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Your Blue Room

Well here we are again. May 12. Not my favorite day. A gloomy day and the battleship gray sky adds to it. I’m in a better mood than I was yesterday though. No hangover you see.

Also just saw Julio, Stine & Alexander for a few minutes. Stine texted me about some meatballs she just made and I stopped by to get them. Alexander is definitely going for the laughs, imitating his father’s eye movements.

He noticed my laughing a few weeks ago and knows he’ll get me laughing again. And he did. He also calls my name to get my attention. And he did.

He got a toddler scooter for his birthday and was showing me how he skates on it. He also got a tricycle which was out in the hallway. Both were presents from his grandparents. I came upstairs and ate everything.

Been quite cool lately, I think the highest the temperature has been for the past few days is 50 degrees. I did take the guitar out yesterday and played by the river for about an hour but that didn’t last long. Too cold and damp.

Today I mainly stayed inside and did laundry. I also watched Where The Wild Things are which left me merely whelmed. I mean, the puppets or rather muppets were good, but they probably should have gone with the voices of unknown actors.

Hearing James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara and Lauren Ambrose et al made me think of Gandolfini, O’Hara and Ambrose et al.

I returned it to the bibliothèque and got in return, Gomorrah, the Italian film about the mob. It’s supposed to be very good and I am happy to disprove the fact that Americans are watching less and less foreign films these days.

I’m not going to watch it tonight though. Wednesday nights, I’ve been watching Modern Family and Cougartown. Last night I watched Lost which was good. The story of Jacob and his twin brother, who’s name we were never told.

Allison Janey played their mother, or rather the woman who raised them. It was a fast hour which left some questions. Only two episodes left, next Tuesday and then the three and a half hour finale on May 23rd. I was invited to Rand and Lisa’s to watch the finale which I may do.

Tomorrow I am going to the Barclay Rex store in the midtown Manhattan. Barclay Rex is a high end cigar store and I used to go there when I was working for Wanker Banker. Nice place to get away from the inhuman cauldron sisters, Maggie Angelakos and Helen Alexandre.

I was there around the holidays and inquired about employment. One of the sales people suggested I send my resume to the manager Megan, so I did. The manager got in touch with me via email, saying that she was busy but will get back to me soon enough.

Last week, her assistant Clara sent me an email, wanting to meet with me but making sure that I knew that it wasn’t an interview. So tomorrow I’m meeting Clara to discuss why I would want to work in a high end cigar shop. I have a few ideas on what to tell her, being fairly knowledgeable about cigars and whatnot.

So that’s what’s happening tomorrow. It’s a lead and the first thing I’ve had since that other interview a few weeks ago. I thought that went well but haven’t heard from them since so I guess that’s not happening.

Working in a cigar shop sounds good to me though. I am sure I will tell you all about it tomorrow, after it happens. There’s always the Susquehanna Investment Group I suppose.


Battleship Gray Skies

Battleship Gray Skies

Keep on Moving

Well so far it’s been a sad week for television and I’m not even talking about the reporting on the oil spill which continues to this day. Drill? What the fuck? It’s nothing but bad news on that front anyhow.

I wrote about The Pacific the other day, which was mainly about John Basilone and his last days on this plane of existence.

SPOILER ALERT! Last night’s sad thing was Lost. Yes, Lost. 3 characters from the beginning of the show bit the dust. Redemption, reunification and ultimately death.

2 episodes left in the series and Sayid and the Kwons are now gone. Sayid has been a shell of himself the past few weeks and the Kwons have been searching for each other through time and space.

Sayid came out of his zombie persona and stepped up to save the lives of the group. Sun and Jin were reunited last week and this week they died together. Very sad.

And Jack will be Jacob and Locke or rather Fake Locke will be the Smoke Monster, the Man in Black. At least that’s how I see it.
END OF SPOILER This has been a test of the Spoiler Blogger Network.

I get a daily email from Popdose, which covers some aspects of Pop Culture that I enjoy. Yesterday’s email had a review of Sports Night which was an Aaron Sorkin show on ABC about an ESPN type channel and the two anchors on it.

One of the anchors was Peter Krause, Nate from Six Feet Under, the other anchor was Josh Charles who’s been on a few things. Last night after watching Lost and instead of watching V I usually watch Parenthood.

