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Helen Wheels

Well I really enjoyed last night’s Season/Series Finale of Scrubs. Zach Braff, Judy Reyes and Bill Lawrence were leaving the show and I don’t think it will continue. If it does it won’t have the same name.

It would be best for all concerned that last night was the season finale. It ended perfectly, with appearances from most everyone who had been on the show, characters that lived and characters that died.

I can’t wait for Bill to see it. He asked if it was a good series ending like Six Feet Under, and no it wasn’t. Six Feet Under had me with a tear in my eye at the end when David sees Keith who had been dead for a few years right before David passes away.

You saw all the major characters die throughout the future years, all very stirring. Scrubs was more bittersweet, JD looking into the future which may have wound up with Turk’s daughter and J.D.’s son getting engaged which caused JD to collapse from happiness a few times.

And Peter Gabriel singing The Book of Love was really touching.

Since Lawn Hors d’œuvre was on last night we watched that after I watched Lost which was good, but next week is the series finale, a 2 hour episode.

After the fire department got busted and sent to jail on Lawn Hors d’œuvre Bill went to bed and I watched the Simpsons which was really funny, a perfect way to end the night. Slept really well and woke up to Bill saying goodbye.

I got up soon after that, headed into work. Reading the latest New Yorker. It was muggy and overcast and by the time I got to the office once again I was all sweaty. I decided to leave work early. Not much for me to do, finished a lot with Abby yesterday.

Helped Greg Stevens out some today and he was gone by 12:30 this afternoon. Definitely not as stressed as I’ve been earlier this week.

My brother Brian called while I was on the bus heading to the office. He wasn’t sure about whether or not he’d be able to make the show at the Highline Ballroom tonight. No worries on this end. If it happened it happened.

I got a phone call later on with Brian saying it wasn’t going to happen. Next week I’ll see him at the graduation party for my niece Corrine who is graduating from Kean University.

That’s definitely something to look forward to.

I might take off from work tomorrow, which will make today’s leaving early excuse more believable.

Tonight’s a wake, tomorrow’s a funeral. No one questions death and when someone is dead already, it’s good to put them to good use.

I could use a break from the job, just a day. If it were busy I’d be more inclined to go in, but even though out of the past 6 Fridays, I was not working for 3 of those. And Fridays are notoriously slow and dead.

I will check in from time to time like I just did a few minutes ago. All quiet on the work front. Checked the voice mail and it was Bill. Checked my email and my Indian overlords in Kent, WA are asking for what I sent out before I left. I’m good.

Tomorrow I will send an email to Abby letting him know I will be attending a funeral.

And then Monday I will send an email telling them I resign since I will have won the lottery. With my lottery winnings I will invest and help fund cures for almost every disease on the planet and once done with that I will feed the poor and clothe the hungry and create world peace.

It’s a pretty good plan I think.

That’s just how I roll.

I’m No Superman

Today was not as bad as yesterday. Last night I talked about it with Bill and I felt better. There were a few things I told him that didn’t make the cut here. Nothing major. It was a good talk though.

Bill and I watched Lawn Hors d’œuvre SUV last night. Weird episode with Swoosie Kurtz who probably enjoyed playing a corrupt conservative activist judge.

Overall, as exhausted as I was carrying around that frustration didn’t allow for a good night’s sleep. I woke up more tired that I was when I fell asleep. And I had to hustle this morning since my computer crashed last night and the tech guy was coming in.

It’s $100.00 a visit from the tech guy and you have to catch him when he’s in or else it’s another $100.00. I made it in before the tech guy came in and told Tom Chin, former employee, now consultant that the tech guy was en route.

He of course snapped at me about how I’m spending money that I shouldn’t be spending. I just walked away from him and let him rant. I avoided him most of the day. It was best for all concerned. He just loves snapping at me, even when he’s wrong.

Basically Tom Chin is an asshole.

I also helped out Greg Stevens quite a bit today which kept me in his office away from everyone else. I am grateful for his ineptitude and always happy to help him out. I mentioned to him the other day that I wanted to work for him rather than Vivek, but we both know that’s not going to happen.

He is renting out his office space until February 28, 2010 when the lease expires for the office. That should be the end of my time there, that is, if I can hang in there.

Got a call from my brother Brian today, singing ‘Hooray for Bollywood!’ He’s a joker that brother of mine.

