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Updated 9:32PM
Well today is the day off. Next one is Sunday. Last night was a quiet night. Just spent time chilling out. Watched TV of course. Bill came home close to the end of the finale of Nurse Jackie.

He had major drama at work and proceeded to tell me all about it. I paused the DVR as he explained what happened in great detail. Quite an interesting story, but it’s his story and not mine. He went to bed soon after that and I stayed up and watched the Simpsons.

Then I went to bed and did not have an easy night of sleep. The weather has cooled considerably so the windows were open, allowing me to hear the smashing of bottles that were being picked up for recycling. The dreams I had were strange, and maybe a bit violent. I did sleep for about 8 hours though and that was OK.

Felt a bit unmoored, not knowing what to do. I knew enough to have breakfast after I showered. Caught the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, both of which I hardly ever watch anymore. I did have tickets for the Colbert Report taping last night but had to return them since I wasn’t able to go, being employed and all.

I started a playlist for the shop and headed out with about 50 songs on the list. I went to T-Mobile since I’ve been having problems with my sending of pictures to Facebook, to my email, and even to my cellphone.

I was on the phone with T-Mobile the past two days and followed their instructions, including if all else fails, go to a T-Mobile store. So I went to the one on Washington Street. I dealt with Laura who talked with an Eastern European accent.

She mentioned that I might need a new SIM card and she wouldn’t charge me for it. I was surprised that she would even consider charging me for the SIM card since the phone is relatively new, having only gotten it in December.

I mentioned that the customer service on the phone never mentioned it and as I said that she cut me off. She kept doing that, I guess she was expecting me to shut up. I don’t do that, I keep talking about what I was saying.

She’s been doing this for six years she said so she knew all about these types of things. She also mentioned that she had a smart phone and never had the type of problem, including losing a network immediately after a phone call.

The new SIM card seemed to have done the trick. I thanked her in what I thought was her original language, Russian- спасибо! She smirked and said she was Albanian but knew what I meant. She certainly wasn’t a charming salesperson like I try to be at the cigar shop.

I walked over to the Guitar Bar and saw Mister Wonderful, Jim Mastro. He asked me how the job was going and I told him despite some initial feeling of confusion and a general not knowing what the hell I was doing, it was getting a lot better.

He asked if I was getting psyched for the party next month and for a minute I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then I figured it out. He mentioned that his daughters Lily and Ruby were working on a set list. I headed out of there since Jim was dealing with a customer who was playing a bass quite loudly for my ears.

Walked back up to Washington Street and started taking cellphone pics of various flowers, just to see if the camera was working. Decided to walk up to Eleventh Street and listened to the playlist on the iPod. Sounded fine to me.

Headed to the supermarket to get some groceries and cash in a rain check from April before it expired. When I came home and looked over the receipt which seemed a bit odd and it was off. They over charged me and I called up the store who told me to come back for the refund.

Ran into Julio who was running home on his lunch hour and chatted for a few minutes before it started to rain. Dropped off and picked up some dry cleaning for Bill and myself. Came home and added a lot more songs to the playlist which runs from pop, R&B, some hip hop and even opera and rock and roll.

At last count it’s 12 hours long and has 176 songs in it. I hope it goes over well. And if it doesn’t I will try not to take it personally like I used to at Farfetched.

Back to work tomorrow, early shift, then Friday and Saturday I get the late shift. Off on Sunday, for which I hope will have good weather.

Update: I had a letter to the Editor published in the NY Daily News again on June 2, a reaction to a letter regarding Memorial Day.

They also serve II
Hoboken, N.J.: It’s a shame that what seemed to be Voicer Bill Lynch’s heartfelt sentiment regarding Memorial Day was cheapened by his politicizing and liberal-bashing. Liberals have fought and died for this country. And the ACLU will defend his civil liberties should they become endangered.

That’s Alright, Mama

It’s Friday which is a good day for the employed, and yet another day for those who aren’t. No hard feelings here though. I get disgruntled that places that were fairly free of people when the weather is nice are crowded on weekends since the employed come out in droves. I suppose they’re entitled.

Last night Juan came over at a decent hour, he, Bill and I watched The Office and 30 Rock. Well Juan made it for 30 Rock. Both were hilarious, 30 Rock won the funny prize due the High Definition gimmick. It was a good hang.

Juan made connections with some of his friends so he flew the coop around 11:00, after Bill had gone to sleep. I stayed up until maybe 1:00, getting caught up in Craig Ferguson again. He’s so much funnier that Jimmy Fallon.

