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I Hadn’t Anyone Till You

A day off again and it’s been quite nice so far. I slept in, later than I expected but figured why not? I had nowhere to go and no one to see. Actually I did have places to go and there were people to see.

Last night after writing I watched The Great Ziegfeld. I had never seen it before and it was entertaining. Big sets, William Powell, Fanny Brice and stage and dance numbers that I thought were choreographed by Busby Berkeley. Very elaborate scenes were created by Seymour Felix.

It’s the type of movie my mother probably loved. Glitz, glamor and Hollywood, or in this case, Hollywood’s version of Broadway. It was quite a long movie on Turner Classic Movies and I didn’t watch the whole thing, opting to go to bed at 1:30.

I didn’t wake up to anything on the radio since the clock radio also had the day off. I roused myself out of bed and showered, made some coffee. On my days off I do like to have eggs for breakfast and that meant I needed to go out and get some eggs. And bagels. And the paper.

On my way out I gathered up the mail I collected for Julio & Stine and dropped it off. I spoke with Julio yesterday and he complained he was sick. Alexander had gotten sick in Denmark as did his grandmother. Some type of flu. They all recovered and Julio had gone to work when I stopped by.

I sat with Stine and Alexander for a little while, while Alexander played with his Play-Doh, making ‘snakes’. His vocabulary has gotten bigger, and his English was very good. According to Stine when he was in Denmark, he spoke nothing but Danish, as he speaks to his mother in her native tongue all the time. When Alexander saw me, he switched to English. And he is still the cute lad.

After leaving Stine & Alexander I walked up to Washington Street, got the paper, some bagels and then it was off to the bibliothèque. I picked up the new LCD Soundsystem CD and returned Florence and the Machine’s last disc. Also picked up Inglorious Basterds on DVD which I had seen already and figured I might watch it again.

The other night I watched most of The Book of Eli which was incredibly lackluster. I am a sucker for apocalyptic movies and this one was made for suckers. Mila Kunis was the best thing in it. There is no one to root for in the movie, except perhaps the nuclear war that occurred before I tuned in.

I just watched Hot Tub Time Machine since I am also an occasional sucker for dumb, low brow movies and this certainly was dumb and low brow with just a few laughs thrown in. Maybe there were more than a few laughs but if they occurred, they happened when I was out of the room making dinner since I had lost interest in the movie midway through.

A quiet night, Bill doing a reading in midtown. I just had dinner and don’t plan on doing much of anything for the rest of the night. A simple plan for a simple man.

I Got You, Babe

Well today wasn’t so bad. Better than yesterday and I had off yesterday. Haven’t had a Xanax since Saturday night. Yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself and during my weekend phone call with Annemarie I brushed off her suggestion to go out and walk around. ‘But I don’t wanna walk around by myself’, I whined.

Eventually I did walk around Hoboken by myself. From one end of town to another and back down Washington Street. Passed a few places that I filled out applications and dropped off resumes at. Came home and sat on the steps of my building smoking a cigar before heading in. 3

Didn’t do much after that. I did pick up 2 box sets of The Office which I watched, killing time until Boardwalk Empire came on. I also watched Groundhog Day. I really needed a laugh and yesterday I finally connected with the movie.

After a shaky start it’s really coming together somewhat. Last week and this week both had excellent performances. Fascinating stuff, Steve Buscemi is excellent in the roll of Nucky and the rest of the cast is very good as well.

After that was the season finale of Mad Men, which after all these seasons, I’ve finally gotten into it, as has Bill. Bill came home midway through Boardwalk Empire and we both devoured a Napoli’s pizza. Mad Men was very good. I have to watch the previous seasons now. Have to log onto the bibliothèque website and see what I could get.

After that I went and joined Bill in Slumber land. I slept better than he did. He was off around 6:30 this morning, kissing me goodbye and leaving me with good thoughts. I was up and active about 2 hours later.

After showering, eating breakfast, and emailing resumes out, I headed down the stairs. I heard some stirrings on the third floor landing. I let out my Chewbacca growl and as I turned the corner there was Alexander and Stine, Alexander with a great big smile on his face.

They were headed out and the 3 of us walked out together. Alexander speaking in English, complete sentences. When we got out to the sidewalk I asked for and received a ‘gimme five’ from Alexander. Then I asked for a kiss and got a cheek which I kissed.