We’re going to a show together at the Highline Ballroom tomorrow night. I was second choice, his wife Karen didn’t want to go to the city.

He won tickets on the radio to see Eric Hutchinson. I haven’t been to the Highline Ballroom yet so that should be something. Eric Hutchinson opened for Marshall Crenshaw a while back at McSwells and I guess Brian liked him.

I missed his set apparently and don’t really know what he sounds like. I’m sure he doesn’t sound like Gwar or Flipper since that’s not Brian’s kind of thing and he probably wouldn’t enter a contest to see those groups. In any event it will be fun to hang out with Brian for a little while.

I’d like to go home and change my clothes and that might involve a lie to get out early. So maybe I’ll tell them something. Maybe get out at 4:00. That would be nice.

I deserve it.

Still pretty tired and watching Scrubs which is the last episode with JD. I can’t see the show continuing without Zach Braff. It’s a bittersweet episode and I’m just waiting to see if they say the Janitor’s name, which will prove it’s the final episode.

Glenn Matthews?

It was a very sweet, lump in the throat ending with a beautiful Peter Gabriel song and one or two moments where I said, ‘Awww’.


Well last night was Tuesday night and actually the first night since New Years Eve that Bill was able to sleep in our bed. He came home around 8:00 and was very happy to be home. I greeted him with a hug and a kiss.

Almost immediately we fell into our old routines, he sitting on the couch and me sitting where I am now, in front of the computer. Also like our old routine, we watched Scrubs from this past season which is now on ABC. And we had seen both episodes already.

I was surprised that he went to bed before the old stand by, Lawn Hors D’oeuvre SVU. It was a decent episode, but it lacked the made up lyrics that Bill and I used to sing over the theme song.

I watched the Daily Show after that, more of the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer showdown, of which Jon Stewart has been hitting home runs with a ball that might as well be shaped like Jim Cramer’s face. Jon Stewart was on point.

I tried watching the Colbert Report but couldn’t keep up and soon went to bed. There was Bill, fast asleep and snoring. That kept me awake for a while but soon he stopped and I was able to fall asleep to the sound of the recyclables being dragged to the curb a little after midnight.

Getting up was out of the ordinary. It used to be that Bill was up around 5:30 to head to the gym but he was up around the same time as me after both of us kept hitting the snooze button on our respective alarm clocks. He was gone before I was, and I made my way to the bus stop.

One aspect of getting up earlier is the fact that it isn’t as crowded at 7:00 in the morning than at 8:00. Lot’s more people but still I found a comfortable seat and finished the article in the New Yorker about David Foster Wallace and the depression that eventually caused him to take his life.

It mentioned a few of his books, except for the book that I received as a gift about 5 years ago from Sarah Fortner, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. I tried reading it but found it too dense for my taste. Sad that he killed himself, the medications he was on didn’t help him at all.

I remember a quote but can’t figure out who said and I probably have it wrong anyway, but basically I relate it to how if a person would take their medications to deal with their inner devils, their inner angels would never forgive them.

The inner struggle that takes place and can cause creative urges. I still have the David Foster Wallace book and one day I’ll get around to reading it, perhaps with the proper dose of medication.

Work was quiet for me, and I wound up being more of a DJ than an office manager. Not much going on, Tom Chin out, Vivek still on the road. Since I wasn’t busy at all, the day crawled.

No ‘real’ errands to run, so I found the time to go to Sym’s where I bought a nice Ben Sherman tie, a skinny tie for $15.00, originally priced at $30.00. I plan to wear it tomorrow, Thursday which is the last day of my work week.

Bill is coming home tonight again, which makes it the first time since October where he’s spent 2 consecutive nights here in Hoboken. His mom is being monitored in Beth Israel hospital and she seems to be doing better.

Bill has a stress test on Friday morning so he’ll be staying in Stuyvesant Town Thursday night so he can get to the test on time with a minimum of fuss. Me, I’m looking forward to Lost tonight. Probably won’t be as focused on Sawyer as it was last week, but I do hope it will be as good as it was.

I’ve been playing the War Child- Heroes CD and so far it’s pretty good. Rufus Wainwright does an excellent cover of Brian Wilson’s Wonderful/Song for Children from Smile, and Franz Ferdinand’s live cover of Blondie’s Call Me is killer!

Beck’s cover of Dylan’s Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat isn’t as good as it should be. He changes the line, ‘I saw you making love to him/you forgot to close the garage door’ to ‘you forgot to close the Pill Box door’ which makes no sense at all.

