tell me when it would be good since I have no set schedule to speak of, really.

And Pedro mentioned a visit to Otisville again this Friday but I am waiting to hear whether or not that’s still going on.

And Billie in DC has invited me down to Washington DC, perhaps in October if I’m not working, and I might even be able to go down there for the march on Washington. But that, as most everything else remains to be seen.

So things are low key and percolating along nicely.

Bill is at rehearsal tonight, getting ready for a reading in a week or so. He’s also singing at a NY Liberty game a little ways down the way, I think on the 14th. The play is the 14th, NY Liberty is the 8th.

Weather permitting, it would be a good reason to doff the suit and tie. Believe it or not I’ve been jonesing for it.

When the weather gets cooler and things start happening, I’ll be going out on interviews wearing a suit and tie.

I don’t know how guys do it during the summer. I think they really don’t spend any time on the street. They go from air conditioned apartment or house to air conditioned Town Car to air conditioned office. Maybe an out of office air conditioned lunch and then back to the air conditioned office.

Me, I like to walk and that makes me sweat like a horse.

That is what you get for shank’s mare I guess.


I can only assume that the weekend is over in Hoboken by the fact that all the parking spots have been filled. A lot of people leave town, head down the shore of weekends, and Sunday nights is when they generally return.

And Sunday night is when True Blood comes on and last night was a pretty good episode, but ended at 46 minutes which left Bill and I all ‘what the fuck?’. 2 episodes left so I guess they might be leading up into a big 2 part finale.

Marianne vs Sookie! Bill and the Vampire Queen! Eric and his grief (and Sookie?) Jason and that peanut sized brain and well endowed cock! Lafayette and his attitude and mascara and Tara & her mom (and Sookie)! Oh it’s on! Lafayette is seriously becoming the most loved character on the show.

Bill and I forgot all about Mad Men being on, since we’ve ignored the first 2 seasons. We watched Hung and Entourage instead. Both were good, Entourage was better and Johnny Drama is a great character. An asshole with a heart of gold and a head full of rocks.

I stayed up a bit watching Ramones Raw, Marky Ramone’s DVD of life with the bruddas. Harrowing and fascinating but on VH1 Classics so filled with commercials. Some footage of the Uncle Floyd show as well which was fun.

The night before on WLIW Bill and I watched Jimi Hendrix at Monterrey. To my surprise Bill really dug watching Jimi play in concert which he had never seen before. That’s always a thrill for me, turning Bill onto music that he had never heard before.

And there is a lot he has never heard before. Classic rock & soul, Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, all unknown to him.

Today was a nice day, in the 80 degree range and not as humid as it’s been the past week or so. I was planning on heading into the city, perhaps checking out the Highline Park that was opened a few months ago.

Actually just to see if there were any live sex acts going on and encouraged by a hotel that straddles the park. It’s been reported that porn movies have been made as well as exhibitionists of both sexes putting on a show.

But I couldn’t seem to get it together and just stayed local in Hoboken which doesn’t have the appeal that it had last month when Annemarie and Earl were around.

C’est la vie, that’s just the way that it goes.

Tonight is the finale of Nurse Jackie. I think her house of cards and pills and extra marital affair will come crashing down. I don’t know if this will be the season finale of Weeds. But that’s winding up to something big.

I’m sure it will be twisted, especially if it involves the wonderful Andy, played to perfection by one of my favorite actors, Justin Kirk. Funny, another one of my favorite actors is Jeffery Wright and they’ve both starred in Angels in America.

Made a date with Harpy to check out the Francis Bacon show at the Met on Wednesday afternoon. That should be fun.

That’s it for me. Smell ya later.



Shapes of Things

It’s another hot day today, but not as hot as it was yesterday. Last night after writing I went for a Hoboken stroll with Julio. He certainly talks a lot, no getting words in edgewise for me.

I suppose that what friends are for, providing a forum just to listen. And that’s what I did. He has many things on his mind and can’t wait to hug Alexander again.

It will be about 2 weeks until he gets to do that again when Julio flies off to Copenhagen to reunite with Stine and Alexander, then it’s off to Spain for a week. Perhaps this weekend Julio and I will be able to make it the the beach.

Last week was a wash out, plus he had to attend a wake. Hopefully the weather will be cooperative and there won’t be any viewings to attend.

Came home Bill was watching I don’t know what on TV. It wasn’t Lawn Hors d’œuvre that much I know. He’s accused me on monopolizing the TV which I guess I do since I’m here more than he is, and I tend to watch other things besides Lawn Hors d’œuvre.

So to avoid the stepping on of toes I asked if we could watch Weeds & Nurse Jackie. He was fine with it and how could he not be? He watches and enjoys the shows as well.

Weeds was good, Andy was great as usual. It’s getting weird though and the bodies keep piling up in Nancy’s wake. Of course things were given away when they showed the preview for next week.

