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I Live On A Battlefield

It’s been another nice day though a bit on the cool side. Last night was the same. The sun did not burn away the clouds by noon like it was forecast the night before. No, the sun hid behind the clouds until later in the afternoon. I did get it together finally and headed outside as Bill went back to sleep. His back had been bothering him when he got home from driving to Atlantic City and he immediately went to bed. Then he woke up for a little while before going back to sleep and waking up a few hours later.

We watched Nurse Jackie and The Big C then he went back to bed and slept the rest of the night. I forgot that True Blood was on and watched the midnight west coast broadcast. Then I watched Girls. I wasn’t interested in it when it started a few weeks ago, then after talking last week to my brother Frank about the show, I thought I would give it a look see. It was better than I expected and now I am trying to watch it when it is on. I just had to get over that Williamsburg vibe I suppose.

I also watched Crazy Stupid Love the other night and found it to be quite clever. It’s not a perfect movie but once again it was better than I expected. That Ryan Gosling is quite the hottie and in some scenes he reminded me of former co-worker Thomas. Not that Thomas is a lothario but there is a scene between Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling which was very funny when they are buying a new wardrobe for Carell’s character and that is what reminded me of Thomas and his being a clothes horse. I’d recommend it with no reservations.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and last night was no different. I even took 2 melatonin tablets which don’t help trying to sleep but they’re decent at staying asleep, making waking up a bit difficult. And it was difficult waking up this morning. Bill was up and out at his usual early time, kissing me goodbye as I lay there sleeping. I slept later than I wanted to and when I did wake up I got it together making a pot of coffee before jumping in the shower and then shaving. No bread meant a trip to the supermarket.

The schools seem to be done for the semester so there were a lot of kids out and about. That great feeling of being out of school for the summer is one of the best feelings in life I think. The supermarket wasn’t that crowded, then again it wasn’t the supermarket around the block, it was the larger supermarket so it’s easy to look empty with such a large space. And I saved a few dollars going there rather than to the usual grocery store, so that was good. It’s only a few minutes out of the way and it wasn’t raining.

I walked over to the river and played the guitar again today. Didn’t even break out the song chords, I just played songs I had committed to memory. I also stayed away from any populated areas, just stayed to myself and strummed for about an hour, and then I read the New Yorker for a spell. It was still on the cool side weather wise so after that I just went home, stopping off at the bibliothèque and dropped off Retromania by Simon Reynolds which I had finally finished over the weekend. Now I have a collection of books by Los Bros Hernandez.

I just felt like reading some Love and Rockets. I usually prefer the Jaime Hernandez stories, but Beto Hernandez’ Palomar stories really have an emotional core which I never really noticed before. Of course the Jaime books are paperbacks and the Beto book is a hard covered tome which doesn’t lend itself to being carried around since it’s so heavy.

2-01 Birthday
Happy birthday Macca!

I’ll Try Something New

It was a Monday today and it was back to work for me. That hardly happens, having a Saturday and Sunday off from work. The retail world doesn’t allow for such things that often.

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday, I just stayed indoors. I watched Gandhi on Turner Classic Movies. Still a long movie and it also had a 45 minute intermission since I went out and ran an errand during the break.

I never saw it from start to finish before and I never saw it with a trip to the supermarket in the middle of Gandhi’s hunger strike. It ended soon enough to watch True Blood which is finishing it’s third season in a week or two.

Bill came home close to the end in time to see someone kill someone else. After that we watched Mad Men which was surprisingly enjoyable yet again. Bill went to bed after that and I stayed up watching who knows what.

I thought about a 3 minute phone call that I had about 5:30 in the afternoon. Someone was very upset with the fact that I didn’t ask them to see Adele Bertei with the Raybeats and Gail Ann Dorsey with me on Saturday night.

I didn’t really ask anyone. I posted it here on this blog, and also posted it as my Facebook status update a few times. They didn’t see it and only found out about it when I posted the videos online. I did it for myself and went by myself.

No harm intended, no slighting either.

The other person was so upset and their anger started to come through so I told them that I didn’t like their attitude. The phone call ended shortly thereafter and basically set a pall on the rest of my day.

It’s too bad, once we were really close, but the past couple of times we had tried to do something, it didn’t go too well. For some reason I still look to them for recognition but it’s time I moved beyond that I suppose.

Still despite all that I slept really well and had a dream involving a Bill Murphy who used to slam me into the lockers in high school every chance he got. He was in a peaceful state in the dream and was trying to tell me something, or perhaps he did tell me something but I’ve forgotten it hours later.

Work was weird, it being a Monday. And it was steadily pouring out. I was fine when I came in, Raymond came in a few minutes after me, soaked to the bone. I was put on straightening up the inventory causing me to miss out on some sales.

I didn’t really care. Marcus came in later than usual. He had a weekend trip and came back all orange like John Boehner. Calvin was himself, nervous laughter behind most every sentence he utters. Don Birch was diffident, much like he was when I first started working with him, nearly two months ago.

Still I didn’t mind. I have a full work week ahead, off on Saturday, in on Sunday then off next Monday and Tuesday. I told you the retail schedule is crazy. I’ll probably be working Labor Day too, but it’s just another day in retail world.

And the mantra continues, ‘at least I have a job’.

I’m Not Scared

So yesterday was Sunday. And it was the second Sunday that I decided not to post. And it was also a day where I didn’t do anything. I did laundry so that’s something I suppose.

Yesterday, I heard from Pedro who was planning on spending his Sunday off (similar schedules, he at Riker’s, me in retail) with Connie and going to Summerstage. I would have liked to have gone but I had laundry to do, a bath tub to clean and Summerstage was too close to the cigar shop for my liking.

I politely told him no and he was cool with it. After the laundry and the bath tun scouring I was going to head over to the river and read The Other Wes Moore, by Wes Moore.

Unfortunately storm clouds rolled in and it rained steadily and violently on and off for about an hour. By the time it stopped a lot of the humidity was gone but everything was wet and still the storm clouds lingered.

I watched a Monty Python marathon on IFC instead and also played some guitar inside. I recorded something that sounded somewhat interesting a few months ago when I was unemployed but now I couldn’t figure it out. It sounded good to me and of course could use some work.

After that just watched some TV. While waiting for True Blood I did wander over to the supermarket and bought somethings for lunch this week. Working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, off next Sunday and Monday.

I arranged to have off on Wednesday since in order to drum up some business for the cigar shop, I mentioned that I would go to a cigar night at The Eagle in Chelsea.

I have been invited several times before and never went but figured that now that I’ll be in the city at a late hour, what harm could come from going to a gay bar’s cigar night? Might as well go and see what it’s all about.

Of course I’d rather just go home, but it will be an experience. And considering my history of visiting gay bars it could just be a waste of time.

The store today was fairly busy which was surprising since from what I heard regarding Sunday it was quite dead. I guess Calvin, Sean and myself made up for it. Marcus was back from his Italian honeymoon looking dapper before he headed out for the day.

Once again there was no Moroccan Princes shopping for their father, the King. I did have a nice cigar while sitting on a bench by the park. Today’s brisk walk was courtesy of the Psychedelic Furs Talk Talk Talk album, from Pretty in Pink to Dumb Waiters, done in 16.4 minutes.

Avoided the clots on the escalator and climbed the staircase once again, two steps at a time but taking my time at the same time. And I did not fall on my hands and knees. Even caught the Willow Avenue bus and was home before 10:00 tonight.

Bill fast asleep already, poor baby, so tired.

