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Rescue Me

What a fucking day it’s been. Ugh. It started out with me sleeping a little later than usual. About 11 minutes later. I knew it was 11 minutes. Made a big difference. Everything is more crowded, and busier than what I am used to.

I did not like it at all, but made the most of it listening to Konk! which made it to my playlist finally. That pseudo Latin 1980’s East Village dance groove made a nice walk across town.

Got to the office about 25 minutes late and to my surprise no one was in. I was glad at that fact. Allowed me to take my time in setting things up. Soon people came in and everything hummed along nicely. No one said anything about how they had left the office early yesterday leaving me holding the bag. I didn’t bring it up and neither did anyone else.

At one point I had to run an errand which I was glad to do. I brought along my trusty camera and took some pics. As I was crossing Lexington Avenue I spotted some who looked recently familiar. Prior to the errand I was reading AM New York, one of the 2 free newspapers given away at most subway stops for free.

The other is the Metro but Metro doesn’t have dependable people at the stations so I didn’t get one of those. Their both good reading during a morning, how you say….evacuation.

So I am at Lexington and 50th Street, still an intense police presence since Bush Co is still in town. I spot a guy wearing a hat and sunglasses and crocs. Normally I find crocs offputting but I made an exception since I had a feeling I had seen this guy before.

I decided to take a chance since we were both walking up Lexington Avenue and with him I said slight yet loud enough for him to hear, ‘Loudon’. He stopped and turned around. I wonder what he thought when he saw me, in a navy blue pinstriped suit with a light blue tie and light blue cuff links.

I say that because there were a lot of gents like myself dressed in such attire, meaning Secret Service and NYPD Detectives. Of course I am neither but he wouldn’t know that. Perhaps I’ll wind up in one of his stories. Anyway I said I was a fan, didn’t mention Rufus or Martha, deciding to let him have some John time for himself.

I told him that I was just reading about him in the paper. He asked which one and I told him, but held back on what was going on while I read about him. I mentioned that an upcoming show sounded cool. In December he’s playing in Tarrytown with the Roches, another group that hits a soft spot for me.

I was off on the errand but before I left I asked if I could take his picture and he said yes, so here’s a picture of Loudon Wainwright III.

Work was weird when I got back to the office, I didn’t know it then but it seems that the renting of the office is now something that other people are involved in. I wasn’t bringing in the results they wanted, but then again I was trawling on Craigslist whereas they know a few people with the money to rent an office in midtown. I don’t mind that at all.

After work I decided to take a train downtown and check out Oliver Sacks who was giving a free lecture at Cooper Union. I stopped by Farfetched where Harpy was next to Susan. Had a glass of sparkling wine and picked some birthday cards and had a good time with the two of them. An interesting chemistry between the 3 of us.

Back on the street I walked over to Cooper Union and found a daunting line wrapped around the Cooper Union. I turned back, popped into Farfetched again and then I was on my way, walking up Fifth Avenue enjoying a Padron and listening to Raphael Saadiq’s new album.

Got to the Path train and found that I missed 3 of Bill’s calls. I was nervous and considered getting back up to the street to see what was the matter. I was worried that things may have taken a turn for the worse regarding his mother.

I decided to head back to Hoboken and check once I got up to the street again. I checked the voicemail that Bill left and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. His mother did have a stroke though, affecting her speech center and with a paralysis on the left side.

She’ll be in the hospital for a while, then the varies therapies that are required. And she’s disoriented with being in the hospital as a patient when she was a nurse for a number of years.

Now I’m home with Bill and special guest, Juan. We’re all pretty tired.

Falling Dub

8:00PM and I finally feel awake. Last night was different. Home by myself most of the night, Bill asked that I get his amplifier, keyboard and keyboard stand ready for him to take to Harlem. He’s starting a jazz combo with someone he works with. I did all that, moved the big ass amplifier and out it in the hall, got the keyboard in a carry bag and dusted off the keyboard stand.

