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Your Mother Should Know

Here I am again, in front of the computer, sitting at the keyboard, hitting not so random letters and keys and forming words, sentences and paragraphs. I am surprised to be here. I had hoped to not write this weekend and here I am writing.

Am I a man of letters? Of words? A man of my word? Can I be true to myself? Can I be true to you, the reader? Should I buy that t-shirt, that coffee mug or those greeting cards?

I’ve just gotten back from sitting on the front steps, enjoying a cigar and writing in a notebook. I know, how old school. And what I wrote I am about to transcribe here.

It follows what happened before my visit to Barclay Rex on Thursday. I was all set to go and decided to check the email from Barclay Rex to reassure myself. But I could not access my email through Firefox or Chrome.

I plodded on, upwards to the bus stop and called Bill. I figured he might have access that I didn’t have and asked him to open my account. He remarked that I had a lot of email in my account, which is true. I do have a lot of email in my account.

Thousands of unread emails, going back a few years. But the email server has no problem with it and so neither do I. I told Bill I didn’t give a shit about the emails and asked Bill to look for an email from Ryan Bibble.

Sure enough, Bill found the email and all was as I thought. Felt bad for being a bit testy with Bill but I knew I had a lot of emails and I only needed to access one which could be easily found with the simplest search.

Texted my love once again to Bill and he responded in kind. We’re still up in the air with regards to Barclay Rex, now that Susquehanna Investment Group has entered the fray.

I would never had heard of Susquehanna Investment Group if it weren’t for that certain ‘Maurice’, sending me an email from their workplace. Fortune comes in from strange angles.

So now, this is from sitting on the front steps a little while ago.

This is a twist. Sitting on the front stoop and writing. It’s a beautiful day and I spent some time earlier by the river, reading Mojo magazine. Lot’s of people out and about. I avoided the Baby Parade scheduled for the waterfront, but still there were plenty of strollers going by and pregnant women.

Once I finished reading Mojo I was bored and decided to head home and be bored there rather than sitting by the river. No buskers out today and I wasn’t strumming.

I came home and Bill was awake and getting ready to head into the city for rehearsal. He came home this morning after driving to North Haverbrook last night. He slept a few hours when he came home.

Last night I watched The Hangover. It was just what I expected, and I wasn’t disappointed. A few laughs, basically men being stupid.

After that I watched a documentary on The Mamas and the Papas. I’m sure I had seen it before but nothing else was on. It was definitely interesting to watch after MacKenzie Phillips revelation/accusation of having an incestuous affair with her father Papa John.

McGuinn and McGuire just keep getting higher and in LA you know where that’s at/And no one’s getting fat except Mama Cass.

After that I watched the news and Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin was the guest host for the season finale with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. It was good, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers reminded me a bit of Led Zeppelin. Maybe that’s what they were trying for. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The high point for me was the Digital Short. Once again, hilarious.

After Saturday Night Live I took a melatonin which has been great in helping get some restful sleep but it doesn’t help me waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. But that’s not so bad.

Listening to the Mama’s and the Papa’s last night reminded me of Sunday afternoons spent at the VFW in Saddle Brook. I would hear Monday Monday, as well as Make the World Go Away by Eddy Arnold a few times on Sundays as I watched the veterans drinks and smoke.

10.16.10 jot alxndr 008

Crazy to Exist

Well here we find ourselves on May 9. It’s a Sunday. Just got back from a short walk around Hoboken on a chilly and windy afternoon.

Once again I find myself not wanting to write and once again I find myself writing. Nothing else to do. Too cold to play guitar by the river.

Tonight I am lending my guitar to Mike Cecchini. He’s a musician who lives down my street, a friend of Rand’s. He has a gig tomorrow and needs a guitar to practice on.

Specifically an acoustic guitar. He asked and I figured he’s a nice enough guy so I said yes. He’s supposed to give me a call later to pick it up.

Last night Bill and I watched Saturday Night Live, hosted by Betty White. It was really one of the best episodes in a long time. She held her own with the help of some former cast members, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Ana Gestheyer and Maya Rudolph.

Not much of the current cast was prominently featured. The digital short was hilarious as well. It probably got the highest ratings in a long time. Is it because of Facebook?

It was Facebook which seems to have gotten Betty White to host the show and a lot of my Facebook friends were watching the 88 ½ year old actress do a pretty good job of it.