True Blood was truly bloody last night and that’s all I have to say on that matter. I also saw Captain Fun hugging his girlfriend at a downtown bus stop this morning.

Appel Indirect

Getting ready to work the late shift again. Had some interesting dreams last night, specifically a dream where I was in Manhattan, around 57th Street.

I was at a bar which resembled the Carnegie Club, but it was a gay bar and instead of being behind Carnegie Hall it was right next door. I had some books or magazines and needed to get home but something kept me where I was.

I left and walked towards 6th Avenue, and soon I found myself in a taxi driven by a chatty and obliging driver who dropped me off near the bar I mentioned before. I got out of the cab and walked around a bit, when I realized I left the flip flops I was wearing in the cab.

I went to a store across the street from the bar and found some European merchants who sold me a pair for $3.99. Then I headed to the bar but I couldn’t find the entrance since there was a lot of scaffolding erected.

That’s when I woke up to the sound of Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran. Not my favorite song or band, but it certainly got me out of bed. Overcast day. I watched True Blood last night.

So much happening. A very fast hour. Nice butt on Eric. But I’m not an ass man, man. In started to watch Treme afterward when my old friend and former roommate Kevin called.

It was a fun talk almost 90 minutes. A wide range of subjects were touched on, friends, alcoholism, drugs, family, movies, Maxwells, bad choices and of course, art. Kevin is one of the best artists I know and it’s good to see he is still at it out there in Pennsylvania.

I am now friends with him on Facebook (which he recently reluctantly joined) and MySpace. My MySpace page was covered in cobwebs since I hardly ever go there. It was funny to find he’s friends with my sister in law Elaine’s nephew, John.

I made two new play lists for the store, one of Maria Callas with a smattering of Kiri Te Kanawa and another list of Django Reinhardt. Last week when I played the very long play list, when some opera came up Marcus was greatly impressed with it and I tried to find some more.

Unfortunately I had maybe two other songs which went into Malcolm McLaren’s Madam Butterfly. Last week I also raised some eyebrows when The Bird & the Bee’s song, Fucking Boyfriend came up.

You’d think that a room full of men smoking cigars wouldn’t have any problem with Inara George singing, ‘would you be my fucking boyfriend’, but they did. No one complained outright but a few comments were made so in order not to ruffle these sensitive feathers, I deleted it.

That as well as Bodies by the Sex Pistols.

It’s an overcast, muggy day and they’ve been saying that it might rain later on. For once they may be right. I’m wearing a suit that I don’t think I’ve worn in about 6 years. I wonder why that is.

I’m sure I’ll find out. I’ll be working later on and notice a tear or something that will remind me, just why this suit has been hanging in the closet. Better the suit than me I suppose.

Have a good day. I hope to.

A Million Miles Away

Right now I am watching Glenn Beck. I always wanted to see this car wreck of a show. Right now some puppet is calling Jimmy Carter an anti Semite. Really couldn’t take much of it, played Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel which is a nice palate cleanser.

I knew that Glenn Beck was an asshole, but wow, what a big asshole he is, or has.

Today has been an overcast day, gray clouds and considerably cooler. Autumnal weather. Got an email inviting me to see a taping of Spectacle with Elvis Costello at the Apollo Theater with Nick Lowe as a guest so I decided to invite my brother Brian, knowing that he would get a kick out of it. It’s next Thursday, September 24 at 7:00 and we have a plan.

Last night was a good night. Juan stopped by for a little while and just like old times he assumed his place on the couch, me in front of the computer and Bill, for a bit of a change was in front of his Mac doing some homework.

Juan and I watched the last three episodes of True Blood. He calls it goth, I don’t go for his bait. Also calls True Blood fans ‘Fang Bangers’. Still I resist the bait. It was good to see Juan, looking so handsome.

He’s invited me down to Trenton, what’s best for him would be a Monday. I just have to check which Monday that would be.

Been a quiet day today. Got a text from Casey Chasm, they were going to induce labor for Mrs. Chasm who is due to have her baby today. I hope everything will go as they hoped. They will make great parents I’m sure. I think life is working out just fine for them up in Vermont.

Tonight I might just watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I ordered it from the library and it came in yesterday. It’s the deluxe three disc set. The theatrical version, the ‘Special Edition’ which features the inside of the mother ship that looks like a parking garage and the director’s cut.

It’s from the Ridgewood library and it’s due back next week, so I had better get cracking. I’ve seen the first two versions and I’m not sure what the director’s cut will entail so maybe I will watch that.

I heard from the wonderful Jared Nickerson. He’s putting together a benefit for someone at McSwells in December and asked me to DJ for it.

I agreed to do it and I’m looking forward to it. Just bringing an iPod, no more lugging crates of records around. Not with my back. I’ll bring the Nano as a back up. Just another thing to look forward to.

Bill has class tonight, Juan is back in Trenton and I’m here with Close Encounters ready to go. A mellow night and I am fine with that. I have to gather a few of these entries and mail them up to my friend Jane up by Woodstock who has no internet.

That should give me a chance to go back and review the things I’ve written and send her the best, or what I think is the best. What do you think is the best? Any suggestions?

Short’nin’ Bread

Just got in from seeing a staged reading that Bill directed at the Theater for the New City. It went well. It was a good play, could definitely use some work, some things should be cut or shortened, other things need to be developed further.

It was a musical oddly enough, about a black woman adopted by a white couple and raised as white. They remove all mirrors in their home and go so far as to hire a white woman to be her doppelganger in real life.

Yes it can be filed under hare brained but it was performed in earnest. Bill did well and should be satisfied with the result. The audience loved it as well.

Bill’s friend Kirk played flute and another friend of Bill’s, Tom played drums. Bill was worried about Tom being up for the task since his background is more in rock and roll and not musical theater but I think he did a decent job though he said after the show he would never do it again.

Too much restraint, not much room for improvisation for Tom.

Bill wasn’t around last night to watch the season finale of True Blood. It was OK, left me whelmed, neither over nor under but merely. Of course I can’t give anything away. That would be heartless.

Today I went in and did some work for Greg Stevens. It was supposed to be for tomorrow as well but there’s really no need for me to come in. The office is now a shambles, things aren’t ordered anymore, it really is a mess.

I had to type up an itinerary for Greg and his head honcho. Basically got paid for typing one and a quarter pages of meetings and lunches and dinners. I’m not complaining, every little bit helps.

Over the weekend I got phone calls from people I hadn’t heard from in a while. On Saturday I heard from one particular person. We were really close back in the day but time moves on and people move away.

I was glad that they called but couldn’t stay on the phone too long as I was getting ready to head out. I told them I would call them tomorrow.

So thinking that they were next to their phone all day waiting for me to call and not wanting to ruin their day, I called. I got voice mail and decided not to leave a message. They noticed I called and called me back to see what was up.

I replied that nothing was going on, just calling back like I had said I was going to do. It was awkward as they were in the middle of something and I was just sitting there feeling rather stupid with nothing to really say.

I still have to call some other people but I think it would be best to call when I have something to say.

Now Bill is at McSorley’s with the cast. He asked if I wanted to go but this was his night, let him bask in the glow of his successful directing. He should be home soon since he does have to work tomorrow.

I’m proud of him.

RIP Jim Carroll.

The Cool Out

Well let’s see, I slept later than usual today. Bill had a bus charter trip to Bear Mountain today, fulfilling his desire to drive a bus again. It’s been an nice day, not so much rain.

I ran some errands this morning, though it was discouraging that the Daily News didn’t have a comics section so I won’t know what Winnie Winkle is up to, or whether Sarge will be saved or fall into the ravine on Beetle Bailey when the tiny tree branch breaks after the strain of Sarge’s weight. Or even the Lockhorns!