He doesn’t kiss anymore, instead wanting to be kissed which is so much like his father. Though I’ve never kissed his father.

As they walked in the opposite direction I yelled out ‘I love you!’. After a few seconds, Alexander yelled back, “I love you, John!”. Oh that was definitely the high point of my day, if not my week, if not the month. I walked to the bus stop on a cloud.

It was an uneventful bus ride into the city and an uneventful ride on the subway. Got to the shop, Marcus at his desk, Don behind the counter and Bradley being Bradley which is yet to be determined.

After trying valiantly to befriend Bradley on Saturday and each attempt being rebuffed, I decided to drop the attempts and maintain a strictly work based relationship. I didn’t speak to him unless I absolutely had to, and if he asked anything of me I would respond as briefly as possible.

The day was fine. My friend Sung and his partner Ray stopped by. Sung was going to bring me coffee but I asked that he get me a banana instead. Sung and Ray showed up with a bunch of bananas.

They’re traveling abroad to Taipei and China in a day or two. I couldn’t chat long with them since I was at work but it was good to see them. And Marcus was in a good mood thanking Don and myself for the work we’ve done in the past month. That was good to hear.

I went out for a coffee and in the coffee shop I Got You Babe was on the radio, provoking memories of Groundhog Day. At lunch I sat on a bench near the park, enjoying a cigar and reading the New Yorker. Finally all caught up. Bring on the next issue!

As the store closed and I was counting the money, Bradley was ready to leave but before he left he had a question to ask me, ‘Are you mad at me?’. I explained everything he did on Saturday, including me asking him if he played any musical instruments.

He answered, ‘Yes’ and started to walk away. Anyone else, if they played an instrument would likely tell you the instrument. Not Bradley.

He explained that he’s a moody guy, I answered him saying that he didn’t seem so moody when Sean and Don came in, only when he was with me. I told him, I had no scheme, I wasn’t out to get him, I did not want to get into his pants, I only wanted to help him. And each time I was rebuffed. So, I gave up.

I then told him that I was trying to close the store and I was counting money. Maybe we can be friends again, but not right then. Made it to the bus, meeting up with Hyman Gross and surprisingly, Bill as well.

We three sat together opposite a woman who was definitely enjoying the repartee between us three. She got off at the same stop as Bill and I, and she remarked that Bill and I were adorable.

What a way to start and end the day.


Happy birthday big brother Frank. Much love.

The Irish Rover

And today is St. Patrick’s Day. The real thing, not the Fake Patrick’s Day which left Hoboken crowded with newly of age drinkers. And my niece. Bill was up and out early this morning, gave me a nice kiss before he left while I was still in bed.

Groggy eyed and without glasses on I asked him if he was wearing green and he said that he was so I had to take his word for it.

Me & Bill St. Pats NYC 2008

Me & Bill St. Pats NYC 2008

I suspected he had his kelly green beret on and, I then rolled over and continued dreaming about redesigning the artwork for Elvis Costello & the Attractions ‘Punch the Clock’ album which was being reissued for the ninth time.

That’s something about Elvis Costello, new packaging for his back catalog several times over with each re release.

Woke up to find a St. Patrick’s Day card on my computer as well as one in the kitchen and a drawing from Bill on a paper towel professing his love for me, covering up a bowl of cereal that he had poured before he left.

Jeez I love this guy.

It was a gorgeous day, a great day for the Irish. First time in a long time that I didn’t see the parade in NY. When I was working I would take a slightly extended lunch hour and check out the parade. Not this year obviously.

No suit for me today which meant no green tie either. I didn’t even think about going into the city. Not much fun to do it on my own, missing the hordes of kids playing hooky. Been there, done that and did not buy the t-shirt.

Today it was close to 70 degrees, bright & sunny. I decided to head out early this afternoon and stopped by CVS to get a last minute St. Patrick’s Day card for my cousin Theresa.

From there I walked up to 15th Street, up to the Lipton Tea building. It’s been months since I’d been up there and took the standard photo of the Empire State Building seemingly at the end of the walkway.

3.16.10 Hoboken Rooftoppers 002

It was a beautiful day. I wore my late cousin Jackie’s Chesterfield coat and even wearing just a long sleeved t-shirt, it was a bit too warm. Still I like the way it looks.

