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Black Slacks

Well it’s a pretty cold Thursday. But I enjoyed it. Been an Ian Dury & the Blockheads day. Spent some time wandering around Hoboken and listening to New Boots and Panties on the iPod. Also downloaded a few rockabilly tracks and several disco tracks since if you’re on my gift list, burned CD’s is what you’ll be getting.

It’s been fun. Some Link Wray, Robert Gordon, Bill Justis, Eddie Cochran and Sweet Gene Vincent on the rockabilly side. France Joli, Alicia Bridges, KC & the Sunshine Band and the Trammps on the disco side.

All promising a good time, some songs that I heard the other night at the McSwells Christmas party, some songs that I last heard on WPIX-FM at the end of the 1970’s. I enjoyed playing them all, loud this afternoon.

Last night was quite nice. Warm and cozy. Bill made it home in time to catch the Simpsons episode which featured Lisa on a bus.

Bill is currently driving me crazy since he has a Droid now and is texting like mad while riding the 126 bus.

It was one of my favorite episodes it involved Homer and Lisa breaking into the Isis exhibit at the Springfield Museum. It’s all about taking stupid risks. One of my favorites.

Bill hoped that Lawn Hors d’œuvre would be on but it wasn’t. I decided to show him something that I recorded the other night, Voices of the People with Howard Zinn. Oh it was as good as expected, as powerful too. Bill definitely was into it. Several actors that he admires were in it, Don Cheadle, Morgan Freeman, Viggo Mortensen and Jasmine Guy to name but a few.

I recorded it, so it wound up being about 90 minutes rather than the 2 hours originally broadcast. Blip-verts! Bill went to bed soon after that and I of course stayed up and watched most of Craig Ferguson. I also started a Facebook group for Hoboken Daily News. An attempt to bolster their spirits since they’re a bit afraid now that 7 Eleven opened up across the street from them.

Slept soundly after that. Woke up and started the downloading. Walked around listening to Ian Dury, stopped by the Guitar Bar and picked up some mail from Jim for the post office. I was mailing some holiday cards so it was a nice thing to do.

I stopped by Hoboken Daily News and told the proprietor Andy about the Facebook group and he was thrilled even though he didn’t know what Facebook was. I took some more pictures and posted them to the Facebook group. Bought some CD’s at CVS for the burning I continue to do.

Came home and while burning some reggae CD’s for my nephew Earl I decided to watch Synecdoche, New York. It’s written by Charlie Kaufman who also wrote Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Charlie Kaufman also directed. It’s really quite a movie.

Unnerving and unsettling and also very engrossing.

It’s funny, I’ve been told I look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and since I also look like by brother Frank quite a bit, it’s safe to say that if A=B, and B=C, then A=C. The funny part and by funny I mean strange, was the fact that so much of the first part of the film reminded me of Frank and his current ailments.

Great cast including Catherine Keener, Dianne Weist, Samantha Morton, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Michelle Williams to name but a few. I definitely intend on seeing it again there is a lot involved in watching it and I probably missed some of it since I was also burning CD’s. It has so many layers involved, I highly recommend it!

12.17.09 Hoboken Daily News 010

Somebody Else’s Guy

Yesterday was definitely a better day than the sturm und drang of the days preceding it. Last night Bill came home from his deep tissue massage therapy and I was clearly in a better mood and happy to see him.

All the worries from the days before were talked about and resolved nicely. We watched some Herbie Hancock on Sundance channel and also enjoyed some Grimaldi’s Pizza. Also watched a documentary on Cary Grant which was very good. Bill once again went to bed earlier than me and I stayed up watching who knows what.

I do remember the Simpsons which was great as usual. After that, it was off to bed for me as well. Bill was up early, rented a Zip Car and drove out to Clifton NJ for a medical exam so he could change his license from New York to New Jersey. Since he’s a professional bus driver there’s a hoop he has to jump through.

I of course slept in. Rainy and gray outside. Bill was picking up the paper and the bagels so there was no need for me to go outside. Eventually I did go outside. I needed a haircut and walked by Mr. L’s. Of course my barber, Tony was busy.