What abusive spousal hijinks will they be doing?How will I get by?

The news agent offered me a free NY Post but I refused. Just not the same and how much Mallard Fillmore do I need?

Today’s plan was to go to Central Park to see Conjunto Imagen in which my friend Excer plays keyboards.

He said it was at the band shell. Following that I thought about going to Brooklyn to see Grizzly Bear doing a free show. But from what I read it was a crazy scene last week when Girl Talk played and many people were turned away.

And Grizzly Bear is way bigger than Girl Talk, plus True Blood is on and I didn’t want to risk not catching tonight’s episode, especially since it’s leading up to a big showdown between Sookie and Marianne, plus Bill meeting the Vampire Queen of Louisiana.

Let’s face it, I’m pretty much addicted to True Blood.

I made it up to Central Park with no problems, avoided the crowded street fairs which was totally different than the street fair I strolled through yesterday on Second Avenue.

Lot’s of people in the park, the Sheep Meadow was closed for some reason so instead of the sheep being penned in, they were roaming freely throughout the park. I walked up to the band shell expecting to see and hear some Salsa but there was a puppet show of sorts going on there.

It turned out that Conjunto Imagen were playing at the Rumsey Playfield behind the band shell where Summerstage usually goes on. And they were at the end of the bill.

Lot’s of different things going on. It was a big Puerto Rican festival, featuring geriatric dancers, Puerto Rican puppets and a few other Salseros. I tried to walk out the entrance but was stopped. I took a picture of the guy stopping me who told me it was illegal to take his picture.

I wound up wandering around, sitting on the rock, walking over to Bear Hill overlooking the Skate Circle. Finally went back in just as Excer’s band was setting up.

Stayed for half the set and started feeling hungry. Decided to head home and make dinner which is what I did after walking down to the Path train.

A very pleasant evening followed by a good dinner of what else but penne, pesto and chicken. Light and easy to make.

Now True Blood is on, and my attention is compromised.

OK True Blood is over. Tried to stuff too much in this episode, trying to tie up loose ends before season finale in two weeks. Still it was sitting at the edge of your seat type stuff.

That’s it, I’m tired.

8.30.09 Central Park Etc 040
Pretty in Punk

"You can't go out this way and taking my picture is illegal" "You can't go in this way". The woman was p-i-s-s-e-d!
Yeah, THAT ended well.

Yeah, THAT ended well.

Where the show wasn't

Where the show wasn't

Excer, far left

Excer, far left

Ladies and Gentlemen, Excer Rivera!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Excer Rivera!


I can only assume that the weekend is over in Hoboken by the fact that all the parking spots have been filled. A lot of people leave town, head down the shore of weekends, and Sunday nights is when they generally return.

And Sunday night is when True Blood comes on and last night was a pretty good episode, but ended at 46 minutes which left Bill and I all ‘what the fuck?’. 2 episodes left so I guess they might be leading up into a big 2 part finale.

Marianne vs Sookie! Bill and the Vampire Queen! Eric and his grief (and Sookie?) Jason and that peanut sized brain and well endowed cock! Lafayette and his attitude and mascara and Tara & her mom (and Sookie)! Oh it’s on! Lafayette is seriously becoming the most loved character on the show.

Bill and I forgot all about Mad Men being on, since we’ve ignored the first 2 seasons. We watched Hung and Entourage instead. Both were good, Entourage was better and Johnny Drama is a great character. An asshole with a heart of gold and a head full of rocks.

I stayed up a bit watching Ramones Raw, Marky Ramone’s DVD of life with the bruddas. Harrowing and fascinating but on VH1 Classics so filled with commercials. Some footage of the Uncle Floyd show as well which was fun.

The night before on WLIW Bill and I watched Jimi Hendrix at Monterrey. To my surprise Bill really dug watching Jimi play in concert which he had never seen before. That’s always a thrill for me, turning Bill onto music that he had never heard before.

And there is a lot he has never heard before. Classic rock & soul, Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, all unknown to him.

Today was a nice day, in the 80 degree range and not as humid as it’s been the past week or so. I was planning on heading into the city, perhaps checking out the Highline Park that was opened a few months ago.

Actually just to see if there were any live sex acts going on and encouraged by a hotel that straddles the park. It’s been reported that porn movies have been made as well as exhibitionists of both sexes putting on a show.

But I couldn’t seem to get it together and just stayed local in Hoboken which doesn’t have the appeal that it had last month when Annemarie and Earl were around.

C’est la vie, that’s just the way that it goes.

Tonight is the finale of Nurse Jackie. I think her house of cards and pills and extra marital affair will come crashing down. I don’t know if this will be the season finale of Weeds. But that’s winding up to something big.

I’m sure it will be twisted, especially if it involves the wonderful Andy, played to perfection by one of my favorite actors, Justin Kirk. Funny, another one of my favorite actors is Jeffery Wright and they’ve both starred in Angels in America.

Made a date with Harpy to check out the Francis Bacon show at the Met on Wednesday afternoon. That should be fun.

That’s it for me. Smell ya later.



Pieces of What

It’s a Monday and it’s been a gorgeous day as well. That hardly ever happens, a pleasant Monday. I guess not going in to work might help.

Last night Bill and I watched Lawn Hors d’œuvre: Criminal Malcontent which was good. Bravo has back to back episodes and Bill has a thing for Chris Noth.

It was enjoyable. I try to ween myself off the Lawn Hors d’œuvre franchise but Bill loves to watch it so I indulge.

After that was True Blood which was most excellent. So excellent that when something was revealed at the end I stomped my feet in approval which surprised Bill somewhat. Oh it was just so good. Things are getting more intense and getting bloodier too.

Hung was good but I didn’t really play that much attention. Same with Entourage but I did pay a little bit more attention. Bill and I stayed up later than usual since he’s off of work this week and me, I’m unemployed.

I plan on going in to the office tomorrow just to check in with Greg Stevens, letting him know what’s going on. I have no phone for me, no desk computer so what is the point? I figure I’ll make more of an impact with my absence.

Today was a busy day for me on Facebook. Some former classmates from St. Francis de Sales grammar school started a Facebook group and I joined. Suddenly I was inundated by these former classmates.

It was good to see who was up to what. A few divorces, and I was surprised by the fact that a few of them were Republicans. Still they are just Facebook friends now.

There are a few I’d like to meet again, and a few I would be wary about. The ones I would be wary about are the ones who went to the same high school as me, Paramus Catholic Boys Prep School.

When we all meet up again in September 1976 we were all assigned different home rooms and I basically never hung out with my grammar school classmates again. I found other friends, whereas they all basically hung out together those years of high school.

They were mostly from the other side of Lodi anyhow. I did meet 2 of them at the awful reunion I attended in 2000. I was talking to one of them, Jimmy B, who then called the other one over, Santo M. Santo’s first thing out of his mouth was ‘Who said I was gay?’

To prove he wasn’t gay he motioned over to his wife with the big chest. I was pretty much wired and stood near the bar, drinking nips of Heineken and being the only one tipping at an open bar, leaving the other customers to wonder why they weren’t getting the service I was getting.

It was good to make contact with most of these grammar school friends. Some of them still live in Lodi with their kids. No overtures about meeting up so far. I’m sure someone will suggest meeting up at the Crow’s Nest or somewhere out there.

I just wonder whatever happened to Jim Carley from Harrington Park and John Nesselt of Glen Rock and Kevin Wagner of Saddle Brook NJ & Orlando FL. Those were the 3 guys that I hung out with each semester. After graduation from high school they seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth.

