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There’s A Place

Starting a bit early today. I feel a bit bad. Not physically. Just because I was standoffish towards Bill earlier. Mainly because he made dinner for himself last night and left a sink full of dirty dishes.

I don’t mind washing the dishes if he’s running off to work or theater rehearsals, but there he was on the couch this morning watching Lawn Hors d’œuvre while the dishes sat in the sink.

I got up and made coffee and said loud enough in a Shakespearean manner, ‘Dishes- wash thyself!’ Said it twice actually. It didn’t register with him and I knew the dishes weren’t going to wash themselves so I washed them.

Had crazy dreams last night or rather this morning, one involved a movie that I was working on (in the dream) about Gabriel versus Lucifer. And another involving my brother Brian and I singing at an event somewhere, playing two songs, one of them being Louie Louie.

Bill and I also had a discussion about David Paterson, the governor of New York. Bill sort of thinks that Paterson is getting railroaded. I explained that Paterson was born into the political machine and that he surrounded himself with people who if they weren’t corrupt to begin with, became corrupt since power corrupts absolutely.

Mainly I was grouchy though and that wasn’t too cool. Of course I realize this once Bill has left for the day. He is a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny.

It is a bright and sunny day though and I plan to go out and enjoy it. I was out earlier, once again to get bagels. Yesterday there was a line and much to my surprise there was an even longer line this morning. I was not in the mood to wait on line again so I just got the paper and came home.

Cablevision and ABC Television have reached an impasse with programming so ABC has withdrew from Cablevision’s programming. It happened at midnight last night. The cable went out for about 15 minutes right in the middle of Saturday Night Live.

I was hoping to catch Vampire Weekend. Not that I am much of a fan, the jury is still out. Out of all the channels the only one broadcasting during those 15 minutes was Cablevision and their message on channel 1999, detailing their side of the story regarding ABC.

Even the DVR crapped out. My solace was the fact that Saturday Night Live wasn’t that good anyhow. I knew the kissing family sketch at the wake would end up with someone kissing the corpse. Just a bad night overall regarding television.

Bill is off work this week. As they get closer to the play’s opening, it’s time to focus on the tech aspects and Bill wouldn’t have the time nor the energy to have the day job and do the play. He has 4 weeks vacation this year so this is one week he’ll be taking. I just found out about it this morning which could have added to my attitude.

We do have something planned for tomorrow possibly, something that I am not going to write about until it happens. Yes I am a tease.

And Soily Maurice posted some crappy comment on the blog. Perhaps she/he/it was drunk or strung out on math, I really couldn’t say. I don’t even know what gender it may happen to be.

I think when she/he/it sobered up she apologized for posting it but it was too late. I don’t need her/his/it’s Susquehanna Investment Group bullshit. Stick to the t-shirt racket Miss Lady Boy, for wit is not your strong suit.

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, ‘An Asshole is an asshole is an asshole.’

Jeez, was something released into the water supply? I was just on the phone with someone who is anxious for me to check out an iPhone thing. I don’t have an iPhone, Bill does.

Bill and I tried checking this thing the other day and we couldn’t do it right away and decided to try another time. I just got off the phone with this guy who was quite upset that I hadn’t seen it yet, like it will vanish any minute now.

Apparently I’m supposed to be a tyrant and nag Bill to let me use his iPhone to look at an avatar which is probably the same avatar I’ve seen the other day.

It won’t, just the fact that I didn’t jump at the opportunity to use someone else’s iPhone to check out an avatar upset him so much that he wound up saying, ‘forget about it’. I said, OK and then he said good bye and hung up the phone.

Is it astrology or proctology? Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. Especially when I was an asshole this morning.

Speaking of assholes, I admit I instigated the following the other day:
John Ozed to sallymae8874 show details Mar 5 (3 days ago)
Hope all is well and wondering if my blog sent any visitors to kinematic…
La la la,
Sally Mae to me show details 7:48 PM March 7, 2010 (26 minutes ago)
I am finished wasting time on your blog. I have more important things to do these days.
John Ozed to Sally show details 7:57 PM (17 minutes ago)
I certainly hope to never hear from you again.
In fact, your last comments will be the last ones to be posted.
Say hello to Michael Hutchence for me.
Sally Mae to me show details 8:06 PM (9 minutes ago)
Then please stop reaching out to me. I unfortunately made the decision to make a comment on your blog. I now see what a mistake it was to try to change the opinion of someone as hard headed as yourself. Good luck John.
John Ozed to Sally show details 8:10 PM (5 minutes ago)
Go to hell you stupid thing.

I admit what I wrote was a horrible thing. My apologies to Michael Hutchence and his family.

And she continues:
Sally Mae to me 8:26 PM (5 minutes ago)
Again I asked you very nicely to stop reaching out to me. I am done in regards to your blog and hope to not have any contact with you in the future. Telling me to go to hell is just over the top and unacceptable. I feel sorry for you. You seem like an absolutely miserable human being. Now please you go live your life and I will live mine.
John Ozed to Sally 8:29 PM (3 minutes ago)
Then stop replying dumb ass. Apply a Yahoo filter so you won’t have to read my response.
I’m sure you could figure it out Lady Smug.
I’ve applied a label to your inane holier than thou missives. It certainly sums up how I feel about you.

Like a dog with a bone, SallyMae won’t let go
Sally Mae to me 8:43 PM (14 minutes ago)
I pity you John I really do. It must be hard to live such a bitter and miserable life. I really hope you find some happiness.
to which I reply:
I don’t need your pity. I don’t need your prayers.
I have a wonderful man for my partner. I have many good friends and a loving family.
It seems that you are the miserable one. No info on what you have in your life, so I can only guess you have no one. That is sad.
I would say a tragedy, but from what you’ve written and the way you’ve written you more than likely brought it upon yourself. Much like my response.
Stop whining about my responses. I explained, do not reply and you won’t hear from me again.
Yet you continue to reply. I know you’re bitter, but are you really that lonely?

This ‘Sally Mae/Maurice thing feels they could write anything they want, but flying spaghetti monster forbid, I reply and Sally Mae/Maurice gets upset.


It’s Sunday and though it’s beautiful day, there is a feeling of anticipation in my gut. More like anxiety. It comes and goes, not a constant thing. As long as my mind is occupied I’m fine.