Bill came home and started playing the keyboard with an extension cord leading into the hallway so the whole building got to hear Bill’s doodling on the keys. I don’t know how it sounded on the floors below us, but here it was loud, louder than Keith Olbermann. When Rachel Maddow came on I had to request that Bill turn it down. Bill moved the amplifier downstairs then went out and got a Zip Car.

I carried the keyboard and the stand downstairs when he showed up with the car. Then I was back to doing whatever it was that I was doing. He came home an hour later and was in a weird state of mind. I just went to bed. It was cooler out and no more need for the air conditioner. I don’t know what time Bill went to bed, but he did wake me up while looking for the comforter.

The comforter did help though, but it was an uneasy night of sleeping for me. Since I gave up drinking soda I’ve been drinking a lot of cranberry juice which meant a few stops to the loo. Woke up at 6:00, Bill still in bed. He was going to work, but not at his usual time which in turn set my morning routine askew.

Of course he got out of bed and started getting his clothes ready as I was trying to get dressed which did not help my state of mind. I was only a few minutes late and tried to read the New Yorker while trying to stay awake. Made it across town listening to some heavy Dub music from Tappa Zukie. I love Dub, but I guess it wasn’t the high energy that I actually required.

Got to the office, one of our subtenants asked me if I smelled cigarette smoke. I mentioned that I smoked but he said it smelled before I came in. He was there at 6:30. I wandered around and sure enough it smelled like cigarettes, especially in Vivek, the managing directors office. I told Vivek when he came in that it smelled like his buddy’s cigarettes.

Not the Gauloises like I smoke but dried out, chemically treated Marlboro Lights. It turned out I was right, it was his buddy. We’re trying to get Vivek’s buddy out of the office since he’s been squatting in an office and he doesn’t contribute anything or pay rent. That’s now my task to kick him out and perhaps put him in a cubicle which I’m sure he’s not going to go for.

I also sold my ticket for My Bloody Valentine (MBV) through Craigslist. I listed it yesterday and there were quite a few others selling or trading tickets. I got three inquiries yesterday and a few today. The first contact from yesterday didn’t respond to an email, so I went to number two who yesterday seemed interested.

This morning, she didn’t respond to a couple of emails until later when she told me she got a ticket already. So I went to number three and arranged to meet him downtown by Union Square. Got there with no problem, stationed myself outside the Virgin Mega Store. John Hunter showed up a few minutes later and we chatted briefly about MBV.

I explained that I had seen MBV in 1991 and they were great but it promised to be the same show since there really isn’t anything new released. I guess it’s a show for those who missed them the first time around. My excuse for not going was that there was no one to go with. He was a nice guy and chuckled when I gave him a pair of foam ear plugs.

I went into Virgin and bought the new Raphael Saadiq cd since the free download from FYE was bogus. It was in an ad in the Village Voice, go to FYE enter the code and you get a free download of the album. Well it didn’t work on Wednesday or Thursday and today FYE said I exhausted my downloads when I didn’t get any.

Small potatoes I know, and I preferred to have a hard copy anyhow. And it’s a really good record, worth checking out if you’re interested in what’s going on in today’s R&B. It’s a little retro but contemporary. If you’re so inclined and if you have better luck that I did, got to the FYE website and check digital downloads, the code in raphaelsaadiq.

McCrazy is still a fucking asshole by the way. Blaming Obama for the current crisis, when Obama was calling for regulations while McCrazy was all for deregulations. I really hope people aren’t stupid and remember this come November. McCrazy to his credit, for an old man he certainly has a raging hard on for the presidency and will do or say anything to get there. If he’s this dangerous now, how bad will he be should he get elected?

McCain + Palin = McPain.

Anyway, here’s some pics of today’s New Yorkers.
Smiley Suit


Wash out

The lure of Sabrett

Ooh! Double Breasted Pinstripes!

I love that suit!

Ersatz Ashley Olsen with Radioactive man

Space Worms!

He thought it was an ice cream truck

Mr and Mrs Tourist

NO kicking of the flowers! NO stopping and smelling!