Nurse Jackie was good, but how long can she keep those plates spinning in the air? 2 shows about women with double lives and how they affect their families. Both top shelf, totally engrossing. Perfect for a summer night’s television viewing.

After the news and the Simpsons we watched a documentary on NYC in the summer of 1977. Son of Sam! Studio 54! Hip Hop in the Boogie down Bronx and punk rock at CBGB’s! I went to bed midway through, waking up an hour later to find Bill still awake and watching it.

I slept in today, waking up around 10:00. It was nice. I checked my voice mail, Greg Stevens was wondering where I was. I called him and told him I would stop by around 1:30.

I figured I would be later than that but of course I was early. There is nothing for me to do in the office anymore. Viveka who replaced me is handling things.

Not in a good way either. She’s overwhelmed, Vivek is losing his mind. I asked him how his wife was doing and he said it was a nightmare. She’s due to drop a baby any day now. He’ll be out of the office for a few weeks.

Viveka has a Sunday job working retail and she goes back to school in September. Who knows how that will work out? She doesn’t, I asked.

I’m going to help Greg out with a project that should take a few hours. I told him I will be in tomorrow, early so as to avoid Vivek. Greg said he would pay me for my time so that’s nice.

Hold On Loosely

OK, last night was alright. Just basically hung out, surfed the net, cleaned the fridge, watched TV and listened to music which I blogged about. Bill was off singing at Theater for the New City, just for six minutes. I obviously stayed home.

Watched Olbermann but didn’t really pay attention. Neither did Olbermann since he wasn’t on the show, David Shuster subbed. Just killed time until Weeds and Nurse Jackie. Weeds was good, definitely a notch of intensity than previous episodes.

Nurse Jackie seemed a little bit more subdued than previous episodes. A good focus on a favorite character, Dr. Ellie O’Hara. I guess some of Dr. O’Hara’s back story should be coming up soon. I think the show runs until October so there should be plenty of time.

The pairing of Weeds & Nurse Jackie is a good one. Makes getting Showtime worthwhile. We’ll see how long that lasts.

A little while after that I got a call from Bill. His leg/hamstring was hurting and he was having difficulty walking. He asked if I could get an icepack ready for him since that would be the only thing to get the swelling down.

I met him on the sidewalk with a bag of ice, since we don’t have an icepack. I followed him up the stairs, step by step and got him situated and comfortable. I’m still digging the speed of the computer so I stayed up a little while after Bill went to bed.

Bill had a fan going on his side of the bed and I had one on mine and I think it might have been a little too much since when I woke up I was dehydrated with a tremendous headache.

No, it’s not a hangover. Bill doesn’t drink, and I don’t drink alone. Plus it was raining quite hard.

I called off the collection of Cafe Press t-shirts for the day. I sent an email to Vivek, Viveka and Greg Stevens letting them know that I would be a no show. Then I slept for a few more hours after taking a generic Advil gelcap.

When I woke up it was still raining but not as badly as earlier. I watched the Daily Show and The Colbert Report from last night before heading out to get some groceries.

It wasn’t really raining when I went to the Shop Rite. The supermarket by my house is an A&P and it’s a bit more than Shop Rite, but Shop Rite is larger, has a more agreeable staff than the A&P making it worth the walk. And it’s not that much of a walk since Hoboken is only a mile square city.

Everything fit in my canvass bag as I strolled through the damp streets of Hoboken. Played the Fireman CD again, Electric Arguments.

Last night I had the iTunes on shuffle and today I played it straight through. Really McCartney’s best record in years, which is basically what I wrote as a post script last night.

Now it’s just gray skies and dampness and getting to be a little hummus as well. Bill is off doing the stage manager bit tonight, this time with a limp. I’m not doing much else.

Plus having written this already, I have nothing to do for the rest of the night.

Hi Hi Hi

It’s a Tuesday. Big deal, right? I know, it really isn’t that much of anything. I’m glad I made it through the day. Last night I was sitting on the stoop, having a cigar and reading The Last Gang in Town by Marcus Gray.

It’s an unauthorized biography of the Clash. So far I read about my buddy Mick Jones, Paul Simenon and just getting into Joe Strummer’s life which is the most interesting and conflicted. Nothing about Topper Headon or Terry Chimes yet.

As I sat, along comes Julio and Alexander from the park. It was fun to sit with the two of them and I was thrilled that Alexander is really recognizing me now. He loves it when I do a Chewbacca yell and he also loves to watch planes fly through the sky.

He really is an adorable boy and he really looks like Julio. I called him Julio’s Mini Me and Julio told me he had brought Alexander to work that day and that’s basically what everyone said.

We all went upstairs at the same time, stopping off on the third floor to chat with Stine and trying to figure out how we were all going to get to the new Mets stadium to see Paul McCartney on Friday night.

I recommended taking the 7 Train out to Flushing which really makes the most sense. I’m sure it will all be figured out by Friday night.