I did work with Kevin at HBJ. He was hurt that I didn’t tell him I was gay, we drifted apart from that moment.

Their names never come up on Facebook or Google, and I’ve searched a few times throughout the years. I’m sure if I was looking for Mrs. Talamini I’d have no problem digging her up.

***Jim Carley died of a heart attack in 1997 while jogging. John Nesselt still does not want to be found, and neither does Kevin Wagner.***

Miss Gaudio's class Grade 4A 1971-72

Miss Gaudio's class Grade 4A 1971-72

Miss Vendermere's 5th grade class 1972-73

Miss Vendermere's 5th grade class 1972-73

Heaven is Waiting (Waiting is Hell)

Well it’s been a weird day today that’s for sure. I did intend to go into the office, but a little later than usual. Last night I watched True Blood and it certainly was the most gruesome episode I had seen so far. A bit disturbing.

Bill and I watched it and we were both a little grossed out. After that we watched Hung which Bill didn’t like at first but now he’s getting into it. Then Entourage which was mainly about Turtle was somewhat entertaining.

Bill was off to bed and I stayed up a little longer watching the news and deleting tons of emails. Slept fairly well. It was stuffy in the apartment since the windows were closed due to the torrential downpour outside.

Bill was up and active, he off of work this week, and he’s stage managing a show in Brooklyn. He was off to 23rd street in Manhattan to pick up a U Haul truck for the load in. I was going in later so I slept a bit more.

It was incredibly hummus outside, the air was thick with chickpeas. I showered, shaved, had some coffee and a bowl of cereal. As I walked towards Washington Street I was drenched in sweat. And the bowl of cereal in my stomach was making itself known.

I turned around and went home and went back to sleep. That’s how the day went. Cat naps here and there during some intense thunderstorms. I did run an errand to get a birthday card for my niece Hillary who’s birthday is tomorrow.

I even went to the Malibu Diner and had some lunch though I couldn’t get the Peter Cammarano booth of corruption. Came home after that and napped some more.

This time I set an alarm to wake me up in an hour, but when it went off another thunderstorm was going on so I just napped some more. Felt a lot better after that and got myself together, changed yet another t-shirt and headed out to drop off the birthday card in the mail.

I decided to walk by City Hall where a rally of about 500 hundred people were demanding the resignation of Mayor Peter Cammarano, caught in an FBI sting accepting $25,000 in bribes.

The week before Cammarano fired someone in Hoboken’s government for taking a bribe, saying there was Zero Tolerance for that sort of thing. Then he got nabbed and in the process, found some tolerance which was probably next to the box of absentee ballots found under a desk after the run off election in May.

It was quite a scene. Some guy wearing a Cammarano shirt kept shouting that we (the majority of people demanding Cammarano’s resignation) should go back to where we came from. I told him that I had been here for 25 years.

OK, 14 years in Hoboken with an 11 year stay in Weehawken in the middle. This guy was born here and probably a product of the Hoboken school system in the 1970’s.

A few of us wondered aloud that how long will it take for that old ‘I was born here in Hoboken’ adage to fade. Probably when it turns into ‘I died here in Hoboken’ I suppose.

Keep in mind that these are the people who if they ever head into Manhattan it’s more than likely to a show at Madison Square Garden, a block away from the Path train. Hoboken is their world view, a mile squared world view.

7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 026

I saw Sheilah Scully on the bullhorn and talked with her for awhile when some one came up next to us, ranting about either the Rabbis or the rabbits. Sheilah heard Rabbis, I heard rabbits.

rabbit anti semite

rabbit anti semite

She then asked me if I was Jewish and I said that I wasn’t. I should have said yes to see what she had to say then.

A few pro-Cammarano people waded into the crowd with posters stating that Peter Cammarano is 100% innocence and A Person’s (Peter)!!!! Innocent!!!! They were rightly shamed but stood their ground.

Sheilah was called a yuppie which was definitely funny since what defines a yuppie these days? Someone called one of the pro-Cammarano supporters a whore which made the whore’s buddy get a police officer over there.

You can’t call someone a whore! But you can I explained. You just can’t hit them. Well she didn’t want to hear that.

It was heated as both parties obviously love their town. I did have a talk with another born and raised Hobokenite, who was all for the mayor resigning. He mentioned that this would have been handled differently 30 years ago, it would have been a lot bloodier.

That’s progress for ya!

just a QT

just a QT

7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 029
7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 013
7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 032
7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 033
7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 024
From the Huffington Post:
Peter Cammarano on tape:
“This is the way Mr. Schaffer (his partner in crime) and I both see the world through the same lens, right. In this election, hopefully, we, we, we, you know, we get to the point where I’m sworn in on July 1st, and we’re breaking down the world into three categories at that point. There’s the people who were with us, and that’s you guys. There’s the people who climbed on board in the runoff. They can get in line. . . And then there are the people who were against us the whole way. They get ground . . . They get ground into powder.”
7.27.09 anti Cammarano rally Hoboken 040

Moonlight Mile

Well I am back on my own PC, a re-calibrated PC that Rand used to use, so you know it’s good. Got it last night and was spellbound by how fast it is compared to what I used to own.

And I was also able to finagle a flat screen monitor from work that wasn’t being used. It helps to write a building pass granting permission for someone to leave with something especially when that someone is me. I did get permission from Vivek so that made it OK.

So today was back to collecting No Fun Sallies. Still some in the pond but I don’t know how long it will last.

Just got off the phone with my bank. They changed their online system and I couldn’t access it. On hold for almost 15 minutes. Nice chatty girl on the other end dispelled my bad feelings. It was them not me after all. New computer system, transposed my previous password.

The other day as I was walking down the street I saw my face. It looked like I had a pocketbook mouth. That’s what my family called a puss, not smiling. I didn’t like the look of that so lately I’ve been making an effort to smile as I walk.

It takes a conscious effort that’s for sure and I’m certain that I look like a loon. But I’d rather have a silly smirk on my face rather than a puss. Interacting with people can get rid of that though.

OK, I’m back. Been distracted by many things. Stop. Start.

It’s a beautiful night. Anne & Earl made it back to California, Stine & Alexander are off to Denmark, Rand is off to San Diego on Wednesday to be joined by Lisa on Friday. Off to fight some giant squid I gather, after the comic book convention.

40 years ago the astronauts landed on the moon. I don’t remember much about it. I did happen in the middle of the night I think and by that time I was in bed for hours. And once again it was near impossible to get me out of bed.

According to Wikipedia, it the moon landing occurred at 10:56pm EST Sunday July 20. I was probably in bed for a few hours by then. I guess I was roused from bed to watch the historic event but I don’t think I cared much and wanted to go back to bed. And for me, 10:56 EST was the middle of the night.

Time is relative after all.

Last night I watched True Blood. That keeps getting better. Last night had an extremely interesting scene with regards to Eric. Almost homoerotic. We shall see where that winds up with that.

Bill and I also watched Hung which was OK, and Entourage which started a few weeks ago, but this was the first episode of the season that I’ve seen so far and it was OK as well.

I was up later than usual just enjoying the new computer and once again I have to thank Rand for his kindness and ingenuity.

That’s it. Sorry if it was all over the place, but then again, I am all over the place.

I posted some pictures of the Paul McCartney concert in the Here Today entry from Saturday, July 18, go check it out.

An hour later, I’m listening to Paul’s last record, it’s by The Fireman and it’s called Electric Arguments which is Macca and Youth who used to be in Killing Joke. It’s really good and I’m not just writing it as still coming down from Friday night. I just have it on and had forgotten that I was listening to Paul.