3.16.10 Hoboken Rooftoppers 004

Once again many photos were uploaded to Facebook. Just give me a compliment on my photographs and I am inspired to photograph more and more.

Enjoyed a nice La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 700 as I strolled. Sat by Sinatra Park as I did yesterday, only this time read the New Yorker instead of Mojo. After an hour or so I came back home and wrote out the card for my cousin Theresa.

I wanted to at least get it postmarked for today so it was back outside for me. This time, putting on a greenish shirt and a suit jacket. On the way over to the post office, a guy asked for money, saying ‘Do you have any change for a homeless man?’ I couldn’t help so I said, ‘Sorry I can’t help you, I’m an unemployed man’.

And it’s true, when I had money, when I had a job, I wouldn’t think twice about helping out other people. Now on a tight tight tight budget I can’t do it. At least I communicated and didn’t shun him like other people do.

Outside the post office I ran into a friend, Jared and we talked. Mainly I talked about the upcoming Street Corner Mourners show on Friday night at the Park Theater in Union City. We did talk about young people playing music as well as the state of the music business.

He bemoaned the fact that there weren’t as many venues for live music, I mentioned the fact that these kids just set up and play on the street, albeit acoustically. We parted ways and I promised to send him a link for Friday night’s show.

Then I ran into Ralph, a former McSwells patron. He’s working as a conductor for NJ Transit and was on his way to work so it was fleeting. I re-lit the cigar I had earlier and continued on my way up Washington Street where I ran into Jennifer, Ralph’s wife. She had their boys who were most anxious to get to some practice they were running late for.

On the way home I decided to pick up a small bouquet for Stine as a way of thanking her for witnessing the filling out of paperwork for Bill and my civil union. Spent some time with her and Alexander who had just woken up from a nap and was playing with his Thomas the Tank engine train set. Alexander loves Thomas the tank engine.

Then I came home and since I hadn’t eaten since some Irish soda bread and coffee for lunch I had dinner around 6:00.

Julio texted me that he was going to the park with Alexander so I thought I would meet them there and run to the library and return the CD’s I took out earlier in the day. St. Vincent- Actor. Very interesting. Haven’t heard the whole thing yet. Also Phillip Glass’ interpretation of the songs of David Bowie and Brian Eno from ‘Heroes’.

Julio hadn’t left his apartment so I just sat on the stoop and played with my camera. Then Julio and Alexander came out and the 3 of us went to the park where Alexander was just running around and climbing over as many things as he could.

3.16.10 Hoboken Rooftoppers 004

Being such a warm evening there were a lot of children and toddlers out. Julio encouraged Alexander running around just to tire him out. It was a fun evening all around. A near perfect day.

No Guinness yet, but it may be just a matter of time since I do have a few cans in the refrigerator.

camera play

camera play



Eye see you

Eye see you

Uhh Davey...

Uhh Davey...

Hope you had a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you had a happy St. Patrick's Day!

My Love

It’s Thursday once more. It’s been an out of the ordinary day for me and Bill. Today was the day Bill and I decided to get a civil union from the city of Hoboken.

The whole idea started a few weeks ago when Joe Jervis of Joe My God posted on Facebook that a friend of his was looking to interview same sex couples who happened to be interracial. Seeing that Bill and I fit the bill I volunteered us.

It was for an article in a national magazine. Joe asked if we were married, domestically partnered or what. Living in New Jersey, civil unions were the only was to go. We discussed getting a civil union a few years ago but I guess both of us were distracted by whatever and so we never got around to it.

Now the subject matter came up again and since I am unemployed and fighting off troglodytes online it seemed like a good idea. I did the research and found out what we needed, photo ID, proof of residency, Social Security card, $28.00 and a witness.

I asked Stine the other day and she said she would be able to after she and Alexander came back from the Romper Room. So after a weird dream involving an occult warehouse and some demon looking for a pair of orange footwear I woke up and started the day.

Bill was awake soon after me and we both started donning suits and ties. Stine phoned that she and Alexander were on their way so I went downstairs to meet them. Bill soon came out and joined us and the four of us were soon headed to the Multi Services center of Hoboken on Grand Street.

