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It’s been quite a pleasant Saturday. Pleasant enough that I wonder what will I write about? I could write about last night. I came home from work and wrote rather hurriedly, did some laundry.

I kept thinking that Bill and I were supposed to meet on 42nd Street to see the Star Trek movie. As I headed downstairs I saw Julio sitting on the stoop. Had a little chat with him, with me keeping my distance since he’s been feeling not at all well the past week and Alexander was sick last weekend.

While I was talking to Julio I suddenly remembered that Bill and I were meeting on 23rd Street and not 42nd Street. I headed towards the Path train, somewhat secure in my knowledge of where to go.

I sat on the Path train after walking against the commuters heading home and sat and read my Eno biography.

I got off at 23rd Street and lit a cigar and saw that Bill had phoned while I was underground and left a message telling me he was on 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

I puffed on the cigar as I walked down 22nd Street. Less crowded which meant less people to complain about the cigar.

I rounded the corner and found Bill leaning on a bus stop. Gave a nice kiss hello and we stood on the side of the movie theater talking while I finished the cigar.

Bill got the tickets and we made our way to the seats after getting some popcorn and sodas. Luckily we found two together on the side. It was very crowded, a sold out showing.

Star Trek was a lot of fun. Very entertaining. Miles ahead of Wolverine. Like I wrote last night, I’m no Trekkie but this was so entertaining, a clean slate for the franchise. A lot of fun indeed.

A few laughs at things that hearkened back to the original series that even a passing viewer with just a basic knowledge of the series could be in on.

Bill loved the movie quite a bit, and of course it wouldn’t be a modern movie going experience without a crying baby sitting nearby.

We caught the Path train back to Hoboken free of crying babies. The bar scene in Hoboken was hopping as befits a Friday night. I texted Roda and told him that Star Trek was good. He texted back that he plans on seeing it soon and that it sounded awesome.

Bill and I made it back to watch Bill Maher before him going off to bed leaving me to watch some episodes of The Daily Show before I went to bed myself around 1:00.

Woke up a little before 9:00 this morning and got myself together. Had a cuppa before heading out to get bagels and other foodstuffs. Saw Julio, Stine and the Boy Wonder and hung out with them for a few minutes.

Alexander is certainly getting active. Julio misses the days when Alexander would just lay around whereas Stine doesn’t and is more entertained and busy now that Alexander is more active. He is still so adorable.

No pictures this week but I should have some next weekend at the party in Van Saun Park for Alexander’s first birthday, which was actually last month.

Bill and I watched three hours of Lost which we recorded on Wednesday night while we were watching the Ludes.

Star Trek was directed by JJ Abrams and Lost is his baby. The first hour was catch up from the previous episodes, the last two hours were the season finale which was intense and with every commercial break I let out a ‘Wha?’ V

ery good finale, a tad upsetting but it’s science fiction so normal rules don’t apply, meaning the dead could not really be dead and on a show like Lost that happens sometimes.

Or does it?

Bill went out after that and I went wandering around Hoboken, getting a Graduation Day card for my niece Corinne’s party tomorrow in Garfield.

After sitting by the river and reading a bit about the beginning of Roxy Music I ran a few more errands before coming home and taking a well deserved nap. Overall a pretty good day.

I keep forgetting to write that I saw Bjork with Matthew Barney the other night while walking past Washington Square Park to see the Ludes. She looked great.








Stay Hungry

And it’s Friday again and it’s been a bear of a day. I’m back to a four day work week, this week at least, but somehow I was in the office five days. It’s a fucked up situation and these Indians are driving me crazy with their careless disregard of other people’s time.

Since I’m not working for the company that hired me three years ago and as of three weeks ago I’m working for another company, my payroll wasn’t done in time, missing this term. Vivek had to come in and cut me a ‘live’ check.

He said he’d be in at 11:30, he was in at 12:30. Said he’d cut the check in 5 minutes, an hour later I got the check. Then I tried cashing the check at the bank it was drawn on, but my official NJ State ID was not in their book of recognized identifications.

This was after getting a spiel about how much I would benefit opening an account with Chase Bank. A total waste of my time.

Then I schlepped across town to find my branch. I was trying to do this before 3:00, you know, banking hours. What a friggin’ hassle it was. Still I was able to deposit the check and my head is somewhat above water, at least for today.

Getting my check today was only one reason I went into the office. The other reason was to help out Greg Stevens. He’s also working for a new company and his IT person came in from Los Angeles to help him out.

Help him out with things that were done by our former IT guy last month, but he didn’t tell anyone. That IT guy, and perhaps most IT guys have bad communication skills.

I explained to the new IT person that I’m not an IT guy, that I only know a little bit more than Greg Stevens, who then said that I knew a LOT more than he does.

It’s something like 75 degrees out, quite nice and sunny. I have been home so far for about a half hour.

It’s funny, when you’re growing up, they hint at the pressures of life, but when you’re actually an adult, that is when you feel the pressure. Still I am home, decompressing.

Tonight Bill and I are off to the movies. Bill bought tickets to see Star Trek and it does look exciting. Bill is a Trekkie, I am not. He loves all that. I did enjoy Star Trek: The Next Generation somewhat but never watched it religiously.

I also enjoyed the occasional episode of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and the Star Trek movies that I had seen. Never went out of my way to watch these shows though.

I saw some of the Star Trek movies, but not all of them. So while it’s nice to be home and relaxing, I will be headed back into the city in a little over an hour.

I’ll bring a book and I’ll have my iPod since I anticipate sitting in traffic outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

I just got a phone call from Abby. We shipped a TV set and a Movie box out yesterday via FedEx.

Before I left the office, I checked the tracking on the two boxes. Both were delivered at 10:04AM this morning to the Ramada Inn in North Brunswick. The guy who was supposed to get them said he only received the TV. I told Abby, reassuring him and talking him in off the ledge that both boxes were delivered at the time I mentioned.

It is nice to have some time home. I’m writing this and doing laundry while the news spews forth more news of Swine Flu. My hackles are raised with every strangers cough or sneeze that I hear. I pass by holding my breath and exhaling with force in hope that the virus passes me by.

Makes sitting in a dark theater with a hundred other people that much more exciting.

Happy Birthday to Brian Eno! 61 years old today.