Have an advert

I Know Shuggie Otis

Well I was home by 9:30 last night, but decided not to write. Hope you weren’t waiting up for more. Ha! I came home Bill fast asleep in bed. I’m glad I got to the South Street Seaport when I did. Caught the last half of the last song by Endless Boogie, who sounded interesting but I only heard a minute and a half. Not many people there.

Raphael Saadiq was added to the bill on Wednesday so there wasn’t much promotion. I found out from subscribing to rivertorivernyc.com . Raphael is quite a soul singer and has such a great presence on stage. I guess that Tony Toni Tone (TTT) disbanded so that Raphael wouldn’t have to share the spotlight with his brother and cousin. Unfortunately his spotlight wasn’t working properly last night.

Choreographed moves ala Motown, great songs reminiscent of songs from way back then and he still has a killer smile on stage. Probably off stage as well. He played for about 50 minutes which was a bit short, did medleys of his hits from TTT. But it was all over too soon.

Prior to Raphael hitting the stage I was off to the side by a four masted ship docked at the pier having a smoke. A woman approached me with that, ‘Can I get a light’ look. She complimented me saying that chivalry wasn’t dead. She asked what I was doing there and I said I was waiting for Raphael Saadiq. She didn’t know who he was so I explained.

She hoped that he was better than the first group who ‘sounded good if you were 12 years old and deaf’. I told her that I thought they were interesting. Then she asked if I was there to pick up girls and I said no, that I was gay, ‘cruising for sailors but my ship hadn’t come in’ as I was sitting next to a ship. She told me that she wished she was gay, and I told her it wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed.

She then said that her brother was partnered with the same guy for 20 years. I lifted my plastic cup of Stella Artois and said ‘Cheers’. She asked how long Bill and I have been together and I told 8 years. She was impressed and then ran off to join her friends for a boat ride around New York harbor.

I must have the kind of face that people are comfortable with since after she left 3 other people came up to me after the show and asked for directions to Chinatown, Wall Street and midtown Manhattan.

I remember a few years ago, I was between jobs and feeling down about it. I was whining to my friend Miriam about my lack of skills, and she was surprised saying that I have a great skill not many other people have. The ability to talk to just about anyone. It’s true. I do.

One time when I was a kid, my parents and my brother Brian and I went into the city to look at some new furniture. We left some showroom and were out on the street waiting for the light to change. They went ahead as I stayed on the corner talking to some street person about who knows what.

Last night all I had to do was point to the left and say Chinatown was about a half mile from where I was, or point south and say Wall Street that way, or even pointing out the right train to get on when the World Trade Center train pulled into Hoboken station.

Woke up this morning, Bill on his feet like nothing happened. He had on the memorial service for Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones who died last week of a brain attack. That’s basically what it is, an aneurysm. I read that last year when visiting my brother Frank in the hospital. That really gets your attention.

She was a good fighter and a friend of the LGBT community as well as other groups that are discriminated against. Bill left to check in with his mother and I just left it on listening to it more than watching it. Great gospel groups, and heartfelt speeches from her family as well as various democratic bigwigs who have been in the headlines all week.

The forecast threatened rain and so Chaz wasn’t into the beach today. Of course, it hasn’t rained all day. Last night it did and it drizzled towards the end of Raphael’s set. But that was it.

Also missed karaoke night at McSwells. Rand and Lisa went, Rand singing You’re No Good in a punk style. Roda reportedly sang a Barry White song and Lou Rawl’s ‘You’re Gonna Miss My Loving’. Still haven’t tried karaoke yet. It seems likely somewhere down the line.

Balloon Lady

Old Brown Shoe

A lazy Friday. Just little running around errands here and there. Nothing major. Juan came by last night on his way back to Trenton. We watched the convention, He, Bill and I. Specifically Obama’s speech which was excellent.

I read somewhere that Bruce Springsteen was going to make an appearance but all we saw was Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder with Take 6. Stevie was great as usual, but no Bruce. A mellow low light evening.

Juan left after Obama spoke. Bill went to bed and I stayed up watching nothing in particular. Maybe the Simpsons, I don’t remember. Went to bed around 12:30 and slept until 9:00 this morning. Last weekend for lot’s of parking in Hoboken so you might want to get here quick.