I wisely mentioned not going through the park so Alexander wouldn’t insist on playing there. Stine was impressed by that. We walked over to the center and walked into the wrong room.

When we asked about civil unions the older woman behind the counter didn’t know what we were talking about, but a young woman behind us overheard and pointed us in the right direction and offered us congratulations.

We made it to the correct room a few doors down and spoke with a woman behind 2 inches of bulletproof glass. They asked what my father’s name was, my mother’s name, where were they from, were Bill and I related.

They also asked if I had my birth certificate (which they didn’t mention so I didn’t bring it) since my passport only has my middle initial. She asked if my birth certificate had my full middle name and it did. She decided to bend the rules and let it slide.

The same questions for Bill. Stine seemed to like the fact that Bill’s middle name is Julian. The woman behind the bulletproof glass asked Stine if to the best of her knowledge, what we said was true. Stine doesn’t do well with authority figures and immediately got flustered. I had to intervene and tell Stine that she was asking if we were lying.

We all then raised our right hands and swore an oath that we were all telling the truth and not communists despite the room seeming like it was designed by a Soviet bloc interior decorator. We walked Stine and Alexander back to the building where they got into their car and drove off to a play date with Julio’s sister’s twins.

Bill and I walked up to Stacks, a new pancake restaurant on Washington Street for a civil union breakfast. Quite nice. We went home and changed out of our suits, then Bill was off to Harlem to continue working on the play.

I walked over to the Guitar Bar where I informed Jim Mastro that I gave the city of Hoboken his name as the officiator for our ceremony. He was up for it. At the center when they asked when the ceremony would be and I said July, for when Annemarie will be around. But that’s too far off so I told them the date would be April 1.

I also had a great talk with my dear friend Connie on the phone for about 90 minutes. She may be getting a computer since its the only way she can watch Star Trek. I’m glad she’s doing better.

Here are some pictures from today’s lovely happening.

Bill and Me

Bill and Me

Cori and Magazines and NYC 006
That's my Bill.

That's my Bill.

We're almost legit!

We're almost legit!


Got back a little while ago from the Last Sunday of the Month Shakespeare Reading at Maxwells which is organized by my friend Lois. This time we read Twelfth Night. I had about 4 or 5 roles, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and an Officer as well as another character with one or two lines.

I forget his name since the index cards go back to Lois at the end of the reading. It was fun and I did my voices, but Rand stole the show with his voicing of Feste. Had me laughing quite a bit, he did.

My 2 lead roles, Sirs Andrew and Toby were in conversation a few times which had me on my toes. I decided to try to make Sir Toby sound like Cary Grant and in my mind I thought I was close enough, but in reality I fell far short.

Sir Andrew I portrayed as a swishy queen and the Officer sounded a bit like Grover from Sesame Street. If only there were lines relating to the difference between here and there and I would have been set.

There were only 6 of us participating in the reading this month but I think we handled it with aplomb.

On the way to McSwells I ran into Stine and Alexander. Alexander has had a virus the past couple of days and was completely out of it. Nothing sadder than a sick toddler. He did give me a high five which was encouraging to me. I’m sure he’ll be OK.

Last night was pretty mellow. Just hung out, watched TV and listened to music. Also played some guitar. I’ll be reading something in Mojo or Uncut and decided to see if there were any available chords. Last night was some Pretenders songs mainly. That was fun.

Watched more news on CNN about the Chilean earthquake, and the tsunami that was approaching Japan. Bill was off at his rehearsal which opens in 2 weeks, I watched Jennifer Lopez on Saturday Night Live. It was lackluster as was Jennifer Lopez’ singing.

I only listened to the first song, the second song I was listening to something else until she finished. The best thing on the show was the digital short. Pretty much a disappointment all around.

Stayed up posting videos from You Tube to Facebook in response to a few friends posting videos that they liked, as well as exchanging snarky comments with my brother Brian. I stayed up longer than I expected, but long enough to be awake for when Bill came home.

He now has a piece, sort of like a mouth guard to help with his snoring. I went to bed before home and while I slept he recorded me snoring to prove that he isn’t the only one who snores. Even though I might snore, I think he snores louder than I do.

Yes, it’s sometimes a competition around here.

Tonight Bill is at rehearsal again, I’m just hanging out. Had a burger for dinner which was great. Had a hankering for one the past couple of days.

