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I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier

Yesterday since I was off I decided to clean up a bit around the apartment since Bill, ‘the roommate’ was at work at one of his 50,000 jobs. Bill had a very good laugh at that one by the way. Since it had cooled considerably I took the air conditioner in from the window.

No more worrying about it falling out due to hurricanes or earthquakes. Of course since I did that it had gotten quite humid so Bill and I both sweated a bit. Bill was up and out again this morning, off to work on a play that he is stage managing. It should open soon enough.

I was invited to a party by a theater company last night but since I was in Hoboken and not at work I opted not to go. Bill was into it but I think he had second thoughts since I wasn’t planning on going. If I was at work it would have been no problem, but I was off you see.

I rode the bus to work this morning, no vitamin water drinkers throwing empty bottles into the bushes near the garbage cans. I sat and looked out the window, watching random cars get pulled over by the Lincoln Tunnel since a threat alert was going on, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

I’m surprised they don’t pull over buses. Not that I have anything to hide, but they should take into consideration that buses are targets in hot spots like Palestine & Israel. And there were a ton of officers carrying machine guns in the bus terminal as well as on the subway. I did not take the subway but some police officer friends did tell me that.

I walked up the avenue, getting my egg sandwich and arrived early again. Calvin was manning the shop as I walked in, Jerry Vale coming in a half hour later. A pleasant enough day for me to go out and smoke a cigar and reading the New Yorker that I had to purchase since the latest issue was never delivered to the apartment.

It was the 9/11 issue. I still have the issue from 10 years ago with Art Spiegelman’s cover. I remember spending a few days in LaGrangeville visiting Harpy 10 years ago, a few days before 9/11. I probably went up on Friday and came back on Sunday. Most of the time was spent on the deck outside, reading Harpy’s collection of New Yorkers, smoking cigars and recovering from whatever we ingested the night before.

10 Years ago Bill and I went to a party for my friend Donna at a restaurant on 10th Avenue and 44th Street. Afterwards, a torrential downpour had Bill and I running to the bus terminal where we parted way, Bill off to Stuyvesant Town and me to Weehawken.

Of course neither of us had any idea what was in store for us the next day, and certainly, we were clueless as to what would happen and where we would be 10 years later. A different world. Totally.

I Did It

Another splendid day in the cigar shack. Things are certainly looking ‘up’. The day started out quite nicely as well. My ‘roommate’ gave me a nice kiss goodbye. He was probably going to one of his many jobs, or doing church work or working on his performance hobby. I have to love that roommate. He’s so dedicated to what he does.More people should be like him and not so lazy. But that’s how it goes I suppose.

Some people can do things and some people can sit back and break out the Vaseline and spew forth on their keyboards since that seems to be what they’re so good at. The cigar shack did crazy good today, all of the staff hitting high numbers, myself in the lead much to Calvin’s dismay.

Thomas of course was a very close second and Bradley came in third, nearly tied with the big C. Lot’s of cigar smokers coming in from the rain and sitting in the man cave, smoking and drinking. No one got too rowdy though there was great potential for it.

Of course they were all super aroused when a woman sat in the back with her beau and lit up a small cigar. That always gets the menfolk going. Draw your own conclusions on that. Thomas and Bradley were their usual funny selves and Calvin seemed to be a bit on the moody side.

Hard to say why, but he was. So many reasons on why that may be but it’s not my story. Feel free to speculate. A nearby bookstore is closing down which has brought a lot of customers to the area, customers who never knew of the cigar shack.

A few of them mentioned that they walked by eight million times but didn’t know we were here. They promised to come back and I certainly believe they will, especially since quite a few of them stayed all afternoon, sending emissaries to the book store while they sat in the man cave puffing away on some expensive cigars.

Most of them were my customers so that is what inflated my numbers quite nicely. One of the customers ordered a couple of pizzas which made lunch easier. No need to go out for something to eat and made the sandwich that I made for lunch an early evening snack. All in all it has been a very easy going kind of day.

Lot’s of love all around within the staff and the customers. It really was a sight to be seen and experienced. Tomorrow promises to be even nicer though Calvin will be out most of the day, expected to return in the afternoon. I am sure Thomas, Bradley and myself will be able to make the most of it.

In fact Thomas and myself have been setting things up the past hour or so making sure that all things should run smoothly tomorrow, no locomotive accidents to be had which will probably disappointed those masturhators out there. They know who they are. Let’s hope they wipe their chins before kissing their roommates.