Whereas Jimmy Fallon struggles with the script and cue cards, coming off as wooden, Craig Ferguson seems to go off the top of his head with usually hilarious results. After that, bedtime for me. Slept really well.

Interesting thing, when Bill left and when I opened my eyes intermittently everything was tinted emerald green. I’d blink and it would go away. Just something interesting. Woke up and walked around Hoboken a bit.

A stop at Radio Shack to see about a cable for the iPods that I’ll be using at the benefit on December 13. Carson, the DJ said they would have it but as it turned out Radio Shack didn’t. I rushed home because my new, free cellphone was due to arrive via UPS. I made it in time for the phone to be delivered an hour later.

It was a nice enough day to go out and play guitar so I headed out to Pier A, after dropping off the loaner phone at the T Mobile store. It was a bit colder than I expected and only stayed out there for about 45 minutes.

Juan called at that time, as I was packing up. He was in Union City after coming back from Hackensack Hospital for a full body scan. Now he was doing laundry which I set about doing once I got back to the apartment.

While I was doing my laundry I called Juan while his clothes were drying for what turned out to be quite a funny phone call, almost an hour long. Very black humor topped with Juan’s mockney Cockney. But that had to end as I was soon off to meet up with Bill at an optician/hearing center.

He was having his ears checked out and I decided to check out some frames. My present pair of glasses fell apart the other morning and that was a lot of fun, trying to reassemble them without being able to see properly, but I somehow managed to get the screw in the hole via tweezers. It was a sight to see, if only I could see.

Would have made a good YouTube video I’m sure. I did find a nice pair of Ray Bans at a decent price which Bill said looked good on my face. He took a picture so I could see for myself and I think he was right. One of these days I’m going to get a new prescription.

Now I’m just hanging out with Bill, waiting to hear from Julio, who’s supposed to call when Alexander comes home. I just want to see him before Stine & Alexander fly off to Denmark tomorrow.

That’s it for the night. Just hanging out. Plain and simple like a pimple. And both Bill & I are are happy with that.


Wedding Bell Blues

OK, when I left off last night I was meeting Lisa De Falco for a conversation about me becoming a realtor. In my case it would probably be surrealtor, but that’s besides the point. Lisa called as I was writing at 6:00 and told her I would call when I was on my way.

I finished off the blog entry and got my act together and headed down the stairs. I pulled out the cellphone to find nothing. It stopped working. Panic. I had a phone interview for a job this morning at 10:00 and here I am the night before without a phone.

I walk over to Arf where Lisa was working and meet up with her. The plan to have coffee fell by the wayside and we opted for a walk. Lisa pulled out her cellphone and was able to call me but the connection was quite weak.

We decided to walk over to the T Mobile store and see what they could do. They usually treated me shabbily there so I wasn’t too optimistic. But to my surprise they were quite helpful and gave me a loaner phone for 14 days. I was grateful and told them so and Lisa and I continued on the walk around Hoboken.

Lisa, by the way looks fantastic. Lost many pounds due to gastric bypass surgery. We discussed the real estate license and she mentioned that I would need to drive which put an end to that subject. I don’t drive and won’t drive. Case closed. No big deal, it was just an idea.

Still Lisa and I had a great time walking around discussing life and things for an hour or two. Called T Mobile after we parted and got the run around. Called up Bill at his job and I was irate and curt that he couldn’t help me fast enough.

I was a douche bag and apologized when I got home. Thought that would be the end of it but it wasn’t. T Mobile gave me the run around a few more times before I was able to snag a free phone since I’ve been a loyal customer for 8 years.

Of course I had to re-up my contract for 2 more years but hey, thems the breaks for a free phone. Bill and I had a major row when he got home. My apology was not accepted, and me playing guitar in the kitchen, to welcome him with a song, and the dinner I cooked for him wasn’t enough.

His raised voice, his palpable fury, versus my calm reasoning. It went on for a couple of hours and things did get better. We hugged and kissed. Despite the making up, I didn’t sleep well and I don’t think it was because of him.

And then there is Juan, who has been possibly diagnosed with kidney cancer. Biopsies are in the works. He was in a car accident over the weekend and wasn’t really hurt though his ribs ached. X Rays were taken and a swollen lymph node in his lungs was detected.

Further investigation indicated that the kidney cancer may have spread to his lungs. Still he has the spirit and the wherewithal to fight it. I of course am on his side, and willing to jump off the wagon should the need for herbage come into play. Just gimme a reason!