Get thee behind me penne, pesto and chicken!



Rand, Steve H, Lois

Rand, Steve H, Lois

Twelfth Night readers

Twelfth Night readers

Sir Toby

Sir Toby

Sir Andrew

Sir Andrew

Slip Into Something

Well today was my first day not working. Well not really my first day. It just wasn’t a good fit. I’m sure I made the right decision even though after I called and made that phone call, I wondered aloud, ‘What have I done?’

In retrospect I did the right thing. And I do have to thank Bill for standing beside me. I have a better grip on things now and won’t just take the first job offered to me, even if it is the only job offered to me. I spoke with Greg Stevens who might have some more side projects for me to do.

I spent a good part of the day, establishing and reestablishing contacts at various staffing agencies, as well as reconnecting with recruiters I’ve dealt with in the past. Bill and I had a good long discussion about the situation last night and when I asked for a hug a few times, he gladly gave one to me each time.

So it was back to the routine of wandering around Hoboken for a while today. I ran into Stine and Alexander on their way to the post office so I walked with them. Stine went inside the post office and I played with Alexander outside. He’s a lot of fun to be around and definitely bolstered my spirits.

And it was good to walk and talk with Stine as well. I even accompanied them to the park and watched Alexander play on various things and slides. It was fun for a while but it was also cold and a little wet from the overnight snow.

We all walked home and I carried Alexander up to the third floor. Stine invited me to come down and play guitar for Alexander later, which I may do after she gives me a call. I came home and continued the job search.

I also saw that I had a comment on the blog regarding last night’s entry, Path to Wisdom. It was from someone named Maurice from the Bala Cynwyd area of Pennsylvania, an organization called the Susquehanna Investment Group. At first I thought it was a joke from my friend Maurice, but he wouldn’t be so callous as to write something like that without remarking the sarcasm or humor involved.

“Seems really ungrateful and borderline delusional to spit in the faces of your employer after less than two days. Sounds like your last 7 months have made you lazy. I for one do not look forward to supporting you while your sucking on the government teat. What a class act ozed what a class act.”

It was strange and I responded that he doesn’t know the full story since I didn’t write the full story. And obviously Miss Thing doesn’t know much about unemployment benefits.

On another website that I visit, I found another comment which was heartening. Very supportive and understanding since this bloke named David went through something quite similar a while back. Just making the wrong decision and knowing it was the wrong decision almost immediately.

And David, like myself needed to get out of the job as soon as possible. He warned me about the pratfalls of beating oneself over the turn of events and I found his comments overall to be quite supportive.

“For many years I kicked myself, thinking that I should have stuck it out. Today I realize that in order to do any job well, I needed to be comfortable in it in order to be confident, and that this was not a situation that would induce either comfort or confidence. What you did by paying attention to what is right for you was wonderful.

Everybody can understand wanting to work and jumping at the chance to get back to work after a long period of unemployment, but unemployment does not make people damaged goods; your talents and skills are still there, ready to be utilized by the ‘right fit’. The right fit eventually came to me in a way that I never could have anticipated, and it is down the road for you, too, no doubt about it.”

So there you have it, comments from both ends of the spectrum. One basically calling me a leech and spitting in the face of my employer and the other recognizing that being confident and comfortable at a job does measure success at a job, and that I, like he did found ourselves in positions that afforded us neither confidence or comfort.

I know the right job is out there and I know I will find it.

Now I’m heading downstairs to play guitar for Alexander.

That went well though Stine enjoyed it more than Alexander who was busy showing me his Thomas the Tank Engine, when he wasn’t watching children’s videos in Danish on YouTube. Stine was making a chicken dinner, with scabby potatoes and home made cole slaw which she invited me to enjoy. So after running upstairs and dropping off the guitar we sat at the table and ate.

Stine and I split a small bottle of wine and we clinked glasses as well as clinking Alexander’s bottle of juice. The food was excellent, Stine being possibly the best cook who’s food I’ve ever eaten. After dinner I spent some time playing with Thomas the Tank Engine again and then watching Alexander destroy the train tracks like a 2 year old Godzilla.

When I left he blew kisses and gave me a hug while saying bye bye. A good day overall.

