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So It Goes

I still can’t believe it. Life goes on, for sure and everything seems the same as it ever was. Then I think about the reality TV showman becoming the President of the United States and I am taken aback. It’s been two days and today was better than yesterday. And yesterday was all about being in shock. The night before was stupid and weird and that’s even before the election started being reported. Just a misunderstanding that had us in our respective corners. Bill on the couch and me three feet away in front of the computer.

Things thawed out enough and Bill settled in for watching the returns, I wasn’t able to deal with that, so I watched a Michael Palin documentary on Andrew Wyeth. That was so great to watch and my mind was not on the election. It was only 58 minutes so I did have to jump into the election pool. It didn’t look good at all and I could not hide my dismay. I watched another Michael Palin documentary on a Danish artist, Vilhelm Hammershøi. It was good, but not good enough to keep me away from the car crash unfolding on the television.

I gave up on Michael Palin through, with the intention to watch at a later date. It’s on YouTube so I won’t have a problem finding it again. I was jazzy throughout the evening and enjoyed some edibles. Still it wasn’t enough. The car crash went on. Bill went to bed since he needed to get up at 4:30. I stayed up with the sound down. I was hoping to catch Van Jones on CNN but he was never on when I was watching.

At work the next day I was going through the motions. Which was fine I suppose. No one to share in the misery really. The day couldn’t end fast enough but I did end up at home. Bill came home soon after, in a state of shock and depression since it was also the date of his mother’s passing and he was so overtaken by the reality TV showman becoming the President of the United States that he had almost forgotten that sad anniversary.

But right now, two days later I watch MSNBC and watching the reality TV showman becoming the President of the United States and its visit to Washington DC, a visit to the White House and Congress and I have the sinking feeling that we are fucked.

Whatever progress that Obama made over the past eight years now seems likely to be overturned. Obama had his flaws but I liked him a lot. More than any other sitting president in my life. I certainly never volunteered for another candidate.

Obamacare, Climate Change reforms all slated to disappear. Probably whatever solar panels on the White House roof will be taken down, much like what evil Reagan did when he assumed the oval office.

It’s a sad day in America. At least for me and mine. Throughout the country the opposite is happening. Muslims are being attacked. Latin people are hearing chants of ‘build the wall’. A gay man was attacked in California by supporters of the reality TV showman becoming the President of the United States.

The Koch brothers are dancing. The Supreme Court may just swing to the right, an authoritarian move. Roe Vs Wade, The Obergefell v. Hodges decision could be overturned. They gutted the Voting Rights Act already to disastrous effect.

I said it before to friends and it seems I didn’t heed my own words. I remember seeing after Brexit, a commentator on the BBC was explaining why the people had voted to leave the European Union. My take on what he said (since I almost always get it wrong) was that while things had gotten better for some, things have not gotten better for many. Change was coming slowly after being promised it for so long by politicians.

Along comes an outsider with a loud mouth who claims that they’ll get the job done. They’re loud, and brash and speaking the words that go to their heart with promises of eventual fat wallets. They’ll do things differently, after all, they’re outsiders!

The politicians repeat their standard lines about continuing the status quo were falling on deaf ears. Once slow, change now had an air of immediacy. And so the misinformed voters who felt taken for granted went into an unforeseen direction by the polls and pundits and voted in what could possibly be against not only their best interests but the way of the world around them.
All empires end eventually.

I Shall Return

And here we are on a Saturday. It’s been an alright day. It’s also a day where I had to conquer my laundry, laundry which was neglected and ignored most of the week. Now the clothes are clean and the problem is too many clothes and not enough racks. It will be a process I guess. Wait for some clothes to dry and then put the other clothes in their place. At least that’s the plan. It looks good on paper, but the paper was in my pants pocket and of course disintegrated in the wash. Luckily the paper was contained in the pants pocket.

I also had a trip to the supermarket. I always try to keep groceries under $30.00 but today the total was $40.00. I had the cashier remove two items which brought the cost down to $26.00. I had planned on buying zip lock freezer bags as well as sandwich bags which brought the total higher than I would have liked. All the cashier needed to do was scan once again and hit a button. It was like I was asking for her kidney, she was so put upon. I left the supermarket shaking my head.