I came upstairs where Bill was watching a home run derby, part of the All Star festivities. I was hoping to watch True Blood but that wasn’t going to happen while the home run derby was on.

Bill did have to go to bed early so he could get up early and go to Brooklyn to take a drug test for the Hassidic bus company he’s trying to work for.

I started to watch a recording of True Blood but then Annemarie called midway through so I decided to watch the recording some other time.

I did watch Weeds which was good, set six months past the last episode with a bearded Andy. Nurse Jackie was even better. That just gets more and more interesting each week, Edie Falco is great as well as the rest of the cast.

The office was a little bit easier today. Came up with a new system for the conference rooms and I didn’t have to yell at anyone.

And the intern, who in real life has quite a similar name to Vivek is now named Viveka. They’re really taking advantage of her as well as taking advantage of me.

I keep thinking that I’ll be leaving the office around 1:00 or 2:00 but once again I stayed later than that, leaving the office at 3:30. Gotta collect those Sally at kinematics I suppose.

Just one more day this week, ending tomorrow on Wednesday. I hope to collect a note for the Susquehanna Investment Groups tomorrow and not have to go in on Thursday.

Guess I will have to ambush Vivek and not injure his ‘Sally’s T shirt shingles’ writing hand.

Jump In The Fire

And another day goes by, with me collecting Cafe Press T-shirts in the city. That’s code you know. Not working, but collecting Cafe Press T-shirts. It’s all I could come up with.

Do a search on this blog for Cafe Press T-Shirts and see what comes up.

That’s how I will be paid in the blogosphere for the work that I do.

Last night Bill came home and took a nap asking me to wake him up at 9:30. At 9:30 I went to wake him up. He had no idea what time it was or where he was it seemed. I decided to let him sleep, if he gets up he gets up.

I watched Weeds last night. Very good. And Justin Kirk is really great as Andy. The whole episode was quite good but Andy’s scenes were the best, very touching.

After that came Nurse Jackie which is also very good. Perhaps they are trying to cram a lot into 30 minutes, but they managed to pull it off.

One of the story lines on Nurse Jackie was about a Russian immigrant who had a stroke. That hit home. The actor was great, didn’t get his name though.

As his family bickered and attacked each other as well as Jackie who was actually the only who was able to get through and understand the effects of a debilitated stroke victim. I still think Brain Attack is a better way to confer what a stroke is.

In my younger days I would have written Brian Attack due to the antagonistic relationship I had with my brother Brian. Went to bed a little while after that and woke up with Bill who had slept the whole night kissing me goodbye at 7:00.

I got out of bed and showered and shaved and got myself ready for the days collection of Sally Maurice Kotex. Greg Stevens called as I was heading into the office. He was afraid his computer crashed since he was out in the Hamptons over the weekend and couldn’t receive any emails.

I reassured him that I would check out his computer as soon as I got into the office. And I did just that. Everything seemed to be operating normally and I figured the problem was Greg’s Blackberry. I don’t know anything about Blackberries, so Greg was out of luck.

I busied myself with whatever needed to be done and also watched the Michael Jackson memorial online. Saw Queen Latifah and Smokey Robinson make speeches and also saw Stevie Wonder sing, Never Thought You’d Leave in Summer and They Won’t Go When I Go.

That was something.

I left the office around 2:30, enjoyed a Saint Luis Rey cigar and walked over to Times Square where I watched the people watching a big CNN broadcast of the memorial service.

It was odd watching Usher sing with no sound, only subtitles. I didn’t mind though.

Times Square has two areas stretching a number of blocks of Broadway that are now pedestrian areas with folding beach chairs scattered about for mainly tourists to sit on. I wandered through the throngs, enjoying my cigar and headed to the bus terminal for the ride home.

the big screen

the big screen

7.7.09 013
7.7.09 014
7.7.09 008
I just thought this was cool- 2 billboards connecting to each other

I just thought this was cool- 2 billboards connecting to each other

Born on A Bayou

Well it was back to work for me today. Nothing really happened, nothing to really write about. The mail was on my desk since people just didn’t know what to do with it while I was out.

Vivek and Sanjay are in India again. I did some snooping and saw they both got paid. Word from Vivek was that he hadn’t gotten paid in 3 months. Well a five figure amount should make him happy.

So who knows what’s going on? I don’t and the guy who actually might have a clue is now on the other side of the planet.

Last night was good but weird. Weird after drinking in the afternoon and then the come down during the night. Also weird since Bill gave up his Lawn hors d’eourve and stayed in the bedroom hunkered down over his laptop.

True Blood was good. That Maryanne. What’s her story? Ancient demon methinks. And Lafayette! What a story! That’s all I’m saying on that since I don’t want to be a spoiler.

Right now I’m so hungry, but not making dinner. I ran into Stine with Alexander on my way home. They were off to the park. Stine said she was making some dinner and was going to drop off a plate for me. That was more than fine with me.