But last night I decided to watch the Good Wife. I like Julianna Marguiles and Bill was on his way home and I know he likes Chris Noth. Funnily enough the show also has Josh Charles playing a recurring character.

I just thought it was weird after reading the Sports Night DVD review and opting not to watch one of the former actors on the show, changing the channel to see the other former actor from the show. Maybe it’s just me. Probably is.

And also Parenthood has Lauren Graham and The Good Wife has Matt Czuchry who played Rory’s boyfriend Logan.

Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln.

Today I was in Manhattan, saw Bill for a few and decided to sit in Bryant Park, read the New Yorker and enjoy a cigar.

As I sat there, a guy walks up to me and starts talking. His story was about how he’s been out of work for 6 months. He was angling for something.

I had to stop him right then and there, telling him that I’ve been out of work for 10 months, and with that he walked away with a blessing from his god. They always throw that in as a guilt trip.

Lot’s of people on the streets asking for change and when I tell them I can’t help them, I sometimes get a ‘god bless you’. Does that work? Are people guilt tripped into giving money because some god is being asked to bless them?

This Saturday Bill and I may or may not be a part of Pride Magazine’s article on interracial gay couples. It was actually one of the reasons why Bill and I got civil unioned. I learned about the whole thing from Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod.

Now we are just waiting to hear from Joe about the Saturday thing. But some guys on Joe’s Facebook page are complaining that it seems like these interracial couples are being in the spotlight and it’s unfair.

I almost posted the following on Joe’s page but decided to only post the first sentence.

I’ve always felt left out of most gay things so to be possibly included with my partner with regards to interracial relationships is a thrill.

Some of this does sound a bit like when straight people complain about gay pride parades, saying ‘when will straight people have a pride parade’, not realizing that every fucking day is a straight pride parade day.

It’s for an article in a monthly magazine. The other 11 months can be dedicated to non interracial relationships.

That’s about it for me on this end.

The Hoboken bibliothèque called and my reservation of Black Dynamite has finally come in. I asked for it a month or so ago but BCCLS sent me messages that it was too new to be sent out.

Now I have the Hoboken copy.

99 Bottles of Beer

Don’t know what to write about since there’s nothing really to write about. I went for a walk around Hoboken. Saw a few other unemployed people, all with the same look on their faces as me. Though I’m reluctant to describe it this way, it certainly was a vanilla sky.

I tried watching Gran Casino by Luis Bunuel finally after getting it from Netflix back in September. I did some reading about it online and read that Bunuel felt it was one of his lesser films so I stopped halfway through. I really didn’t care for the story and didn’t have the attention span to sit and watch it.

So that got me out of the apartment. Things being tight financially made buying anything risky behavior.

Heard from Pedro who is in Puerto Rico since his father is not doing that well. He called me up the other night to ask me about what type of luggage could be carried on board. I explained that a 2.5 foot bag worked for me when I last flew and that I was able to stow it in the overhead compartment.

When he called he asked me to guess where he was calling from and when I answered, Puerto Rico he was surprised, having forgotten that he actually called me telling me what he was doing and where he was going. Such is his state of mind lately.

Sent out a few resumes today, with hope mixed with antipathy. I almost wrote despair but I know how that would go over with some people. Antipathy is a better word anyhow. Almost like antipasto which is more repugnant to my delicate palette.

Having this time is good though sometimes.

I’ve been cleaning the apartment, bit by bit. Unfortunately there are quite a few bits.

Last night, being a Monday night meant Heroes is on. I feel I’m committed to seeing it all the way through. Bill was home when I started watching it and he remarked that he likes the show but finds it difficult to follow.

He hasn’t seen all the episodes like I have. Bill also mentioned that it reminded him of Lost. Well Lost is something totally different though also in the realm of science fiction. And that’s scheduled to wrap up next year.

Heroes doesn’t seem to have an end date and they keep introducing ludicrous characters that no one (at least in the forum that I read about it) cares much for the new actors. They should definitely tie it all together as much as they can and pull the plug.

You might have noticed that it was a late posting last night. That was mainly because I was distracted by the Google Chrome browser that I started using. Harpy suggested it so I downloaded and played with it, figured out the ins and outs.