Last night I watched discs 3 & 4 of a series from the 1970’s called ‘All You Need is Love- The story of Popular Music’. It went back to the beginning of the 20th century with vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley up to about 1975 with the cutting edge music of Black Oak Arkansas.

It did have a lot of footage that if I hadn’t seen before, then I saw it when this series was first broadcast on PBS in the 1970’s and if that’s the case, I had forgotten I had seen it.

3 hours each disc. I watched disc 5 this morning into the afternoon, so ask me anything about Black Oak Arkansas. You’d still get the dumbfounded look that I would have given you then. I’m glad I watched it, but it was a bit much.

I gladly walked to the Post Office, enjoying a cigar to drop off the Netflix discs. I actually bought a book the other day, I couldn’t resist. I was reading somewhere about a biography on Brian Eno and ordered it promptly.

So far, up to chapter 2 and it’s a very entertaining and informative read. Brian Eno has always been a fascinating person in my world. I even had the pleasure of meeting him when I worked at Skyline Studios and he was producing some things for Laurie Anderson.

He was a nice guy, very quiet and startled me a few times when he suddenly would be standing right next to me. He was also quite kind enough to sign his first 4 solo albums and Ambient Volumes 1-4 and a book.

Still within reach and in good condition too. Last night, Saturday Night Live was really funny, excepting the Jimmy Fallon guest spot as Barry Gibb which was about 25 years too late and 10 minutes too long.

I doubt that the 20 somethings that watch it or are the target demographic would actually get the joke.

The stand out bit was the digital short with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake reprising their roles from Dick in a Box and becoming Mother Lovers for Mother’s Day. Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson played the mothers. It was very laugh out loud funny.

I was up until 1:30 reading Uncut magazine. Did not want to get out of bed this morning, just so comfortable. Bill was off to get his mother and bring her to church. I eventually did get out of bed around 8:30 and was soon getting the Sunday morning supplements.

Then after reading the papers I watched the discs and headed out to mail them back. And after enjoying a cigar I met Bill on the street and we just enjoyed a pizza from Grimaldi’s courtesy of Bill’s largess.

Now he catnaps on the couch and I sit a few feet away writing this and playing selected ambient Eno tracks for his napping pleasure.





Bring Me Closer

It’s a Sunday and if you’ve been keeping score you probably knew that already. That means last night was Saturday and I’ll tell you what I did. Basically watched TV. Watched the DVR of the second half of last week’s Saturday Night Live which was ok, also The Office which was somewhat sad for Andy.

The showdown between Dwight and Andy for Angela’s had (or body) came to a head. I think Andy won the duel from driving under 5 miles per hour in his Prius and pinning Dwight’s legs to the shrubbery.

30 Rock was good though not one of their best, but of course the scenes with Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek were the funniest.

I channel surfed and wound up on Back Beat, the 1994 movie about the Beatles in Hamburg with Stephen Dorff as Stu Sutcliffe and Sheryl Lee as Astrid Kirscherr and Ian Hart as John Lennon. The guy who played Paul McCartney was too tall, a few inches taller than Lennon but only trainspotters like myself would know or care about something like that. It was an enjoyable way to kill an hour or so, despite the movie being hokey at best.

After that I watched Saturday Night Live which had Rosario Dawson hosting and Fleet Foxes as the musical guests. I read about Fleet Foxes a lot lately in Mojo and Uncut, so apparently they’re big in England and only starting to make a splash here in the states, despite coming from Seattle.

I thought they were ok, a bit like Crosby, Still and Nash which if you like CSN you would probably like them. Me, I am fairly indifferent towards them. A bit twee as Lennon supposedly remarked when CSN tried to sign with Apple Records back in the day. Rosario Dawson was good but overall the show lacked.

Right now Jamie Foxx is doing an impersonation of Barack Obama on the HBO rebroadcast of the Inaugural concert this afternoon. Jamie Foxx is the new Vaughn Meade?

Betteye Levette is doing a duet with Jon Bon Jovi of Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come. I’m sorry but I don’t think Jon Bon Jovi should ever sing this song at all. Either in a duet or solo. It’s hard to imagine Jon Bon Jovi being oppressed and denied his civil rights.

Betteye should have kicked his butt off the stage. Nothing against Jon. I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy and I’m friends with his cousin.

This afternoon I made it into the city again, stopped by Farfetched and saw Harpy, this time working with Susan. Good to see Susan, both she and Lois are going through the stages of grief over the loss of their business. It’s a sad thing.

Have to get Susan a job somehow, as well as Harpy, Billie, Rita, Steve and various other friends who are presently out of work. Bill is still sick but a little bit better than he was yesterday.

I picked up 2 quarts (a half gallon) of chicken soup as well as a hero from Subway for Bill and walked over to Stuyvesant Town and dropped them off. I sat with Bill for a little while, then headed out and decided to finish the last of my La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero cigars which should make Harpy happy since I don’t think

I’ll be writing about them again any time soon. It was a difficult cigar, not an easy draw and I’ll stick to my Padron cigars from now on. Since I was smoking a cigar I decided to walk from 14th street and Avenue C to 32nd Street and Broadway and it was a good walk, listening to D’Angelo.

Got a seat on the Path train back to Hoboken where I ran into (or was almost run into) by Julio, Stine and Alexander. They were driving to Jersey City to see if they could see the US Air airbus in the Hudson River. Stine and I walked over to the river’s edge while Julio and Alexander stayed in the car. Couldn’t see much but I think I got one workable picture.

A little fuzzy but the US AIR airbus is right in the middle

A little fuzzy but the US AIR airbus is right in the middle




Came back and took some more pictures of Alexander and Stine took a picture of Alexander and myself. Now I’m just watching the rebroadcast of the inauguration which was good, but still I’m glad to watch it here though I wish Bill were here to watch it with me.

I’m trying to get into the swing of the inaugural spirit but I can’t. The pRick Warren debacle just tarnished Obama in my eyes. I can’t help but feel spurned after the work I did for the campaign. And more and more bad news about pRick Warren keeps seeping out.

How the work against AIDS in Africa that Warren has done mainly consists of meeting up with anti-gay religious nut jobs who’s work counted on faith based initiatives and abstinence only programs that don’t do anything but offer the damaged hope that people just won’t have sex until they’re married as well as pRick Warren actively participating in the demonstration of setting condoms on fire which certainly doesn’t prevent the spread of HIV.