Now Julio calls and it turns out I’m having dinner downstairs with the three of them. I’m looking forward it. Good to know that I won’t be the only one wearing a bib.

It rained a bit today, but not too much. Still it’s all hummus outside. I saw Chaz yesterday morning. He finally returned the Brian Eno/David Byrne CD, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

Not that I was jonesing for it. It was a bit of a letdown. That’s what I told the bartender at the Half King Bar yesterday. How once I got it and played it, I immediately lent it out.

Good old Chaz, always has some fresh music reading material, bless his heart. And it was nice of Andy to send me an email, telling me that Yes it is Howard, not Harold.

The two of them had a gay old time, much more social in those circles than me. I guess I am too standoffish. Not with Andy and Howard but with just about everyone else.

I did my best though. Will I go again? Unlikely. There is a plan about going out on Friday night, Bill, Juan and myself. Dancing if you can believe that.

We had been talking about it on and off for the past year or so and since Bill’s birthday approaches, in one week, it might be fun to do something over the weekend. Bill said he was into it, Juan is definitely into and me I am relatively ambivalent.

Time to go downstairs for dinner. Full review when I return.

And it was yet another Five Star Dinner by Stine, a beef stew which was way better than any stew that I’ve had before. I was never fond of my mother’s beef stew by the way.

Julio and I had polished off a bottle of wine, Stine had her Zinfandel and Alexander pointed and shouted a lot trying to get my attention. No more baby food for him!

It was a nice evening , very adult. Good times, good food, good people.

I came home with leftovers which I promptly reheated for Bill who had just gotten home. Now it’s time for this weeks Weeds and Nurse Jackie.

Limbo Rock

It’s a Tuesday. It was rather cool this morning and thought I’d wear a suit. No tie, casual. I listened to some 2 Tone on the way to the office which made me feel like an extra from the movie, Snatch. Or maybe a ‘Westie’.

Bill often mentions that I could pass for a ‘Westie’. For those playing at home, the Westies were an Irish gang on the west side on Manhattan who often ran afoul of the police and organized crime.

They’re generally romanticized on TV and in movies, but they were gangsters and killers who may have loved their mothers, but would have no problem killing yours.

I suppose I could have passed for one. A spring in my step, Madness, the Selecter and The Specials playing on the iPod. I probably could have gotten the part, if I only applied myself.

Oh, how many times was that written on my report cards, ‘If only he’d apply himself’. Unfortunately, after reading the report card, my father would apply the back of his hand to my head which drove me further away from any applications of the sort.

And also drove me further away from my father.

Last night was a good night once again. Bill came home and there was no Lawn Hors d’œuvre to watch so before we watched Weeds and Nurse Jackie, we watched Kathy Griffin instead.

She was alright, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying. Reminds me of Susan Shed somewhat. Bette Midler was her guest and that was OK.

Bette Midler is a little old lady. Raunchy on stage, but a short grouch off stage. She’s really tiny. I know I met her when she recorded Bette of Roses at a studio I worked at. I had to monitor her daughter Sophie while Bette recorded, making sure Sophie didn’t play in the elevator.

Bill & I watched Weeds which was good, and Nurse Jackie which was excellent.

On Weeds it seems Nancy is figuring out that she may have gotten in too deep, she keeps pissing off the wrong people. On Nurse Jackie, she’s maintaining a balance of self medicating but whoops, something did go slightly awry with that.

Today at work a few people asked how the interview went. I explained it was a meet and greet and they suggested that I wear a suit just in case they sent me out for an interview. It was all a lie of course but they seemed to believe it.

At least I didn’t have to kill off a dead grandparent.

My situation changes daily. Perhaps one of the sublets will take me on, perhaps paying me in mad scrotums while I oscillate wildly.

In any event, if I am somehow still working, I will need some time off to spend with Annemarie and Earl when they fly east in a few weeks.

I am getting away from the movie box/ hotel deal. Vivek says he’ll make up his mind on July 4 and odds are he’s leaving that job too.

And when I left today it seemed like I’ll be gone by the end of June. Then again that could all change tomorrow. I

t’s a fucked up situation and all I can do is just wait it out. And I’m not stressed about it. At least not right now.

In an hour or so who knows? I may have a sip from the well of despair, but right now I’m fine thanks.

Little Fishes

Last night was mellow. Called old friends, Billie and Connie. Billie is in Washington DC, Connie is in the Highlands of New Jersey. Haven’t heard from either of them in a while and since both were in my thoughts I gave a call.

Spoke with Billie first. He just got back from a Mexican vacation. I left a message for Billie a couple of weeks ago, mentioning that Bill and I might be visiting DC in the autumn if there was a March on Washington again.

Well so far no progress has been made on that front and right now it looks like we’ll be staying in Hoboken.