The Beatles shadow looms over all things he will ever do. Same with Ringo. Both seem fine with it.

I might have written this once before, and I attribute it to Pete Townshend. That a good rock & roll show or even a song will take you to another time and space for a few minutes. That’s what happened to me.

Throughout the show, I had no idea what the hell was going on and I loved it. Very trippy, and no, I wasn’t tripping.

Truly you had to be there.

Looking at some of the pictures posted in Here Today, and I’m there, obviously having a grand old time with friends and family. I look and still feel somewhat ecstatic.

Wonderful insanity.

Hi Hi Hi

It’s a Tuesday. Big deal, right? I know, it really isn’t that much of anything. I’m glad I made it through the day. Last night I was sitting on the stoop, having a cigar and reading The Last Gang in Town by Marcus Gray.

It’s an unauthorized biography of the Clash. So far I read about my buddy Mick Jones, Paul Simenon and just getting into Joe Strummer’s life which is the most interesting and conflicted. Nothing about Topper Headon or Terry Chimes yet.

As I sat, along comes Julio and Alexander from the park. It was fun to sit with the two of them and I was thrilled that Alexander is really recognizing me now. He loves it when I do a Chewbacca yell and he also loves to watch planes fly through the sky.

He really is an adorable boy and he really looks like Julio. I called him Julio’s Mini Me and Julio told me he had brought Alexander to work that day and that’s basically what everyone said.

We all went upstairs at the same time, stopping off on the third floor to chat with Stine and trying to figure out how we were all going to get to the new Mets stadium to see Paul McCartney on Friday night.

I recommended taking the 7 Train out to Flushing which really makes the most sense. I’m sure it will all be figured out by Friday night.

I came upstairs where Bill was watching a home run derby, part of the All Star festivities. I was hoping to watch True Blood but that wasn’t going to happen while the home run derby was on.

Bill did have to go to bed early so he could get up early and go to Brooklyn to take a drug test for the Hassidic bus company he’s trying to work for.

I started to watch a recording of True Blood but then Annemarie called midway through so I decided to watch the recording some other time.

I did watch Weeds which was good, set six months past the last episode with a bearded Andy. Nurse Jackie was even better. That just gets more and more interesting each week, Edie Falco is great as well as the rest of the cast.

The office was a little bit easier today. Came up with a new system for the conference rooms and I didn’t have to yell at anyone.

And the intern, who in real life has quite a similar name to Vivek is now named Viveka. They’re really taking advantage of her as well as taking advantage of me.

I keep thinking that I’ll be leaving the office around 1:00 or 2:00 but once again I stayed later than that, leaving the office at 3:30. Gotta collect those Sally at kinematics I suppose.

Just one more day this week, ending tomorrow on Wednesday. I hope to collect a note for the Susquehanna Investment Groups tomorrow and not have to go in on Thursday.

Guess I will have to ambush Vivek and not injure his ‘Sally’s T shirt shingles’ writing hand.

Born on A Bayou

Well it was back to work for me today. Nothing really happened, nothing to really write about. The mail was on my desk since people just didn’t know what to do with it while I was out.

Vivek and Sanjay are in India again. I did some snooping and saw they both got paid. Word from Vivek was that he hadn’t gotten paid in 3 months. Well a five figure amount should make him happy.

So who knows what’s going on? I don’t and the guy who actually might have a clue is now on the other side of the planet.

Last night was good but weird. Weird after drinking in the afternoon and then the come down during the night. Also weird since Bill gave up his Lawn hors d’eourve and stayed in the bedroom hunkered down over his laptop.

True Blood was good. That Maryanne. What’s her story? Ancient demon methinks. And Lafayette! What a story! That’s all I’m saying on that since I don’t want to be a spoiler.

Right now I’m so hungry, but not making dinner. I ran into Stine with Alexander on my way home. They were off to the park. Stine said she was making some dinner and was going to drop off a plate for me. That was more than fine with me.

Now Julio calls and it turns out I’m having dinner downstairs with the three of them. I’m looking forward it. Good to know that I won’t be the only one wearing a bib.

It rained a bit today, but not too much. Still it’s all hummus outside. I saw Chaz yesterday morning. He finally returned the Brian Eno/David Byrne CD, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

Not that I was jonesing for it. It was a bit of a letdown. That’s what I told the bartender at the Half King Bar yesterday. How once I got it and played it, I immediately lent it out.

Good old Chaz, always has some fresh music reading material, bless his heart. And it was nice of Andy to send me an email, telling me that Yes it is Howard, not Harold.

The two of them had a gay old time, much more social in those circles than me. I guess I am too standoffish. Not with Andy and Howard but with just about everyone else.

I did my best though. Will I go again? Unlikely. There is a plan about going out on Friday night, Bill, Juan and myself. Dancing if you can believe that.

We had been talking about it on and off for the past year or so and since Bill’s birthday approaches, in one week, it might be fun to do something over the weekend. Bill said he was into it, Juan is definitely into and me I am relatively ambivalent.

Time to go downstairs for dinner. Full review when I return.

And it was yet another Five Star Dinner by Stine, a beef stew which was way better than any stew that I’ve had before. I was never fond of my mother’s beef stew by the way.

Julio and I had polished off a bottle of wine, Stine had her Zinfandel and Alexander pointed and shouted a lot trying to get my attention. No more baby food for him!

It was a nice evening , very adult. Good times, good food, good people.

I came home with leftovers which I promptly reheated for Bill who had just gotten home. Now it’s time for this weeks Weeds and Nurse Jackie.


Another rainy day and I’m tired of writing that as you are probably tired of reading it. It’s a Sunday, just got back a few minutes after spending a couple of hours in Manhattan with Juan.

We checked out the Folsom East street fair which left me whelmed and I think Juan felt the same way. I had gone a few times before, this was Juan’s first visit.

Probably my last. It’s a bore, personally for me. Juan was catching an eyeful every time he’d crack his neck. It’s was raining on and off.

Before I caught up with Juan I hung out by the Half King Bar on 23rd Street where I sat inside having a pint and watching the rain fall outside..

Had a good chat with the bartender about Brian Eno and Talking Heads. At $4.00 a pint I was a bit chatty, even recommended the Eno biography that I finished last week.

A good happy hour as well as a buy back ensured a decent tip before Juan and I headed out to the street fest.

Ran into Andy and his buddy Howard (Harold?). Haven’t seen them since Chaz’ Holiday Party in January, though Andy and I keep up via email on B-52’s or Beatles info.

After that Juan and I had some food at the Moonstruck diner on 23rd Street and Ninth Avenue before heading to the Path train.

I hoped to make it home in time to watch True Blood but Bill had the TV privileges first and was watching Lawn Hors d’oeuvre Criminal Intent.

He graciously gave it up and went into another room. I tried to change it back to CI since he changed it to True Blood but he insisted that he wasn’t going to watch it anyway.

Last night I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was very good actually. Danny Boyle did it again. I enjoyed Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire was almost as good as that. Very inventive storytelling.

Just finished with True Blood tonight. Quite good. So far this season has been more intense that last season. Sookie Stackhouse and her world, it almost makes me want to read the vampire series of books.

That’s not going to happen but it is engrossing enough.

Back to work tomorrow, back to limbo. None of the usual Sunday night anxiety, I guess that’s because the end is near. Not exactly in sight but it’s coming. I just wish they’d get it over with actually.

Since Juan is here and True Blood is over, Bil is in the next room on the laptop, I put on Weeds from last week, followed by Nurse Jackie. I think Juan will enjoy them both.