Walked over to the library and dropped off some items. Did not bring and umbrella and I should not have been surprised that when I left it was pouring out. Once again Tony was cutting someone else’s hair.

I came home a little bit soaked. Bill came home from Clifton. Unable to get his exam completed since there were a few people ahead of him and he needed to return the Zip Car to Hoboken by 11:00. He took a nap and I watched a DVD about Beyond the Fringe. It was definitely funny.

Watching Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett in the early 1960’s doing their final performance on the West End. Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett are still alive perhaps they decided early on that the life of a performer wasn’t for them.

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore obviously thought otherwise and made big names for themselves but both came to untimely ends.

Bill was out on the road once again this afternoon and I sat and watched various clips about Peter Cook. I ventured out into the rain again, this time armed with an umbrella. And since I had an umbrella it didn’t rain.

A trip to the supermarket was in order so I walked by Mr. L’s once again and once again Tony was busy. Dropped off the items in my hallway for a trip to Hoboken Daily News that has milk cheaper than the supermarket.

Walked by Mr. L’s and saw Tony was free. He was happy to see me. Hadn’t sat in his chair since July. No more monthly haircuts since I didn’t have any need for upkeep. Just a trim for me. My hair grows thick and not long so it was a few layers taken off which made everything lighter and cooler.

And a haircut will do me some good in case some job interviews appear on the horizon. Tony did his usual ace job, trimming most of the gray hairs from my goatee. I was growing a beard but shaved it the other day before the interview.

Bill is in Atlantic City leaving at 1:30 or so and coming back to Hoboken around 7:00. I’m laying low as usual. Planning on watching Adventureland and probably some more Beyond the Fringe clips online. It’s going to be a mellow, quiet Saturday night and I am fine with that.


Well yesterday was a day of despair. Didn’t want to write about it lest some people get overly alarmed. So I wisely skirted the issue. Nothing bad happened just an overall bottoming out and spending too much time in my head, in my apartment, in Hoboken.

I knew I could get through it and that today would be a different day. All I had to do was to get to it. And I did. Last night was no great shakes. After watching Olbermann, I watched Arrested Development but even that didn’t help.

Bill came home in time to watch a really funny show following Arrested Development on IFC, the Jon Dore Show. He’s a funny Canadian guy and we stumbled on his show a few weeks ago. Bill offered to listen to me about whatever it was that was bothering me, but by then it was too late.

I had gone through the worst of it and did not want to revisit. All I needed was to make it to today. He was tired and went to bed around 10:30. I stayed up watching a show from BBC Manchester called Ideal which was OK, but the Mancunian accents were a bit too thick even for my ear.

Stayed up for the Simpsons and then some of Craig Ferguson who is really funny and worth catching if you’re up at 12:35AM. I went to sleep after that. Not a deep sleep. Felt like I was sleeping on the installment plan.

I have been getting about 8 hours of sleep each night so that meant I woke up around 10:00. I know, some of you are up at 6:00 or even earlier and it sounds like laziness on my part. But it isn’t. Just can’t find a reason to get up earlier and in any event, I don’t want to get up earlier.

I discovered that my computer updated itself last night and since I had a few USB cables hooked up, it didn’t restart. So I had to restart it after disconnecting those cables and hopped in the shower.

Wednesday is the day I usually get my unemployment benefit and since today was Veterans Day, a Federal holiday, my direct deposit didn’t go through even though it was set up on Monday. That was upsetting somewhat.

Apparently robots and automated services had the day off as well. There was nothing I could do about it. I did check the New York State Department of Labor’s website and logged in the ‘Looking for a Job’ section. I expected it to be bottom feeders but it wasn’t that bad.

Almost immediately I got an email from an agency inquiring about my inquiry. I tool the bait, made a phone call and set up an interview for tomorrow at 2:00PM. Posted that on Facebook and a nice group of people wished me well and good luck.