It was a good talk with Billie though. Both Bill and I miss him, having had a good couple of weeks a year or so ago when he was up in Manhattan training for his now defunct job at Chop’t, a way over priced salad bar.

Then I spoke to Connie as I sat on the front stoop, enjoying a Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde. It was an enjoyable talk, interrupted by a network failure on my end. She’s always a joy to talk to.

I can’t believe it’s been years since I last saw her, despite driving past her street in the Highlands some summer days. I’d love to see her again but it all depends on how she’s feeling. One of my favorite things is to make her laugh and I often do.

She’s a real sweetheart. Many a time I spent with Connie involved dancing around her house and I look forward to many more times I can perform a pas de deux with Madame Constance. Or stand out on her ledge, playing her wind chimes and making the neighbors think I’m doing tai chi.

Last night David Byrne was playing a free show at Prospect Park, opening up the summer season of Celebrate Brooklyn. Years ago I would have been there at a moments notice. But the threat of rain and the hassle of Brooklyn proved to be too much to consider.

If it were Talking Heads I would have been there for sure.

But last night was a Monday night and I do have to consider my state of mind with regards to work the next day. It’s not like when I was working in the music business where going out and coming back the next day exhausted or hung over was expected.

I stayed home and Bill came home just in time to catch Weeds which was very good. I love Justin Kirk. He rocks. Ever since Angels in America I’ve loved him and on Weeds he is most excellent. After that we watched Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco and that was really good, perhaps even better than Weeds.

Bill was trying to upload the still image from the TV of his appearance as a Saudi king on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He stayed up until 2:30 which around the time I sort of woke up from the very loud thunderstorm going on outside.

I crept through the apartment closing the windows, which were left open just a crack. Didn’t want to take any chances. And it came down in sheets this morning.

I was able to swim on over to my polling place and place my vote for Dawn Zimmer as some Cammarano cronies lurked nearby. The old school political machine of Hoboken churns on.

The other night while Bill and I watched the Tony’s it seemed that the show was sponsored by Big Pharma. One commercial that had some macabre chuckling was for some anti-depressant.

Shots of various actors in black and white, looking into the camera with sad expressions on their faces. What is depression? Who does it hurt?

Then they push the drug with the side effects of suicidal thoughts. If you’re depressed, take this drug and it will probably make you think about suicide if you weren’t thinking about that to begin with. Ridiculous.

And it will probably make you constipated, so you’ll have something to think about while you’re on the bowl.

My Heart is an Apple

Well I’m still at work. I usually leave around 4:30 but there have been phone problems and scheduling problems and I’m dealing with a knucklehead from Verizon. So it’s almost 6:00 and I’m just sitting here and decided I might as well start the blog since I don’t want to have to do it when I get home. I would much rather chill out, with a fine Chianti and some fava beans.

It was pretty much a pointless day today. Two other people from my company came in and they were both out by 2:00. I did whatever it is I had to do, and then surfed, unleashing a sock puppet here and there.

Today’s sock puppet was fighting some Puerto Rican dude who was quite happy that the reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee has endorsed John McCrazy since McCrazy has taken a stand on fighting immigration.

So even though Puerto Ricans on the island cannot vote in a presidential election, having the backing of a singer who’s genre was flat lining only a short time ago and features bootylicious girls while Daddy Yankee sings of filling their tanks with Gasolina could only help the crazy old white guy in getting that nonexistent vote.

Resident of Denver CO, Betticola has started a blog for the Democratic convention which is now included in the blogroll to the left of this blog. I recommend visiting it, if and when you have the chance.

I heard from Chaz. He stayed for Patti Smith who didn’t go on until almost 2 hours after I left. She did a decent set according to Chaz. He takes notes from every show he’s attended.

Last night I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with Bill who was getting misty eyed. It was an impressive sight, the Olympics that is. Misty eyed Bill is another sight to be seen, and rarely does anyone but me see it.

I don’t think Jimmy Page came off that well, playing Whole Lotta Love with Leona Lewis, a pop star from the UK. She’s no Robert Plant, but to her credit, Robert Plant is no Leona Lewis either. David Beckham played the role of guy who kicked soccer ball admiringly.

Now it’s officially 6:00 and I’m still here. Might as well hang in here and finish what I’ve started which is so unlike me.

Today is Independence Day in Uruguay which is a cause for celebration in Uruguay, here- not so much. It’s a dead week here on the 4:30 movie and I put in notice that I am taking Thursday and Friday off, giving my self a five day weekend.

I get three weeks off and so far I’ve only taken 7 days off so far, and that’s including this upcoming weekend. Might as well. Been here late the past couple of work days and like I said it’s been slow.

Methinks I’ll be leaving at 6:15 and letting the technicians do their thing. It’s all bullshit and now that the office has no air conditioning after 6:00, sitting and sweating at my desk is no option at all. So that’s that. Nothing much more to add. Weeds is on tonight. Only a week or two left for the season.