I had actually finished the post before 6:00 last night, but when I went to check it still wasn’t up. Then I checked out the Word Press dashboard and there it was, forlorn and forgotten. So I posted after midnight even though the time stamp was something like 17:45.

I can tell how alarmed you all were, being inundated by emails showing concern. Well rest assured it will not happen again, at least not tonight.

11.10.09 Sun


Well it’s been an odd week certainly. Me being sick the first two or three days was out of the ordinary. I feel like I’m 100% better. Talked with Harpy on the phone (which resembled listening to talk radio) about body temperatures. I think my average temperature is in the 97 degree range which means I’m cool most of the time. I always knew that deep down, my being chill, well it was in the blood all along. You can stop laughing whenever you’d like.

Bill spent the night at his mother’s apartment last night. So I was alone which was ok. Nothing on TV at all, and Olbermann and the Daily Show and The Colbert Report eats up the evening. I’ve prepared a cd of pictures of Alexander Lopez. That kid just makes me smile. He’s going to be something else when he grows up, and I’m glad I’m an uncle of sorts.

Tomorrow is Julio’s birthday. He turns 40. Tomorrow is also Bill’s mother’s birthday, she turns 85. Today was so slow at work that I was able to catch a crosstown bus and go to the box office to pick up the Xanadu tickets for Bill’s birthday.

I walked back across town and stopped in the soon to be shuttered Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. I got the new B-52’s for Julio as well as a decent Elvis Presley 3 disc collection from the UK for 10.00. Elvis is always a giggle between Julio and myself.

Got a nice salad for lunch and after that, with my work being done for the day I left the office at 2PM after putting in six hours. I expect next week to be slow again but I only have to work 3 days (like this week).

I was taking off this upcoming Monday, thinking and dreading that Bill and I would be in the Gay Pride parade on Sunday but things being what they are with his mom, and the fact that we wouldn’t be marching (or rather walking) down Fifth Avenue until 2PM, we wouldn’t be finished until 5:00 if things went smoothly.

I was asked to come in since the office would be empty on Monday so I switched my day to Thursday, July 3. So I’ll be off from Thursday until the following Tuesday. I took July 7 off as well. Tomorrow Stine has planned a surprise luncheon for Julio’s birthday at Charrito’s which used to be Ricco’s, an Italian restaurant on Washington Street at 1:00, followed by cake on Pier A if the weather is permitting. Sunday is the first anniversary of Meghan and Rob’s wedding and they’re having a BBQ on Sunday afternoon.

Not making the BBQ on time was also a factor in deciding to forgo the Pride parade. It’s all good so far. Back on my feet relatively, work was slow yet productive and now I’m home writing this. I slept like a rock last night and hope for more of the same tonight. That’s it for now, anything else I’ll let you know.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon.

Panels from the AIDS quilt in Saks Fifth Avenue windows

and neo-Spartans on Union Square, or are they Neosporin?

The Inner Light

It’s a crazy day. Sunny and then blackening clouds. Sometimes the weather mirrors my moods. But not today. Last night was another quiet night. Bill worked late. I saw him for about 5 minutes before I went to bed, leaving Bill to make his dinner at 11:30. I used to advise him not to eat so late, before going to bed, but after the first 50 times of telling him, I gave up.

I woke up to a sink full of dirty dishes and a messier kitchen than it usually is. I watched the usual, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann and then I watched the American Film Institute Top Ten Top Ten Films. Ten courtroom dramas, westerns, romantic comedies, fantasy, science fiction etc. It was enjoyable. My favorite films usually wound up at number 2, AFI were number 1.

It gave me the idea to rent films I had never seen before, only heard about them. Movies like Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights, John Ford’s The Searchers and Stagecoach, The Public Enemy with James Cagney. Have to put them in my Netflix queue, or see if I can get them from the Hoboken library. Slept like a rock last night and woke up wanting another hour of sleep. But the work waits, I am alive again and my heart is full of joy! Actually that last line was from Sweeney Todd.

Bill was off today and I kissed him good bye and headed off to the bus, dropping off that weak John Lennon book at the library after reading it very briefly. Sounded like a good idea when I ordered it. So glad the library is a block away, saves money. Books are expensive and you read them only once mainly. Sure they look good on the bookshelf, but after a while, whats the point?