The other supermarket, the really big one with the better prices should be open in about a month. I am sure there are plenty of people that go to the nearby supermarket and also can’t wait for the other one to open. I look forward to saving money and having a better selection plus I can do without the snotty attitude of the staff at the nearby supermarket. It will be well worth the extra 15 minutes to walk to the good supermarket. Funny, here I am writing about supermarkets and the price of groceries. I feel like ‘Help Me Heloise’.

Not much going on tonight. I did hope to get a haircut this afternoon but Tony was busy and there was a long wait. Since I live a few doors down from the barbershop, I don’t sit and wait. I just walk by every now and then and hope for the best. Well that didn’t go as well as I had hoped and will probably get a haircut on Monday since they’re closed on Sunday. Ideally it would be an early morning haircut but I would be willing to get a haircut later on in the day, perhaps before they close for the night.

The bootleggers were around today and the usual bootlegger seems to have competition. Some thick necks were standing around outside while the usual bootlegger was doing his thing inside. I didn’t stick around to see what was going to happen, but it looks like the usual guy was a bit nervous when he saw the thick neck guys. There is no honor among thieves but to live outside the law you must be honest. At least that is what I heard.

Bill is off to Atlantic City tonight. I am staying home of course. I’m sure there is something worth watching on the television. That’s it. Nothing else planned. Or there is always Tumblr.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will not be posting so you should find something else to read. There are a few worthwhile blogs in the blog roll in the right hand column of this page that you are reading. Or perhaps you might do some writing. Maybe you can write some poetry, or maybe a script. Anything is possible isn’t it? Don’t just do something, sit there! Don’t worry if it’s good or bad, just do it. Let the chips fall where they may.

Tap tap tap.

An hour or so later.
I am watching Quo Vadis. I remember how much I loved biblical epics like Quo Vadis, The Robe, Demetrius and the Gladiators, King of Kings and later Jesus of Nazareth by Franco Zeffirelli. I also saw Jesus Christ Superstar both on Broadway and in the cinema (where Last Tango in Paris was playing next door). And the Ten Commandments of course. I am struck at how my religious beliefs and fervor were formed by these movies. How I wanted to believe the christians went to their deaths in the arena, singing and praying and dying with smiles on their sainted faces. And miracles and talking sun beams. Now I watch it laughing at the holiest scenes.
Forget the Vatican, give me Hollywood!
Too Late To Turn Back Now

I Second That Emotion

Oh I have the blues. It could be from it being January and the holidays are over. I don’t know. I’ve been prickly lately. That much I do know. I was out and about for a short while and did some grocery shopping and a visit to the bibliothèque. Leaving the supermarket I stopped to tie my shoe and a guy who is always asking for spare change came up to me saying that I told him I would give him change to get a cup of coffee. I didn’t say anything like that, in fact I didn’t speak to the guy at all.

He did remind me that I needed coffee so it was a trip back into the store and another wait on a long line for one item. This guy who always asks for spare change always catches me at the worst possible moment. I have snapped at him in the past but this time I held my tongue. When I was leaving the store he was gone but I did spot him on the corner talking to a construction worker who was going to give him money for coffee. I don’t think this guy drinks coffee at all.

Tonight is Chaz party. Bill can’t join us since he is driving to Atlantic City tonight. I am meeting up with Rand and Lisa and we are going to walk to the party. Previously Bill would rent a Zip Car and we would go that way, or take the Path train to Journal Square. Well there are no Path trains in Hoboken this weekend. We would have to get to the Newport Mall in Jersey City to get the train to Journal Square. Since Rand and Lisa have done the walk before, that will be the way to go tonight.

I know it will be a good time at Chaz’ party, good friends, good food. I am bringing the rest of the Guinness that I bought last week. I bought two eight packs of Guinness and brought one to Rand and Lisa’s. It’s already packed and ready to go. Of course I am not ready to go despite me running around getting ready to go. Running down the clock I guess. I just heard from Bill, some nonsense about having to swap buses as he’s travelling. He doesn’t mind and called to tell me his call later on tonight will be later than either of us expected.