This seems to be the thinking that that is what the sky god from the iron age wants them to do. And I can’t omit the video of the Saddleback Church 25th anniversary celebration from 2005 where pRick Warren implores his followers to be like the followers of Hitler with their devotion to pRick Warren’s plan for the next 25 years of Saddleback douche baggery.

It seems that each time I inch closer to how I felt on November 5 some more news about pRick Warren emerges.

He’s a dangerous man and I still feel he is the wrong choice to deliver the invocation for the inauguration of Barack Obama, but then again I feel religion should have no place at all in the inauguration (or government) and we know that will never happen as long as the belief in an iron age sky god exists.

Old subway cars being sent off shore to be deposited into the ocean and hopefully create man made reefs.

Old subway cars being sent off shore to be deposited into the ocean and hopefully create man made reefs.


this little guy makes everything worthwhile again....

this little guy makes everything worthwhile again....

Learn to Learn

Ahh… just woke up from an hour long nap. It was well deserved after walking basically the length of Hoboken. Not the width mind you, just the length, which was enough. I wandered up to the Burlington Coat Factory and bought a new tie (pink) and some undershirts.

Nice cotton shirts by Nautica, I’ve been buying them up whenever possible. Very comfortable, thick cotton, not thin like Fruit of the Loom. Alas when getting jazzy a few weeks ago, a crumb burnt a hole in a shirt I was wearing so it needed to be replaced since that t-shirt is now a rag.

I’m also on the look out for microfiber boxer briefs so if anyone sees them on sale somewhere let me know. Also quite comfortable, I find microfiber more agreeable than mere cotton. I’m just saying.

It wasn’t as cold out as it was yesterday but there were not too many people out wandering about in Hoboken. I enjoyed a cigar after walking from Burlington to the main post office to drop off The Dark Knight DVD from Netflix.

I watched The Dark Knight last night and yes it was very good. Heath Ledger was great in it, actually he was the best thing in it. Definitely the best Batman movie, ever. Miles ahead of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson which in hindsight looks like a crap movie almost 20 years later.

After that I watched Saturday Night Live which overall was sub par. Hugh Laurie was ok, the sketches were iffy, the digital short was lame and Kanye West sucked big time. It was disappointing about Kanye since he usually is quite a dynamic performer.

Off to bed after that and today was all about walking around Hoboken. Saw Julio, Stine and Superboy for a spell this morning. I did hang out with Julio for a few minutes last night. Stine was with the baby at Julio’s cousin’s house and I ran into him on Washington Street.

We had a seasonal shot of Aquavit. Obviously so much has changed for him in the past 9 months so I can’t really say it was like old times, more like a close approximation which was still good. The three of them are flying to Denmark on Wednesday and won’t be back until the first Monday in January.

I talked to Rita a couple of times today. An old friend of ours, who is also a friend of my brother Brian got in touch with me via Facebook, Dave Bell. I became Dave’s Facebook friend and told him of the plan for Rita and I to go gallery hopping on Friday and invited him to join us.

Dave couldn’t make it but suggested having dinner during the holiday break. So I called Rita and she was into it, so we just have to wait on Dave. Again. That was what we used to do. It should be good to meet up with Dave & Rita after all these years.

Back to work tomorrow, have to un-forward my phone from the fax machine. It was a deterrent for the Korean stalker to stop filling my voice mail with her screaming and crying and pleas for marriage.

Got my clothes all picked out, including the pink tie.

From the Daily News/Associated Press:
An Ecuadorean immigrant viciously beaten by men who yelled anti-Hispanic and anti-gay slurs at him and his brother has died, nearly a week after the attack, a family spokesman said Saturday.

Jose Sucuzhanay died late Friday at Elmurst Hospital as his mother was en route from Ecuador to see him, spokesman Francisco Moya said. Sucuzhanay, a 31-year-old real estate broker, had been listed in critical condition since the assault early on Dec. 7.


Certain Harbours

A very cold Sunday. Snowed a bit last night, but not enough to stick around this morning. I watched Hancock last night. It was alright. Not very good. Decent special effects. After that I watched the first half of Saturday Night Live and that was merely alright too.

TI was the mediocre musical guest, John Malkovich was the guest host and he was a bit out of step with the rest of the cast it seemed. Good to see Amy Poehler back. But it wasn’t enough to make me stay awake until the end, wound up going to sleep after Weekend Update.

I recorded it so I can always catch the rest of it some other time. Slept until 8:00 and was out at 8:30. No contact with the Lopez family on the third floor despite my efforts of texting and voice mail.

Had an easy breakfast and was reading the papers and watching Barack Obama on Meet the Press when my niece Corrine called, letting me know that she was playing volleyball at Stevens Tech.

She told me about it yesterday and I asked that she call me when she had a clearer time of when she was actually playing. With 30 minutes notice I was soon in the bleachers next to my sister in law, Elaine cheering Corinne on.

They were doing well and with the help of two other spectators we made a four person wave which ebbed and flowed and may have helped Corinne’s team win a game or two. Well that’s what the two guys said and I was prone to agreeing with them.

After that Elaine and I walked up to Starbucks where we waited for my brother Frank to pick her up and drive back to Garfield. Frank being Frank was late by 45 minutes. Luckily we were indoors since the wind was bitter and cutting like a knife. I rarely go to Starbucks and on those rare occasions that I do, I don’t stay there.

Today we needed to be there and I don’t understand the protocol of the store. If someone is sitting at a table with three chairs reading the Sunday Times with various sections of the Times on the 2 empty chairs, do you ask the person sitting there to move their papers so you can sit there?

It didn’t matter since we did find a table that was quite dirty since the people sitting there just decided to walk out and not clean up after themselves. This Starbucks is at 12th and Hudson Street, which isn’t the same Hudson Street it was when Betti Cola was living above McSwells.

It’s populated with newcomers to Hoboken who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their condos, i.e., no one I know. Rude and self centered which seems to be the way of life up there.

The only contact I really have with these people is when they get on the bus in the morning upset that all the seats are gone and they have to stand.

Frank did show up I was dropped off in front of my building, Frank and Elaine heading back to Garfield. Nice to be in from the cold.

Back to work tomorrow. Blah blah blah.

I have taken some photos but since I am on Bill’s Mac still I can’t figure out how to post them to this blog. I can make them appear as wallpaper though which isn’t what I want. Someday, perhaps before the end of the year I’ll be back using my computer and writing and posting online. I’m not holding my breath.