Now I am off to the Times Square protest. And now I am back from the protest in Times Square. A bit soggy, a bit hoarse but glad to stand up with Bill for our brothers and sisters in New York. It was a decent turnout despite the rain, about 300 people turned up. There were 2 other protests going on as well, one was against Obama sending 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan and another was protesting against US interference in Iran.

Busy night for the NYPD but it was worth it in our case. We marched for California and we sure as hell
could march for our brothers and sisters in New York State. Civil rights, equal rights, not special rights.

The phone call interview went well and I have another interview, in person scheduled for Monday. Had to break the news that I was a college drop out from Upsala College in 1982 since my mom had fallen ill and I had to take care of her.

Also had another weird cannabis free dream last night. Annemarie and Bill were in it. It started outside the office building where I worked and was asked to participate in a photo shoot downtown which happened to be the spot where the Mudd Club used to be.

12.2.09 Times Sq Protest 003

Fly the Rainbow Flag!

Fly the Rainbow Flag!

12.2.09 Times Sq Protest 006

12.2.09 Times Sq Protest 009

The US out of Afghanistan rally

The US out of Afghanistan rally

Andres Duque of Blabbeando

Andres Duque of Blabbeando

Down From Dover

It’s a late Friday posting. And what a day it’s been. No word from Harpy all day so I guess I’m on his shit list. I couldn’t tell you if it’s a long list or a short list or even if there is a list at all.

Still he’s back in the good graces of Susan and so I guess I’m out of his good graces, or graces period. A gray cloud of Harpiness hung overhead through most of my day.

I did enjoy sleeping until 9:00 this morning, woke up checked some email and found I had a new T Mobile bill. A bill that is over twice the usual amount. Apparently according to them I went over my 600 anytime minutes.

I suppose that was possible since there was a few long calls with Harpy before 9:00 and I found out today that mobile to mobile calls aren’t free. And a few long calls with my brother Frank during daytime hours too.

Plus a $9.99 text charge which more than likely came from the ‘IQ’ test I took via Facebook and had the answer sent to my phone. Apparently having an ‘IQ’ of ‘145’ isn’t smart enough to outfox a texting scam like that so be forewarned and learn from my mistake.

So a part of my morning was arguing with Tiffany and Chris from T Mobile. Actually there was no arguing, it was me venting as I drank my first cups of coffee and Chris and Tiffany thanking me and apologizing.

It was a drizzly gray morning as I did my laundry which now hangs on racks and in the bathroom drying in the dampness. I had a plan to meet up with Mr. & Mrs. Casey Chasm this afternoon. Casey Chasm asked if I liked lasagna and I said I sure did.

Around 1:30 it was still drizzling out as I headed over to the Chasm residence. It wasn’t so bad when I left my building but as I walked a few doors up the block, the sky opened up and I reached for my umbrella which didn’t do any good besides keeping my upper torso and head relatively dry.

Everything below the waist was wet. I needed to run to CVS and when I left CVS it was still pissing out. I decided the best thing to do would be to head home since the sneakers, socks and blue jeans I was wearing were quite soaked. Up four flights of stairs for a quick change and then I was out on the street again where it had stopped raining.

I hung out with Mr and Mrs Chasm, chatting. They even got me to play Wii which I did for the first time. I did good on bowling, on tennis I won over Mr Chasm though Mrs Chasm wiped the virtual tennis courts with Johnno’s body.

Then came boxing and it wasn’t foxy boxing to my chagrin. Casey Chasm went easy on me but my left uppercut was most ineffectual which was understandable since I didn’t think an uppercut was actually possible.

He set the Wii for training after a practice round, me throwing punches all arms akimbo, Casey Chasm all tight and controlled. I was getting hungry, looking forward to some lasagna when Bill called.

His mother was being moved from Beth Israel hospital to a center on Roosevelt Island. He asked if I could go with him and of course I said yes. I made a hasty exit from the Chasm abode and on my way home had a slice of lackluster pizza which while filling couldn’t compare to homemade lasagna.

I went home again, up four flights again and unloaded some crap and got some new crap. I needed something to read since I was going to be back on the bus on a late afternoon on Friday.

That meant some rush hour traffic which like last time, brought me closer to 34th street rather than 42nd street where the bus terminal is. Two other passengers and myself persuaded the drive to let us off on 35th street and I once again navigated the crowds milling towards either the bus terminal or Penn Station.