Right now I’m pretty sure the Guinness is slowing down tonight’s posting. It’s just not flowing as it usually does.

That’s not your concern of course, as I inch closer to the 500 word count. Yes, I’m filling space, killing time. Plus my typing skills are worth shit right now.

Typo city.

And of course I can’t use spell Czech. I have to go and correct every underlined word. But that’s that, and I’m over the 500 word count, so there.

Just Another Day

Well a thunderstorm just passed by. Lot’s of rain and it looks like that’s it for rain today. I could be wrong of course.

I’m home now, it’s 5:28. I’ve been home since 4:00. I left work early today. It’s demoralizing. Vivek and I talked very briefly. He doesn’t know what to do, but he’s thinking about the baby that’s on the way.

He mentioned that he hasn’t been paid in three months. That make me want to be quiet about not being paid today. I am supposed to get paid on the 15th and 31st day of each month, but for some reason I wasn’t.

That was enough to make me want to go home early. I should be paid tomorrow but this is how this lack of organization goes on.

Another aspect of that, at around 10:45 this morning I get a call from Abby. He says there is an Indian woman outside the office building and would I go down and bring her upstairs? I wonder why this woman doesn’t just present herself at the security desk in the lobby and get a pass.

Sure enough, the door bell rings and it’s the Indian woman. She says she is supposed to be in the office at 11:00. Apparently she’s an intern and today is her starting date. So I set her up in a conference room.

She sat there playing on her Blackberry until 2:00. No one who told her to come in, came in. This is what I deal with every day.

Sanjay eventually came in and sat with her. I didn’t stick around, I left at 2:30. I told Vivek I had an interview. I didn’t but I like to think that I’m showing them how serious I am about getting out of there.

Vivek says he’ll make up his mind on July 4. A Saturday, as well as a Federal holiday as you well know. Doesn’t do me any good.

The way things are going, even though they (Vivek & Sanjay) said I could take time off when Annemarie and family comes to down, that doesn’t seem likely as it approaches.

I mean, will I get paid vacation time? Did I even take a vacation last year?

I also heard from the French Spaniard, he called. Asked if I had a chance to make some calls on the list and I answered, ‘What list?’

Oh it’s definitely a fucked up situation that I desperately want to be out of.

Last night was a good night. Watched some Lawn Hors d’oeuvre with Bill, then we watched the season premiere of the vampire show, True Blood.

Once again, very good, quite intense. The vampire Bill seemed to have a more pronounced southern accent this season. Good also to see some favorite characters making the cut this season which looks to be even nastier than last year.

Then we watched Entourage, followed by a half hour documentary on Edward Hopper on PBS, narrated by Steve Martin. Tons of Hopper paintings that I had never seen before. Also did not know that Edward Hopper was 6’7”. He is one of my favorite painters.

I was able to help Stine this morning get tickets for Paul McCartney at the new Mets stadium on the same date that I’m going. She’s taking Julio.

She was going to pay a lot of money through a ticket broker for what actually turned out to be the cheapest seats available. She gave me her card info and I was able to log in and eventually get seats, saving her hundreds of dollars.

So that’s going to be a fun night, right?

On Some Faraway Beach

Ok here we are, on Bill’s Mac. The day started out with my iPod skipping songs in a playlist. The other day they were there, today they aren’t. A while ago I logged into a website for determining the life of your iPod. My iPod is scheduled to die on December 1, 2008, which is right around the corner.

I couldn’t figure out what was happening and couldn’t find any easy answers online. It wasn’t the end of the world and I figured though it would be time consuming I could replace the missing songs when I got home. But that would depend on my computer working properly, and it isn’t which is why I am on Bill’s Mac.

I seem to have a very good wireless connection, excellent it tells me, but it’s trying to acquire a network address. That does me no good.

One thing I learned today during some downtime was sewing. I was able to tighten up some buttons that were loose enough to make me worry about losing them. It was so much easier to grasp the concept of sewing watching it on video and it didn’t involve pricking my finger constantly.

So I didn’t lose too much blood and was able to re-sew a few buttons, which was a check mark in my accomplishment column.

Jeez, Bill’s Mac is so much easier and friendly. Not as temperamental as mine.

Greg Stevens returned from his vacation in Arizona. It was good to see him and it’s an interesting thing, our friendship. He really looks out for me and sat me down to tell me what Vivek told me a week or so ago, about how my job is relatively “stable”. Of course anything could happen overnight.

Greg mentioned that he lost quite a bit of money due to the distress of CitiGroup. He worked for them for 20 years and acquired stock. Now that stock is basically worthless. He was looking forward to retirement but doesn’t know how that will go.

He and his wife might sell their Manhattan apartment and live in Southampton and Arizona. If he’s worried about things then we’re all basically on shaky ground.

Greg also mentioned that I wouldn’t be getting a bonus this year. To tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting one. I told him that, and also that I have had jobs where I didn’t get anything so not getting something that didn’t really exist isn’t really that much of a problem, though last year’s bonus was quite nice.

I think Vivek has a plan for me to work with another partner of his for a different company. It would be nice if more money was involved, but we have to have a sit down to discuss his plans for me.

Last night I watched the season finale of True Blood, which was very good. Edge of the seat type of thing. Turned out the woman that Tara was living with, with the musician known as Egg, wasn’t the devil. Still a scary chick though, that’s for sure.

It was very very good though and I won’t say anything else in case some of you hadn’t seen it yet and will wait for the DVD. Entourage was also very good, also a season finale with a happy ending and cameo appearances too.

My computer is still on the fritz but obviously it isn’t all bad since you’re still reading this.

And I suppose if all else fails employment wise, with my new skills sewing I could perhaps start a career as a tailor. Buttons only though, don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.


That’s My DJ

Monday today. Yesterday was all about relaxing and coming down from the night before, Girl Talk with Juan which in hindsight was magical. On my Facebook page I posted quite a few live videos of Girl Talk live which isn’t the same thing as being there but you get the picture.

Six of the clips are from the Roskilde festival in Denmark, no dancers on stage, but there is also a full live video from New Years Eve 2006 which is joyous ecstatic pandemonium. There also some videos online that may be homemade by fans one of which has fleeting glimpses of Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo which gave me a chuckle. You just can’t go wrong mashing up Rod Stewart with Young Jeezy.

If you decide to check out my Facebook page you will also see a posting from Gawker about Prince declaring his homophobia. That’s too bad, but then again I had written about writing Prince off a few weeks ago and now I guess it’s official.

No need to buy any more products from him. He obviously made his money off of me and he isn’t going to get anymore of my cheddar. He’s now a Jehovah’s Witness thanks to Larry Graham. The high heeled shorty has been known to occasionally knock on people’s doors proselytizing and pushing the Watchtower on people who don’t know any better.

Last night was quiet and good. True Blood was very good, not as good as the week before but still better than anything else on at that hour. Personally I think Tara has been taken from her jail cell by the devil herself. And Sookie uninviting Bill from her home to save Sam who Bill caught kissing Sookie was quite a twist.

Next week is the final episode of the season and I really hope they bring it back next year. Entourage was also very good. Ari Gold versus the German director on Vinnie’s behalf. I think next week they go back to Queens which should be interesting. Nice to see Jerry Ferrara is actually going out with Jamie Lynn Siegler in real life, like his character Turtle on the show.

Today was mainly still rolling with the effects of Girl Talk, so much so that it was all I listened to, to and from work today. Great big smile on my face. Just Tom Chin and I from our company today. We got along ok.