Back to Life

I actually had most of an entry written last night before the power went out. And since it was a complete system shutdown, nothing was saved. Thank you Annemarie for posting in my place, you did an admirable job. It was quite a storm last night high winds and pounding rain and with the power out there was no air, meaning I couldn’t open a window making it quite stuffy.

I would up reading a book by flashlight when not pacing back in forth in the apartment which has been my world for the past four very long days. Bill came home through darkened streets and moments after his arrival the power came back on so I crown him Sun King for the day.

He’s been quite a help and a rock that I can rely on. Of course he’s been worried about me. I have been worried that he doesn’t catch whatever it is that I’ve had. I’d like to think that I’ve turned a corner health wise, still not 100% but I do have to get it together somewhat and get to the office tomorrow.

I think the corner was last night, probably while everyone was having a nice dinner and a good time at the Hamilton household. I was able to sleep much like I used to, and only had to change my t-shirt three times as opposed to something like ten times a few nights previous.

Saturday Night Live was good, the digital short was hilarious, ‘Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras-Trent’. Coldplay were interesting, I really liked their first song a lot. Jon Hamm was the very funny host and it got me interested in Mad Men again. Tonight is the season finale and you would think AMC would have a block of shows leading up to it but instead they have horror movies for Halloween.

Yesterday was the first time since Wednesday that I left the apartment and it was a bit like a psychedelic experience. First off I was still a bit light headed and walking to the supermarket was a bit of a trip. There were a handful of customers, some in pajamas and with the lights down low to save electricity made for quite a surreal experience. By the time I came home I was drenched in sweat once again and found myself in bed under the covers.

Juan stopped by yesterday, fearless of the bug that I have. I attempted to stay awake through the day so my night sleep wouldn’t be disturbed but while watching a documentary on quantum physics and Mark Everett of Eels who’s father was a prominent physicist. But physics started wearing me down and getting drowsy so I went for a lie down and Juan was on his way. Can’t really say it went downhill from there, more like it was a slow decline.

Right now I’m watching a dvd of the Jack Benny show which is still pretty funny and I can see a connection from Jack Benny to Stephen Colbert. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they’re both better known for their characters than for themselves.

Both play characters named after themselves. Has anyone else noticed this? Over half a century later Jack Benny still has some great laughs. It’s all in the timing. Still, laughter is the best medicine and this is helping greatly.

Another good medicine is homemade soup which my sister in law Elaine just dropped off with my niece Corinne. Luckily Elaine had given me a heads up and I was able to clean up the hovel a bit which was looking even worse than usual since it had been my prison/hospital room for the past two weeks.

It wasn’t much that I could do but clean up the couch so they could at least sit them both comfortably. They were here for about an hour and it was a nice visit and I’m sure the soup is good, just haven’t warmed it up yet.

So far I’ve been outside three times today which is an accomplishment. Tons of strollers out. Too many all rolling down the sidewalks with parents behind them sometimes three or four strollers abreast. I doubt if I’ll be heading out again today. Got to reserve power so I can go to work tomorrow and deal with that mess.

I’ve only been out since Wednesday but it feels longer. With the power outage last night it really made me feel out of sorts this morning. Time is relative, and for the record my temperature is basically ‘normal’ 98 degree range. And there is nothing like homemade soup, made with love.

Bye Bye Love

Jeez this bug that I have just won’t go away. Been feeling it since about last Monday and here it is almost a week later and after spending just a few hours outside I’m tired. Last night after I watched The Mayor of Sunset Strip, I watched Stardust starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfieffer. To quote Juan, I was whelmed.

Not over or under, but simply whelmed. Enough that I couldn’t be bothered to turn off the dvd. It was ok, but overall a disappointment. Hard to believe that was Sienna Miller, who looked so much like Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, in this she was far from it. My brother Frank liked the movie.

He just told me as I called to wish him a happy birthday. He seemed to have just an average day for his birthday which is how it goes sometimes. Plus since he works for the board of elections he had to work today, on a Sunday which didn’t make him happy at all.

After Stardust, came Saturday Night Live. That wasn’t as good as it had been the past episodes this season. And with Sarah Palin on the show I think I threw up in my mouth a little. I just don’t like her. At all. Josh Brolin was good but when he first came out for the monologue he looked like Butch Patrick. I don’t find him attractive though I know people that do.

Andy Samberg was a disappointment as well. His scene with Mark Wahlberg was a bit off. Wahlberg knew his lines, but Samberg seemed riveted to the cue cards. Or maybe he was acting as if he was terrified of Mark Wahlberg, who I though was one of the funniest spots on the show.

Kristen Wig. I like her but perhaps she is funnier in small doses. Like Lewis Black, who is funny for five minutes a month on the Daily Show, but not strong enough for an hour long special on HBO.

Adele was the musical guest and she was ok. She seemed like another singer from the Amy Winehouse/Duffy genre. It’s not bad but really not enough to distinguish from other female R&B stylists.

Amy Poeler has only a few more weeks before she leaves the show and gives birth. She’ll be missed, especially on Weekend Update where she was the funniest thing on that whole spot. I went to bed at 12:45, just couldn’t risk seeing Sarah Palin at the end of the show.

Woke up feeling ok, went out for foodstuffs and the paper. After breakfast I watched a documentary called Champion on Danny Trejo, an actor you’ve probably seen in some movies. He had a hard life, a junkie at 13, life in San Quentin followed. Now he has a successful career in movies and also counsels younger people encouraging them to stay of of jail and off drugs and booze.

Somehow that wound up in my Netflix queue. It wasn’t that bad a documentary but then again it wasn’t that good. I watched the BBC and a rally in North Carolina for Obama. The big news today was Colin Powell supporting Obama. Is Colin Powell still relevant? After the WMD’s fiasco at the UN, who really cares what Colin Powell has to say?

McCrazy of course mentioned that he has a former secretary of state backing him, Henry Kissinger. I suppose for some, having a war criminal back you is quite the feather in the cap. I don’t think Kissinger can leave the country lest he be arrested for the bombing of Cambodia and Laos all those years ago and tried in the Hague. But then again McCrazy has G. Gordon Liddy’s backing so maybe he wants the backing of the tarnished and tattered Nixon crew.

I walked around Hoboken and saw Rand and Lisa at their Gate Sale and then visited Fred and Lois at their sale. Then I walked downtown to the Neumann Leathers Building and stopped by Tim Daly’s studio where I talked with Sheilah Scully who just so happens to be Tim’s wife. Came home, made a nice penne, pesto and chicken dinner and now I’m tired.