Once again the routine is to go to the agency and have them check me out before they send me anywhere. The position they want to see me for is for a midtown position. I set about getting a suit and shirt and tie all together.

I haven’t had a hair cut since July so my hair is a bit unkempt. That was another factor yesterday. A bad hair day. This morning before I knew anything, I decided to gel the hair again like I used to when I was employed and it’s manageable but still I will need to see my barber Tony on Saturday.

He’s been forlorn as he sees me walking by all shaggy. So as I thought, today would be a better day than yesterday and so far it has been.

It’s off to Wall Street tomorrow afternoon and I’m looking forward to getting dressed up again with fingers crossed, which can make for difficult buttoning but I don’t care.

Over and out.

32-20 Blues

It’s Wednesday, and it feels like a Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. Last night Bill and I marched, I saw awesome Andres and met Joe Jervis. It was pretty cool that Bill was with me to see these other bloggers that I enjoy reading. The word becomes flesh.

We made it home after running into the Virgin Megastore on Union Square which is going out of business. I was able to buy CD’s that my local record store, Tunes didn’t have.

Still no Budos Band but I was able to get Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy and the 2 disc set of Tell Tale Signs, Number 8 in the Bootleg Series. At 30% off I couldn’t resist.

We made it home in time some clip show on NBC, about the most well known lines from TV. It was totally worthless filler. It seemed to go on forever. How much NaNu NaNu can one person take? Bill liked it enough though.

At 10:00 Bill wanted to watch Lawn Hors d’œuvre SUV but I figured he would rather watch Keith Olbermann reporting on Judge Sotomayor. As soon as I changed the channel he forgot all about Lawn Hors d’œuvre. Bill’s a Puerto Rican from the Bronx and so is Judge Sotomayor so he was feeling especially proud.

It was no surprise that the right wing had nothing to say but “no” in regards to the Judge’s nomination. She’s going to pass since the Republicants don’t have anything to block the process.

We watched the news and then The Simpsons at 11:30 which was from the second season. A classic episode featuring Harvey Fierstein as Carl. As soon as I heard the word Mynoxodil I knew what the episode was.

It is certainly in my top ten Simpsons episodes but for Bill it was his all time fave.

He was off to bed after that and I joined him soon after that. I slept OK but once again I could have used a few more hours of sleep. I guess I can catch up with those missing hours on Friday since my Fridays are still furloughed.

Work was OK. Vivek told me he was going to be in Seattle today and tomorrow and I was surprised to see him in the office. I was fairly busy, things seem to be going smoothly.

I was ambushed by another conference call from out of the blue but I stood my ground and stopped the call, putting them on hold until I was able to get Sanjay in on the call.

Too much of what Vivek and Sanjay do is secretive or at least I’m out of the loop, while on the other end of the line in the conference call they seem to think I know it all. That is one of the biggest parts of my frustration. Those outside the office think I’m running the show whereas in the office, I’m just a cog in the machine.

I plan to keep plowing on, doing my best. What else can I do?

I had a chance to check out JoeMyGod earlier than I usually do and there was a picture of Bill and myself. That was a kick. I regretted not taking a picture of Andres and I just got a message from him saying he regretted not having a good picture of me and Bill looking dapper. He said dapper, not me.

Now we’re watching a documentary on PBS of the making of the Broadway show In the Heights. Bill’s getting a thrill just watching it and I knew that he would. One of these days Bill will be trodding the boards, saying lines.

Who knows? Perhaps they will be lines that I’ve written.

Tell Me What You See

This has been an odd day. Nothing bad happened, at least not yet. It just started out on the wrong foot, leading to a day of missteps. I woke up, tried to contact Julio to see if he and Stine wanted bagels. No answer. I called Stine instead and she said no, they were going out. That was no problem.

I went to the bagel shop where there is never a line anymore. It used to be there would be a line out of the store onto the sidewalk, but hasn’t been like that in a few months.

I asked Jeff, someone who’s been working there for ages, a week or so ago if it’s been slow and he mentioned that I had just missed a rush. I didn’t believe that since there is hardly anyone in there when I’m there. Denial or just putting forth the company line?