Add It Up

It’s now a Wednesday. Last night was quiet. Just watched TV. Bill came home from seeing his mother. He’s making a point to do that at least once a week. He’s also seeing his cousin and her family at that time so it works out well for everyone.

I was home, a bit tired, after getting ready with Greg Stevens on his move. Not hard work but the trucking back and forth wore me down. I watched TV, O & RM. Bill came home in time for Rachel. I had enough news at that point but Bill wanted to watch it so we did.

Then at 10:00 I put on the Heroes episode from Monday night. Still lacking in luster. And of course, the last minute or two was cut off. Sort of like, ‘And the murderer is…’ Stay tuned for the Jay Leno Show! It’s happened so often that it’s become a joke around here.

Bill was busy getting some things ready for his friend Rome Neal’s one man show about Thelonious Monk called Monk. I’ve seen it a few times. Bill has been Rome’s trusted stage manager for the show for a long time, but the next show is in Rochester and Bill can’t make it so he’s been transferring things to CD’s so Rome can take them on the road.

After the 11:00 news I put on a recording of Scrubs: Med School. It takes place after the original show with Turk and Dr. Cox as well as Bob Kelso and the Todd reprising their roles. JD & Eliot have made appearances before. It’s OK. Not totally in love with it, but then I haven’t been following it much. Bill didn’t know anything about it so it was a kick for him.

He went to bed after that, wearing the sleep apnea mask which was great. A nice night of sleep. Of course there was the weird dream involving an old friend of my Simon Paterson. He was a special friend. Had many late nights with him.

A strange relationship though. Haven’t seen him in years and I don’t think he’s seen me in years either. At one point in the dream he produces some powdery packets and offers them to me like back in the old days, but in the dream I was saying that I don’t do that sort of thing and that the glasses he was wearing made him look like Bobby Womack.

It was a dream that probably had references to another friend, no not that type of friend, just another party person from the McSwells days. I ran into him, known as Midday since that’s when he usually got out of bed.

We were both waiting for the bus and comparing our lives. He’s been married for 10 years, me and Bill will have been together for 10 years in September. He used to party in much the same way I did and just like me, he doesn’t anymore. That conversation probably popped into the dream.

This morning I was up and started making the coffee when the phone rang. It was Brenda from back in the Wanker Banker days. She saw via one of the social networks that I’m on that I have a job and asked how it was going. Surprisingly I was able to answer her questions coherently without any coffee.

She was at her job and couldn’t talk much so we ended the call with me promising to call her back, which I haven’t yet. Had some breakfast when the phone rang again, this time it was a follow up call after the phone interview from the other day.

Tomorrow I have a face to face interview. This time with some guy named Tom. It’s at 10:30 so after that in a suit & tie I will supervise Greg Stevens move. I of course got worked up about the interview. I always think that I have the job.

Then I realized that I do have a job lined up and if the interview doesn’t go well, well I still have that job on Monday. Saw Stine and Alexander on the way to the park. Walked them over and played with Alexander for a few minutes.

Stine looked great and Alexander was the boy wonder, climbing over everything and ignoring me. I did get a high five and when I left I said Bye Bye. Stine couldn’t get him to do the same but when I was 20 feet away I heard a Bye Bye. Then at 30 feet, then at 50 feet. Each time I turned around and saw Stine laughing as I waved back.

Spoke to Bill about the interview tomorrow, me making a big deal out of it. Spoke to my brother Brian which was really good. His eldest daughter is looking at college. Yikes! By the time I made it to Greg Stevens office he was off at the Racquetball Club.

I don’t think he plays racquetball though, just the gym and sauna. I packed some boxed and got other things ready for the move.

Spoke to Bill again and told him I realized I was making too big a deal out of the interview. Now I’m home, watching the Simpsons ‘Mr Scorpio!’ and that’s about it.

Rest in peace, Howard Zinn.

Mr. Soul

Well it’s been another strange couple of hours. It was good to participate in the demonstration last night with Bill. Always good to have him by my side as we fight for civil rights. Two can be stronger than one. Came home and settled in.

Soon Bill went to sleep and I just hung about, tired myself when Juan called. He asked if he can come by. I asked how he was going to do that and he said he would walk from Union City. I did tell him that I’m generally awake until 2:00 in the morning so of course he could come over.