Openly Gay diver from Australia wins Gold Medal. NBC ignores the Olympian

6:25. I’m outta here.

Tone Zone

I think I set myself up. Yesterday, I was feeling rather upbeat and positive, today was the test. Last night Bill actually stayed up and watched Weeds. Well he was watching the Olympics and at 10:00 he switched over to Weeds, which was a bit gross yet funny. And Shane is creepy. Bill was grossed out.

Then it was back to the Olympics, Bill caught what’s his name win another gold medal then he was off to bed, me following not too long after that. Woke up a little before 6:00 this morning, and definitely did not want to get out of bed, but still I mustered and headed into the shower.

I continued with the latest routine of heading out before 7:00. Haven’t seen Casey on the bus the past two days, so I’ve just been reading the New Yorker. Headed across town listening to the Raybeats. I was in a decent mood and got to the office a little before 8:00.

Yesterday the phones were a bit fucked up and today was the same. I left work early yesterday and headed to the NYU Dental School and picked up my X-rays and charts to resubmit to Oxford insurance who denied my initial claim. The phones were working when I left.

I made the phone calls on my cellphone to find out what exactly is going on with the phone system. Luckily the company I work for doesn’t do stock trading, they work in mergers and acquisitions so the phones weren’t interfering with the job, calls could still be made on the phones.

Some drama going on with a former partner of Vivek, the managing director and various visitors were showing up, with me only finding out about a minute before. That was nerve wracking and the phones kept crapping out and causing an adverse effect on access to the internet. I could feel whatever positivity draining from my body.

I got through it though, no blood on my hands. Walked across town, had a Padron and listened to the Raybeats again. Nice bus ride, almost finished with Rip It Up by Simon Reynolds. It’s gotten to the point of New Pop, Culture Club, Flock of Seagulls and Spandau Ballet. Just as well since I have those 2 Alan Bennett books waiting for me. Not to mention the countless books I have collected over the years.

Saw Jeff at Empire Coffee which was pleasant. We both chatted about not going to All Points West and had a laugh at the holding pen for drinkers. The allotment of 5 beers over 10 hours seemed ridiculous. It was also a lot better than the last time I was in Empire Coffee.

I interrupted the workers hanging out and I ordered my usual, Brazilian French Roast. The girl said, Brazilian American Roast? I said no, the Brazilian French Roast. ‘So, 3 pounds of the American Roast?’ This went on for a minute or two. I knew I didn’t have aphasia, she was merely daft.

Good to be home now, but I didn’t exactly get a chance to rest since I got a phone call from the office IP, about having to shut down the system for some tests. I tried calling to no avail and finally gave the go ahead to shut it down so they could do what they had to do.

Should make for an interesting morning I think.

Leftover Secrets To Tell

Well it’s now Tuesday. Not a bad day at all. Last night was Monday and as I started to watch Bill Olbermann, Harpy called. That was a good call, funny and enjoyable and me giving Harpy advice to sometimes bite his lip and keep his mouth shut. We all have to do it from time to time and sometimes if you want to keep a job that is what you have to do most of the time.

I hope he heeds my words. Getting a job is tough these days and sometimes you just have to play the game. Twenty years ago when we were younger, things were different. Of course a lot of those time we were basically wasted. Coming down, well right next door in the next cube is a friend with something to pick you up. I guess that lasted a couple of years, it’s hard to tell.

Nowadays, I know I can’t bounce back like I used to so I don’t do those things anymore. I paused Keith Olbermann while Harpy chatted and was back to watching it about a half hour later. Bill came home in the meantime and he’s been enjoying Olbermann more than I do.

I was waiting for Weeds again. Very good episode, but not as good as the previous week. Celia seems to have developed a love for blow, while Silas is seeing a cougar as Shane bashed the most popular kid in his new school with a cafeteria tray, telling the kid as he was splayed out on the floor not to fuck with him.

And of course Nancy has her own thing going on as does Andy the coyote. Nancy playing with fire and Andy will have a different fire in a leg brace coming after him from south of the border. Bill was in bed halfway through and I continued watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl which was the season finale. That was pretty good. I don’t keep and eye out for that show but once I start watching it I get caught up.

After that was the news, I stayed up long enough to see what Otis Livingston was wearing and then I was the other lump in the bed. Before I knew it it was 6:00 and Bill was kissing me goodbye as he headed off to the gym. I was out of bed soon after that and I was out the door about 45 minutes later.

On the bus I run into Casey again. Such a ball of energy as opposed to me needing another cup of coffee. I think I was able to hold up my end of the conversation which wasn’t as death oriented as yesterday. Casey told me about his script and he emailed me a copy.

It’s pretty good actually. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, too many interruptions during the day, meaning too many prying eyes. I would like to be able to sit down and read it from start to finish which I’ll do later.

I had a few errands to run again which made it good to be out of the office. Been noticing a lot of people with broken arms lately. I suppose that could be the latest fashion and I’m glad I disdain the latest fashions.