I’m convinced they don’t like me in the Bagel store. One guy in particular doesn’t like me, I can tell. When I moved back to Hoboken almost 7 years ago, I started getting my bagels on Washington Street. A few weeks later I saw this particular guy on the street with his kids and as I passed I said hello. He gave me the stink eye in return. I figured with the hundreds of people he sees each week I was lost in the shuffle.

After that I saw him again and once again said hello and once again I get the stink eye. One time I gave my order at the counter, something like 3 sesame, and 2 poppy bagels. He gave me 3 and 3. I mentioned that it wasn’t what I ordered and he got all uppity. So ever since then it’s quite frosty between us.

I do try to support small businesses, but in Hoboken, the small business owners don’t make it easy and show very little gratitude. Next to the register is a container for tips. Knowing that some of the staff have families to support I sometimes leave my change in the container. Sometimes I get thanked, and other times like today with me and Frosty the bagel counter person I get nothing.

I think next time I go in I will wait for Frosty to be waiting on another customer. And if I hear Jeff say to a new customer, ‘You know those bagels will make you thirsty, you sure you don’t want something to drink with that?’ I’ll go postal.

That basically set the tone for the day. I went out once after that and it just seemed so weird that I decided not to go out again until tomorrow. But I did go out, hoping to run into the Chinese dude who usually sells bootleg DVD’s at the barber shop at 4:00PM on Saturday afternoons.

I didn’t see him and I wasn’t going to go hang out in a barber shop if I wasn’t getting a haircut. I was hoping to get a $5.00 DVD of Slumdog Millionaire. Oh well. The only Academy Awards movies that I’ve seen are Milk and The Visitor, and Wall-E.

Maybe I’ll do a live blog during the awards tomorrow, or rather write about it as it happens and post afterwards. That seems more likely since I don’t think I’m equipped for live blogging.

Last night I caught up on what I had DVR’d. Spectacle with Elvis Costello. 1st up had guests She and Him, Jenny Lewis and Jacob Dylan. All very good and enjoyable and that Jacob Dylan sure is cute, and he sounds like Bruce Springsteen I think. Imagine growing up being Bob Dylan’s kid, how strange that must be.

I have a newfound love for Jenny Lewis, though Juan has been hyping her up to me for a while now. And She and Him, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward were good enough to make me think about getting their record.

Then I watched what I guess is the season finale for Spectacle, this time hosted by Elton John who interviewed Diana Krall and had her husband, Elvis Costello come out opening with a song and singing with Diana and Elton at the end.

Geez, I swear Diana Krall is like so many women that I know, at least in the way she talks and her mannerisms. I enjoyed her, but sometimes it was like watching my niece Corinne on TV. If only Corinne played piano. She was very entertaining, Diana Krall and I think she’d be worth checking out as well.

After that I watched the 11:30 Simpsons who had Stephen Sondheim on, writing a song for Krusty the clown. And Bart was in therapy and really getting a lot out of it, even though 5 sessions were mandatory as punishment for a school prank.

I almost stayed up to watch Conan O’Brien’s last Late Night show but since I was recording it I figured I would watch it today. Which I did do, watch it today. Unfortunately it ran long and as Conan was summing up his 16 years hosting the show it got cut off.

So I watched that on NBC.com, and posted it on my Facebook page, as well as Conan releasing Abe Vigoda back into the wild, since ‘Pa’ said he wouldn’t be able to take him to Los Angeles where he will host the Tonight Show.

Though I didn’t watch Conan that often since it was on past my bedtime, I will miss him. But I should be able to catch some of the Tonight Show with Conan . I’m 6’2” and wear a size 12, Conan is 6’4” and probably wears a larger shoe, and I can only hope Jimmy Fallon could fill those shoes.

Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

Back to the beat, back to the grind. That means it’s Monday. Yes yes I know, big deal. Last night was pretty quiet, I watched the Simpsons and True Blood and Entourage. The Treehouse of Horror was ok. The opening scene with Homer trying to vote for Obama several times and each time it was a vote for McCain before the machine ate Homer and left his carcass with an ‘I Voted’ sticker on his forehead.

After that I watched True Blood which was once again very good. Steven Root is playing a gay vampire that Suki’s brother and his girlfriend kidnapped so they could always get a fresh supply of V. Very sad scenes.

Also Vampire Bill is on trial for killing a vampire that was about to kill Suki and you know, vampires aren’t supposed to kill other vampires, so Vampire Bill is going on to vampire trial. Before he left he asked the bar owner Sam to keep an eye on Suki. Vampire Bill obviously knew something that some of us only had an idea about.

It turns out Sam can turn himself into a dog. The same dog that has been appearing from time to time. Entourage was pretty good, Jason Patrick was excellent playing an asshole, which is basically a send up of how he’s been portrayed in the press.

Bill came home after dealing with his family and he’s heart broken. He feels like he is at wit’s end, trying to take care of his mother while still maintaining his own life. She definitely cannot be left alone and needs supervision at all times.

Once again she almost burned a kitchen down, this time his cousin’s kitchen. And once again all I could do was listen and give him a hug and let him cry on my shoulder. We both slept quite soundly, Bill kissing me goodbye as he was out the door before the sun came up.

The sun wasn’t up when I left. I made a point to dress extra sharp since I was going to volunteer again at the Obama office after work. Work was quiet. Most everyone attended a luncheon put together by Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine on behalf of her foundation.

Then Greg and Lorraine are flying to Arizona for a few weeks so they both can get some rest and relaxation and also a few rounds of golf. Tom Chin was home, sick with the bug that I had. If it’s the same bug, Tom will be out for the rest of the week. I know he’s going to blame me for catching the bug, not the thousands of people he comes into contact with, riding Metro North to and from Connecticut every day.

I left the office around 4:15, enjoying a Padron and walking to the Path train so I could volunteer again. More phone calls to Kearny again. More messages left on voice mail and only one or two people who told me they were voting for McRage.

After about 90 minutes of calling, I headed home where I just cooked some pasta. Also picked up some coffee for the office, talked to nice guy Jeff. He’s playing bass and has a gig in a week or two in Jersey City. I’d go see him but he never told me where he was playing and lets get real. I’m going to Jersey City to see a band that I might not care for?

Obama’s grandmother passed away, it’s sad she didn’t get a chance to see her grandson on Election Day, perhaps winning the nation’s highest office. But I’m sure she was proud of all that he has accomplished so far. I know I am.

Barack Obama and his grandmother Madelyn Dunham are seen together in this photo from 1979.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. In New Jersey the polls are open from 6:00AM to 8:00PM. And do the smart thing, VOTE OBAMA! PLEASE! And NO on Prop h8 as well as similar measures across the country!

♫ and Happy Birthday to Juan!!! ♪

The One Thing

Here we are in the middle of the week, which isn’t such a bad place to be. I would have rather it be Friday, but here we are and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Last night was pretty quiet. Just me and Bill watching O & RM, then he went to bed and I watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Colbert had Yo Yo Ma on as a musical guest and Yo Yo was pretty funny. I wonder if Jane ever met him? Watched the news and I was going to go to bed but turned on The Simpsons which had an episode I didn’t expect to ever see on TV again. It was the episode where the Simpsons go to New York City.

Since a good part of the action takes place at the World Trade Center it made the premise dodgy at best. Barney drops off Homer after being the designated driver and goes on a bender with the car eventually leaving it parked for weeks between the two towers. It really is one of their best episodes, featuring the voice of Officer Steve Grabowski and fresh Kal-Kalash.

So I stayed up and watched the whole thing. It was followed by an episode of Scrubs that was on Comedy Central earlier in the evening. Slept and eventually woke up and dragged my ass out of bed as the Supremes sang I Hear A Symphony.