I should be leaving in a little while. I am stopping by the cigar shop to pick up a cigar or two to enjoy on the walk there and back. Perhaps we will pool our money and take a taxi back to Hoboken. Perhaps we will just walk back. I don’t know. I am somewhat ambivalent, but that is probably from being inside a lot today and being alone too much. Once I am outside I should have a better frame of mind. At least that is what I am hoping for.
Voodoo Ray

I Need A Lover

Blah blah blah. Am I right? Another day, low key at best. Ran around some, did some errands. I did not go to the bibliothèque, at least not yet. There’s still time. I did request a book the other day and as of yesterday it is en route. I figured it would get here by today and since the bibliothèque closes at 8:00 tonight I still might get an email letting me know it had arrived. It’s a lot like watching paint dry. It’s been a slow going day today with the sun finally making an appearance late in the afternoon.

I was in midtown Manhattan this afternoon and ran into my friend Jesse. Jesse had news to tell me about our mutual friend Marcus. When Jesse told me this news I feared the worst. But as it turns out it wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best either. It seems that Marcus has been deported. Apparently he was in custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the past year. That is certainly too bad, but Marcus is a survivor and I am sure he will be back one way or another. He does have family here.

I told Jesse to give my best to Marcus’ family. I was soon back in Hoboken and decided to have a seat by Pier A and read. It felt funny without my guitar. I thought I would be situated to be away from my usual spot so I wouldn’t be seen by the toddlers without the guitar. As luck would have it, there they were trooping around Pier A with their minders, asking me where my guitar was, and making the motions of strumming. I told them the guitar was home sleeping but they would see it tomorrow. Too much information for their minds.

I have been playing the guitar inside and trying to remember songs by heart. Not Ann & Nancy Wilson from Heart, but by memory is what I should have written. Lately after I’ve properly butchered a song enough, I’ve been going off on musical tangents which I think sound pretty cool. I have one on a Sound Cloud and I am sure I have posted it here before, around 8 months ago. So now I have the itch to do another and I might just post a new ditty tonight. I have no idea what it will sound like.

I listened to the older song on Sound Cloud since someone I used to admire in the 1980’s started following me on the Cloud. To me I think it sounds a lot like Laraaji, someone that Brian Eno produced back in the 1970’s. Not as melodious as Laraaji of course but conceptually it’s near that neighborhood. And also perhaps a little Feelies in the mix which is probably by osmosis. Having written that I can safely say that it is nowhere near Laraaji or the Feelies. Or anything else for that matter. I guess it sounds like me.

I just did a search online for this here blog and could not find the link to the Sound Cloud. So here it is again. NSFH or NSFW, and definitely NSFD. It may cause drowsiness and alcohol intensifies the effect. Use care when using the Sound Cloud. It may cause dizziness as well. Do use caution. And now, on with the shoe.

I Know You Got Soul

Yet another fucked up day. It started out fucked up thanks to New Jersey Transit. Once again I leave the apartment on time, getting to the bus stop waiting for the 10:35 bus. By 10:40 I see nothing approaching. Another bus pulls up and I ask the driver if he has seen the 126 bus and he hasn’t and doesn’t even seem to know what the 126 bus is.

Once again I head to the Path train. It looks like it will be day three of taking the train into the city. But I spy the 126 bus at the terminal. I get on and ask what happened to the 10:35 bus, the one driven by Chief. The bus driver doesn’t seem to know. I get on board and find a seat. Sure enough at the first bus stop, the 126 bus driven by Chief passes us.

My driver seems to be a rookie, he’s driving quite slow and with people getting off the bus, he is now in Chief’s wake. We wind up following Chief on the route, even getting behind Chief as he picks up passengers while we have no one getting on or off our bus. I do the right thing and text Zack at the store to let him know once again I am running late.

I walk up the avenue to the cigar shack and see Zack who looks annoyed. He mentions that I should do more to get to the cigar shack on time, despite the fact that it is not me, but rather New Jersey Transit who is at fault. Zack says that I had better not be late for Friday. I ask what is going on Friday and apparently there is a conference call scheduled and we’re supposed to be at the cigar shack at 8:00AM.