And come over he did about 11:00. Soaking wet since he didn’t carry an umbrella in the raging storm . I got him an old pair of sweats and a fresh pair of socks and set his wet clothes by the heater to dry a bit. He was a bit out of it, the rain, his situation with cancer.

He did try to put on a brave face and had quite a ravenous appetite. He basically ate most things in the refrigerator, and drank a lot of juice.

And it was good to hang out with him, but there was something different. It was cancer, it was mortality. It was a 22 year old young man stricken with a disease. The humor was there and the playing of music was there like old times.

Juan was being strong but it was difficult for him and he was obviously stressed, so much so that some regurgitation came up. We wound up taking a walk around Hoboken around 2:00.

Where I used to be on the streets at that hour, it’s certainly been a while. The streets were empty. It was rain slicked and the temperature was 57 degrees, balmy with strong winds from the south. He ran into McDonald’s for some food and I waited outside having a cigar at 2:20AM.

By the time we got home Juan was finished eating and now just wanted to sleep. I tried to get some room for him on the couch, setting up a bucket nearby in case his nervous stomach acted up again. Also left a note on Bill’s alarm clock letting him know that Juan was sleeping on the couch so that Bill wouldn’t be surprised to see him laying there.

I also said it in Bill’s ear as he slept, hopefully planting a subconscious seed. And I also woke up a few times throughout the night to see if Juan was doing alright. He was snoring soundly which I took as a good sign.

Bill asked when he was up at 6:00AM where his trousers were and I sleepily told him. I asked if Juan was still sleeping and he was. I also asked Bill to tell Juan that he can sleep in the bed since there’d be more room in the bed than on the couch.

At 9:00 Juan started getting phone calls. A visit to Hackensack Hospital for some more tests and a call from his mother saying that his uncle was coming to Hoboken to pick him up. So Juan was out a little while after that.

I just puttered about after that like any other day, going out for the paper and whatnot. Saw Jim Mastro again and thanked him ever so gratefully for changing the strings on my guitar and adjusting the neck.

I tried playing Give a Little Bit by Supertramp as well as Take the Long Way Home. I adore both songs and though Give A Little Bit is an acoustic song mainly it has some very tricky timings in it. Take the Long Way home is very much a personal song for me and much easier to play.

When I initially went out the sky was blue with just a few clouds and I thought about going to the river to play, but decided not to when it quickly became overcast and looked like it would rain at any moment. It didn’t but I didn’t want to take that chance.

I think I am going to see the Man Ray exhibit at the Jewish Museum on Saturday. It’s free admission and though Rand expressed an interest, he hasn’t responded to my text from the other day, so ‘forget it brother, you can go it alone!’

Maybe I’ll bring my guitar and perhaps do some busking in Central Park, weather permitting of course.

Here’s a late minute add, some good news. I saw Stine & Alexander this afternoon. Carried the lad up the apartment while Stine had her hands full. I hung out for a little while in the apartment and played with Alexander for a while. His vocabulary is growing, sometimes or rather mostly in Danish, but it’s impressive. The two of them are leaving for Denmark on Saturday for a month.

At one point I asked Alexander, ‘where’s John?’ He pointed and then ran over and tagged me and gave me a high five. Made my day.

And also when I was leaving I waved bye bye to which Alexander waved Bye Bye and said Bye Bye as well. So sweet.

Everyone Says ‘Hi’

So they tell me it’s Friday. That means tomorrow is Saturday. And the people that work will be roaming around on the streets. Today people who do work, well some of them took off to cheer their favorite baseball team, the Yankees.

Nice to have the fans all corralled somewhere, easily identified and tagged before being let into the wild again.

I really can’t say anything bad about the Yankee fans since Bill is a Yankee fan. The exception to the rule. He didn’t make it to the parade in Lower Manhattan. He has a job and wants to keep it.

Despite the shooting at Fort Hood yesterday in Texas, the big news around here was the parade. Just as well though since I’m trying to ween myself off the cable news lately. Just too much information and most of it bad news. Perhaps the Yankee parade could be seen as a relief, a tonic for the troops as it were. Also an office shooting in Orlando FL this afternoon.

Instead of all that I watched Mad Men. I’ve been watching this season since there is a free on demand service on the cable system here. No Ovation channel but free AMC on demand. The last episode I watched takes place on November 22, 1963.

