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I Need a Situation

Baby, I know you’re wonderin’, why I don’t come over to your place. Cause I’m not too sure about how you feel, so I’d rather go at my own pace. Yes, I just posted a Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam video on Facebook, and so now the song is in my head.

Today was back at work for me. Back at the cigar shop. Don, Sean & myself. It was the last weekend of a fine team. Don’s last weekend is next week, but Calvin will be with us and that is no fun. Sean came up with the idea of ordering a pizza for this special weekend and so that was nice.

I agreed knowing that I would be likely having pizza with Bill tonight. So a greasy pizza this afternoon, and a coal over pizza tonight with Bill. Both were good and hit the spot. When I was living in Weehawken, pizza was the main staple of my diet, passing Monetti’s Pizza every night.

Now, maybe I have pizza once a week. And today was the exception to that rule.

Last night, instead of seeing Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby I stayed home while Bill tried to explain to his friend Theresa how to operate an iBook. But it was more than that. Theresa needed to be schooled on most of the computer basics, that Ctrl B means BOLD, Ctrl I means Italics and Ctrl U means Underlined. Stuff like that. No underlining on WordPress.

It was an interesting and entertaining evening. I mainly sat in front of my computer as they chatted. I tried watching Bill Maher and the DVD of Inherit the Wind which I have been watching in spurts for the past few days.

The DVD is from the bibliothèque and is due back in a few days. I have off Monday and Tuesday so I should have ample to time to finish that one off. I also have the animated movie, 9, with the voices of Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly and Jennifer Connelly. It’s directed by Shane Acker and produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov.

I just got that off the cover of the DVD. I have no idea who Timur Bekmambetov is. That’s also due back at the bibliothèque soon so I’d better get crackin’ on that.

I am looking forward to tonight’s Saturday Night Live. The guest host is Scarlett Johansson and the musical guests are Arcade Fire. Hopefully there will be funny skits.

And since tomorrow is Sunday, I don’t think I’ll be a postin’. Unless there is something to post about.

What? Oh I still have to write more? How much have I written so far? Only 449? It seemed like more. Felt like it at least. Oh well still have to meet that quota.

Bill mentioned to Theresa that I write every day, at least 500 words. She was impressed. And I hope you are too.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

All work and no play play, makes Jack a dull boy.

Raymond aka & Don aka

Sean aka

Hyman Gross


It’s been a very nice Friday, best day of the week and I don’t mind telling you that. Last night I was extremely tired. Just felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. A lot of it was probably from lacking a decent night’s sleep for the past few days.

I am happy to report that I slept peacefully for about 9 hours last night. Much needed.

Last night Bill had his pizza and I sat on the front steps, enjoying a Padron, chatting with various neighbors as well as a phone call with Casey Chasm. I was worried about him since Mrs. Chasm was out of town when I visited the other day and while I was visiting we had quite a heavy conversation.

He’s a good guy and I am happy to call him my friend. I certainly hope he has a rosy future ahead of him and it looks like he does. He had some good advice for me regarding work which was worrying me.

I’m going to hang in there as best as I could. That’s all I can do. I came upstairs and Bill was watching a repeat of the Office, followed by 30 Rock which definitely boosted my spirits. Then we watched the season finale of Southland and yes it was very good.

The ending had Willie Nelson singing What Was It You Wanted. I thought it was a Leonard Cohen song but it turned out it was by Bob Dylan. A little research showed that it was from Oh Mercy. I had some downloads from Oh Mercy but none of them was the song I heard.

I made a note to go to the local record store and see if they had it in stock today. I walked around Hoboken around noon and wandered into Tunes.

Looked in Willie Nelson’s section for On The Borderline which is where the song was from. Of course it wasn’t in stock. Juan’s doppleganger was working but I decided to search on my own, finding it too unnerving to speak with an ersatz Juan.

I walked over to the Bob Dylan section and once again I was let down. Oh Mercy was not to be found. Perhaps they had the Budos Band who I saw at McSwells a few months ago. No Budos Band either.

I thought I would see if they had Who’s Next in stock since that’s been on my mind lately and of course that was a ‘no’. I even checked to see some Fleetwood Mac CD’s since I saw an excellent and beautiful video of the PS 22 chorus do a moving version of Landslide by Stevie Nicks.

I left empty handed and disappointed. Still I had some money in my pocket.

I got a text message from Roda last night. He was working at McSwells and said it was dead. Why don’t I come by for some cocktails? It’s always good to see Roda but I was really fatigued, too much to head out and socialize. Bill was about all the socializing I could deal with last night.