Tonight I’m heading over to South Street Seaport to see Raphael Saadiq. It’s fairly cool and since I will be on the water I’m thinking blue jeans instead of shorts. Once the sun goes down it will get cooler, that’s for sure. But then again, just because it’s breezy and cool on the fifth floor, there really isn’t a breeze on the street.

I sent emails to Chaz , Roda, Rand and Lisa as well as Pedro. Roda has to work at McSwells, Pedro doesn’t want to drive since he has to work tomorrow, and no word from Rand and Lisa, though Chaz responded in an email that it sounds like a plan. Of course that’s an ambiguous response, one that I have given a few times probably in the past week.

The big news today on TV was not Barack Obama’s speech, but rather that McCrazy picked a woman for his vice president. Sarah Palin from Alaska. We’ll see how that goes. Anti Choice, Gun Enthusiast, former Mayor of 6500, present Governor, and she’s also against equal pay for equal work, which is just swell. She loves that glass ceiling. It’s an obvious ploy to get the Hillary supporters who are greatly upset with Obama getting the nomination.

So what else is there? I don’t know. I’m killing time. Last week was Shea Stadium and that was fun. Bill said he’d get some more tickets if they became available if I wanted. I said maybe. Last week was fun since Shea was going to be torn down when the season was over and it’s true I do prefer the Mets over the Yankees but I guess I committed to ‘yes’ when I said ‘maybe’. I didn’t say ‘no’.

Well Bill just came home and he’s feeling ill. Just walked through the door and went right to bed. He looked like hell. He’s better off staying home and sleeping. Me? I’m having a Stella Artois before I head into the city.

I think I’ll post this now and perhaps write about the show when I get back. Or maybe not. A few beers and the last thing I want to do is formulate my thoughts for reading. Pontificating from a bar stool, no problem. Sitting and writing, mucho difficulty. Though I have done it before, in a few altered states. I’ll probably leave a little after 6:00 and take the Path in.

Sounds like a plan.

El Cuarto de Tula

“People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power. “ Bill Clinton said that last night. Bill and I watched the convention again. A rousing speech by Clinton & John Kerry. But Beau Biden introducing his father was touching as was the embrace by Joe Biden when he came out for his speech.

Really a beautiful moment. I don’t recall my father ever hugging me like that, then again I don’t recall my father hugging me at all.

I sincerely hope that Barack Obama wins the election in November. I can’t afford to be optimistic but I can be hopeful. One of the most depressing days in my life was when John Kerry lost the election in 2004. I certainly don’t want to go through that again. But watching Obama come out after Joe Biden’s speech was electrifying.

I just think it would be phenomenal if he would win. A black man as President of the United States was something I thought I would see in my lifetime, just didn’t expect it so soon, and now that it’s a distinct possibility it really gives me a hopeful feeling. And whatever ambivalent feelings I may have towards Joe Biden have fallen by the wayside.

I didn’t know his story before and now that I do I am impressed. I stayed up and watched the entire convention last night. We’ve been watching it on CSPAN, rather than MSNBC. Occasionally we catch it on PBS, but CSPAN doesn’t have commentators, just a nonstop camera on the stage. No talking heads there. No advertisements. And it’s up to us to make up our own minds thank you very much.

Woke up around 8:00 which was pleasant. Went out got the papers, went to the supermarket. Did laundry, talked with Angry Juan who was very angry. Not at me, but rather mad at the world. It’s a good thing they have a cooling off period when buying firearms. Not that he bought firearms.

But if he did…

I went into the city, saw Bill, saw my friend Jesse and watched a building on fire, or rather watched a fire being put out on top of a building. I was going to head down to Farfetched and came close to jumping on the subway but wandered around midtown instead and went back home.

I had other things to do, co-edit the other blog and see if my sister got the Mets souvenir visor I bought at Shea Stadium on her birthday. Heard from Song who was asking me if I wanted to have dinner with him and Ray in the city, but since I was mere feet away from the bus terminal I passed.