It’s funny I would like to be a successful writer and I suppose my income would be from the sale of books, not from libraries. Oh the irony. Work was busy once again and my busyness has been noticed. Vivek said I looked tired and suggested an espresso at 3:30 this afternoon. I declined, knowing that caffeine in my system after 1:00PM causes me problems sleeping later.

There were visitors in and out of the day and one or two errands to run. Still I found time to activate my sock puppets. Once I get started it’s pretty hard to stop. It was my sock puppets against opponents of same sex marriage. One was in the New York Daily News, the other was on NJ.com.

One woman upset about the California marriage ruling, saying how it was illegal now to even mention ‘mother and father’ in school. Albert Ross mentioned that what she wrote was straight out of James Dobson and Peter La Barbera’s fear mongering in the name of the lord clubs. That was NJ.com. The Daily News discussion, being New York was a little nastier.

I think Ken Lee maintained his composure in the face of right wing meltdowns. Other than that, it’s good to be home now. Bill cleaned up the apartment a bit. I’ve noticed we actually have a couch!


Well today is a weird day. I had to leave work early to get some paperwork from my dentist at the dental school. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. I left my office at 2:15, telling Tom Chin that I had a 3:00 appointment. I chatted with Rand on the phone, lot’s of larfs with Rand.

We talked about the weather forecast on Saturday, 40% chance of thunderstorms on the day of our respective gate sales. We also talked about Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell, a Rock Classic and the Pretenders 1st album which is still a fantastic debut that they’ve yet to top or equal.

I decided to head back to the office when I looked at my watch, it was 3:30 and figured ‘what the hell, I’d be leaving in an hour anyhow’, so I just walked across town to the bus terminal instead. I checked my voice mail at work while walking down 42nd street. And there were no messages. Came home, changed my clothes and checked my office email.

There was a message from Vivek asking me to book a flight from San Francisco to Seattle. I checked my office voice mail again and there was Vivek asking me the same thing, leaving his credit card info so I could make the reservation. Of course as I am researching from home, there’s another message asking about flights from San Jose to Seattle.

So I research that when Vivek calls. I tell him if he flies from San Jose he won’t be getting to Seattle until 2:30 in the morning due to a transfer and plane change in Las Vegas. He says to go ahead with the San Francisco research. I get him three flights, all under $200.00, going one way which is what he wanted. As far as I know now, Vivek is in the San Francisco airport waiting for one of three flights.

He’s doing the booking himself. I’m tethered to the computer just in case. I hope he doesn’t insist on my getting a blackberry. Today was a lot cooler than it’s been the past 4 days. It’s been in the 80 degree range. I walked down to the dental school and back and I wasn’t nearly as sweaty as I would have been yesterday just walking around the block.

Last night, after watching Keith Olbermann and The Daily Show/Colbert Report I watched back to back episodes of the Office, which was just as uncomfortable on TBS as it is on NBC. The first episode was all about a joint found in the parking lot and Michael convincing Dwight to pee in a cup for him, forcing Dwight to betray his morals and resign as an auxiliary police officer. That was strangely sad to watch since Dwight is generally an unlikable buffoon.

The 2nd episode was all about complaints in the office that were given to sad sack Toby. After that it was time to sleep and I didn’t hit Bill at all while we slept. Which was good for the both of us I suppose. I was also fired up after reading someone’s blog last night which got me to write some more. I don’t do that often obviously but decided to post rather than leave it floating around somewhere like a managing director in the San Francisco airport.

Harpy, keep the change.

Love in the Year 3000

Ok, the day started out weird and it it’s been weird all day. At least now I can have a chuckle about it. I’ll start with last night. Watched TV, Scrubs and then Keith Olbermann since I saw the Daily Show and Colbert Report on Friday. While I do agree with most of what Keith Olbermann has to say, it;s just his bellowing that puts me off. That and the fact that he always has the same guests on over and over, always in agreement with Keith Olbermann.

At least Faux Snooze has differing opinions, never heard but usually seen. In fact a member of the new Black Panther party shut Sean Hannity right up last week which can be found on News Hounds and probably Media Matters But there is no dissent on the Olbermann show, which certainly makes Keith Olbermann look even better. I do like Keith’s suits though. So woof at him on that point. After that I needed to watch something on TV, a distraction so I watched a documentary on heroin addicted teenagers in South Boston.