Jay Z was the musical guest and I have to say, I really don’t get Jay Z’s style. Just not the kind of rap that I like. Of course I seem to be out of step with most people since Jay Z is quite a successful rapper and entrepreneur. I just don’t get it.

It was a good ending to a good day spent with Bill. We decided to just stay home last night, forgoing the party that we were invited to by Lois who was actually invited. We did think about going but Bill was awfully tired.

Today I watched Smoke which I had seen before and gotten from the bibliothèque. I had forgotten how much I don’t care for the movie. It does seem to be a cool indie movie, but I can’t get past the broad Brooklyn accents. And I really don’t care for the characters. Not very sympathetic.

Now I’m watching the Matrix which I’ve also seen before. I know I’d seen it in the movies, and it was OK then. One movie was enough. Three movies was too much. Good special effects carry the movie.

Too many people really saw a lot into it, a lot more than I saw or cared to see. But it’s good mindless entertainment and it’s too windy and cold out to do much of anything so I might as well stay in an watch a shoot ’em up movie.

Anytime Joe Pantoliano appears in anything, you know he’s going to be the bad guy. I knew that when I first saw the poster for the Matrix. And I’d be worried if the fate of the world depended on Keanu Reeves shoulders.

Remember, if you’re being shot at, do a cartwheel. A lesson learned I hope.

Hold Back Time

Another Monday it seems. More rain. Gray gray day. Not much reason to go out except for bread and now that that’s done I have no reason to go out again.

Watched the Pacific again which was probably the most intense it’s been so far. And Treme was good too, just not as good as The Pacific. Thanks to the melatonin, no laying in bed thinking about how grenades work.

Bill had rehearsal for a play and didn’t get home until late. I stayed up until he came home and then went to bed. By the time Bill went to bed I was fast asleep. I love me my melatonin.

Haven’t seen or heard from anyone today except a phone call with Bill earlier and emails from my sister. Some Facebook postings and comments as well.

Sent out some resumes once again, hoping for the best and disregarding some requirements. I mean, really, anyone can be a brain surgeon, right? Why not me? Dropped off a suit at the dry cleaners also for some mending and pressing.

For the first time in weeks I have nothing out of the bibliothèque.

Nothing I ordered has come in, and once again an item I asked for, the DVD of Black Dynamite has been deemed too recent to order via BCCLS.org. It’s been a while since I first asked for it, and here we are weeks later being told it’s still too new. I don’t mind, I can wait.

I’ve waited this long and a few more weeks won’t kill me.

I watched the Graduate the other night. It wasn’t as good as I remembered. It had it’s moments but overall it couldn’t be called timeless. I wasn’t the generation it was aimed for so maybe that’s why I missed the boat.

But I used to enjoy watching it a number of years ago. Now, it was just something to watch while killing time.

MGMT were on Saturday Night Live the other night, and I thought they were better than expected. Any song that references Brian Eno is alright by me. Gabourey Sidibe was the guest host and she was funnier than I expected as well.

Still the rain falls.

Laundry is done and hanging in the kitchen and the rest room. Also grilled up some chicken so it’s penne, pesto and chicken tonight for me. I’m looking forward to that.

That’s the type of day it’s been. Shopping for bread, doing laundry, grilling chicken and watching the rain fall down. It’s supposed to let up on Wednesday so I am hoping Wednesday will be a good day.

Not expecting too much besides that. Right now watching Analyze That which is the sequel to Analyze This. The first one was so so and this one is even less so.

I do recall having dinner with Miriam, Suzanne Savage and some colleagues at Arista Records 12 years (?) ago at a restaurant named Gabriel’s on west 59th Street. At the next table was Harold Ramis, Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro in conversation regarding Analyze This.

It was a big thrill then, much better than the picture that was made.

Clean Shaven Me!

Clean Shaven Me!

Well Did You Evah

Sunday. Another day out by the river. Francine (Tariq’s girlfriend) was there as well as Tariq. I taught Francine how to play Twist & Shout. We also played I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash. I added an extra middle eight which I thought worked better.

And I made a concession, I learned how to play ‘Feelin’ Alright’ by Joe Cocker. Two chords is easy enough and it is rather soulful. It was a slow starting day and I wasn’t sure whether or not I would go out to play.