I had hoped to meet up with Song and Ray when they were in town but things being what they are, it didn’t work out. I found out Raphael Saadiq was playing the South Street Seaport tomorrow night and I am definitely going to that. I saw Raphael Saadiq last in 2000 on tour in Lucy Pearl.

He was so magnetic on stage and when he smiled I could have sworn he was smiling right at me. Who knows? Maybe he was. I was smiling at him thats for sure. Anyway, that’s where I will be tomorrow night. Last show of the season at the Seaport, featuring Raphael Saadiq.

Do youself a favor and check out his website: http://www.raphaelsaadiq.com/ I just love his voice, ever since hearing him sing with his cousin and brother in Tony Toni Tone. Good for the soul. I’m psyched!

Here are some pics!

This afternoon’s fire

wrist bone

This perhaps, did not end well

Make My Day

Well it was back to work for me. No more days feeling like the previous day, today felt like a Friday and basically Friday sucked. I wasn’t 100% mind you, more like 90% but still Lydia told me yesterday about big meetings going on, clients coming in, food needed to be ordered, things like that. Lydia told me during the day how they were looking for a folder that I was working on Wednesday afternoon, and I left the folder on my desk when I left for the day. I told her to call me from my desk and when she did I was able to tell her exactly where the folder was.

Tom Chin told her to tell me he yelled at her in my absence. She thought it was a joke, but no it was the truth, since Tom Chin chewed me out. There was some vital info in the folder, but only important if you knew what to look for. He also mentioned that not only was Tom Chin upset with me, but also Vivek and Greg Stevens. Oh that, and the fact that next week is my employee evaluation which I don’t think will win me any prizes.

It may tie in to the mythical bonus, but I needed that bonus last month and since I didn’t get it then, it won’t kill me if I don’t get it at all. It’s all non-existent money, which is nether good nor bad. It only exists if it’s in my account, or my wallet. I’ve done everything they have asked of me, I’ve tried instituting a system so things could run smoothly but without the cooperation of everyone else, my ideas fell to the wayside. I’m not upset. It’s a good job, but then again, it’s just a job.

I’m not planning any moves, though they might be. But I doubt even that, since Tom Chin asked me to do something, a task that I had done in November and that task entails the rest of the year. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, making sure Tom Chin has enough rope. And it was busy today. Lydia enjoyed the busyness yesterday, she wasn’t bored and was constantly moving around. Today we were a team and we preformed admirably. Desi Gandoo Investment Bank (DGIB) would be proud, but since Tom Chin is a honcho at DGIB, I’m sure it will go unnoticed until he comes up with an idea for teamwork.

After work I had a Padron and started to walk my usual route to the bus terminal. At the corner of 49th and Park I saw a woman who I thought might be Janelle Rintrona, a real sweetheart of a woman who I worked with at Wanker Banker. We keep in touch via email lately. I inched up hoping to get a glimpse of her face since the vibe said it was Janelle. When she turned I was surprised that the vibe was right and she was surprised to see me.

We caught up quickly, about what we’ve been reading, what’s been going on with who and what’s what. She told me she reads the blog and she actually likes it. She finds it funny, and that when she or her friends Google Janelle Rintrona, invariably johnozed pops up and they read it.

Good to know some people laugh and enjoy what I write. I thought it was generally maudlin but I guess some people enjoy it. Now if only I can get them to leave a comment, or even a hello, letting me know there’s someone out there, besides the five that I know of, which is actually down to three since Kathe doesn’t say anything and Song is probably upset that I missed him over the holidays. That leaves Annemarie, Harpy and Juan. Who knows who else? Would it kill them to even post an asterisk? But it was great to see Janelle again, she made my day. She was looking good, and it seems like she knows where she’s going in life which is definitely great for her. Now if we can get a GPS on Rina Persico or Kristy Fallon that would be something.

I was supposed to see Happy Days tonight, but it’s cold and since I’m not 100% better I checked to see if I can exchange my ticket for another performance, saying how I wouldn’t want to infect the staff or the audience. That worked and I’m going to the matinée tomorrow afternoon which works out quite nicely. Love to all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tom Chin