I spent all day wondering who Joe Gideon was, and now that I just watched the ending of the Simpsons with a Fosse character in it I realized Joe Gideon was played by Robert Schneider in Bob Fosse’s loosely autobiographical All That Jazz. Now I can go to bed.

3 Legs

Another weird day. The proper term I think is ‘off’ day, but I think people would get that confused with day off so I’ll just stick to weird. And weird it is, weird it was and probably- weird it will be. It didn’t have to be that way but circumstance was out of my control. Last night was mellow, once again with Bill and Juan manning the couch, me playing the role of ‘guy in computer chair’.

We watched Olbermann and Rachel Maddow followed by the Thursday edition of Weekend Update which was 60% good. The Hall and Oates thing maybe would have been funnier 15 years ago. And the debate could have had 6 questions instead of 8, but then what would you cut? It’s a good thing I don’t work on Saturday Night Live. Yeah, it’s a ‘good’ thing.

Bill went to bed and Juan and I watched The Daily Show then I kicked Juan’s butt out and went to bed myself. Hopefully he got home alright. Woke up tried to take my time but somehow wound up getting to work about 10 minutes earlier. I must have stepped into a worm hole somewhere. Got to the office, no one in.

It’s a Friday and the expected number was 5 and eventually the other 4 came in. Me and Vivek on my team. It’s getting weird I tell ya.

In the lobby of the building they play a lot of songs from the 1970’s. This morning I heard Dream Weaver by Gary Wright. It brought me back in a Proustian rush to the edge of puberty back then. No, I’ve never read Proust but I think I get the gist of it. No madelaine for me thanks.

In Search of Lost Time is one of those classics that I will never get around to reading, especially if I have a New Yorker subscription. I did try reading Ulysses by James Jones a few times, but never got past page 48 each time. Don’t ask me what happened in those 48 pages since it was maybe 25 years ago when I had literary ambitions.

Anyway, Dream Weaver was prominent in my memory, and I was dealing with feelings that were unknown to me before that. It was 1976 and puberty was down the road. As I wrestled with what was happening to my body and my mind the radio was on and Dream Weaver is what I will forever associate the adolescent feelings with.

I also remember a specific night when my sister was coming back from Aspen I think late at night and my family went to Newark airport to pick her up. This was before 9/11 when you could still walk right to the gate. It was late for me and I was an emotional wreck. I remember crying when I saw my sister walking towards us.

I was happy to see her definitely but I think I came to the realization today, that I was also crying because she was probably the only person I felt I could talk to at that time, though I never did talk to her about what was going on within me. I couldn’t talk to anyone and since I was in catholic school, sex education was out of the question. So in effect I had no one to talk to, not even the person I was probably closest to.

All that from 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Seems like a quiet night tonight. Juan is probably in Trenton and Bill is at some rehearsal so he might just stay at his mother’s apartment in Stuyvesant Town. Got the new Mojo and Uncut and the latest New Yorker that Harpy said was very good and once again he’s right, dammit!

This is from BettiCola

And a big round of applause for Connecticut!
California still needs help though, the haters are gaining ground so
NO ON PROPOSITION 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay Connecticut!

My Spine (Is The Bassline)

It’s Sunday. Right now, it’s 100% humidity and 80 degrees. A bit uncomfortable, but that’s about it. Just a bit. Last night I watched Chris Rock and he was funny of course, but not as funny as I had hoped. It was a live show shot in various locations, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, New York and a few other places I believe.

They kept cutting between venues since he did the same show basically all over the world. They do it for rock and roll concerts sometimes, various shows many splices. This may have been the first time it was done for a comedy show. For me, it was too gimmicky. But over all he was alright.

I just expected a little bit more. Not as funny as his other specials I think, though the proper gauge would be to see how many times Bill laughs out loud and busts a gut for a few minutes. Bill missed it last night, but I’m sure it will be rebroadcast ad infinitum.

Saturday Night Live was pretty good though. Anna Farris was good and Duffy was really good. I know some people don’t like Duffy but I do and so does my sister. Darrell Hammond and Fred Armisen were both funny as McCain and Obama for the debate sketch and it was good to see Chris Parnell who Bill and I always liked. And he looks good in a Speedo too, but that was a different sketch a long time ago.

Slept like a log and woke up with Bill kissing me goodbye as he was off to church. I soon got out of bed and found myself walking down Washington Street looking at various vendors setting up with wishes that the rain wouldn’t happen.

Saw The Lopez clan as I dropped off some bagels and chatted with them for a bit. Seems like it’s getting to be a Sunday morning routine, chatting with Mama and Papa Lopez while Alexander feasts.

I watched the Sunday morning shows for a while before finally watching a documentary about the tailor to the stars, John Taylor. Old school tailor, dressed the biggies like Mike Douglas, Monty Hall and Jan Murray. Big I tell you! He also dressed Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby. He’s the last of a breed, few good tailors around, I guess in Beverly Hills and I certainly can’t afford a bespoke suit that starts at $1500.

Ran into Rand and Lisa at the supermarket and then heard from Rand a little while later. He was at the Art and Music Festival and watching our friends in Sexpod playing. I didn’t think they would be on until later but there they were. I only caught the last 2 songs, but Alice noticed me while she was on stage and gave me a nice smile.




Karen and drummer

Rand and I hung about waiting for Mary Weiss from the Shangri-La’s who was better than anticipated. She did her hits as well as 2 songs by the Rascals among others. I mentioned to Rand that she should have covered a Blondie song or a Ramones song. They would’ve have sounded great but overall Mary Weiss was plenty enjoyable as was the crowd.

Mary Weiss

Rand’s wife Lisa joined us and we all had a pleasant stroll through the festival, enjoying the finale of the Salsa group that was performing. Rand suggested a drink but I needed to go eat. Came home and made some pesto with gusto.

Bill came home after singing Something’s Coming from West Side Story for a church presentation. I threw in the DVD of West Side Story that I bought a few years ago that I hadn’t watched completely. I knew why I hadn’t. I always cry at the end, and watching Tony sing Something’s Coming before meeting Maria at the dance I started to get choked up.

I usually watch the movie and always ridiculously hope that Tony and Maria will get away, but they never do.

