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Nicotine & Gravy

I guess it’s Friday. It must have been. I had an appointment to get some blood drawn to check out my cholesterol levels. It was a painless procedure but of course I didn’t watch.

I got there early and was out even before my scheduled appointment was to begin. It was a Path train ride to Journal Square.

I had enough time to check out a soul cover band doing Ain’t Nobody by Rufus and an instrumental version of Mercy Mercy Me by Marvin Gaye for a lunchtime show on the plaza. I decided to take the Path train back to Pavonia/Newport where I checked out the Newport Mall.

Some Israeli woman was doing her best to hard sell me some hand softening lotion made from some Dead Sea salts. It was on sale, marked down from $80.00 a jar to $40.00 a jar.

I explained I was unemployed as she washed the Dead Sea salts from my hands. They were softer than before I guess, but I wasn’t such a soft touch myself.

I bought some shorts a shirt and some underwear, all on sale. And some dress socks, the ones I like. Thick and thin ribbed, over the calf. Now all I need is a job to wear them under my suits.

But that’s not going to kick in full gear until October. I’m looking but things are barren out there.

I did make it home minutes before the skies opened up and the rain fell in a deluge. It was like that for about 30 minutes before eventually stopping. The rain cleared out the hummus leaving things nice and cool.

Now it’s been raining intermittently about every half hour. Which makes it cool outside but you have to close the windows which makes it stuffy inside. Presently it’s cloudy and the sky is the color of orange sherbert over Jersey City Heights.

Last night was a walk to Sinatra Park where I met up with Rand & Lisa while Swingadelic played. I finally saw Swingadelic live and they were OK. Nothing to write home about.

Rand, Lisa and I strolled up the river towards 11th Street. I expected a crowd outside of McSwells since Mitch Easter was playing, but Roda came out and said there was probably 30 people in the back room.

I opted to just go home since it was so humid out and I was very sweaty. It’s too bad for Mitch Easter but then again I only really liked the Let’s Active EP that came out 26 years ago and excepting the album Cypress that came out a year later I have no idea what he’s been up to and I guess I didn’t care enough to have a look see.

I’ll never know if it was my loss or not.

Now it’s 7:40, Bill is taking a nap, asking me to wake him up in 3 hours which seems odd but he reckons that he’ll know then whether or not to keep on sleeping or wake up for an hour or so.

Don’t try to figure him out, I gave up years ago.


Too Hot

Yes it’s hot again. I think it’s Wednesday. Been taking it easy, walking out of the sunshine. Have done much of anything except looking at jobs online. Slim pickings.

Too hot to do much of anything. I did some laundry since I’ve been going through t-shirts quite a bit. That was productive, and so is writing this.

That’s two constructive things I’ve done today.

I went and sat by the river this afternoon and read Uncut magazine. Beautiful day, especially when under a tree.

Not a very good issue pf Uncut so far. Best thing in it was an interview with Quincy Jones about Michael Jackson. It seems like a slapdash issue that was years in the making, basically a compiling of clips of people who may have been somehow related to the Beatles in one way or another.

Not as interesting as I would have hoped and I’ve only just started it.

Last night I paid a short visit to the Chasms. Haven’t seen Casey and the missus in a while. They’re moving to Vermont. That’s too bad. I’m going to miss seeing them. But things being what they are, Casey will probably do better in Vermont than in this metropolitan area.

The sun is setting now, over the Jersey City heights, things should cool down a degree or two. No walk with Julio since he’s flying tomorrow and probably has some packing to do. I may go for a walk myself, there is music in the park, Swingadelic.

Dave Post is in that band, he’s one of the owners of McSwells. I’ve never seen them and they play every Monday night there, but it is a lot cooler inside on the top floor with a breeze coming in than it is on the street. No breeze and a crowd of people. Staying indoors seems more likely.

And there are no mosquitoes here.

Bill is here in the air conditioned bedroom on a conference call. It’s been a lazy summer day turning into a lazy summer night.

Right now Keith Olbermann is on, but I don;t think for much longer. Too much time spent online, reading about Barney Frank and the health care option. My sock puppets were busy most of the day.

But Olbermann has me on the hook right now. He’s saying the things I believe in. Things that make sense and aren’t talking points from an insurance lobbying group like Americans for Prosperity.

And as well as healthcare the chat online was also about bringing firearms to Town Hall meetings. Meetings that are hosted by the President.

And certain wing nuts are screaming that their second amendment rights are being violated by preventing entry. These are the people that are afraid of the ‘death panels’, and the inherent socialism in the Obama administration.

But Barney Frank is a hero to thousands today and probably thousands more hate him even more than ever.

I know, my sock puppets had a few things to say about it at various discussion groups on some newspaper websites.