It promised to be another cold day so I broke out the winter coat. It would probably look good with a fedora and I do have one from about ten years ago when my Rasta pal Marcus gave me a very nice felt hat which I’ve kept in a box, it’s that nice. Before I left I downloaded African and White by China Crisis.

Just a song that crept into my head and I immediately needed it on my iPod to listen to as I walked to the bus stop. It was a later bus than usual so it was a different crowd and not as crowded. Once again I walk into an empty office.

I found out that Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine went home last night, everything seemed to be alright. She has a thyroid problem which is what gave everyone a scare yesterday. I kept myself busy throughout the day.

Worked on Greg’s computer, grateful that he has zero computer skills and enabling me to prove my worth once again. Tom Chin and I remain civil yet frosty to each other which seems to work just fine. Also helped Vivek out with the scanner, showing him how to use it and convert documents to pdf files. Two feathers in my cap, or rather fedora.

It was a nice quiet day. I walked across town, enjoying a Padron and listening to Prince, Sign ‘O’ The Times which is probably his best. Too bad he’s gotten flakier as time progressed. Right now I would care less if he got back together with The Revolution.

Too much water under that graffiti bridge. You may groan now.

Looking forward to Barack Obama’s infomercial. It should break up the evening nicely.

Croaking Lizard

Day something or other of the heat wave. Yes, it’s hot again and the question on everyone’s mind is, ‘Is it hot enough for ya?’ Still while walking through midtown Manhattan today I do see the occasional Asian Indian wearing long sleeved shirts. So for them- No, it isn’t hot enough.

Last night I watched Generation Kill which for me brought the early days of the current war home. I had heard about unarmored vehicles but last night watching the troops heading into Iraqi towns, you could see they were sitting ducks.

I still don’t see why they just don’t grab Donald Rumsfeld and strap him to the front of a jeep and let him catch the bullets. Stupid fucktard that he is. He’s been out of the limelight lately so that probably means he’s going to die soon.

Before I watched Generation Kill I watched a biopic on John Lennon called , ‘In His Life: The John Lennon Story’. It focused on the early years of John’s life, having to choose between living with his mother or father, the battles with his Aunt Mimi, his mother Julia’s death and of course meeting Paul McCartney and George Harrison. That’s as far as I got before switching over to Generation Kill.

After that I watched the Simpsons Movie which is still pretty funny. It’s aged well, after a year.

This morning was back to work. Three days off seemed longer, but that may be because I stayed indoors most of the weekend and napped quite a bit. Time crawls when you’re climbing the walls.

I played Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Reggae Greats album on the iPod walking to work. It’s a collection of ten songs that Lee Perry produced. I hadn’t heard it in a while and it is a fave. It brought back a few memories of how deeply immersed I was in Reggae for a number of years.

It was basically all I listened to. I have a deep love of Dub as well. Reggae and dub go hand in hand. I listened to Bob Marley in the 1980’s but didn’t buy anything except for the Legend collection and also Black Uhuru, Red. I did see the original Black Uhuru open up for King Sunny Ade at the Dr. Pepper music festival on the pier with a bunch of friends. I could swear that show lasted about six hours.

Somehow in the 1990’s I became totally infatuated with reggae. I was working at Skyline Studios and out on the street there were usually some Rastas hanging out selling weed. My friend Miriam was into reggae as much as I was, so I got a lot of music from her when we weren’t fighting. Usually the peace pipe brought us together.

I learned from Miriam about Gregory Issacs, Dennis Brown, Jacob ‘The Killer’ Miller, Burning Spear, U-Roy, I-Roy and Big Youth among others. The Rastas outside became friendly enough to invite inside. No work for them indoors. They were welcome until They Might Be Giants complained about feeling uneasy with the dreads hanging around my desk. Friggin’ nerds ruined it and I’ve never liked They Used to Mean Something to Someone ever again, though I didn’t much care for them beforehand.

True they had the run of the studio and at $2000 an hour they were entitled to having whomever they wanted around. I became good friends with a Rasta named Marcus and his brothers. They came from Guyana one by one. First Marcus, then Clarence, then Kenneth and finally the baby, Jamal.

