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Oh yes it was one of those days, and it was a Tuesday. Nothing to report. Last night, watched O & RM. Actually they were on in the next room, I was here in front of Bill’s Mac.

I did get my own computer back from Rand on Sunday night but haven’t been able to log onto the network. Need Bill here to do that. Some mumbo jumbo, magic numbers and all that.

So for the past few days I’ve been in front of Bill’s Mac, which is fine by me. I’ve become acclimated and generally remember that the TV is no longer to my immediate left.

After listening to O & RM I watched the recording of Heroes at 10:00. I enjoyed it mostly, but once again the last couple of minutes were cut off due to the timing of the DVR, 9:00-10:00.

It happened last week too, but I didn’t mind since last week’s episode was sub-par. Last night I was almost at the edge of my seat when the screen froze, meaning the episode was over for me at least.

I went to bed following the news but find myself still waking up late. Not terribly late and I am in the office before everyone anyway. Just a busy day, running around midtown, doing errands, which is always a good thing. Breaks the day up somewhat.

Before I knew it, it was 3:00 which was almost time to go. A few more things to do before I snuck out 9 minutes earlier than usual. A pleasant walk across town, enjoying a Padron, this time taking the Path train back to Hoboken.

Stopped by Empire Coffee and picked up a few pounds for the office. For every 10 pounds you buy you get one free, which is usually my pound of coffee.

Heard from my brother Brian, telling me the latest woes. Not good news to say the least. His story- not mine so you will have to read his blog and since he doesn’t have one, you ain’t reading anything.

I’m pretty much beat right now, perhaps from all the running around and the change in temperature. Tonight I have to be asleep by 11:30. And up at 6:00 like I used to.

Haven’t seen Casey in a while. He’s back working in midtown and I guess he’s still catching the early bus. So if I play my cards right we may cross paths. If I wake up on time.

Juan just called, he may be in the area tonight and he may stop by. I asked him to give me a call when he gets up here and I’d let him know the status of my mindset.

Tomorrow I am leaving work early to attend a free lecture at Stevens Tech. Dr. Oliver Sacks, author of Musicophilia, Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. All best sellers by the way.

Rand is promoting it on Facebook and that’s how I found out about it. I’m pretty psyched for it, though I did invite a few local friends but I don’t think many, if any are coming. So at least I’ll see Rand and maybe Lisa too.

I was finally able to watch the Stephen Colbert Christmas Special and it was so great. Very funny. I don’t care what anyone else says, he’s very Jack Benny on it.

That’s it for today. I am tired and my diet pill is wearing off…
(score bonus points if you can identify that last line)

Back to Life

I actually had most of an entry written last night before the power went out. And since it was a complete system shutdown, nothing was saved. Thank you Annemarie for posting in my place, you did an admirable job. It was quite a storm last night high winds and pounding rain and with the power out there was no air, meaning I couldn’t open a window making it quite stuffy.

I would up reading a book by flashlight when not pacing back in forth in the apartment which has been my world for the past four very long days. Bill came home through darkened streets and moments after his arrival the power came back on so I crown him Sun King for the day.

He’s been quite a help and a rock that I can rely on. Of course he’s been worried about me. I have been worried that he doesn’t catch whatever it is that I’ve had. I’d like to think that I’ve turned a corner health wise, still not 100% but I do have to get it together somewhat and get to the office tomorrow.

I think the corner was last night, probably while everyone was having a nice dinner and a good time at the Hamilton household. I was able to sleep much like I used to, and only had to change my t-shirt three times as opposed to something like ten times a few nights previous.

Saturday Night Live was good, the digital short was hilarious, ‘Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras-Trent’. Coldplay were interesting, I really liked their first song a lot. Jon Hamm was the very funny host and it got me interested in Mad Men again. Tonight is the season finale and you would think AMC would have a block of shows leading up to it but instead they have horror movies for Halloween.

Yesterday was the first time since Wednesday that I left the apartment and it was a bit like a psychedelic experience. First off I was still a bit light headed and walking to the supermarket was a bit of a trip. There were a handful of customers, some in pajamas and with the lights down low to save electricity made for quite a surreal experience. By the time I came home I was drenched in sweat once again and found myself in bed under the covers.

