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Such craziness. It’s was a crazy storm this morning when I woke up and my stomach and what follows was a bit iffy, plus I was still very tired and dreaded to go into work feeling like this. So I went back to bed. It wasn’t so bad, I had done a lot yesterday at work and lately I’ve been scrambling for things to do. I’ve been monitoring emails and voice mails throughout the day, chatting with Lydia with regards to whatever she might need help on. So that covered that end. Of course as the day progressed I started feeling better as well as feeling guilty. I’m going back in tomorrow regardless on how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling ok now, why wouldn’t I feel okay tomorrow?

Last night was pretty quiet. Watched the usual shows, then watched John Adams, since I missed the first half the other night, which was the Boston Massacre. I had forgotten that John Adams successfully got an acquittal for the British soldiers on trial. It’s a little known fact. Then watched the news before turning in. That’s basically it. Lot’s of reports on flooding throughout the country. Watched Galaxy Quest this morning. I really like that movie, it’s pretty funny and quite a send up of the Star Trek series and their fans. Cleaned the apartment a bit also. That’s an on going thing. Tied up newspapers and cardboard boxes, cleaned the tub and toilet too.

Saw a little bit of Bush on TV talking about the Iraq war. Whatever happened to Mission Accomplished? According to what he said then it was a success. 5 years ago Bill and I were in midtown Manhattan, right where I work now, protesting the preparation for war with 300,000 other people. 5 years ago when the war started I was in the copy room watching the news at Wanker Banker talking to Krysztof Owerkowicz. He was for the invasion since Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and abused his people. I was against the war saying it was going to involve us in a quagmire that we won’t have an easy time getting out of it. It doesn’t happen too often, but I guess I was right. Tonight there are a few remembrances, or protests against the war throughout the area. Still it rains and my participation in the remembrances remains doubtful.

Bill’s coming home tonight. We were invited out to Garfield to my brother Frank’s house. It’s my niece Meghan’s birthday and it’s also Easter Sunday. Bill said we were invited to his cousin Elsie’s for dinner on Sunday as well. I accepted for Garfield and I think he did the same for Elsie. Now it turns out that Bill will be at Elsie’s and I’ll be in Garfield. Thats how that worked out. We’ll see how it turns out on Sunday. Garfield will be low key, I know that much. Not much else to write about since not much else happened. Grimaldi’s on the menu tonight for the fact that Bill is coming home.

Tight Turn

Finally it’s Friday. First 5 day work week in a few weeks. I got through it alright, nothing too special. Have a whole year of this. Well not a whole year, there are days off between now and December 31, but the majority are five day work weeks. Bill was here again last night. Sometimes it’s good to have him around. No it generally is good all the time to have him around. If only he could find the garbage cans, or the bag where recyclables go. I suppose I hide them too well, one in every room of this four room railroad flat.

Most of the time I pick up after him, suppressing my resentment about these tasks. Seeing the shape of his parents apartment last week made me realize that he’s been like this all of his life. I guess thats the way he was brought up. For me it’s a struggle to be neat, and I could hold my own generally but when dealing with this small pile here and that small pile there next to those other piles, I basically threw my hands in the air to surrender. This morning, Bill left with a kiss. No more coffee, no cereal in a bowl. Just crap over here, crap over there, empty vitamin water bottles, on the floor, under the couch. I picked them all up and put them in the recycling bag. I even went into the fridge and emptied bottles with only backwash in them. I cleaned up a bit and created some more space all before I jumped in the shower.

Outside this morning it was pouring rain, pissing all over the streets, complete with thunder and lightning. I got on the bus which quickly filled up and wound up finishing the New Yorker as we sat in the Lincoln Tunnel for about 20 minutes. Greg Stevens was in before I was which rarely happens. I set about doing the office start up routine, as well as doing whatever task was asked of me, taking care to look after Lydia and making sure she had enough to do. I keep telling her to take her time, but so far she’s rushed through most everything that was asked, leaving her to ask me later in the day if there was anything she could do.

She’s a good worker, has a good work ethic. I just hope I can find enough to keep her busy. By 2:00 this afternoon I was through with just about everything I had to do. Greg Stevens left around 3:00 and at 4:00 I felt that it would be ok for me to leave. It had stopped raining and I had a very nice walk across town, enjoying my Padron and listening to the Raybeats. I walked to the bus terminal and got on the Hoboken bus which quickly filled up and since it was now 50 degrees outside, with everyone in winter clothing, a bit damp, it got very humid. I read the book I ordered last month, almost done with it. Very good entertaining read.

Now I’m home, Bill should be going to his parents apartment this weekend. Tentative plans to go to the movies with Charlie on Sunday, perhaps No Country for Old Men, or There Will Be Blood or any other movies that might be out. Of course, if Bill needs me to help him out with cleaning his parents apartment again, then that’s where I’ll be. But tonight I’m home and I’m cool with that. That’s about it for now, nothing else going on as far as I know. Cheers.