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So She (Bonus Track)

It’s certainly good having Juan around. I haven’t laughed like I do when he visits. Last night he came over, later than I hoped but it worked out just fine. Bill was out late as well, working on a staged reading that I am going to see next week. They arrived within minutes of each other, a little before 11:00 and a little after, my two favorite guys.

Bill worked on his desktop for the first time in two years since his laptop crashed, with his play on it. The laptop is at TekServe being looked at. There is a hard copy so it’s not a total loss. It could also be a good thing, some editing could be done while reentering the play.

While Bill was doing all that, Juan and I watched ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of The World’, which I had seen before and liked a lot. Juan hadn’t seen it and he liked it a lot, enough that he got choked up. After the asteroid/meteor events a week or so ago it was timely to watch. I tried getting it from the bibliothèque then but someone had the same idea. Plus Juan wasn’t around at the time.

I wouldn’t call it a romantic comedy though it was marketed as such. It’s a heavy movie with some laughs. And the title is a bit unwieldy.

It’s a bright and sunny day in Hoboken and it’s also quite cold. Temperatures have dropped and there’s a wind that cuts like a knife, so going out and about has been limited. I’m not sure if Juan is coming over again. I have Blue Velvet and Altered States to watch and he hasn’t seen either of those flicks.

I think we made a plan for tomorrow, but he’s always welcome and I think Bill enjoys having him around since Juan makes me laugh.




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