I ask Zack if that means I would get to leave at 6:00PM and he says no. The conference call is about something that does not concern me at all, but Zack doesn’t care. As a manager, Zack is a decent poet.

There is an email from the twit down south who is organizing the conference call and I call the number posted. The twit mentions that the call could be made from home, all one needs is a phone and a computer. So I don’t have to come in at 8:00AM and work a 14 hour day. Zack is nonplussed. Unlike most managers who look out for their employees, Zack only looks out for himself, much like the possum looks out for himself while eyeing Zack’s position.

It will be a year this weekend that Marcus announced he was leaving the cigar shack and Zack was being promoted. It will be a year that I congratulated Zack and wished Marcus well while the possum turned beet red with envy and resentment, thinking that he might have been next in line instead of Zack. Zack noticed the possum’s color that May 12th, but now it seems Zack is safely ensconced in the marsupial pouch.

waiting for Orpheus

Talking Heads – Road To Nowhere
Thank you Obama.

I Keep On Lovin’ You

Back at the cigar shack and writing on the fly. Tonight I go to where eagles dare. Specifically I am going to the Eagle to drum up business for the cigar shack vis a vis the gay community. Hello bears, hey there leathermen, come with me to the man cave in midtown. It should make for an interesting night.

The weather seems better than predicted so it shouldn’t be so bad. I am able to leave the cigar shack a half hour early since the goddamned aerie is not easily accessible to public transportation. One part of me suggests taking a cab from 111th Ave to the nest and other part of me says take the train down to Chelsea and perhaps catch a crosstown bus.

Already I am planning my escape route, a cabbage from the Eagle to the Path train. That’s what I did last time and it seemed to have worked out fine, so why shouldn’t it tonight?

Today was also the day that Zack wanted my progress report back. They were handed out at the staph meeting and we were told to look them over and make some comments or suggestions on how we can improve ourselves. Well the thing is I agreed with the majority of what Zack had to say and decided on a more aggressive response.

My faux Zen outlook hasn’t served me well so I suppose being a cutthroat like my coworkers might be the way to go. So far it has served me somewhat well. Things seem to be getting back to what passes for normal both here and in the outside world.

Thomas is hovering around like a gnat from time to time, watching what it is that I write, or what websites I visit. Usually when that happens I shut everything down, clear the history cache and move away from the computer so that he can send yet another email to his girlfriend.

Keeping in mind that he is a mere 25 I can only make sure he has enough rope. It promises to be a swinging party.

On the bus this morning I listened to Charles Trenet singing La Mer. AT work shortly after I came in it was Michael Buble singing Beyond the Sea. Right now near the cigar shack, Time Magazine and it’s 100 Influential Doorknobs is going on. Cardinal Dolan is expected. Will his presence bring about a ‘sic semper tyrannis’ moment? One could hope.

I am leavbing in less than an hour. Did not expect to be able to write all this but here I did it. Close to 500, not the usual 600 as I’ve been doing lately. Thomas returns, the hovering will start so an abrupt end is expected.

Talking Heads Naked is playing. Didn’t care for it much when it came out, but after seeing Buena Vista Soical Club and developing a taste for Latin Rhythms, I finally got it, once again too late really. heading out soon enough. Weather permitting.

Back home now. Was it worthwhile? Hard to say, only time will tell.

back to the PATH

01 Pop Muzik
Persona non grata, that’s me!

I Just Fall In Love Again

Home again. A long day but wasn’t so bad. I did have to take a Xanax such was my anxiety. I was working with Zack and Thomas and Zack has been alright, and Thomas is becoming easier to ignore, but I am sure the Xanax helped. Yesterday Thomas told me of a very fine pineapple upside down Vegan cake which was good. Then he told me again about 2 hours later, and I reminded him that he had told me about it already. He seemed put off but though I do like repetition in music and art, in conversation I do not like it at all.

The same goes for religion. When I was growing up I couldn’t stand the fact that they told the same old stories over and over again. It seemed so pointless and stupid though it did point the way out of the hole that religion is to me. I did have bouts of religious fervor growing up, but not enough. In Fifth grade, when the priests came to my class trying to recruit altar boys, all the boys raised their hands but me.