Stupid kids, long suffering parents narrated by Donnie Wahlberg. I guess the New Kids on the Block reunion didn’t pan out, and his brother Mark isn’t taking Donnie’s calls anymore. And don’t even ask about the Funky Bunch. Watched Futurama and then the news before I went to bed at 11:30. Woke up at 6-ish and the first thought in my head was, ‘I have got to go to bed earlier’. That is what I resolve to do tonight, and I’m not talking 11:29 either. So we’ll see about that.

Really dragged my ass, since I woke up tired. Missed the ‘good’ bus and had to settle for the not so ‘good’ bus. I didn’t mind, I was reading Alan Bennett’s plays about Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt, 2 British spies for the USSR which was very good and satisfied the intellectual need that I have been lacking for quite a while. Got to work before everyone else, had coffee and watched a clip of brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor who described the massive stroke that she had gone through a number of years ago. She made a full recovery, making lectures about strokes and the brain.

Here’s the link for that: cut n’paste http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/229 . Worth checking out I think.

There was something that happened at work that was a bit humorous. Vivek who is always late had a meeting at 4:00 this afternoon. No one was sure if he was going to make it in, and Lydia the receptionist emailed him about the meeting. He called Lydia and told her to call the man who he was supposed to meet with and tell him that he was still on the west coast and would get back to him when he returned. So Lydia left a couple of messages and told me that Vivek was still on the coast. I put the word out, telling Tom Chin who said that he must have spoken to Vivek at the airport this morning.

A few minutes later, in walks Vivek. It was a lie to avoid the visitor. At 4:00 who shows up but the visitor who did not get the messages. I explained that Vivek would call him on his return and apologized on behalf of Vivek. The man understood and walked out towards the elevator. Just then Vivek leaves his office and heads towards the elevator. Lydia and I stopped him in time. Vivek told us the guy was a vendor and was interested in what the guy was selling a few weeks ago, but not anymore, hence the blow off. I left soon after that.

Been leaving at 4:30 the past month or so and no one seems to care. I am in at 8:00 every morning anyway, before everyone else. On the way home, as I was heading to a rendezvous with my Rasta pal Jesse, I got involved in a conversation with a guy named Shan. Well dressed, not a crazy type. Just liked to talk to everyone on the street. He was walking my way and he was very chatty. Seemed harmless enough. He talked and talked. Asked where I lived, then answered that with the way I looked I must live in Manhattan. I told him Hoboken. He called it Homoken.

I asked him why and he said he joked about that with his friends who lived in Hoboken. Then he asked if I was gay and I said yes. He asked how long I was gay and I said all my life. He seemed impressed and offered to buy me and Jesse a drink should Jesse show up. I said yeah sure and he walked away after giving me his number. Ten feet away as he waited to cross the street he started another conversation with whomever happened to be standing next to him. The person next to him decided to wait for the light to change on the other corner.

Here’s something that was just on TV

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Well it’s Wednesday and I am so over Wednesday. A lot of hype and what have you got to show for it? Just a hump in the middle of a 5 day work week. True it’s a steep enough hump to get to Friday going downhill. I’m cool with it. Last night, watched TV, Scrubs, Daily Show, Colbert Report and it was all good. Come 9:00 I had no idea what to watch. I do love TV, it has been my erstwhile companion for most of my life. A perfect companion that gives and gives. The babysitter I couldn’t shake, nor did I want to.

I scanned to see what was on and decided to give The History Boys a chance. I did rent it last summer, but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was the season, maybe it was me. In any event, I was enraptured by the movie. Totally captivated. It really is a great movie. Great script by Alan Bennett. Great directing by Nicholas Hytner and great acting all around. I loved it. The soundtrack had instrumentals by New Order, The Clash, The Smiths, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen and Pigbag, with the final song, Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered sung by (who Julio and Stine call the whiner), Rufus Wainwright.

I can’t recommend this film enough and I regret not seeing it on Broadway. Man was I stupid or what two years ago? Ok maybe stupid is too harsh. Then again I was working with a bunch of snobby Brits and the idea of seeing more Brits on stage was something I would go out of my way to avoid, which I did. And I am developing a crush on Frances de la Tour. Just something about her. I was fascinated by her in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and she’s great in the History Boys, where she actually has lines. Richard Griffiths is touching and the boys are all handsome and endearing. It really made my night which carried over to good feelings for today.