When that happened, I was only a year and two months old so my recollection is mighty fuzzy. It was interesting to watch how life stopped for a few days for some, and for others it went on, slightly adjusted due to then unforeseen circumstances.

Just had a very nice interruption. Julio’s wife Stine gave me some meatballs and a cabbage, carrot sauce. She was making them and texted me that she was making them as I was eating dinner myself. Jet taught me years ago that you should never turn down free food.

Stine made me an excellent meat sauce the other day, which I’ve had half of with some pasta. I will probably finish that off tomorrow. I’ll have the meatballs for lunch. It was nice to spend a little bit of time with Stine and Alexander.

Kicked a ball back and forth with Alexander and if I might make a prediction, he has the potential to be an excellent soccer player. He rarely let the ball get past him and kicked it directly back to me. He’s amazing.

Maybe other kids are just like that, but Alexander is actually the first kid that I’ve seen with regularity, watching him grow and develop every couple of days. Today he danced and laughed and kicked a ball. According to Stine he does a lot of this to impress me.

Just like his father. But I’m more impressed by Alexander, no matter how many times Julio screams, ‘Look at me! Look at me!’

I also watched RockNRolla, directed by Guy Ritchie. Not as good as Snatch but somewhat enjoyable. I got it from the library and went back to drop it off, I noticed I had a little bit of swagger in my walk. Just a little bit.

I’m just happy to have my food this weekend all set and just needs to be reheated.

I plan on getting Stine some flowers tomorrow as a thank you.

Yankees Good. Phillies are bad = Gay. Yay let's hear let's hear it for sportsmanship! Gotta love those classy Yankees fans!

Yankees Good. Phillies are bad = Gay. Yay let's hear let's hear it for sportsmanship! Gotta love those classy Yankees fans!

Noise Annoys


Well it’s one of those days. Not one of those days, but one of those days. Not too bad. Still laundry gets done. I heard from Julio twice which was odd. I hardly ever hear from him, he with his hands full of work and wife and kid. He was actually pretty funny.

I had just run into Stine and Alexander as I went out for the paper and walked with them to the park. Stine noted that the nannies are more aware of what their charges are doing than the mothers who bring their kids. And sometimes the mothers look down upon other mothers.

A vicious cabal those mothers be.

I was up and about on this chilly autumn day. A walk to the post office to drop off a card for Lovely Rita’s birthday tomorrow. Almost forgot about that. But thanks to Facebook I remembered.

A walk around the waterfront which is collapsing in parts. Some parts were built on wooden pilings which are being eaten away by mollusks. And of course Hoboken is broke and could barely afford to fix a streetlight much less a crumbling pier.

Still I really like Hoboken despite all that.

I cleaned up the apartment a bit. Small steps. The argument between Bill and myself the other night was all about cleanliness. Who’s the bigger slob?

You’d think one of us would be Oscar and the other Felix, but we have 2 Oscars instead. One, a greater Oscar than the other. No names please.

Things are cool now between us and I asked him last night if he had a good time on Saturday night and he said he did and would like to do it again next time around.

Mary-get your coat!

And autumn has finally arrived. Temperature has dropped significantly. No more open windows all day, all night. It’s OK. It’s good weather to wear a suit, perfect actually.

Checked for jobs, nothing much happening. No job fairs listed anywhere, not that I would do that again. A cattle call basically.

The other night I watched Ripley’s Game starring John Malkovich. It takes place a number of years after The Talented Mr. Ripley, which I had never seen. I had seen this before, rented it via Netflix.

Intense and violent but compelling and no one plays a sociopath as well as Malkovich. Ray Winstone is in it too and both Bill and I enjoy watching Ray Winstone. Bill started to watch it but had to go to sleep midway through. I watched it all once again. Recommended.

I also finally watched Hedwig & the Angry Inch. It’s a long story, not the movie but for me to finally watch it. And I’m glad I finally did. Very good, John Cameron Mitchell is phenomenal as Hedwig. Also recommended.

Curb Your Enthusiasm was back to it’s old self. Cringe worthy humor.

Nothing much planned for tonight. Bill is out somewhere and I’m just chilling right now, Colbert Report is on. Then I’ll probably watch Keith Olbermann and then something else.