I had two older brothers who were altar boys and seeing the schedules that they had, having to get up dreadfully early on Sundays did not make sense to me. Plus the fact that my mother would toil in the basement making sure their cassocks where cleaned and pressed did not appeal to me in the slightest.

Getting a few dollars for standing next to a priest for weddings for funerals wasn’t worth it for me, so I opted out. My classmates who did raise their hands asked why didn’t I join them and I explained that I like to sleep in on weekends. I don’t know how many made it through the year and frankly, I didn’t care.

In the 1970’s my father saw the Exorcist and forbade anyone in the family from seeing it. A few years later he saw The Omen and that seemed to be alright. I was too young to get into an R rated movie, but I did sneak in once after another movie, and saw Lee Remick take a tumble off a balcony at the top of the stairs thanks to her devil child on a tricycle.

I did read the book and was captivated and terrified. One Saturday evening I was so taken by the book I convinced my mother that we needed to go to confession as soon as possible.

We hopped in the car and drove to Sacred Heart church in Rochelle Park and got in line for confession. I went first and said my usual, ‘Bless me father, I have lied and I and have sinned and I swore’. Same reasons every time. I did my penance, Holy Mary’s, Our Fathers and whatever else and waited for my mother.

Apparently she told the priest in the confessional that it was my idea to go to confession which got the priest all excited as well as my mother. Perhaps they thought I would be a priest. On the way home my mother asked me what made me want to go to confession so badly and I told her about The Omen book which was a big letdown for her.

She must have thought I received the call to the priesthood and here I was in the grip of a Hollywood adaptation of a second rate novel. No priesthood for me, the call went unanswered and went straight to voicemail. Still haven’t checked it, but why bother? I changed that number ages ago.

she took my picture so I took hers

Last Goodbye

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

“Are they REALLY like that Mommy? All of Them?” the little girl asked her mother. Her mother responded, “Yes Lisa. They are ALL idiots” Just a conversation I heard on the way in to work a while back. Little did I know how often Lisa’s mother’s response would have an effect on how things are seen and unseen throughout the day, throughout the week and even throughout the month.

I don’t know how a conversation I overheard last year plays into this, but I did write it down on the moleskine that dear old Jimmy Seltzer gave me, around the same time as the little girl and her mother had that little chat. I have to admit hearing the chat did bring a smile to my face.

Glad to be home, it’s been a long day. Four guys on the floor makes for a feeding frenzy. I sidestepped it and decided to take care of my section of the humidor as well as polishing up some very expensive pens that looked like shit.

I had a customer the other day who was looking at the pens and I have to admit I was embarrassed at how they looked. A bit tarnished and covered with fingerprints. So elbow grease was my initial method of cleaning and I thought I had done a good job.

Sales went on behind me, Jerry Vale and Thomas getting the sales mainly. Bradley lurked in the background, doing his very best to be the guy in charge. I was the guy polishing. A few customers had come in and mainly hung out by the registers chatting with whomever was behind the counter. If I wasn’t on the floor polishing pens, I would be in the humidor, stocking the shelves, making sure all the cigar labels were facing the correct way.

For some reason, no one told Thomas that his zipper was open and it was open for about an hour. He’s usually so careful about how he looks, the fact that he overlooked this one very small detail brought a few giggles among the customers. I don’t think anyone told him anything and I don’t think he brought it up, but after leaving the bathroom things were as they should be, relatively speaking.

Jerry Vale has been great lately. Personable as ever, the customers have taken a shine to him and he engages them in very long conversations most of the time. I can only guess that Jerry Vale talks about cigars mainly since he usually winds up selling them the very cigars that were talked about.

For me, today it was another day back at the cigar shack. No more Mister Nice Guy. If I hit my goal and a co-worker is struggling, that’s just too damn bad. I never minded helping out my co-workers in the past, but that has passed. It seems my kindness was mistaken for weakness. That isn’t going to happen anymore.

Yesterday was basking in the afterglow of the wonderful Maxwells trip. And a trip it was, at least tales told of tripping occurred. How psilocybin was all over the place one night in the 1980’s. How Martin was behind the bar with a choice stem in his mouth, how Ben was flying that night while working the door. Though I had the supply I was not indulging, just allowing everyone else to get their fill.