My sister Annemarie had a successful Laughter Yoga group which was a good thing to hear. Spoke with my brother Brian. His son is back in school which is a hopeful thing. Brian and his daughter Cassie are going to our cousin Neil’s wedding party on Friday night. Bill and I canceled due to expenses and the fact that Bill’s not really up for that sort of thing right now. I asked in January if they were going to the wedding party and I had no response which lead me to believe that they weren’t invited. Obviously it turned out that they had been invited. It would be nice to go but then again, after arranging to take the day off, I rearranged it so I would be in anyway. Got to put in a full week of work sometime.

I have a wedding card which I’ll send off, once again apologizing for not being able to go and see that wing of the family all together again. One was missing when Bill and I went to Neil’s house for Thanksgiving in 2005. There is still most of the year ahead, so who knows? Perhaps if Annemarie and the Arcata contingent we can make a day trip down there and say hello. Beats saying hello with a corpse in the room, wouldn’t you think? A reunion of sorts. Works for me. Go rent The History Boys. I don’t think you’ll regret it. And if you do, I’d love to hear what you think of it. Scripps is fine, you’ll see.

Here’s something from YouTube regarding The History Boys.

Actually on 11.9.08 I’ve noticed that the videos are no longer available via YouTube. Bah!

Big Science

It’s a cold and rainy Friday and it’s also February 1, Groundhog’s Day Eve and also the day before my brother in law Rex’ birthday. So happy birthday Rex. I guess they’ll be watching Groundhog’s Day tomorrow in Arcata as well as all over the US. I’ve seen it, I’ve enjoyed it but not like the Arcata Three. They watch it every year and why not? A tradition that has been going on for a number of years and I wish them many more years of watching together. Cheers to them!

Last night, came home feeling somewhat dreadful as you could have probably seen in the previous entry. Once I wrote about it I felt better, no longer bitter. I settled in for the evening, really looking forward to Lost. I appreciated the first hour recap, set things up nicely it did. The actual season premiere was very good, a return to form almost. Some things I had forgotten that were briefly touched upon in the recap where explained further as usual.

But as good as it was, I was left to wonder whether or not it was good because it was actually good, or was it good because there was nothing on lately that wasn’t a reality show? And the fact that it’s going to be on Thursday nights opposite the NBC comedies could pose a problem. Already there is Ugly Betty opposite Earl and 30 Rock. Oh such dilemmas. If only everyone’s problems could be as serious as what to watch on TV and what to record.

I tried watching the new show after Lost, Eli something, but the George Michael gimmick wore off quickly and I watched Will Arnett and Chi McBride in Let’s Go To Prison, which is raunchy but still funny. I must make a confession here, a few weeks ago I watched a little bit of Jackass 2 and it was pretty funny.

I turned it off once the guy was piercing his face with a fishing hook, I do have some limits. I had enough TV for the night, so I decided to go to bed earlier than usual, which caused me to wake up a little bit earlier than usual but I was able to snooze it off and that was very nice. I found myself laughing whenever I could and there was a noticeable effect so thanks for that tip Anne!

Finished last week’s New Yorker on the bus so now I’m ready for this week’s. Got to the office at the same time as Greg Stevens. I wasn’t expecting him to come in today, we had some pleasant chit chat before the office started up and after I set the office up for the day he called me into his office. He asked me to find a restaurant in Long Island for some function. I’m sort of his personal assistant.

He also decided to do the employee review right then and there. First off he started by saying he hates employee reviews and so this review was over. He told me I would be getting my bonus at the end of the month and that he was happy with the job I’ve been doing. He knew it would be this way since we both worked at Wanker Banker. It’s good when the president of the company you work for likes you.

He also mentioned that Tom Chin has a problem with me sometimes, but then again Tom Chin has a problem with everyone at one time or another. He drives Bill crazy sometimes as well. That was reassuring. He made it a point to shake my hand as I left his office, feeling like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I emailed Anne and Bill to let them know that everything was alright. And it was alright, Tom Chin was staying in Connecticut today. It was almost like a three day weekend.

It’s always darkest before the dawn

and something funny