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She Brakes For Rainbows

Well I just got home from Martha Keavney’s party for her newest edition of Badly Drawn Comics which aren’t so badly drawn any more. In fact they’re now called Spelt-Rite Comics. Haven’t read the latest edition so I couldn’t tell you how it was. The first page looks drawn well enough, but I didn’t want to get into it since I was at a party and I was supplying the music. I got to the party at 3:59. It was supposed to start at 4:00. Martha was there with Garry Rindfuss a name from the past.

I hadn’t seen Garry in a long time. Tried keeping in touch via email but he never reconnected. Still it was good to see him. Martha looked good, her sister Eileen was there helping set up. I was asked to supply music for Martha’s party and for the past couple of weeks I was adding and subtracting tracks to a playlist on the iPod. I wasn’t sure who was going to be there, I figured there would be a few people from the past that both Martha and I knew. I was expecting a crowd, and I think Martha was as well.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a crowd. I invited Chaz, Kathe and Roda and none of them showed up. Kathe works across the street from the bar where the party was, but she forgot. I told Harpy and saw him on the street but he just kept on walking past. Rand and Lisa were there and once again they provided excellent company. One or two faces from the past made appearances but didn’t stay long.

I was fortifying myself with pints of Guinness seemingly making a connection with Kevin, off the boat from Eire. Talking about music, how Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine almost rented a space above the bar a few years ago but it didn’t work out. At $4.00 a pint I could listen all night. Too bad that it wasn’t as crowded as expected so Kevin closed the back bar where the party was. It turned out the pints in the main bar were a dollar cheaper at $3.00 a pint, leaving me to believe Kevin was skimming off the top, a dollar or two more than he should have been charging. Shite they call it.

Bill stopped by for about 5 minutes. Had to plead for him to wait a minute so I could pee and then see him off to the show he is stage managing. It all ended rather quietly. No one I expected to show up was there. I hope Martha wasn’t disappointed. I hope she didn’t spend too much on the space and snack. I baked cookies this morning for the party but never took them out. So I now have a bag of cookies which is nice I suppose.

Rand and Lisa were going to Benny’s Burritos but I wasn’t feeling it so they went east and I headed west to the Path train. Perhaps if I knew about going out for some food I would have been willing, but it was right at the end and I didn’t feel like being a third wheel. That’s about it. I’m coming down from my buzz and probably going to bed soon.


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