The crowd

Yabba Dabba Don’t

Roda and his daughter

Ventilator Blues

Well I am looking forward to work tomorrow, it will be something to do. Though I will be dreading and perhaps lying when asked how my birthday weekend was. The past two days have been quite dull and the highpoint of the day so far has been a walk to the Hoboken post office.

It was not supposed to be the highpoint of the day. The highpoint of the day was to be me going into the city to my office to drop off a few pounds of coffee that I bought this morning.

Yeah it’s been a rather pathetic weekend. It’s close to 90 degrees out right now and it’s muggy as all hell. I had had enough of being cooped up inside today and decided to head into the city. The sun was beaming on the side of the street where the buses into the city ride so I was opposite, walking down in the shade, keeping an eye out for the buses.

The bus showed up when I was between stops and the bus drivers do not pick up people that are not at the bus stop so I was screwed. I found myself walking around Hoboken carrying three pounds of coffee and whining to my sister on the phone about what a pathetic weekend this has turned out to be.

I’m just so annoyed at myself that I postponed drinks with Rand and Lisa. They didn’t give me a set time and even though I have nothing but time on my hands my mood had turned considerably rotten and anti-social.

I thought it would be better if I just went back to my messy apartment and sat in front of the computer since my life wasn’t pathetic enough. Bill was upstate yesterday then at his mother’s last night. Juan said he was going to stop by after seeing his family but he didn’t. I’m just a lonely guy it seems.

Once again I find myself depending on others to get me through, to show me a good time. And then when there is an offer I bail. Now I’m hungry and cranky. I bought a half pint of heavy cream and I will more than likely make some more sub-par pesto with pasta and chicken. This time ignoring Annemarie and Harpy’s advice since heeding their advice yesterday left me wholly dissatisfied.

Annemarie had the right idea on her birthday weekend. She went away on a yoga retreat. My problem is, I don’t do yoga. She suggested following one of my interests, but what are my interests? When pressed for an answer I come up blank.

Music? That’s about my main interest, but how could I pursue that? I have a ticket for My Bloody Valentine on September 22, but right now I’m thinking about selling it. I don’t want to go by myself and I could use the money and I did see them back in 1991 at Studio 54. I think those are three pretty good reasons not to go.

Another interest of mine would be the movies. But I don’t like going to the movies alone. There are plenty of movies that I want to see too. Yeah I’m in a situation of my own doing. I could call people up but when I do they have other plans or simply can’t make it so I end up not even asking and sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

I’m annoyed with myself, with my computer, with just about everything that crosses my path. It’s just as well that I sit here next to the open window sweating in a warm breeze.

Oh right, I have a dental appointment tomorrow. That’s something to look forward to. Nothing major, just some x-rays and periodontal charts that need to be done again and then sent back to the insurance company so they could deny my benefits for the third time.

Last night I watched The Brave One starring Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard. Oh it sucked. Easily forgettable. Another DVD rental that when it ended I couldn’t help but yell BOO. Bill is in it for about 2 seconds, in the building that I worked in when I worked for Golden Staffing on 44th street.

You have to slow down the DVD considerably and zoom in order to catch Bill getting into an elevator.
All in all a crap movie.

Also caught SNL last night which was funny. Tina Fey ‘surprise guest’ as Sarah Pallid. She had the whole accent down perfectly, the long flat tones as she speaks. Lil Wayne wasn’t all that. Easily ignored.

A little while later.

I’ve eaten. Used olive oil, a dash of heavy cream, a lick of butter and two and a half tablespoons of pesto sauce, maybe three tablespoons. A definite improvement over last night and a definite positive effect on my mood. When I don’t eat I tend to turn into Joan Collins. Or my father. Or Joan Collins father.

The pasta was good, the sauce a wee bit creamy but not creamy like I would get on 57th street for lunch. A happy medium it is. Not feeling so sorry for myself. I don’t have it so bad, as bhikkhu states in the comments below.

Hoboken Sunset

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine

Well last night was pretty cool. I watched a documentary on Better Davis after Now, Voyager. I think yesterday she would have turned 100. It was entertaining and I watched the whole thing, winding up late meeting Rand for a few pints. I wisely ate beforehand, and didn’t mind being late since I hate waiting for other people at McSwells. Even when I worked there if I was supposed to meet someone it would be hell to wait for them. And it was usually my fantastically late brother Frank.

He’s still in the hospital and haven’t heard anything from his wife or daughters, or even Annemarie. I can only hope that no news is good news. I got to McSwells and found Rand sitting in the fishbowl where the owner after Steve Fallon put in massive tanks for a microbrewery. When the tanks were removed they made the space into a lounge. It was fun hanging with Rand. Catching up on what we’ve been listening to, TV shows, movies things like that. It was a man-date I suppose.

At one point we were able to move to the bar where it had gotten crowded soon after. I have no idea what bands were playing but six of one band were seated behind me. It was even louder at the bar and both Rand and I had to repeat just about everything we said, including each other’s dental histories. They treated us nicely when we got the tab and tipped them considerably. After all that gossip and whatnot Rand and I walked over to Hoboken Beach. An inlet that was recreated where one of the old Maxwell House buildings once stood.

It was a nice winding path, or maybe it was a straight path and both of us were winding. Regardless there is actually a sandy beach right on the Hudson River with a few geese honking at 10:30 on a Saturday night. Rand and I parted ways after that and I came home and watched most of Saturday Night Live, but couldn’t stay up past Weekend Update. Panic at the Disco were no great shakes either. Still it was good to see an actual band playing live.

Woke up feeling ok, not so great but not so bad either. Ran some errands, got a bagel for the parents to be on 3 and read the papers feeling like crap for most of the day. It was a crappy day outside anyhow so it seemed a perfect fit. Watched a DVD of Creature Comforts America which was fun and definitely low key. Then a short walk to the post office to drop off the Netflix and back home after all that. Still a bit tired, and I know I’ll probably sleep really well tonight.

Charlton Heston’s dead. His rifle has been pried from his cold dead hands. Besides the Ten Commandments, I always remember him as Ava Gardner’s husband in Earthquake, not to mention his bravura acting in the first 2 Planet of the Apes. ‘Take you filthy paws off me you damned dirty APES!’. He was a wing nut though so it’s one less vote for them, then.

And now, some pics



Upside Down Me





The End (of the street)

I Can’t Live Without My Radio

It’s another lazy Sunday. Not much happened today. Last night was pretty good. Bill came home in a good mood. I was in a good mood too and happy to see him. I was watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and switched it off so we could watch Gone Baby Gone together. As expected, Bill liked it very much, totally engrossed within minutes. Even had a discussion about it afterwards. Timed it well enough to catch Lawn Hor d’oeuvre which was a good one.