I picked a few songs off of Ultimate Guitar and chose them because of the lack of chords and my familiarity with them. Old Brown Shoe and The Ballad of John & Yoko were but two songs I learned.

Julio mentioned he would like to learn some guitar at some point and I offered to show him a few chords. That should be fun. It will be somewhere down the line since he really doesn’t have much time for that sort of thing.

Last night I sort of watched Saturday Night Live. I was actually more interested in recording songs for ring tones on my phone. Of course since I did that, no one called. And I forgot what song I picked.

Maybe the version of Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows from the Beatles Love album. Maybe Human Fly by the Cramps. Maybe the Telephone Call by Kraftwerk. I honestly don’t remember. And though the phone is right in my pocket I can’t be bothered to open it up and check it out.

It could also be You’re Wondering Now by the Specials who I am going to see on the 21st at Terminal Five.

And though I sent out online invites for the party this summer, a few people, friends and family thought the party was this weekend. I do hope no one showed up at Maxwells looking for me and Bill. That would be embarrassing for all concerned.

So I wasn’t all that interested in Saturday Night Live, but I did try to pay attention in parts. After that I started watching High Society, starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Music by Cole Porter.

I knew most of the songs from the Red Hot & Blue Cole Porter compilation from 20 years ago. I actually prefer those songs.

I know, sacrilege!

Also prefer George Harrison’s version of True Love to Bing & Grace’s version. I feel Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop’s version of Well Did You Evah to be much more fun than Bing and Sinatra.

And I do prefer The Philadelphia Story to High Society. I would take Katherine Hepburn to Grace Kelly, Cary Grant definitely over Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart over Frank Sinatra any day. Before I knew it it was almost 2:30.

I stumbled to bed where I had a dream I was working for a company that was changing management, much like what happened in 1982 when I was working for HBJ. I certainly saw what was going on and got a job that eventually changed my life. But that’s another story for another time.

Hope everyone has a good week. More resumes going out. Hope springs eternal.

From last week. I generally don't wear a suit when playing guitar, unless Mr. Epstein insists

From last week. I generally don't wear a suit when playing guitar, unless Mr. Epstein insists

St. Elmo’s Fire

Man my processor is slow today. At least I think it is the processor. I spent the past 20 minutes trying to open up a new Open Office document. And it’s taken me 15 minutes to write those 2 sentences. Yes, it’s infuriating.

Something that I cut and pasted onto Facebook 2 hours ago, just reappeared when I tried to paste the previous sentence in it’s proper order. In fact I am writing this and nothing is appearing on the screen. It’s taken me about a half hour to write the above lines.

I hope you think it was worth it. It’s fucking pissing me off. At this rate I should be done writing, hitting the 500 word quota by midnight.

Maybe it was because I had both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers running. Now that I closed Google Chrome everything is going as it should. Won’t do that again (yeah right).

I just watched Moon, directed by Duncan Jones. Very low key and very good. Sam Rockwell is basically the only actor in it. I thought about seeing it in the theater when it came out, but as usual I never got around to it. It is haunting though.

It’s been a good weekend to watch DVD’s. Last night I watched I Love You Man which was as dumb and as funny as I thought it would be. No need to watch the extras on that.

After that it was Saturday Night Live which was an improvement over last week. Jude Law was the guest host, miles ahead of Jennifer Lopez. The digital short was spot on, Pearl Jam was the music guests.

I watched the Street Corner Mourners videos on YouTube instead of the band named after semen. I like Pearl Jam’s politics, how they fought for the fans against Ticketmaster more than I like their music, which has always left me cold.

No, their debut Ten didn’t do a thing for me and I never saw the videos from it including Jeremy.

Bill came home as I watched the last half hour of Lost on ABC. He was telling me about the play and how well it’s going. I plan to see it on March 26.

Bill offered me a ticket for March 19 but I will be at the Park Theater watching the Street Corner Mourners that night, rescheduled from February which was snowed out due to the blizzard.

During the day I sometimes write down various things to include in this here blog. I wanted to write about how the heater in the kitchen was not working making things a bit cold. A few times I would lay on the floor trying to get the pilot to stay lit but it would invariably go out.

Being insane and doing the same thing over and over trying to get a different result, I actually was able to get it lit so it’s nice and warm once again. I am surprised at how handy I could be sometimes.

Also tried up loading songs into iTunes by clicking Add Folder to Library. It wouldn’t take. So I tried dragging the folder into iTunes and it worked just fine. Once again I was handy.

