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It’s Wednesday. Not much to report on that. Last night Bill was with some theater friends down by the South Street Seaport. Stayed out and had a few drinks. That’s something that I used to do.

Not anymore, not me. I stayed in, watched The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann and even some Rachel Maddow.

I also watched a PBS documentary on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. How the armed forces are depleted but won’t take gays and lesbians. Other countries do, but not the US. Oh no, can’t have that.

They’ll take white supremacists and gang bangers before taking someone who can speak Arabic and could actually help out the situation.

They had some present day soldiers, faces blurred going off to Iraq, willing to die while living a lie for their country. Some sit ins were shown, gay & gay friendly college students who tried to enlist.

The police were called, complaining about how they had better things to do rather than deal with civil disobedience. A few clips of Bill Clinton who introduced Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) as well as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Both issues have been in the news lately and are also 2 of the main reasons why there will be a March on Washington in October. Obama made promises to overturn both, and yes he has a lot on his plate but these are matters that also affect families.

Of course he and the Democratic party don’t want to risk losing elections next year so the gays and lesbians are thrown under a bus once again.

In fact last week, the Justice Department argued against repealing the DOMA stating that Traditional marriage is between a man and a woman. No word from the White House on that, and the LGBT community has a massive flash of deja vu.

Today at work was really nothing special. I did very little work, not out of choice, just that there was not much for me to do. I do have some leads with regards to a new job. One is for a non profit staffing agency and the other is for another for profit staffing agency.

Greg Stevens told me he was putting out the word, asking if anyone needs a receptionist, which in a way is a step backward, but more than likely easier to get than an office manager position. Can’t be too choosy these days.

Good that I have some people looking out.

Today was like watching paint dry, and occasionally making a pot of coffee. And it crawled.

Now I’m home, got to the building the same time as Bill. That rarely happens. Even when we’re together I find a reason to hang back and let him arrive first.

No I don’t. Just being silly.

Another night of rain is promised. Can’t get enough of that wet stuff. Nothing planned for tonight. Bill is on a conference call in the next room.

I’m watching the Colbert Report, recorded from last night. Had a fun talk with Harpy. Less antagonistic than usual.

Only 1.5 sheets to the wind.

Atomic Moog 2000

Well So Happy It’s Thursday is an apt acronym. It fits. Last night, thanks to Harpy’s heads up, telling me that Lost was a repeat I watched part of Religulous, the Bill Maher documentary about religion. Maher is predictably snarky through out and I have to give him some reluctant credit, going up to people and asking them questions that I would love to ask but never have the opportunity.

Plus I’m too nice a guy to be so snarky. And I don’t have a film crew and or some security behind the camera. It was ok. Bill came home after seeing his mother in the hospital a little before 10:00 and asked to watch Lawn Hors d’oeuvre which was fine by me. I could easily jump back into the Bill Maher DVD whenever I want to.

It was a return to the old days with Bill and I watching TV together. It was an ok episode though. Still haven’t caught on to the current cast like Bill has. He went to bed after that and I watched the Daily Show which was funny as ever with Paul Rudd as his guest. Tonight though he has James Cramer as the guest.

Jon Stewart has been riffing on CNBC and especially James Cramer, deservedly so. Tonight Bill is staying in Stuyvesant Town after visiting his mother again. He has a stress test at 7:15 in the morning and doesn’t want to be late. He didn’t ask for me to go with him, though my sister Annemarie thinks that I should.

Bill is ok with the fact that I’m not going. He knows it’s way too early for me, that it would involve me getting up around 5:30 to hop on a bus and get to 59th street for the appointment. He’d rather go by himself. I didn’t put up any argument.

Work was the quietest it’s been lately. The right wing subtenants were all out at meetings, Vivek still out. I had to send info regarding flights back from Florida yesterday for him and his business partner and I hope he got the info. I haven’t heard otherwise, not that that eases my mind.

No email, no voice mail. And since I won’t be back in the office until Monday, if there is anything to be said I should hear it then.


I did my best to look natty today. I wore my sharkskin suit and the Ben Sherman skinny tie I bought yesterday Sort of my Mad Men look. I think I looked nice. Bill said so this afternoon when I stopped by his office building and he came down for a few minutes.

I puffed on a Padron, Siouxsie & the Banshees with Monitor all queued up as Bill and I talked about the stress test. No big deal for him though he did appreciate Annemarie’s concern. He told me not to worry about it.

Pleasant enough bus ride home, reading David Sedaris “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” which is always a macabre chuckle. Tonight promises to be quiet, just TV. Bill in Stuyvesant Town, me in Hoboken.