Bill was able to stay awake and watched Saturday Night Live which was pretty funny, especially the SNL Digital Short. Jonah Hill and Andy Samberg produced several laugh out loud moments for me and Bill. Mariah Carey was Mariah Carey. Boring and possibly lip syncing. She’s still annoying to me, for real, not faux annoying like my disdain for Morgan Freeman. I went to bed right after the show, Bill stayed up for I don’t know how long. He woke me up as he was leaving for church this morning. It’s Palm Sunday.

I slept in, got out of bed around 9:00. Went out and went to the supermarket, came home had breakfast and read the papers. I then watched the rest of Harry Potter and I enjoyed it. I do enjoy those movies. Can’t even call it a guilty pleasure, I out right enjoy it. There, I’ve said it. Since the weather looked crappy and always on the verge of rain I decided to watch The Thin Red Line after that. Another movie I saw in a theater and while beautiful to watch, I just didn’t get it. Watched a chunk of it a week or so ago and got a little bit more of it and watched the whole thing from start to finish with an occasional interruption, phone call, bathroom break, or actually dinner. Nothing like eating a burger while watching a World War 2 movie.

Not much else to report. I did have a few cigarettes the past couple of days, which isn’t the end of the world considering how much I used to smoke. Just going to take more resolve, this much I know. Tonight, I plan to watch The John Adams docudrama. I watched the Adams Chronicles in the 1970’s and enjoyed it. Liked John Adams since then even though I didn’t know too much about him. Just that he seemed interesting, as well as his wife Abigail. This should be grittier since it seems that i was filmed outdoors, on ‘location’ whereas The Adams Chronicles were all shot indoors on sound stages if I remember correctly. Plus Laura Linney is in it and I really like her a lot.

In a related note, Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters is writing a musical based on Armistead Maupin’s Tales of The City. Related because Laura Linney played Mary Ann Singleton in the original miniseries on PBS. Those were the days when PBS would show Tales of The City without fear. There was another season but the powers that be felt that honest images of life in 1970’s San Francisco was way too much for PBS decided not to broadcast it. It was shown on Showtime, but who had Showtime then? Or even now?

This Charming Man

Well there was a howling wind last night. Bill made it home to Hoboken as Robert the oh so handyman was disconnecting the hot water heater. I helped Robert move the heater with the broken tank out into the hallway. Robert reassured me that it wasn’t anything I had done, the heater was about 12 years old and they really don’t last much past their five year warranty. I was reassured as Robert headed down the stairs and off into the storm. He was gone for a while and I thought I’d be calling up Julio and Stine to ask if I could use their shower in the morning. No need to ask for Bill since he showers at his gym.

Bill asked if I was hungry and I said I was a little bit, which prompted him to call and order a Grimaldi’s pizza. I was in the mood for it and obviously so was Bill. I sat writing last night’s blog while 3:10 To Yuma was finishing up. Pretty good movie, a bit slow in parts but overall enjoyable. I prefer to watch Russell Crowe to Christian Bale, though Ben Foster stole the movie from both of them as Charlie Prince. Ben Foster played Claire’s on again off again boyfriend/art partner from Six Feet Under, he was intense there and even more so in 3:10 To Yuma.

About an hour later the bell rang and I mentioned to Bill, ‘oh it must be the hot water heater.’ Bill explained it was the pizza and I explained that I was joking. Bill headed down the stairs and shouted up that the hot water heater was on it’s way up. I knew I should have said, ‘oh it must be that million dollars I hoped for’. Up the stairs came Robert with Peter the landlord, huffing and puffing after climbing four flights of stairs. They maneuvered the new heater into the kitchen and after scanning the room with his eyes, Peter made a hasty exit. I suppose it will be another two years until I see Peter again. He’s an absentee landlord if that’s possible in Hoboken. He also insisted that I call Robert next time should I need any work done in the apartment. He doesn’t want to be bothered.

Bill and I sat and watched The History Boys, not the first time for me and sort of the first time for Bill since he was so exhausted the other night. Who knows what Robert thought as he welded the copper pipes into place and made sure the brand spanking new heater was set up properly. I offered Robert some pizza and some water but he turned me down. He left a little while after that and I was relieved since Bill and I inhaled the pizza and if Robert changed his mind about a slice, he would have been out of luck. Bill enjoyed The History Boys though not like me. I mentioned that it was a smart film and then thought that Bill might be put off by that remark, thinking that the movies he likes aren’t so smart. Perhaps I think too much.

The dvd ended on time, so that we watched the news and Saturday Night Live which was funny. Amy Adam hosted and Vampire Weekend were the musical guests. I have the Vampire Weekend cd and it’s ok, a bit twee if you ask me though live it sounded a whole lot better. Bill went to sleep midway through and I stayed up reading the rest of Hotel California, which I am almost finished with. I went to bed happy to have hot water once again. It was rough to be without for those hours, he wrote tongue firmly in cheek.

Woke up and moved the hands on the clock an hour ahead for daylight savings. Lost an hour of sleep but I didn’t really have it to begin with. Ran into Mike Korman with his son Harrison as I did my morning rounds. Good kid it seemed though Mike told me he and his wife, my old friend Clara have no idea how to handle this three year old boy since he doesn’t listen to either one of them and does whatever he wants. Too much information for me with one cup of coffee in my system. I parted ways with them after wishing them a good day.

Bill had headed off to church and I had a nice quiet breakfast. Headed into the city for a quick trip to Farfetched, saw Harpy and gave him Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up which I read a few weeks ago. Very good and I thought Harpy would enjoy it. After picking up some cards and a pair of spider shaped cuff links I walked up to 33rd street where I got a seat on the Path train and read the rest of last weeks New Yorker.

Shake That Rat

Sunday, back to work. Ho hum, hum drum. Not such a bad day, things weren’t messy this morning. I guess most of the party goers last night, refrained from vomiting or smashing bottles on the sidewalk. Don’t know how bad it was in various parts of town but where I walked it was merely a plastic green bowler hat crumpled in the gutter. Didn’t hear much of a racket as I went to bed around 1:30. Bill came home last night and that was good. He didn’t drive me crazy, and hopefully I didn’t drive him crazy either. I doubt that I ever do, except for being a pain in the tuckus every now and then.