The other night as I was flirting with the blues I actually watched part of St. Elmo’s Fire. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually saw it in the theater.

I went with Hiroaki Kimura at the Hoboken Cinema when it came out and compared some of the characters on screen with our friends in the Colgate crew. Mainly the Rob Lowe character resembled a future roommate of mine who moved to Austria.

And it was a fleeting comparison since that future roommate was not the asshole that Rob Lowe seems to play in just about every role he gets. Maybe it’s typecasting.

Most of the cast were loathsome, or at least the actors were with the exceptions of Mare Winningham and Ally Sheedy. It really is a terrible movie and one can’t help but wish the worst for the characters on screen.

See Moon.

The title of this entry is from a Brian Eno song and has nothing to do with that horrid movie.

Moved the clocks ahead last night before I went to bed, making it 2:50AM when I went to sleep. Woke up at 8:00 (or 7:00) to the sound of thunder which sounded like a building was being bombed in Manhattan. Got me out of bed to look out the window.

green carnation


Got back a little while ago from the Last Sunday of the Month Shakespeare Reading at Maxwells which is organized by my friend Lois. This time we read Twelfth Night. I had about 4 or 5 roles, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and an Officer as well as another character with one or two lines.

I forget his name since the index cards go back to Lois at the end of the reading. It was fun and I did my voices, but Rand stole the show with his voicing of Feste. Had me laughing quite a bit, he did.

My 2 lead roles, Sirs Andrew and Toby were in conversation a few times which had me on my toes. I decided to try to make Sir Toby sound like Cary Grant and in my mind I thought I was close enough, but in reality I fell far short.

Sir Andrew I portrayed as a swishy queen and the Officer sounded a bit like Grover from Sesame Street. If only there were lines relating to the difference between here and there and I would have been set.

There were only 6 of us participating in the reading this month but I think we handled it with aplomb.

On the way to McSwells I ran into Stine and Alexander. Alexander has had a virus the past couple of days and was completely out of it. Nothing sadder than a sick toddler. He did give me a high five which was encouraging to me. I’m sure he’ll be OK.

Last night was pretty mellow. Just hung out, watched TV and listened to music. Also played some guitar. I’ll be reading something in Mojo or Uncut and decided to see if there were any available chords. Last night was some Pretenders songs mainly. That was fun.

Watched more news on CNN about the Chilean earthquake, and the tsunami that was approaching Japan. Bill was off at his rehearsal which opens in 2 weeks, I watched Jennifer Lopez on Saturday Night Live. It was lackluster as was Jennifer Lopez’ singing.

I only listened to the first song, the second song I was listening to something else until she finished. The best thing on the show was the digital short. Pretty much a disappointment all around.

Stayed up posting videos from You Tube to Facebook in response to a few friends posting videos that they liked, as well as exchanging snarky comments with my brother Brian. I stayed up longer than I expected, but long enough to be awake for when Bill came home.

He now has a piece, sort of like a mouth guard to help with his snoring. I went to bed before home and while I slept he recorded me snoring to prove that he isn’t the only one who snores. Even though I might snore, I think he snores louder than I do.

Yes, it’s sometimes a competition around here.

Tonight Bill is at rehearsal again, I’m just hanging out. Had a burger for dinner which was great. Had a hankering for one the past couple of days.

Get thee behind me penne, pesto and chicken!



Rand, Steve H, Lois

Rand, Steve H, Lois

Twelfth Night readers

Twelfth Night readers

Sir Toby

Sir Toby

Sir Andrew

Sir Andrew

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

Well I went outside today. After staying inside most of the day yesterday it was a treat. It wasn’t as cold as it was yesterday and it was actually bright and sunny. Last night I watched Led Zeppelin, downloaded a slew of tracks as well.

And I had forgotten that John Paul Jones, perhaps my favorite Zep was on Saturday Night Live as part of Them Crooked Vultures. Didn’t really care for them, but it’s a treat to see JPJ playing bass and having a good time, and despite what some people say, I do like Dave Grohl. Seems like a nice guy.

And while thinking of Led Zeppelin, I thought of a party I had thrown at my basement apartment at 1124 Willow. No real theme or reason for the party, just the idea of having a party. I knew a lot of people then, many people came, maybe 50.