I was on Facebook earlier, I know, what a surprise. I saw a link to check up on my high school classmates and I almost connected with a couple of them. Then I remembered how I felt after my high school reunion 9 years ago and decided against it. Some things are best left in the past in my case.

Tonight I am going to McSwells too see my old pal. Not staying out too late since I have to get up and help Julio in Van Saun Park for Alexander’s first birthday party. I got Alexander a Beatles onesie and a toy duck on a stick with wheels that quacks and flaps it’s wings as you push it.

I just downloaded Willie Nelson’s version of What Was It You Wanted so I’m a happy pirate. A happy and relaxed pirate at that. I hope all of you, the six of you that is, have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Maybe I’ll see you at the VFW Circle on Monday morning on Saddle River Road in Saddle Brook?

Here is that beautiful video.

No Easy Way Down

It’s Friday evening. Just had 2 slices of pizza which was ok. Don’t eat pizza as much as I used to, but I didn’t feel like cooking and there was a pizzeria on the way home. Who am I kidding? There’s a pizzeria on almost every corner in Hoboken as well as real estate offices and nail salons.

I had gone out for a walk late this afternoon, went and dropped off a Netflix DVD at the post office. On the way to the post office I went to Tunes, the local record store. When I was in the Village the other day after I took that photo of Farfetched (which was actually a photograph of a mirror on the other side of the window) I went to the Virgin Mega Store.

I checked to see if they had the EP of Bon Iver, Blood Bank. They did for $12.99. 4 songs, for $12.99. Very steep for me. I checked to see if they had it at Tunes and they did, for $10.99. Still a bit much, considering it’s on iTunes for $3.99.

I asked the girl working the floor, what was the deal with the price? Does it come with a poster? Bon Iver’s phone number? She said I could open the pouch it was in and I did. There was nothing extraordinary, nothing worth the high price for an EP.

She said there might be a used copy but there wasn’t. I bought the NASA CD instead. I find myself buying more CD’s than I have in a long time but reluctant to spend that much on a 4 song EP. Years ago I wouldn’t even have blinked. Now it’s a different story.

I put the EP in my iTunes shopping cart at home. NASA is pretty good, definitely funky. The guy behind the register at Tunes recommended it as I was paying for it.

He asked me if I knew anything about NASA and I told him friends had recommended it and I saw a couple of their videos on YouTube. I said they were on Anti Records so they can’t be that bad. He didn’t know anything about the Bon Iver pricing though.

After that I wandered over to Hoboken Cigars where they were having an event for a cigar maker. I sat and read a newspaper and enjoyed a cigar and listened to some local guys talk about men fist fighting with sharks and the economy.

Of course one of them was complaining about politics in general then he started ragging on democrats in particular, minutes after. I mentioned that he should check out the flip side of what he was saying and he went ‘Oh yeah, the republicans are bad too’.

He was also stunned to learn that there was a Communist Party in this country. I told him there was also a Socialist Party as well and he basically felt they were the same thing.

I knew better than to follow that line of conversation since they cigar store owners could be Cuban and you know how the majority of Cubans in the US feel about Communism and Socialism.

I just wanted to enjoy a free cigar in peace. And the Joya De Nicaragua 1970 Robusto Grande is a good, free cigar! Viva la revolucion!

Release Me

Well I haven’t had one in a while but today was just one of those days. Slept a bit later than usual, still at the office only 10 minutes late. Watched Rendition last night. Not that good a movie. I wouldn’t watch it again. Couldn’t be bothered. I’m sure their hearts were in the right place when they were making it, but ultimately there was really nothing worth looking at twice. Peter Saarsgard was the best thing in it. Jake Gyllenhaal was ok. Reese Witherspoon was ok. Meryl Streep, Alan Arkin, ok ok. I wouldn’t even watch it on cable.

Went to sleep after that. Woke up, just dragged my ass out of bed and slowly got my act together. Walked out, it was in the 40 degree range, promised to be warmer and windier later in the day so I gambled and went without my winter coat. I saw plenty of other people preparing for Arctic expeditions, usually it is people who’ve immigrated from warmer climes, but today it seemed like everyone but me bundled up. I was fine, I walk at a fairly good pace which gets my internal engine going nicely. Felt good, bracing winds at my back as I walked towards Grand Central.

There is a weird atmosphere in the office, Moe is not really gone. He’ll come in from time to time, but not really an employee anymore. No official announcement, just hearsay. I had to corner Vivek to get that info. Things are picking up a bit for me work wise. Trying to rent out office space, but no one is spending money on anything these days, and we’re asking for $3000 for a 10′ x 14′ office space, which can also be a drawback Other ads offer whole floors of office space for a little bit more than we’re asking.