Damn thetans!

Run 2

Good to be home from work. Definitely a good thing. Things were ok today, until Vivek phoned at 3:30, telling me he wasn’t coming in and wanted me to book tickets for him and his partner to Pensacola, FL from New York.

I just couldn’t get it right it seemed. I wrote down the information and went online. Found a flight for 2 at a little over $100.00 per passenger. Went through with it only to find that the date wasn’t for tomorrow as I thought it would be the default but rather, February 25.

Very quick backpedaling involved. I corrected the dates and tried to book a flight from Pensacola to West Palm Beach. Sure there are flights, but one flight was from Pensacola to Atlanta then to West Palm Beach. There was another flight that substituted Dallas/Fort Worth for Atlanta.

I knew that was something they wouldn’t want, and told Vivek so. He told me to rent a car instead. Many phone calls back and forth between Vivek and myself before I finalized on the car rental. Still doing things like this get me stressed out.

I wouldn’t want Vivek to be stranded somewhere. Basically I don’t want to fuck up. I’ve booked flights before and it’s really no big deal but each time I get stressed about what if I had done something wrong. I’ll be this way probably for the next 18 hours.

Last night wasn’t stressed. I watched Olbermann again, then the Daily Show and Colbert Report. Walter Isaccson, Time magazine chief, was on the Daily Show talking about how basically the Internet shouldn’t be free, how newspapers are giving away their content and not making money.

I used to subscribe to the NY Times online but now it’s free. There are grumblings about how it might go back to a pay site. That would dissuade me from subscribing again. The Colbert Report was silly as usual, with TV on the Radio as the guests.

I sort of like them. Still not so sure. Their last record made a lot of best records of 2008 lists. I haven’t really heard it yet. Have you? Watched the new Scrubs last night too. It seems like they are setting up for the eventual departure of JD.

The first episode Zack Braff literally phoned it in. He was a disembodied voice on Elliot’s cellphone throughout. The second one was the better episode I thought. How JD and Turk were trying to maintain their friendship though they are both drifting apart and getting older. And the new interns have some funny characters, who will jump in once JD leaves the scene.

I really like Scrubs. I can’t explain why but I hardly miss an episode if it’s on. Tonight is Lost. You know Lost, the show about those people on a plane that some office manager booked tickets for that crashes on a mysterious island. That should distract me from the days stress.

Saw Bill tonight and that was very good. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I wonder how we will work that out?

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Well if Monday was mentally ugly today was even worse weather wise. This morning, on the way to work it was snowing, then it turned to freezing rain and now it’s just rain, coming down quite hard. It was a mess no matter which way you looked at it. If you had an umbrella it didn’t matter you were going to get wet.

Huge puddles, through which cars would splash making a wave onto sidewalks. I wisely avoided those streets were I knew there would be major puddles. Smart like that, I am, sometimes.

Last night was mellow. Watched O, no RM. Instead watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Both very funny of course. And then I watched Scrubs which is now on ABC. It definitely has a different feel to it.

Maybe because they characters are a little bit older, and it’s also Zach Braff’s last season as JD. They say the show might continue without Braff, but that all depends on the ratings. Tonight is Lost though and I am looking forward to it.

Work was very quiet today. Tom Chin was out due to the weather, Vivek mentioned that he would be coming in, in the afternoon. He wasn’t there when I left a little early at 4:10. It was just me and Greg Stevens.

It seems that I’ve become Greg’s computer guy. At least once a week I’ll hear Greg calling my name and I walk in there and he mentions that his computer is slow, or how do you do one thing or another. I don’t mind, he’s a good guy and with my limited knowledge of computers, I know more than Greg does and that in turn makes me a valuable asset to him at least.

At one point during the afternoon, 3 firetrucks were stopped in front of my building. It turns out there was an underground fire on the next block. There was an foul odor in the air, which was probably the smell of insulation burning. I

n the winter so much salt is thrown on sidewalks and streets that eventually seeps into the pavement corroding whatever wires and pipes lay beneath. It doesn’t happen instantly, it’s a process. Rust never sleeps and neither does corrosion.

A year or so ago a major explosion happened on Lexington Avenue in the middle of the street just as a truck was passing over. Truck went flying and the driver was hospitalized with major burns, the steam melting away skin and clothes.