I mentioned that I might be out today so he was surprised to see me, but I didn’t think that that would go well with the new subtenants, so I will be off this Friday and since next week is Thanksgiving it’s a two and a half day work week which is very nice.

I don’t know if I’ll be helping out at Farfetched this holiday season but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I saw Bill fleetingly after work today which was nice but awfully short. I had to pick up something from him on my way home so I swung by his office. He was working so he couldn’t stay too long on the sidewalk talking to me plus it was a bit nippy and he’s not one to work the high beams.

Here’s my Facebook link, I think….
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I’ll Keep It With Mine

Bad news for Wilmington, Ohio. The freight company DHL has decided to stop making deliveries in the US. I never liked DHL. I tried using them a few times but it was always a hassle. The delivery guys are generally nice guys, but the services sucked and forget about using customer service. They were always incompetent. Regardless, DHL’s base of operations is in Wilmington and overall 10,000 people might be out of work throughout the US.

Just wrote that since the news is on and Brian Williams is smugly spewing forth with his nightly bad news. Last night, Bill stayed in Stuyvesant Town with his mom. He was still shredding papers when I spoke with him after 11:00. He will be coming home tonight and I will do my best to make sure he’s stress free and able to relax.

I’m sure a spliff would help him greatly but that’s not his style. I watched True Blood last night and it was very good. Perhaps the best episode so far. Sookie found out that Sam was a shape shifter. The easiest shape for him to turn into is a dog. Tara had an exorcism that seemed to have worked until she found that the exorcist worked part time in a drug store, so her ‘new’ world collapsed and she got real bitchy. Bitchier than usual.

Sookie’s sexy and stupid brother, Jason- is still being manipulated by the girl who played Janis Ian in Mean Girls. Then she killed Steven Root and you know that can’t be good. And Vampire Bill was on trial and since he killed another vampire, the Magister played by Željko Ivanek decided he had to create another vampire which was sad.

You’d know Željko Ivanek if you saw him. He’s a really good character actor and has been in countless shows and movies, sometimes playing a good guy, sometimes a bad guy and last night he was the eldest vampire that all the vampires in North America report to.

I would say True Blood is sort of like Dark Shadows, but we weren’t allowed to watch Dark Shadows. Maybe because it dealt with the occult which was a no no in my mother’s eyes, or maybe because it would cause nightmares which she wouldn’t want to deal with in the middle of the night.

Entourage was good. It’s interesting to watch Entourage since the election of Barack Obama and the selection of Rahm Emanuel. Interesting because Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari, is the basis of the role of Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven. How close the impersonation is, I couldn’t tell you, though Wikipedia has some ideas.

Then I watched Summer Hills High or some show with a similar title. I think the sell by date on comedies with unlikable characters has passed. And last night, the unlikable characters were all played by the same guy. I guess he’s good at that sort of thing, but like I said- the unlikable characters, the spawn of Seinfeld, has gotten old.

What’s next? Blipverts? ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar’? Sybil the Soothsayer? I guess they will all arrive in due time. Darn that Paddy Chayefsky! And Max Headroom as well as Paul Verhoeven while we’re at it!


Blurry Tourists!


Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

Back to the beat, back to the grind. That means it’s Monday. Yes yes I know, big deal. Last night was pretty quiet, I watched the Simpsons and True Blood and Entourage. The Treehouse of Horror was ok. The opening scene with Homer trying to vote for Obama several times and each time it was a vote for McCain before the machine ate Homer and left his carcass with an ‘I Voted’ sticker on his forehead.

After that I watched True Blood which was once again very good. Steven Root is playing a gay vampire that Suki’s brother and his girlfriend kidnapped so they could always get a fresh supply of V. Very sad scenes.

Also Vampire Bill is on trial for killing a vampire that was about to kill Suki and you know, vampires aren’t supposed to kill other vampires, so Vampire Bill is going on to vampire trial. Before he left he asked the bar owner Sam to keep an eye on Suki. Vampire Bill obviously knew something that some of us only had an idea about.

It turns out Sam can turn himself into a dog. The same dog that has been appearing from time to time. Entourage was pretty good, Jason Patrick was excellent playing an asshole, which is basically a send up of how he’s been portrayed in the press.

Bill came home after dealing with his family and he’s heart broken. He feels like he is at wit’s end, trying to take care of his mother while still maintaining his own life. She definitely cannot be left alone and needs supervision at all times.

Once again she almost burned a kitchen down, this time his cousin’s kitchen. And once again all I could do was listen and give him a hug and let him cry on my shoulder. We both slept quite soundly, Bill kissing me goodbye as he was out the door before the sun came up.

The sun wasn’t up when I left. I made a point to dress extra sharp since I was going to volunteer again at the Obama office after work. Work was quiet. Most everyone attended a luncheon put together by Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine on behalf of her foundation.

Then Greg and Lorraine are flying to Arizona for a few weeks so they both can get some rest and relaxation and also a few rounds of golf. Tom Chin was home, sick with the bug that I had. If it’s the same bug, Tom will be out for the rest of the week. I know he’s going to blame me for catching the bug, not the thousands of people he comes into contact with, riding Metro North to and from Connecticut every day.

I left the office around 4:15, enjoying a Padron and walking to the Path train so I could volunteer again. More phone calls to Kearny again. More messages left on voice mail and only one or two people who told me they were voting for McRage.

After about 90 minutes of calling, I headed home where I just cooked some pasta. Also picked up some coffee for the office, talked to nice guy Jeff. He’s playing bass and has a gig in a week or two in Jersey City. I’d go see him but he never told me where he was playing and lets get real. I’m going to Jersey City to see a band that I might not care for?

Obama’s grandmother passed away, it’s sad she didn’t get a chance to see her grandson on Election Day, perhaps winning the nation’s highest office. But I’m sure she was proud of all that he has accomplished so far. I know I am.

Barack Obama and his grandmother Madelyn Dunham are seen together in this photo from 1979.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. In New Jersey the polls are open from 6:00AM to 8:00PM. And do the smart thing, VOTE OBAMA! PLEASE! And NO on Prop h8 as well as similar measures across the country!

♫ and Happy Birthday to Juan!!! ♪

Love for Tender

Well today was a day at work like no other so far. Panic basically. It seems that Nancy Pelosi made a speech complaining about the past eight years of right wing ideology and that just upset the right wing so much that they sabotaged whatever bailout was in the works.

Now because of their ‘hurt feelings’ my job is in even greater danger. Small businesses like the one I work for are in grave danger. A difficult year ahead is what they’re saying on TV right now.

The ‘hurt feelings’ is too reminiscent of when the Newt Gingrich philanderer was upset that Clinton had him sitting in the rear of Air Force One, which caused Gingrich to shut down the government for a few days. Not the best move as we learned and probably forgot since then.

Greg Stevens had me fax and overnight some documents, he’s taking his money out of Wachovia and putting it somewhere else. This week there are just four of us in the office, Vivek, Greg Stevens, Tom Chin and myself. Esteban got married on Saturday and is on his honeymoon.

Nervous jokes were made after the stock market plunged 777 points, jokes about how lucky we were that we didn’t have windows that opened. And if they did, we’re only on the fourth floor anyhow.

I felt the panic and dealt with it as best as I could. I did ask before I left whether or not I should come back tomorrow. Vivek asked what I was going to do next. It doesn’t look good and perhaps the end may be sooner than anticipated.

Once again, no one knows anything. It should make for interesting TV tonight, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I am sick of the republicans and their tricks and lies and out and out greed. I’ve never seen such merchants of bullshit.