At some point today, my self esteem crashed and I wondered if I was a bad person. There was no one to ask really. Bill has his own things going on so I sat with my existential dilemma which actually started a few nights ago as I lay in bed wondering what it was that people saw, when they saw me. That didn’t keep me awake at night, but did crack the door open allowing self doubt to creep in. Still, I got through it somehow. I know I’m not a bad person, but sometimes when I think of things I had done in my past, I really feel horrible. Case in point, I felt bad writing what I wrote yesterday about whats her name. I’ve decided to do my best to drop that burning coal and leave it alone. Move on, as it were.

Jay Leno apologized for what he said. I guess Jeff Whitty got his point across and I was glad to be able to help and show my displeasure towards Jay Leno. I should have done it long ago. If Jay Leno said his favorite color was green, I would have done the same photo anyhow.

Tonight, I decided to treat myself to a couple of slices of pizza. I don’t eat it as much as I used to so I went into a joint run by Albanians, posing as Italians, posing as Sodomites. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the Marquess of Queensbury aside. 2 slices for $6.00. I balked and spun on my heel and walked out to the sound of the counterman snotty and wishing me a good night. I could get 2 small pies for $10.00. A slice of pizza is cheaper in Manhattan. I guess since the pizzeria is close to Steven’s Tech, and all those kids have some disposable income, they can get away with those prices. So that’s it for today. I’m a good person with a lot on my mind. Grumble grumble.

Raybeats- Jack The Ripper

Fly Me To The Moon

It’s Thursday. No big deal. Last night was no big deal either. There was the dental appointment which went well. Only spent $90.00 for that visit. Spoke to my sister Annemarie on the phone. Her son Earl is sick with the flu and that sucks. But it’s the flu, he’s healthy so he’ll rebound with no problem. Came home, watched Law and Order Criminal Investigation and that was good. It was a repeat and it didn’t get hairy until the last ten minutes. After that was Law and Order the original that Bill was supposed to be in as an extra but they cut his scene. Nevertheless it was a very good episode and dealt with Jack McCoy in the second half, ending with a Bobby Kennedy tie pin from 1968 which touched Jack greatly.

Then it was bedtime for me. Slept really well, woke up on time too. Of course the first instinct was, ‘I don’t wanna go to work today’, but I had to. Many things to do today. Clients coming in, and I had to set up Greg Stevens conference call. I swear, if Greg ever figured out keyboard shortcuts I’d likely be out of a job. At least several times a day, he calls me into his office to fix something on his computer. This morning he needed to get the Microsoft Office helper off his screen. It just popped up and made Greg feel distracted.

There were a few other tasks that I had to do, and one of them was staying the hell out of Tom Chin’s way. He was on the warpath, but it didn’t have anything to do with me. Today is Valentine’s day. I ordered some flowers on Saturday to be delivered yesterday to Bill’s office. Of course they were delivered after Bill left for the day. But technically they were delivered on time. Apparently Bill ordered flowers for me on Tuesday, for a Wednesday delivery before I went to the dental appointment. By the end of the day today, Thursday, they still hadn’t arrived.

We made plans to go to Arthur’s for steaks for Valentine’s day, a nice idea since Bill and I haven’t seen each other in weeks, but somewhere down the line the plan changed and we’re staying here, Bill sleeping over, and having Grimaldi’s pizza which is how my birthday wound up last year. At least then we made it to Arthur’s, and since their credit card machine wasn’t working we bailed and came home for Grimaldi’s pizza on my suggestion. Today it was all Bill’s suggestion. Arthur’s, no Arthur’s, pizza instead. I don’t mind I’m pretty tired but I must confess I was looking forward to having a pint or two of Guinness, a juicy steak and perhaps a cigar while walking around Hoboken.

Still, now I’m in slippers, housecoat and curlers and I’m not going anywhere. Definitely looking forward to a three day weekend, have some dvd’s to watch. I have The Namesake, The Bourne Ultimatum and Hard Eight. I heard good things about all three, and I do enjoy the Jason Bourne movies. Hard Eight was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson so that should be interesting at least. And The Namesake is directed by Mira Nair so let’s hear it for Indian Chick directors! Namaste bitches!

And here is a pic of me in my Valentine’s Day finery. A red tie basically.

And what is going on with the school shootings? Lawrence King, 15 years old killed at his middle school the other day in Oxnard, today a shooter goes shooting at Northern Illinois University. Crazy.