Juan stopped by yesterday, fearless of the bug that I have. I attempted to stay awake through the day so my night sleep wouldn’t be disturbed but while watching a documentary on quantum physics and Mark Everett of Eels who’s father was a prominent physicist. But physics started wearing me down and getting drowsy so I went for a lie down and Juan was on his way. Can’t really say it went downhill from there, more like it was a slow decline.

Right now I’m watching a dvd of the Jack Benny show which is still pretty funny and I can see a connection from Jack Benny to Stephen Colbert. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they’re both better known for their characters than for themselves.

Both play characters named after themselves. Has anyone else noticed this? Over half a century later Jack Benny still has some great laughs. It’s all in the timing. Still, laughter is the best medicine and this is helping greatly.

Another good medicine is homemade soup which my sister in law Elaine just dropped off with my niece Corinne. Luckily Elaine had given me a heads up and I was able to clean up the hovel a bit which was looking even worse than usual since it had been my prison/hospital room for the past two weeks.

It wasn’t much that I could do but clean up the couch so they could at least sit them both comfortably. They were here for about an hour and it was a nice visit and I’m sure the soup is good, just haven’t warmed it up yet.

So far I’ve been outside three times today which is an accomplishment. Tons of strollers out. Too many all rolling down the sidewalks with parents behind them sometimes three or four strollers abreast. I doubt if I’ll be heading out again today. Got to reserve power so I can go to work tomorrow and deal with that mess.

I’ve only been out since Wednesday but it feels longer. With the power outage last night it really made me feel out of sorts this morning. Time is relative, and for the record my temperature is basically ‘normal’ 98 degree range. And there is nothing like homemade soup, made with love.

When the Whip Comes Down

Well yesterday seems to have been a better day than today. And the fiction I published yesterday seems to have struck quite a chord what with all the comments, all the ‘what the fuck was that?’. Really!

Last night was pretty much quiet, Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, with the Senate vote broadcast live during Rachel’s show. The bailout bill was passed 74-25, now it goes to the house.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were spot on, Colbert had James Taylor on his show, promoting his new album which is all cover versions of songs he really likes. I worked with James Taylor years ago, really nice guy, no star trip and the people around him were very nice too.

James was enjoyable, saw him sing (I’m A) Roadrunner, originally by Jr. Walker. There was another song following the commercial break, but the DVR didn’t catch it. Caught the news and then I snoozed.

Slept really well, woke up it was dark out. Bill kissing me goodbye, telling me he can’t wait for Sarah Palin to go down in flames.

I was wary even while lying in bed and told Bill, ‘Don’t be cocky’. Ran into Casey on the bus. Mr. Animated he is. We talked about the tonight’s debate, how gosh darned inept Sarah Palin is. Lucky Casey is going out of town with the missus this weekend. I’m staying put of course. He was off on his way to work via the subway, I walked through midtown, past the Tai Chi people in Bryant Park.

Stopped in Smilers on Fifth Avenue, West Indian Tony is still out. Been out a month I think. He’s got a bum knee and staying on his feet behind a grill all day is not the way for it to heal. Hopefully he has insurance, but being a short order cook in a deli, it doesn’t seem likely.

Heard from another old friend from my old neighborhood, Donna who has custody of her late sister’s son. Apparently Donna’s sister was married to an abusive guy, who abused her and their son. So now Donna has custody, but she and her husband are getting ready for a court battle over who the son should be with.

A family that loves the kid, or an abusive father who never really cared for the kid in the first place. I used to play with Donna until she got all girly.

Work was quiet and awfully slow. At one point this morning, Greg Stevens and Vivek sat me down to have a talk with me. It was about how things aren’t going so well, and if it continues to be this way, they may have to cut my hours, from a five day work week to a four day work week.

They wanted to keep me in the loop, and also said if I had any other offers I should seriously consider those offers. Unfortunately I have no other offers. That did my head in somewhat. I spent most of the day walking around in a daze.

It’s not necessarily the end, but the writing seems to be on the wall unless Greg and Vivek’s plans go through. If they don’t then the ship is going under. I left at 4:00 rather than 4:30. Nothing was going on and I had nothing to do. Didn’t feel like staying much longer.

Walked across town listening to Mambo’s from the 1940’s and 50’s and enjoying a Padron. Caught the bus and ran into Casey again, this time I was the animated one and he was not so much.

I walked over to the library and picked up The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Blurbs by Howard Zinn and Studs Turkel on the back cover, so she’s in good company. That’s it for now. Just anticipating the debate tonight and hoping it goes well for Joe Biden.