Before Bill came home last night I watched Night At The Museum and I couldn’t believe how bad it was. It got ok towards the end but man what a stinker. Much better was Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Finally saw the last half and it was pretty good. I do enjoy the Harry Potter movies, ever since seeing the first one in 2001 with Annemarie, Rex and Earl in Eureka. Haven’t read the books yet, not sure if I will. Maybe if someone lends them to me, maybe if I’ve read everything else I have to read.

What I’m reading now, courtesy of the Hoboken Library is Hotel California by Barney Hoskyns, a British writer who has written for Q, Mojo and Uncut among others. I’ve always enjoyed his writing, and met him once when he was interviewing Metallica at Right Track Recording in the 90’s. It was good having Bill home last night, it enabled him to let his walls down. He’s doing his best to be strong for his mother, but here he was able to cry like he hadn’t for a few days. I was able to give him a hug and make him feel better.

No Grimaldi’s Pizza though since all restaurants were packed with revelers and deliveries were slow going. We watched George Carlin on his latest HBO special last night. George, now 70, is a humorous curmudgeon. He doesn’t try to be funny, he just rants on stage and there’s usually something funny in the truth that he says. He also riffed a lot about death which Bill was able to laugh about much to my relief. We watched Saturday Night Live after that and that was ok. Not rip roaring, but generally funny. They still have to figure out how to end a sketch though, they do run too long. Sometimes they’re just stretched a bit too thin.

I went to bed after watching the last half of Bill Maher. Bill hadn’t seen that in a while. After that I went to bed, Bill falling asleep next to me about a half hour later. Woke up, shuffled about, Bill out cold in bed, looking like a big mocha angel bear. I ran out and got some bagels, and the papers, Bill woke up a few hours later as I was watching The Namesake. He joined me as I watched that and he got somethings out of that, which I won’t get into in case you haven’t seen that movie yet. Bill headed back into the city to tend to his mother, his weekend visitation coming to an end.

Julio called after that and needed my help moving some Ikea things from his truck to his and Stine’s apartment. Hung out with them for a while, Stine has gotten bigger than last week when I last saw them at the bistro in midtown after Bill’s father’s wake. Then I walked around Hoboken, noticing the lack of people on the street compared to yesterday’s festivities.

Here’s some more pics.

Soup Man




Letter in the Male Box

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day

Saw this jet flying weirdly

Afternoon Snog


On the phone with Annemarie

No dogs in church


Well obviously I didn’t write last night, nothing to write about really. Today there are somethings to write about, but first last night. What did I do? I watched TV. Watched Law and Hor d’oeuvres more than likely. Watched a documentary about Funk, James Brown, Temptations, Stevie Wonder and George Clinton. That was fun, a wonderful distraction from the boredom of day to day life. Also watched Saturday Night Live which was a lot of fun, having been off the air for the past three months. Tina Fay was the very funny guest host and Carrie Underwood was ok, not my cuppa, but she wasn’t terrible.

Julio stopped by earlier in the evening, with a new used TV for me. Big 24 inch screen, not HD but big screen, good sound and I’m happy with it. It also gave me a chance to hang out with Julio who lately I only see maybe once a month. I was also able to give him the onesie I got for the baby due on April. It’s a nice blue one piece that says ‘I’m Super’ and has a cape for the 0 to 3 month old set. We discussed the Viewing and the Wake this afternoon. Mainly, what’s the difference between a viewing and a wake? I had no clear idea, just that I figured the Viewing would be religious themed and the Wake a more social thing, which in fact it turned out to be.

I went to bed after SNL and woke up around 8:00 this morning. Did my thing, which for the first time in days, included shaving and my legs were silky smooth afterwards. I picked out what I was going to wear today, my charcoal gray double breasted pinstriped Givenchy suit with a French cuff shirt and a somber black tie. I did run out this morning to get the Sunday morning sundries, including bagels and the newspaper for the denizens of 3R, Julio and Stine. A nice breakfast, good coffee and the newspapers filled my morning and at around 12:00 I knew I had to get moving, not wanting to be late for the wake.

I hopped on a bus and surprisingly people stepped aside and let me on the bus first, with an ‘After you, Sir’. I guess I projected a look of authority, either that, or I was that bangin’. In any event, I sat towards the back of the bus, and started reading The Diving Bell and The Butterfly which I probably could have finished with another hour on the bus. But it wasn’t to be. The book, by the way has a few chuckles in it. My sister Annemarie and her husband Rex saw the film yesterday and they liked it. I wonder if Annemarie is like me, once I get home, I log on and try to get as much info as possible. I told her that some of the music is on a loop which sounds a bit ambient and you can play it for hours without tiring of it, which is what I’ve been doing on and off lately.

I lucked out when I got tot he city, sidestepping all the tourist as I made a beeline down 42nd street from the bus terminal to Grand Central. An express train arrived soon after and I found myself on the upper east side a half hour early. I walked over to 1010 Park Ave, the Park Avenue Christian Church and hung outside having a smoke. Bill came out and had to move his Zip car. His mother was inside with his cousin Elsie. Bill’s friend Margaret was there as well, giving me a big hug and telling em she loves me very much, for what I’ve been doing for Bill as well as for being myself. As if there was someone else I could be. There isn’t. I tried.

The Viewing was religious as I thought it would be and I rebuffed all opportunities to sing hymns in English and Spanish, avoiding a chance to mangle a tune in two languages. Various people from Bill’s past showed up, hugs and well wishes abounding. Bill and his friend Kirk and Tom accompanied Bill as he played a song on the piano, Kirk on flute, Tom on drums. I think that was when it hit Bill. He became quite emotional. Perhaps music speaks best for Bill rather than words. It was beautiful and I wasn’t sure if I should have applauded.

Julio and Stine showed up and I introduced them to everyone I knew during the Wake. It all ended after that, Bill needed to get the Zip car to drive his mother back home, and I decided to head back with Julio and Stine. Stine had some friends coming in from Denmark and we all walked over to the Paramount Hotel to see if they checked in. They hadn’t so we went to a French bistro around the block where we all had something to eat. Stine’s friend, Stine showed up with here husband and they sat and talked with us, Stine and Stine speaking that crazy Danish talk. I felt like a fifth wheel so I made my exit, bidding all a good night. Lucked out, there was a bus waiting and I was home in 20 minutes, where I am right now.