Marcus was the oldest and lived in the States for a number of years. The other three came from the country and understanding them was a challenge. After hanging around with them for a few months I started to slip into a patois whenever I was talking to them.

It came quite naturally and raised eyebrows when I would talk to them on the phone. I’d hang up and whoever was around would ask what the hell it was I was talking about. I couldn’t really tell them.

Marcus was nice enough to lend me his giant sound system during my DJ’ing heydays. Two giant speakers, a mixer and amplifier and I was soon spinning classic selections at Johnny’s Bar in the Village on Wednesday nights. A small bar the size of a shoebox filled with my friends and Rastas on Wednesday nights. Too bad it only lasted a few weeks, but oh well.

I remember one night at McSwells, a drunken Joe Kindarotten (is there any other kind of Joe Kindarotten?) gave me a hard time about the homophobia in Reggae. I told Joe that the homophobia was more with Danehall Reggae which I didn’t like, I was more into Roots Reggae, which is a big difference.

I guess it was just a phase, my passion for Reggae a highly enjoyable phase. I resented Carly Simon’s brother, Peter who told me that my immersion into Reggae culture was a phase. Like he would know after publishing two photo journals about Reggae music. After countless shows, spliffs and late night laughs, Reggae stopped being in the forefront of my musical tastes.

It still is a music than enabled me to make friends, easier than Rock and Roll ever did. My love for Reggae is still there, it’s in my DNA and usually comes up during drug testing.

Under construction

The tying of the shoe

Bomb sniffing dogs at Grand Central

Memo From Turner

Well today was a long day. But first of course, last night. Last night was very quiet, didn’t do much at all. The end. No, I’m kidding. Last night was quiet though. Watched TV, 60 Minutes with a story on Jon Bon Jovi. I worked with Jon’s cousin Barry. I had a crush on Barry, still do to some degree. A nice guy, looked out for me while I worked under the thumb of Simon Andrews, sometimes known as Eric Andrews. He (Simon Eric Andrews Hair Plug) also had a fetish for big breasted women with lactating breasts. Yes it was gross but it wasn’t my fetish and who am I to judge? You can judge all you want.

Jon Bon Jovi did stop by the studio on occasion and I met him once or twice. Nice guy, definitely a Jersey guy and then again, so am I. I speak the language, the mumbling asides, the shuffled feet, the chip on the shoulder. But given the choice I would have rather been with Barry rather than Jon. Jon is giving back to the community and I can’t fault him for that. Who says you can’t go home indeed.

Then was the Simpsons doing an All About Eve featuring Lisa, followed by King of the Hill. Both were pretty good but I was distracted and didn’t know how King of the Hill ended. Never found out who voiced LuAnn’s father. If you know, please fill me in. I sat in front of the computer and soon got lost in the Marvel Comics Universe, after seeing Iron Man with Chaz yesterday afternoon. Catching up on characters I used to read about.

Forgot how I used to have a thing for Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans. I really identified with the Inhumans for some reason. I read up about Captain Marvel and the Kree/Skrull wars. Nonsense that if you didn’t read the comic books you wouldn’t understand. Somehow while reading about the Marvel Universe, i.e. Comic books you can read online, I had a movie on called Stomp The Yard.

Somehow I always find these ‘troubled teens who can dance their way out of trouble’ movies. This one was about a kid from Los Angeles who’s brother gets killed after a dance off so the the kid gets shipped to anonymous east coast black university, where he learns humility while falling for the richest, posh girl on campus who is also the daughter of the dean of admissions or ethics or bingo master.

Of course it has a happy ending though the brother from the beginning is still dead and the guy that killed him is still on the loose. I used to want to see a step show in person but this movie genre, including Drum Line, You Got Served, Your Feet are too Small to Dance with God and the like, just made me less interested. Perhaps if I stumbled upon a step show I would enjoy it but it seems unlikely. Unless I start my own black fraternity… I better get on that or it will be a bunch of guys with their crutches, canes and walkers trying to dance.