The day didn’t start out that way. Last night was rather cool too. I watched True Blood last night. Very good. A visit to the local Vampire bar, Fangtasia. And Sookie’s brother is still very much an idiot. Last night despite being warned to take only a drop of the drug V, a vampire serum to help him with his erectile dysfunction.

Being an idiot, he drank the whole vial and was in a priapismic state for quite a long time, causing him to go to the emergency room to have his penis aerated. And I was glad they didn’t show that. They did show the tent underneath his hospital gown though. And the serial killer isn’t a vampire it’s the owner of the bar, Sam. Saw that one coming before it was revealed.

Entourage was good, but not as good as last week. Little Britain USA was more miss than hit and had an annoying laugh track. It looked funnier in the commercials, that’s for sure. Woke up with Justin Timberlake in my head.

Specifically the song, Sexxyback. Not a bad song and I had it on my iPod anyway, Juan’s influence you see. The city isn’t under lock down like last week though. All the major players went back home.

Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

From Joe.My.God (blogroll on the right side of this blog)
Top Ten Bank Failures Of All Time

1. Washington Mutual, Seattle (2008)
Total assets: $307 billion

2. Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust, Chicago (1984)
Total assets: $40.0 billion

3. First Republic Bank, Dallas (1988)
Total assets: $32.5 billion

4. IndyMac Bank, Pasadena, Calif. (2008)
Total assets: $32 billion

5. American S&LA, Stockton, Calif. (1988)
Total assets: $30.2 billion

6. Bank of New England, Boston (1991)
Total assets: $21.7 billion

7. MCorp, Dallas (1989)
Total assets: $18.5 billion

8. Gibraltar Savings, Simi Valley, Calif. (1989)
Total assets: $15.1 billion

9. First City Bancorporation, Houston (1988)
Total assets: $13.0 billion

10. Homefed Bank, San Diego (1992)
Total assets: $12.2 billion
The previous nine biggest failures together don’t equal WaMu.

all of the above happened during republican administrations.

Goo Goo Muck

I didn’t write about this yesterday but it was on my mind. A synchronicity of sorts. My brother Frank and I were talking about a few topics, one of them being a woman we grew up with passed away from leukemia a week ago, Dorothy Foglio. She didn’t have an easy life, major hearing loss in one ear that went undiagnosed for so long that Dorothy was regarded as slow.

She wasn’t, and I think it wasn’t until she reached adulthood that a significant hearing loss was discovered. Dorothy was the daughter of Jim and Lorraine Foglio who were good friends of my family. Jim was a great guy, really nice and always willing to lend a hand. He had four daughters which he loved but Frank and I figured he probably would have liked to have a son to play ball with.

His daughters ages roughly corresponded with me and my brothers and sister. Jim might have tossed a ball with me once or twice, something my father rarely did. My mother taught my brothers and me how to throw correctly not like a girl. One night in 1975 Jim had tickets to a Yankee game and he couldn’t go so he gave the tickets to my mother so that one of us boys could go.

My brother Brian was unavailable so the tickets went to Frank and myself. Frank was late of course and we drove to the Bronx in a drizzly rain, Frank telling me about some song about how the Red Sox were winning. I mentioned that trip to Frank, thinking it ‘funny’ since the last game to be played at Yankee Stadium was last night. Just something that was on my mind, that’s all.

Last night Bill and I watched True Blood while I wrestled with the computer which seems to have cleared up. That’s why the posting was later than usual and also the reason I got an irate phone call from Harpy whining about how late the blog was posted. Harpy would be the guy on a paper route who’s newspaper invariably wound up on the bushes.

True Blood was very good and very interesting since the guy who plays Anna Paquin’s dim brother was being videotaped dancing in his briefs with quite a large bulge that pointed to his left. That got our attention for sure. After that we watched Entourage where Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven went apeshit and deservedly bitch slapped a rival agent in front of the rival’s staff.

Then we watched the end of the Emmy awards which Harpy called about during True Blood. Bill went to bed before the end of the awards and I stayed up and watched the usual bad news which keeps getting worse and worse.

Woke up to Bill’s alarm clock and heard that ‘more news on that terrible story later in the broadcast’. Horrible news? What now? More economic disasters? Going to work was scary thinking about all that. Nothing on the TV news said anything overtly horrible except for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley converting from investment banks to holding companies.

I don’t know what that means but I keep hearing that yes it’s bad now, but it’s going to be a lot worse soon enough. Bush has a plan to give Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson a lot of power and money to bail out these corporations, with no questions asked and what Paulson decides will be the final word on the matter.

Fuck Bush and his plan. He allowed millions of people to be screwed and now he wants our money to bail out this monoliths? Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them you’re against this, that is- if you’re against that.
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Today’s New Yorkers

Late addition: I just read on Joe.My.God.’s blog (in blogroll on your right) that McCain’s chief of staff is an out to his friends and family gay man. There’s an interesting and conflicted debate going on about it in his comments on the entry.

What do you think about a situation like that? Should he be outed? Can an out gay man be outed? There are some very interesting comments, what would yours be?

Fish and Bird

Back to work today. It has to be done I know. But some good news, my brother in law Rex has had yet another procedure for his heart and hopefully this will be the procedure that mends his heart perfectly. Crossed fingers on this end. Last night, pretty mellow. Though I only rode the bike about 5 miles I took it easy and for a brief spell I was a zombie. I wrote, which you hopefully read.

Played Tom Waits, Alice. Perfect for a summer evening. No TV on just the tapping of the keys and the sounds of Tom singing and playing in the way that only he can. Bill even liked it somewhat when he came home. I put on Swordfishtrombones after that. Bill was on his laptop with his headphones on so he didn’t hear that.

I decided to take a walk to the post office and drop off a Netflix rental. Walked by that certain bar where an alpha male with a capital A minds the door. He looks at me, I look at him. I drool, he stares. I keep walking, he stands by the door. Really a hottie though. I know he works on Sunday evenings and thats when I usually find a reason to walk down Washington Street.

A few bars have big guys like that outside their doors, but they’re out too late for me. This guy is usually out at 6:30. He looked like this a few weeks ago, yesterday he had a haircut. No pic since that would have required a flash, and if you know me, you know I’m not flashy. Nor am I “that guy”.

The streets were super crowded with people headed to the last night of the Madonna Del Martiri feast. Fireworks were promised and I guess that’s what they were headed towards. Came back after ogling some man flesh.

Bill still on the couch, no TV on. I turned on the warm up show for True Blood, the new series from Alan Ball, the Six Feet Under creator. Bill immediately warmed up to it. I didn’t know he was interested in vampires but apparently he is. We watched the series premiere and it was very good.

I think we’re hooked. Definitely has a sensual edge to it and who doesn’t love Anna Paquin? She won the Academy Award for best supporting actress for the Piano. Knowing Alan Ball’s standards I’m sure it will be an excellent series. The hour flew by much to Bill’s surprise.

After that it was Entourage which was also very good. Let’s face it, it’s basically Jeremy Piven’s show, since he gets the best lines. Definitely fun to watch Vinnie Chase and Turtle having a good time down in Mexico. I could easily see Bill and myself living like that on a beach in Mexico, surrounded by girls with fake boobs in bikinis.

Sure it would be hell and I would certainly need plenty of sunblock by the truckload.

Some strangeness at work for sure. Lack of communication and an overall feeling of weirdness. It’s uncomfortable but I’m going to hang in there as long as I can. Should be interesting and something to write about.

Juan is here and we’re chillin. He has a mohawk, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. No pictures though, he’s squeamish.