Back then I used to say 100 people came but I was probably seeing double at the time. I was working for Murdoch Magazines at the time during the day and also working at McSwells at night.

The date was May 14, 1988 and I remember that since Julio and his buddy Damian came later in the night after attending the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden, where they saw a version of Led Zeppelin.

People did not come empty handed and we wound up keeping the beer cold in the bathroom, in an ice filled bathtub. The McSwells crew all came after the bar closed at 3:00AM, with more supplies and one or two bar flies/party crashers.

I remember Martin Kelly, after closing McSwells and coming over, telling me that when he walked through the door and down the hallway it looked like a certain friend of mine was eating powdered donuts from a bag, and I should be more careful that the police didn’t come.

I wasn’t worried about that since next door was a school and the apartment directly above was vacant. I did have the party crashers thrown out as well. I think either they or someone else stole someone’s jacket.

Another memory was some friends, Sean & Susan (?) doing ‘Da Butt’ by E.U. which was a hot song at the time, while my other friends laughed with them since they had it going on so well. Steve Fallon might have even made an appearance before the party ended at what I guess was about 5:30 or so.

The powdered donuts guy left Rand and myself a nice little mound of confectioners sugar which thrilled us some more for a while after that. It was a rousing success even though my answering machine was trashed, but then again, so most everyone was.

I did tried to duplicate the party again a few months later and it was not as successful but still a good time was had. I was psychedicized for that one as were a few other guests. Made changing records a major challenge.

One of the tripping guests who was tripping for the first time, the late Tony Sankitts, wound up feeling queasy and I set him up in my roommate’s empty room, where Tony threw up on the carpet. Pedro danced a dance called the rooftop in the back yard.

Like I said while it was a fun party, it wasn’t the event that the first party was. Couldn’t duplicate it I suppose. Last night I watched Saturday Night Live like I wrote about earlier. It was OK, could have been funnier.

The funniest sketch was towards the end, featuring a wedding reception and the former band of the bride’s father who were a hardcore band in the early 1980’s. Oh man it was classic.

I wasn’t really involved with the hardcore scene, I tended to listen to more melodic stuff. I think that’s when the music scene became fragmented, bands that were hardcore emerging and other bands with more tuneful songs which also fragmented into the silly new romantic crap of which hardcore was probably a rebellion against as well.

Became of a US vs UK thing as well. Still there were lots of interesting things happening with X, the Minutemen and REM as well as XTC, Elvis Costello and Talking Heads among others holding up the late 1970’s style, going forward for a spell.

I should write about the acid resurgence in the underground scene of the mid 80’s sometime. Just not this time.

Bill decided not to wear his sleep apnea mask last night which made him snore like he was playing a horn. I tried to fall asleep, pleading with him to at least give me 10 minutes to sleep then he could perhaps snore all he wanted, but he was unresponsive and asleep.

I decided to record him snoring and at one point, getting out of bed and uploading 5 recordings into the computer. Wound up with about 10 recordings overall. After the last recording, I said loudly ‘That’s a wrap’ which woke him up. I think when he woke up he jumped up and his head hit my hand holding the recorder.

This morning, I asked him if he slept well and he said he didn’t. He did ask, why did I hit him in the head last night and I swore I didn’t but he insisted that I did. Tonight I will crazy glue the sleep apnea mask to his face.

Hoboken scenes.

2.7.10 Hoboken 001

2.7.10 Hoboken 004

2.7.10 Hoboken 006

2.7.10 Hoboken 007



JOZ Colorize

Pedro Ramos- LOADED

Pedro Ramos- LOADED

looking up, looking ahead

looking up, looking ahead


Just woke up from a 30 minute napped. It was much needed. Last night Juan made it over, we watched Saturday Night Live. Good to have him around again if only for a few hours.

I wound up burning him a few CD’s of Jenny Lewis, The Bird and The Bee, mainly things that I’ve bought over the past few weeks. I was surprised that the CD burner was working properly.

Juan seems to be doing well. He looked good. Hard to believe that I hadn’t seen him since before the Xmas holidays last year. He’s been quite busy with work and school and keeping out of trouble, mostly.

Alas, when Saturday Night Live was over I kicked him out and was off to bed myself. Bill was already there, not really snoring.

Tonight he goes back to St. Luke’s/Roosevelt hospital for another sleep apnea thing. This time he’ll be wearing a mask. So that means a solo night for myself which is just as well.