1-02 It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Diffe

I Honor U

OK. Last night I was really bitter when I wrote what I wrote. No regrets. In fact I even went so far as to title the entry as ‘Bitter’. And I went to bed bitter. I woke up depressed. Filled with despair. After a shower and some coffee I went to drop off some shirts at the dry cleaners and then a trip to the supermarket where my favorite cashier, Isis was grouchy and unavailable.

There is a new manager in the supermarket and she might have forced Isis to close her lane early, leading to Isis being very much a sourpuss. I came home, had some breakfast and did some laundry. Still the day was edged with the blues, very dark blues.

During one of the laundry cycles my phone rang and saw it was the cigar shack, the source of my depression. I did not take the call and it went to voice mail. Then I made the mistake of checking the voice mail.

Once again, a day off that was scheduled is going to be rescinded since ‘someone’ has to work while Bradley & Thomas host an event at a nearby overpriced steakhouse, paired with cigars at the shack. It was upsetting. I didn’t do anything, I didn’t call back. I will deal with it tomorrow when I return to the cigar shack. I’ll be working with Zack and Bradley who will have come back after having 5 days off. I will wait for whomever to bring it up.

The dismal sunny day continued and I finally gave in and had a Xanax. It’s been months since I last took one it did the job. Taking the edge off of everything and leaving everything dull and sleepy. I walked around Hoboken, looking for a new watch band.

The old one that I got with my Timex a while ago was leather and finally falling apart through wear and tear. It was being held together by rubber bands I was starting to find that unsightly. I remembered a store on First Street in Hoboken and walked over there only to find they moved a block and a half away.

They rented space in a building that used to be warehouse, now it’s mainly where some friends and artists and craftspeople have their studios and workspaces. I asked if they had watch bands and had to explain what I meant. They showed me what they had which was quite meager at best.

Since I was down by the Path train I opted to head into the city, just a quick jaunt. I notice that a lot of shoe repair places also have watch bands and will even put them on the watch which seemed unlikely from the store in Hoboken. I found one near where my friend Jesse works and got my old watch band replaced after saying a hearty hello to Jesse.

Then I just hopped on the bus back to Hoboken, spending more time traveling in and out of the city than actually being in the city.

Came home and took a nap which seemed to have put me right, leaving me to think I should have just taken a nap after waking up this morning.

07 Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy

I Don’t Want You Back (Fuck It!)

I just don’t really understand it, it seems to be a time thing. This time last year I was feeling very much the same only not as intense as I feel now. Last year was a time of uncertainty and nit still is and like last year I am subject to the whims of the universe and man are they kicking my ass.

It is affecting my sleep, at least last night it did. I can’t seem to shut off my brain which leaves me to lay in bed, listening to air escaping from Bill’s sleep apnea mask which is better than his snoring. I went to bed at a decent hour and closed my eyes and tossed and turned and then after about 30 minutes got out of bed, took 2 melatonin tablets and surfed the net for about 20 minutes.

Then I went back to bed and waited for the melatonin tablets to kick in. I guess they did since I did do something resembling sleep, but I wouldn’t call it restful and I wouldn’t say nit was enough. Bill kissed me goodbye saying all the nice things he usually does and I couldn’t even open my eyes. I did speak to him but I really don’t know what we were talking about or even if we were talking about anything besides the usual morning ‘I Love You’.

He left and I stayed in bed eventually getting out about an hour later. Then it was the same thing, shower, coffee, cereal. I was out again on Washington Street waiting for the bus, oblivious to most everything and feeling a few steps behind everyone else in the world.

Neighbor Deborah got on at the next stop and since I didn’t see her in about a week I chewed her ear off. It was quite an interesting story and funny thanks to the spin I put on it. The story consumed the entire bus ride into the city and she was sympathetic as well as supportive, reminding me of a possibility next month which we had discussed in the past.

I got to the cigar shack area and killed sometime before heading in. It was Thomas and Frank Burns (who really does look like a possum when he does not wear his eyeglasses and eats) at the controls. It was fairly busy today so there wasn’t much time to get in each other’s way.