I do look forward to wearing a suit and tie again when it gets cooler outside. I saw a few good looking guys today all suited up and wonder why they don’t sweat like I do. They must take cars and taxis mostly and don’t do too much walking in the heat. Still, I can deal with the heat the best as I could and maintain my casual appearance.

Tomorrow night Bill and I are having dinner with Casey at Margherita’s on Washington Street. That should be fun.

Here’s a pic or two.

The Index Finger

The Knee

The tourists

28 years ago…..?

Double Feature (courtesy of BettiCola)

I Don’t Need No Doctor

Last night was a wee bit intense. Juan came by after going head to head and toe to toe with both his mother and his father. He was fairly livid when he came by and I did my best to chill him out. Ninety minutes of Weeds and a half hour with a London call girl did the trick or at least that is what I had hoped.

He also used the computer and I was silently amazed at how fast he can type. Then again he was basically raised with a computer keyboard underneath his fingers. His words per minute skills must be close to triple digits. Impressive. I did have to kick his ass out so that I could get ready to go to sleep. He understood, he’s good like that.

Also chatted for a bit with Song in Sydney. He got his visa and should be back in the states next month. It would be good to see him and Ray again. Been a while. Last time they were in town I fell ill.

Slept really well, good old air conditioner humming along as I slept. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but of course that is what I had to do. I was out the door before 7:00 again and got on a soon to be crowded bus.

I sat in my usual spot and read An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, author of The History Boys among others. He’s a favorite author lately. This is about the Queen taking up reading which she never had time for before. That description doesn’t do it justice, but it’s not much more complicated than that. It’s an entertaining novella and after starting it yesterday I am almost finished with it. I’m so lucky to have the library just down the street.

Oh what an idiot day I’ve had. Work was busy, Tom Chin out of the office and John could you do this, John can you do that all day long. Not that I minded, not at all. It makes the day go faster and makes me feel somewhat needed. Vivek, the managing director and Greg Stevens the president of the company were getting a letter together to send out and I had to rewrite it an proof it a few times.

Unlike this blog where I sometimes post without fully checking for errors, I sometimes go back and make the necessary corrections after it’s been published. Today with Greg and Vivek I looked like a buffoon. They’d make edits, I’d work them into what I was writing and occasionally I’d omit something that they would point out after I printed out the letter.

I did my best and tomorrow is the day they go out so I’ll be bringing a fine toothed comb to the office.

But the thing that was the most idiotic was truly my fault. I’ve had some problems with the eyeglasses I got in November of last year. I had them fixed, then there was a problem with the lenses. So I brought them back after Evan, the nice guy who may or may not have a ‘thing’ for me was going to have a new pair made.

The lenses came in last week and he told me to bring in the frames. I said that I didn’t have the frames, that I left them with him. He looked and looked but they weren’t there in the shop. I wound up getting a whole new pair of glasses which I got today.

They look great, better than the old pair. As I was dealing with Greg and Vivek, I was cleaning up my desk getting ready to go home. I open a drawer and find an eyeglass case. I open it and what do I find, but the eyeglasses I said I left with Evan.

Oh I laughed through my horror, my idiocy. I guess I have to do the right thing and bring back the old pair that was missing and tell him it was all my fault.

I’m an idiot.

Tonight, I’m going to McSwells again. What is this? The eighties? I’m meeting with my friend Lois to discuss music since I am DJ’ing at her wedding party at the Rainbow Lodge in Walton NY on August 2. Then I’m meeting my brother Frank to see the Individuals reunion.

Oh but tomorrow, going back to Evan, humble and apologetic. Years ago, I would have had the ‘get over’ attitude, nowadays, I just want to do what is right.

And that means eating humble pie.

Breakfast in America

Well back to this again. I don’t mind. And I was happy that some people commented last night. It was good to see people taking my question and answering it, though it would have been more appropriate if it was for the previous entry, but I guess I’ll take feedback whenever I can.

I did find out that I’m younger than bhikku. One or two years but all this time I thought he was the same age as me. So once again I am the youngest, unless Juan posts and I know I am older than Juan. It’s been that way most of my life, the youngest in the room.

Of course I spent a lot of time at senior centers so that made sense. I wonder how it will be when I am in the senior center, not visiting but actually residing there. Though tonight I wasn’t the youngest when I went to get coffee beans from Empire Coffee in Hoboken for the office.

Jeff was there and Jeff is younger than me. He’s also dazzled by my tales of McSwells and the music business. I asked him how the Vaselines were and it turned out he got there too early, had a few beers too many.

It wasn’t crowded so he took a walk and when he came back it was crowded. He wound up behind the pole in the back room and not seeing much of the band. He heard Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam and one other song when he felt he heard enough and drunkenly weaved his way back home to Jersey City.