You can never tell where something like that will happen since the infrastructure is old and in need of maintenance and repair. To make these repairs, rates would have to go up and since no one wants to pay higher rates, nothing really gets done and these underground fires and explosions happen more and more.

Now I’m watching the news and they’re saying there are a million people without power. So I’d better hurry up and finish tonight’s entry just in case the power goes out.

Today’s scenes

Park Avenue, Hoboken

Park Avenue, Hoboken

Washington Street, Hoboken

Washington Street, Hoboken

Bryant Park NYC

Bryant Park NYC

Firetrucks at 50th Street and Third Avenue

Firetrucks at 50th Street and Third Avenue

The Cutter

So happy it’s Thursday makes for a good acronym. The week went by not too fast but not too slow either. Keep your head down and muddle through is basically how its done.

I am through with the Today Show. One day they cancel Ann Cunter, the next day they have that anorexic twat on anyway. Matt ‘Sans scrotum’ Lauer talked with her in the first 10 minutes and I of course caught it like a bad cold.

I never heard of her until 9/11 and when I heard about how the US should invade foreign countries and convert the inhabitants to christianity, I figured she was just an old hag like Phyllis Schafly. Nope, I was wrong. She’s a middle aged hag. And the less said the better.

It seems like this might be a busy weekend coming up. Jeff the guy who works at Empire Coffee has a band that’s playing at McSwells tomorrow night. I think Jeff’s band is called the Poconos. He’s a good guy and I told him I would make an attempt to see him.

I also told him that I’m supposed to go out for a cigar and some whiskey with Steve like I did last week. I feel bad for Steve, he’s having a tough time trying to find a new job. So is Harpy, Rita and a few others that I know.

It used to be that I was the one who was unemployed and everyone else was working. Except for Harpy who was living the life of a country squire in upstate NY. I am keeping my ears open for all concerned, but I’m not hearing anything.

Last night was another in a series of quiet nights. Olbermann, but I turned off Rachel Maddow. I watched the recording of the Daily Show which was funny of course, but I was disappointed when the recording of The Colbert Report didn’t take. Does my DVR have something against Stephen Colbert?
It did erase the Colbert Christmas Special after all. I’m trying again tonight.

I might forgo Olbermann tonight and watch Ugly Betty. I need levity damn it! Since I missed the Colbert Report I was able to watch the new episodes of what else, but Scrubs. And they were actually pretty funny, though the second one was a touch sad with Glynn Thurman playing a dying man.

Good new characters introduced and I’m glad they kept Keith who was dumped a few days before his wedding to Eliot last year. That was a good way to resolve that plot line.

Saturday is Chaz’ party which Bill and I are attending. Kathe is supposed to be there as well as Connie, who I can’t believe I haven’t seen in a number of years. Just maintaining contact via the phone. I hope to see them as well as a certain commenter on this blog.

Just planing on relaxing tonight. Some TV, some reading, and probably a lot of surfing online. Don’t really have much else to write about so I should end it here. Or here.

Oh wait I should also send some good thoughts to my brother in law Rex who is en route to San Francisco with Annemarie for some tests to figure out what the hell is wrong with him.

So good thoughts are on the way!

Let’s Take a Walk

It’s the first Tuesday of the new year. Quick! Make a wish! I am not saying what my wish was since if you say it out loud it doesn’t come true. I actually didn’t wish for anything, succumbing to the adage, be careful what you wish for. Last night was a few steps back. O & RM again followed by Scrubs. And it was an hour of Scrubs.

I didn’t mind. I did not stay up and watch the episode at midnight. I was in bed, fading fast asleep. I usually listen to a snippet of a song before I go to sleep on WCBS. I like the oldies, the familiar, I suppose.

Sunday night was Your Song by Elton John and last night was Get Down Tonight which always reminds me of driving around in Susan Sher’s roadster and sing ‘Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo’ and laughing hysterically. It is one of my all time favorite songs. It always makes me feel good and it’s good to go to sleep laughing.

Waking up laughing is always much more difficult. This morning I got up on time, 6:15 and as I got out of bed I was struck by a thought, ‘Why bother?’ and went back to sleep for a few more minutes. There’s really no need for me to hustle into the office at 8:00 anymore. 8:30 is fine. Today was 8:45.

Still one of the first people in the office. That’s the thing, the subtenants are in before me now and they can make their own damn coffee. I do like the subtenants, they’re a lively group.