At lunch time I planned on sitting on that bench near the park but found it to be too cold so I went back to the man cave and sat and read the New Yorker (Food Issue- yawn) and Mojo Magazine which wasn’t as engrossing as I hoped. Jimmy Seltzer made an appearance as did My Friend My Friend.

Now it’s just Thomas and I and we are actually doing things. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a long day with a staff meeting at the end of a 10 hour shift. Jerry Vale, Zack, Frank Burns, Thomas and I. Should be a nightmare, at least. I don’t think I will post tomorrow so I will post on Sunday instead.

I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’

It’s Friday for some, for most, for me it’s just another day. It was an alright day overall. I slept well and even though there was a snow storm outside, it didn’t really bother me too much. I took my time getting myself together, a slow easy breakfast, a nice hot shower, a few cups of coffee. I also watched both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report recorded from last night. Both were very good, very funny.

A walk to the bus stop, smoking a nice cigar. It found shelter from the snowfall underneath an awning, away from the other commuters. My bus pulled up and I got on, staring out the window as the snow fell. It was falling hard enough that I couldn’t see the Palisades or make out Troy Towers as we approached the Lincoln Tunnel.

It was the last I saw of the sky for a while since once I got into Manhattan it was off the bus, walk through the bus terminal, down the escalator to the subway and finally getting on a train that dropped me off by the cigar shop.

I was soon inside from the cigar shop after picking up the latest Mojo and Uncut magazines nearby. An annoying fact- in the UK, Uncut features Roxy Music on the cover. Here in the states, it’s the Allman Brothers. I would much rather look at Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay rather than Gregg, Duane & Dickey and the other geezers. But Roxy is unknown mostly in the US, whereas a few dead guys from Macon GA are more recognizable.

The day went alright, Marcus in for half a day, Calvin and the not so brain dead Bradley for the rest of the day. Fred the other part timer came in later in the day. We got along fine, all of us. Many jokes made. Due to the snowstorm, the back room man cave filled up and filled with smoke. It was too crowded to sit back there and enjoy a cigar myself on my lunch hour so I opted out.

By the time it was my lunch it had stopped snowing so I went to a nearby diner and had a decent lunch. It was Friday after all. The afternoon didn’t move as fast as I would have liked but it wasn’t exactly crawling.

Not much was done in the sales department. Calvin left at his appointed hour and left the Bradley and Fred and myself to man the shop. It was going well between the three of us.

Around 8:15 a well-dressed customer came in and I complimented her on her tie. I then asked if there was anything I could do to help her and she mentioned she was interested in lighters. I got the keys and opened the showcase and showed her the lighters, expensive lighters.

But she was vague and said she wanted a thin lighter. So I show her the thin lighters and she’s hemming and hawing as if she was waiting for SAVAK to leave the rest room. I show her some newer lighters, still expensive and this disappoints the shopper, since none of the lighters I show her are gold.

With a heavy sigh she says she’ll take the black lighter. Then she wants to see some cigars so I show her into the humidor. She doesn’t know what she wants, something mild, something light, something expensive.

Nothing was good enough for her so with yet another sigh she eventually decides on 2 cigars which weren’t as expensive as she would have liked, but the really expensive cigar I did show her was too hard for her delicate fingers.

It wasn’t over yet, she wanted to see some expensive ashtrays so I show her what was expensive enough and I try to explain a certain ashtray, built for cigars with an adjustable sliding part for the cigar. Not good enough for this woman, so she decided the cigars and the lighter were enough.

As I ring up Sardar Biglari’s items, she asks if I ever worked retail before. I explained that I did, I worked for Farfetched downtown. She asks if it was a high end shop and I said no, it had the common touch. Then she goes I might want to work on my selling skills in a high end shop.

Then the daughter of a friend of the Shah, this former rug seller, turns on her heel and walks out the door leaving me in hysterics and giving the Bradley and Fred and I enough material to get through the rest of the hour with many jokes to be said about Miss Cardoor Hellolarry.

She proves, though you might have money, you will always be an asshole.

das Frau Sardinaaaarrrgh.