He’s a good guy and I enjoy regaling him with stories of the bands I saw in the heyday that was McSwells. At least the ones I can remember. Work was work was work. Need I say more? You know I eventually will.

Last night I watched Weeds which was hilarious. Best episode this season so far. Nancy kicked Celia’s ass and knocked a tooth out of Celia’s mouth. Andy accidentally shot a coyote (someone who sneaks illegal immigrants into the country) in the knee. Andy got his Foghat belt buckle back and his $6.00 from the coyote. Justin Kirk rocks by the way.

After that I watched Diary of a Call Girl which is very good but I usually have to be in the mood for it. Like sex I guess. I don’t go out of my way to watch it, but if it’s on I generally enjoy it. I can’t wait for Juan to see the latest episode of Weeds.

This morning I am happy to report that there were no power outages as I got ready for work. Though it promised to be in the 90 degree area, I wore a long sleeved French cuff shirt and my pinstriped trousers. The trousers used to be cuffed but I had the tailor remove the cuffs so I have an extra inch or two at the bottom of my pant leg.

Still throughout the day, I worry that they’re too short. I wear a 34 length pant, and this is like 32.5 or 33. I constantly need to check through the day.

It’s just as well that I don’t have cuffs on my trousers, since when I do wear them cuffed, as I walk one foot gets snagged and I stumble, and me, being big and goofy, I look like a real doofus when that happens. Usually I look like an unreal doofus, which is what I’m comfortable with.

Ran some errands today which was nice to get out of the office. Ran into Vinnie a guy I used to work with. He’s doing well and looking good. He said to tell you he said ‘Hi’.


This car runs red lights. Be on the look out.

Whats in the pocket?

This possibly didn’t end well.

Punked tattoos

George Bush, our idiot at the G8 Summit closing last Friday:
“Goodbye from the world’s greatest polluter!”

cut n’paste


also related

cut n’paste again

Night Shift

Last night was a mellow Fourth of July. No complaints. It was raining and very muggy out. No need to go to the river to see the fireworks since you couldn’t really see them anyhow. You could see different colored clouds and fog flashing.

From the 5th floor perch where I sit you could see North Bergen and Jersey City blowing up. No interest really. Bill phoned and though he and his mother were about 100 yards from the East River, they wound up watching it on TV.

Before Bill went over to Stuyvesant Town, we watched Galaxy Quest, which Bill had never seen before. That’s the Star Trek spoof with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. It’s really a funny movie and a wonderful send up of the Enterprise enterprise. After that we started to watch Psycho.

I hoped Bill had never seen it before, but he did. I looked out the window and a few miles away I could see a plume of smoke so we watched the local news which didn’t have any information on it. The plume eventually dissipated .Bill was busy, shredding boxes of documents and papers that he had accumulated over the years and threatened to collapse ala the Collyer Brothers from way back in the day.

Juan came over last night and we watched what else but Walk Hard. Juan had never seen it before, and for me it was the third time in two days. I made some summer cocktails which were basically vodka and diet Sierra Mist with a slice of lemon for a summertime qualification.

It seems I can’t make a proper drink anymore these days, and I should leave drink making to a professional. The second cocktail proved to be the last as it kicked my ass as well as Juan’s. I made us each a hot dog on the George Foreman grill which allowed me to regain single vision, able to read with both eyes open.

Fittingly we watched Weeds after Walk Hard. Juan hadn’t seen the latest episodes and I had only seen two out of three. Still watched two out of three because midway through the second episode, I was fading fast. Juan walked back home and I went to bed. Had a good night’s sleep, woke up around 8:30 which was quite nice.

Texted Julio about bagels but didn’t receive a response. Stine made it a point to tell me the other night not to post her picture anymore, she was very uncomfortable about it. So no more pictures of Stine then. I think that was prompted by the cd I gave her of all the photos of Alexander that I had taken. That’s too bad, but I don’t want to make waves so I’ll respect her wishes.

Today’s weather is reminiscent of the 1977 Fourth of July which was bound to be a letdown after the previous year’s bicentennial celebration. I remember going to the Garden State Plaza, which was still an outdoor mall then and running around in the rain with my friends through Sam Goody’s and Bamberger’s.

Eventually I broke off on my own for a little while doing some exploring from the tearooms of Mars to the surfaces of Uranus. I’m amazed at how I can remember these things.

Now where did I put my keys?

This afternoon I wandered around Hoboken, bought a used cd of Walk Hard which is just as much fun as the movie and I’ll try never to mention Walk Hard again. I just loaned the dvd to Rand and Lisa and they’d never seen it before.

I had a nice stroll up Washington Street with them, they ran into stores while I hung outside smoking a Padron 5000. Quite nice and the humidity keeps the cigar fresh. Almost had a Mojito with the two of them, but Bill had just came home and I wanted to see how he was doing. He’s fine.

A Cardinal 50 feet from my window

Hoboken Holiday weekend