As lovely as today has been, it started for me with a pounding headache. Really dehydrated mainly. I was supposed to take part in an Art Performance piece organized by a friend of Harpy. But the headache put the kibosh on that.

I did my usual rounds even stopping off to pick up a pound of coffee at Empire Coffee. I was surprised to see Jeff there. He’s moving to my neighborhood next month. That means he’ll see me prancing about in my boxer briefs if he’s luck, and lucky is a relative term running either good or bad.

I was sitting around today, Bill was off to church. Took some aspirin and decided to head out. It was a beautiful day and I took the Path train to Christopher Street and walked up Hudson Street to Chelsea. Many stores and restaurants boarded up on Hudson Street.

Lot’s of people lining outside the restaurants that were open for brunch. I walked up to Chelsea where I was compelled to suck in the gut, such a gay mecca it is.

I walked up to 20th street and walked over to 12 east 20th Street where I went to the Not Fade Away gallery which just opened a few weeks ago. The opening exhibition runs until May 17.

It’s called “The British Are Coming: The Beatles and the Rolling Stones 1964-66” by Bob Bonis. Quite a few pics I had never seen before, especially the picture of Keith Richards with his cock out.

couldn't get any closer....

couldn't get any closer....

The gallery owner was a very nice guy. I plan on going back, hopefully with Rita since all I did was talk to this guy about her. I did try to contact her but she was wandering around with her sister in law and nephews.

I wound up walking up to 33rd Street and caught the Path train home.

Read the latest Mojo magazine about Mott the Hoople which was very good though I only know 2 songs by them. 2 great songs though.

It should be hard to believe that Ian Hunter turns 70 this year. He must be a good guy since Jim Mastro toured with him a few years ago and everyone knows what a good guy Jim Mastro is.

Love Letter to Japan

Well today is spring ahead, fall behind time. I usually set the clocks before I go to sleep but didn’t. I found myself sleeping in bed at 8:30 when the phone rang. It was Bill and it was actually 9:30. Not that I had to go to work, it’s just that I rarely sleep that late these days. No bother though. I stirred and got ready to head out in the world.

I checked my email to see if a poster that I ordered for Julio and Stine had been delivered and it was. I told Julio about it just as he was getting sick a week or so ago and I tracked the package that said it was delivered to Julio’s place of work. I called him up and he remembered that I told him about it being delivered to him. Everyone likes the poster of a kitten hanging for dear life with the caption, Hang in There Baby, Friday’s coming and I hope they’re happy with what I got them.

I also picked up some bagels and newspapers and visited Julio for a few minutes. They were trying to put Alexander to sleep so no seeing Superboy for me, and no Stine either. Came home and listened to The Bird and The Bee, Ray Guns are not Just the Future which is very good but Jenny Lewis’ Acid Tongue is really the best.

Juan turned me onto Jenny Lewis when she was in Rilo Kiley a few years ago. Now I have the music but Juan is nowhere to be found. I guess he’s doing alright. If he’s anything like I was when I was all those years ago, we’ll probably never see each other again. Nothing bad happened, just moved on to other people to hang out with. And so it would be perfectly understandable if he did the same.

Saturday Night Live was awfully funny last night, though Ray LaMontagne was a bit of a bore as the musical guest. Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as The Rock was hilarious and he’s a nice piece of eye candy. The opening number of him singing and dancing was a keeper for sure.

I also watched Oliver Stone’s W. That was engrossing. Apparently Colin Powell comes across as a flawed hero, Dick Cheney the evil behind the throne and Dubya of course conflicted with daddy issues and an empty head. It was interesting to watch if only for the impersonations rather than the story itself.

Elizabeth Banks was wasted as Laura Bush and Thandie Newton looked constipated as Condoleeza Rice. Bruce McGill reprised his role as D-Day from Animal House. No wait..he played George Tenet. It was like a car accident. You hated to look but with just a glance you couldn’t take your eyes off it. Recommended only if you have 2 hours to kill and there’s nothing else on.

Today I made a trip to the Newport Mall. Hadn’t been there in a while and it seems to have fallen on somewhat hard times. Not too many people there on a Sunday afternoon. I bought some boxer briefs (microfibers, yes!) and some socks. Doing my best to stimulate the economy.