They love to play tracks from the 80’s and this afternoon they were playing JJ Fad, Supersonic. A one hit hip hop wonder. Of course that stuck in my head like a nasty ear worm. Actually it was De La Soul’s take on JJ Fad, De La Cratic that played for a while in my head.

Somethings are going on in the office to which I am not privy to. One thing I did do today, for myself, not work oriented was to change my Facebook profile picture. I used a picture of pudgy little me from 1976 wearing a Cap and Gown with a bicentennial Liberty Bell medallion hanging around my neck. Vivek stopped by soon after that and asked me to scan some documents.

No problem with that. I scanned and converted to a pdf and sent it to Vivek who in turn sent it to a client. Unfortunately, I sent him the cap and gown picture and he sent that to the client. Oh embarrassing.

He came up to me and asked me to rescan since someone’s graduation picture was sent. I had to own up to it and there was a laugh about it, and I re-sent the proper documents. Who knows if it will bite me on the ass? In any event it was funny.

I was out and about quite a bit today, wearing my late cousin Jackie’s overcoat with a velvet collar. The overcoat was made specially for Jackie and says so inside, stitched above an inside pocket.

It’s a great looking jacket that was originally given to my brother Brian but since it didn’t fit him that good it went to me instead and it’s a good fit. So thank you Brian and thank you Jackie.

Scrubs is back on TV tonight, new Bat channel. Same time as Rachel Maddow so I’ll record it and basically repeat last night, O & RM followed by Scrubs.

Does anyone else think it’s oddly convenient that when Israel kills civilians they say that the civilians were around Hamas strongholds in the Warsaw ghetto Gaza?
To be balanced, or at least appear so, Saudi Arabia beheaded 2 men accused of ‘raping each other’. added 9:15PM EST
That’s it for me on this side of the microscope. How are things on your end?

Bill thought this was my brother Brian in the picture.

Bill thought this was my brother Brian in the picture.

This is me tonight in my late cousin Jackie’s overcoat. Snazzy, no?

I’m Waiting for the Man

Bill is laughing. He’s on the couch, we’re watching Scrubs, from the first season. Turk just used a defibrillator on a patient who was actually sleeping and woke up screaming from the electric current. Bill loves it when someone screams in a comedy. He screams in kind. A happy scream.

Last night I watched Rachel Maddow on the Keith Olbermann show. She’s great, we love her. After that I watched Dan Abrams. Just got caught in the political maelstrom I guess.

Then came Weeds which was the best episode of the season so far. Really funny and a cliff hanger at the end and good bye Albert Brooks. I can’t wait for Juan to see it.

Soon after that it was bedtime. Bill ably portrayed the lump on the left side of the bed. It was a good night’s sleep. I wound up hugging Bill at various moments in the night which was very nice. He was off to work bright and early, leaving me with a pot of coffee just waiting for me.

I was up and showered, shaved and out on the street before 7:00. Rode the bus, started the New Yorker and walked across town in the morning heat. Didn’t sweat as much as yesterday but still needed to change my t-shirt when I got to the office.

Set things up, machines running, me drying off in front of a fan. No autographs this time. The office is now occupied by 5 different companies. I am supposed to only support my company but being the office manager, everyone comes to me.

Most of the time it’s fine, they’re generally nice people. 5 companies with a total of 20 people. Not too demanding. I don’t mind helping them when asked, but I find it annoying when certain companies just expect me to be there for them, when I don’t work for them.

That was laid out last year by my boss Greg Stevens who told me, that I only work for one company. I try to help out when I can. Niva, who was let go at the end of May, called and asked if I could print out some reports that we subscribe to. It was all very hush hush.

But I printed them on a color printer and left them on my desk when the managing director saw the copies and told me to print them out in black and white, that the color copies cost a dollor a sheet. They don’t really, but he was making a point.

I told Niva when I saw her, that next time they’ll be in black and white. She didn’t care, just needed to be on top of things in the bio-technology world while she goes job hunting. She looked good with a new hair do though.

After work, a Padron 5000 and a visit to see Jesse, my Rasta buddy. Of course Jesse was late. I waited and finished my cigar and headed to the Path train where I sat in an air conditioned car and read Tweak.

Almost done with it, still harrowing, waiting for Nic Sheff to fall off the wagon. Not wanting him to, but sort of expecting it. About 100 pages left so there is plenty of time.