I got to Bill’s office building and he came down a minute or so later. We then caught an F train to Roosevelt Island. The plan was to have Bill and I there at the facility when he mother arrived, to have two friendly faces to make her transition a little bit easier.

We got there a little after 6:00 and waited for nearly two hours when we found out that Bill’s mother wasn’t going to be transferred tonight after all. Bill handled that news admirably and we had a pleasant walk to the Tram which we took back to Manhattan.

I had never been to Roosevelt Island so I took a few snapshots.







from the Tram

from the Tram

We got off the Tram on 59th street and would have walked back to the bus terminal smoking our cigars, but of course that wasn’t going to happen since it was raining once again. We rode the subway to the bus terminal and caught a waiting bus. And now we’re here. The day ended better than it began oddly enough.

Where are you?

Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)

Ok, it’s Thursday. Not much to report. Maybe I could make something up. No, not tonight. I’ll give you some mundane details. I promise, I’ll write some fiction soon enough. Until then some non fiction, some of my life. A pound of flesh for you dear reader.

Last night, I found the couch. It was buried under clothes and mail and Mojo and Uncut magazines as well as a songbook or two. Bill did a decent job in cleaning the apartment. It still has a way to go, but it’s a step in the right direction.

You’d think, two gay men living together, the place must be immaculate. Well that goes to show, you can’t trust stereotypes. I’ve always had a problem keeping things neat and orderly, and with Bill around I’ve surrendered to the chaos that surrounds us.

Normally if Annemarie, Rex and Earl were coming this summer we’d make an effort, perhaps even hire a cleaning lady to come in and do the things that we can’t seem to figure out to do ourselves.

We did that last year and talked about having her come every now and then, but we had more money last year and the Arcata contingent were headed east. Not so this year. It’s ok. Juan doesn’t mind.

He’s a college student so it all seems somewhat homey to him. He just sits in the couch and we watch the tv and get jazzy. Last night was the same only no Juan and I was doing a jazz solo.

Bill came back from the laundry and we watched Keith Olbermann then after that watched Dave Chappelle who was very funny, funnier than Keith Olbermann. After that, sleep. Bill was out at 6:00 and I stirred soon after getting out of bed myself.

Lot’s more people on the bus lately. Too many, and they all take my favorite seats. They always give the Hoboken run the worst buses, and this morning was no different.

I got off the bus, listening to Orbital as I picked up my free newspapers and walked to Smilers for my breakfast sandwich from West Indian Tony. Tony of course, asked all about Bill. He never asks about me, I guess that because I’m in front of him and by being there I must be alright. West Indian Tony can also predict the weather by how much his knees ache.

As I walked up Fifth Avenue I ran into a former co-worker. Daniel Begin, who set up a successful hedge fund which was also legal, and that’s rare these days. Nice guy, a fellow atheist and quite an intellectual from Israel.

I saw him last summer in Central Park with his wife and kids. It was awkward since I was beat from riding from Hoboken to the George Washington Bridge over and down to Central Park. Plus my eyes were a little bloodshot from a quick jazz improvisation off the bike path.

Not this morning though. We exchanged pleasantries and business cards and we were both on our separate ways. He asked me to tell my boss, Greg Stevens that he had said hello. Greg remarked that I always seem to be bumping into former co-workers and it’s true I do.

I saw the former head of Wanker Banker this morning too. His new company is across the street from my building so I see him fairly often.

Work was slow today. I had to see a vendor, someone who is trying to get my company signed up with her mobile phone service. They never take no for an answer and I was pigeonholed. She was nice and most guys that aren’t gay would love to spend time with her. Me? I just told her some horror stories about cellphone service, she works for T-Mobile which is my carrier.

She listened politely while telling me more and more about how the Blackberries she is promoting are the very best and give good value. I think deep down she knew she wasn’t going to get anything from me, everyone already has a Blackberry with their own service and they aren’t about to switch.

I told her I would bring it up at the next budget meeting next week, which isn’t going to happen. I did get her name which is the title of this post. After that was my special Thursday lunch, penne, pesto and chicken. I was quite a gavone while I ate.

Walked to the bus terminal after work listening to Public Enemy, then I saw a t-shirt that said ‘Never Stop’ so I switched over to Echo and the Bunnymen. Sat in a crappy seat and read ‘Tweak’ by Nic Sheff, the son of David Sheff who wrote the last book I read, ‘Beautiful Boy’ about his son’s addiction to methamphetamine. This is even more harrowing since it’s written by the junkie son. It’s a sad story.