I walked back to Hoboken, a nice walk on an overcast day. Spoke with Annemarie and Bill and I’m glad to be back on track with both of them. I think they’re glad as well. Back to work tomorrow, another 4 day work week. Ho hum.

when the party's over...

when the party's over...

Daytime Nightime Suffering

First things first. I was bored, and I washed the dress shirts I ironed and ironed them again. They came out ok. There were quite a few videos on YouTube regarding how to iron and I think I got the gist of it, but still I’d probably be wearing a suit jacket over these shirts. Also the novelty of ironing has passed and almost crossed over into drudgery. No scorched handkerchiefs here though.

Last night Bill came home. Not overnight like I had thought and hoped. No, he was here for a few hours. We exchanged gifts, I got him cuff links, he got me a coffee maker. I’ve been using the same Faberware 4 cup coffee pot for about 15 years.

William’s brother Chris gave it to William and myself in Weehawken and I got it in the custody settlement. Bill gave me a Cuisinart 10 cup coffee maker that programmable for it to go over on it’s own before I wake up, so waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee was quite nice this morning.

I had taken out of the Hoboken library 3 DVD’s, Sleeper, Love & Death and All About My Mother. Taking DVD’s from the library is dicey since there is really no quality control. We tried watching Sleeper and Love & Death but the player could not read the discs.

So we threw in All About My Mother and after the first 5 minutes, Bill mentioned that he wasn’t into it. I told him to hang in there, it’s not ‘ha ha’ funny like the Woody Allen movies, but still there are some laughs that come from left field. Then Bill thought he might have seen the movie already, throwing out various plot lines that didn’t have anything to do with Almodovar’s movie.

I convinced him to sit tight and watch. Sure enough he was enraptured by the movie and the twists and turns. For me I was watching it for maybe the 4th or 5th time and kept finding different aspects of the characters.

It even touched upon Alzheimer’s with Penelope Cruz character so far gone that he couldn’t even remember his daughter though his dog did. It’s definitely a melodrama, some tears, some laughs and gets better each time I see it.

I suppose it is possibly Almodovar’s best. His funniest is still Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown though.

After Almodovar I turned on Spectacle with Elvis Costello with his guest Herbie Hancock. I watched it a week or so earlier and while I watched it I kept thinking how great it would be if Bill saw it, so he did and really liked it. Unfortunately, after that he had to go home so he could take his mother to church this morning.

I hated to see him go and as I hugged him I asked if he had the cuff links and he said he had. I told him to call me when he got home and he said he would as he trudged down the stairs. I watched Saturday Night Live which was funnier than the previous week.

The Jonas Brothers, what is it about them? I guess it’s good that they play their own instruments so maybe in some garage somewhere the Jonas Brothers are inspiring some kids to start a band and seeing where that goes. Alec Baldwin of course was hilarious mostly.

At 1:00 I called Bill and got voice mail. I of course immediately thought the worst, but what could I do except leave a message telling him to call me and if I don’t pick up, to leave a message to let me know he’s ok.

I didn’t get that call until about 10:00 this morning. He said he was so tired that he went right to sleep and his phone had died so he couldn’t call.

I also had to tell Bill that he left his cuff links here. So while it was nice to spend roughly 3.5 hours with Bill, it was certainly better than nothing.

I did get a funny phone call from Pedro today, as well as a couple of racy cellphone pictures that he sent that can’t be published since he’s in uniform. He was telling me he was hoping for a quiet night with Connie as well as watching a boxing match.

He did not know that Connie invited 2 girlfriends over for the night so he was locked away in the bedroom watching the match.

He found himself the object of desire by one of Connie’s friends who was quite hot and flirty but all he could do was do his best to stay focused on the television set even while the woman inquired about the other tattoos he might have on his body. He said she looked like Penelope Cruz.

I’ve been in that position before, someone so good looking, so hot…you can’t look at them since if you do you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them.

One time years ago I was DJ’ing a friends wedding at an art gallery in Jersey City. There was this extremely handsome man who I had seen around Hoboken a few times and he always got my attention. Enough attention that I could not take my eyes off of him. So good looking and well dressed.

Here he was at this wedding. As the day wore on, clouds started to gather and since I was DJ’ing outside it was best to call it quits. I was loading everything into a van, and here comes Mr. Handsome, willing to help me out.

‘No! No thanks, I got it, I can do it. Thanks..’ I just could not bear to be in such close proximity to his beauty. Never saw him after that.