As we were about to enter the Hoboken station, they announced that there was a problem with a train in the station and that we were being diverted to Journal Square. That sucked.

I got off at Pavonia/Newport and waited with a crowd for the light rail back to Hoboken. Could have used another cigar but didn’t.

Walked to my building where there was another hole in the street where they were working on the water line. My building was fine, still have strong pressure.

Now I’m chillin with Bill laughing on the couch. Life is good. Time to get jazzy.

Here are some snaps from today.

Picture of tourists

Public art on Park Avenue

(your title here)

Outside my building

Big hole in the ground

This just in:

Sorry about the source material. But WTF?

Love in the Year 3000

Ok, the day started out weird and it it’s been weird all day. At least now I can have a chuckle about it. I’ll start with last night. Watched TV, Scrubs and then Keith Olbermann since I saw the Daily Show and Colbert Report on Friday. While I do agree with most of what Keith Olbermann has to say, it;s just his bellowing that puts me off. That and the fact that he always has the same guests on over and over, always in agreement with Keith Olbermann.

At least Faux Snooze has differing opinions, never heard but usually seen. In fact a member of the new Black Panther party shut Sean Hannity right up last week which can be found on News Hounds and probably Media Matters But there is no dissent on the Olbermann show, which certainly makes Keith Olbermann look even better. I do like Keith’s suits though. So woof at him on that point. After that I needed to watch something on TV, a distraction so I watched a documentary on heroin addicted teenagers in South Boston.

Stupid kids, long suffering parents narrated by Donnie Wahlberg. I guess the New Kids on the Block reunion didn’t pan out, and his brother Mark isn’t taking Donnie’s calls anymore. And don’t even ask about the Funky Bunch. Watched Futurama and then the news before I went to bed at 11:30. Woke up at 6-ish and the first thought in my head was, ‘I have got to go to bed earlier’. That is what I resolve to do tonight, and I’m not talking 11:29 either. So we’ll see about that.

Really dragged my ass, since I woke up tired. Missed the ‘good’ bus and had to settle for the not so ‘good’ bus. I didn’t mind, I was reading Alan Bennett’s plays about Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt, 2 British spies for the USSR which was very good and satisfied the intellectual need that I have been lacking for quite a while. Got to work before everyone else, had coffee and watched a clip of brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor who described the massive stroke that she had gone through a number of years ago. She made a full recovery, making lectures about strokes and the brain.

Here’s the link for that: cut n’paste http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/229 . Worth checking out I think.

There was something that happened at work that was a bit humorous. Vivek who is always late had a meeting at 4:00 this afternoon. No one was sure if he was going to make it in, and Lydia the receptionist emailed him about the meeting. He called Lydia and told her to call the man who he was supposed to meet with and tell him that he was still on the west coast and would get back to him when he returned. So Lydia left a couple of messages and told me that Vivek was still on the coast. I put the word out, telling Tom Chin who said that he must have spoken to Vivek at the airport this morning.

A few minutes later, in walks Vivek. It was a lie to avoid the visitor. At 4:00 who shows up but the visitor who did not get the messages. I explained that Vivek would call him on his return and apologized on behalf of Vivek. The man understood and walked out towards the elevator. Just then Vivek leaves his office and heads towards the elevator. Lydia and I stopped him in time. Vivek told us the guy was a vendor and was interested in what the guy was selling a few weeks ago, but not anymore, hence the blow off. I left soon after that.

Been leaving at 4:30 the past month or so and no one seems to care. I am in at 8:00 every morning anyway, before everyone else. On the way home, as I was heading to a rendezvous with my Rasta pal Jesse, I got involved in a conversation with a guy named Shan. Well dressed, not a crazy type. Just liked to talk to everyone on the street. He was walking my way and he was very chatty. Seemed harmless enough. He talked and talked. Asked where I lived, then answered that with the way I looked I must live in Manhattan. I told him Hoboken. He called it Homoken.

I asked him why and he said he joked about that with his friends who lived in Hoboken. Then he asked if I was gay and I said yes. He asked how long I was gay and I said all my life. He seemed impressed and offered to buy me and Jesse a drink should Jesse show up. I said yeah sure and he walked away after giving me his number. Ten feet away as he waited to cross the street he started another conversation with whomever happened to be standing next to him. The person next to him decided to wait for the light to change on the other corner.

Here’s something that was just on TV