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I Luv That

So now it’s Tuesday. It’s been a laundry day, a grocery shopping day and a busking day. So I’ve been busy. Nothing too major, I did things at my own pace. I was surprised to hear from Jerry Vale who seems to be doing alright, working with a marsupial doesn’t seem to be his thing but he does the job as I did, keep your head low and just do the work. He mentioned Tony Garnier was in today and Jerry Vale helped him out. I would have liked to have met Tony Garnier.

A few years ago I met two friends of Tony Garnier and they mentioned what a great guy he was. I happen to think he’s a cute guy and also a very good bass player. It also helps that he is Bob Dylan’s bandleader and has been so for a number of years on Bob’s Never Ending Tour.

Yeah I reckon it’s not much fun working in the cigar shack these days. Zack is down south at a tobacconist retailer convention where he can mingle with the waistcoat turncoat Marcus. Both of them can have their drinks, Marcus slurring his words and Zack generally nodding off as usual.

There are a few customers that pop into my head from time to time and I had to contact one of them today to see if I can get Luis Bunuel’s autobiography, ‘My Last Sigh’ returned. I had copies of it before and lent them out and never saw them again.

Now I am tired of getting new copies and figure if I can get Lou Moreno to return it, I mean I would go wherever he is to pick up the book then it should be all good. Now I just have to wait for Lou Moreno’s reply.

I did some busking once again this afternoon. I don’t think it will be possible tomorrow since Mumford and Sons are playing on Pier A in Hoboken and it is sold out. About 15,000 tickets sold and there won’t be any room for buskers like myself.

I did see Tariq who showed up with his guitar but didn’t take it out. He just sat there, bumming smokes off me and talking on his cellphone. I did not have to consult my notebooks much at all today. Usually all it takes is a glance at the chord progressions and I am fine.

I do plan on hearing Mumford and Sons tomorrow night as are a couple of thousand of other people who could not or would not pay the $55.00 for a ticket. I suppose we will see how close we can get. I do know a few other Hoboken residents as well as the daughters of some former Hoboken residents who will be doing the same thing. I did see a few of them at the Farmer’s Market this afternoon and I will likely cross paths with them at some point tomorrow night.

Other than that, not much but it has been a fun day so I will just leave it at that.

06 Ask Me Why

I’m Too Tough for Mister Big Stuff (Hot Pants)

It’s Wednesday and it’s a day off. And it’s actually a pretty good day too. I did not go to the Cigar Night at the Eagle. Too much trouble, bringing a change of clothes and then a schlep from the 8th Avenue train to 28th Street and 11th Avenue.

Not worth my time. If they ask at work I’ll think of something to say. And I also had an interview of sorts this morning.

I applied for a position online and was under consideration for a few weeks. It was a tease mainly but today the agency had me in to meet with me to see if I passed muster.

Bill was able to print out the resume for me and I met him on the corner of 43rd Street and Broadway as he made the hand off. I walked right up to him and gave him a great big kiss (mwah!), then headed up to 56th Street.

I was dressed business casual and therefore did not sweat as much as I usually do. I sat in a sleek lobby and waited for Marisa to meet with me. I heard the click clack of high heels approaching and figured that it was my recruiter.

It was.

She was nice and looked at my resume as we chatted about previous salaries and bonuses, all the while she would complain every couple of minutes about the problems the keyboard was giving her. She left after about 15 minutes and in came Erica who also posted a similar job.

I met with Erica for just a few minutes and thanked her while wondering if there was any info regarding my status. Nothing I could do about that. I walked down to the Path train in the shadows of the skyscrapers on Sixth Avenue. Barely anyone headed back to Hoboken, leaving me to sit in an empty car that was fully air conditioned.

Came home, sent a thank you email and had a decent lunch before running out and dropping off clothes at the dry cleaners for Bill & myself and also picking up Bill’s laundry. After that I just chilled out at home for a few hours, watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report which I rarely see anymore.

It was too nice a day to stay indoors and walked over to the river where I read the news and New York magazine. Also talked on the phone with Meghan Taylor Mastro, whom I might see on Monday when she starts painting the new Guitar Bar which will be on 11th Street in Hoboken.

I was out long enough to meet up with the UPS guy parked outside the post office and picked up a toaster over that Annemarie’s friend Audra has been trying to send me for a couple of weeks. It’s a lovely toaster oven.

For some reason ‘He’s Got the Whole World In his Hands’ and ‘The Way We Were’ have been playing endlessly in my head today. I know ‘Whole World’ is in my head after reading the lines in an article about an English footballer, but Barbra Streisand?

“Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me would we? Could we? Memories, may be beautiful and yet, what’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. So it’s the laughter, we will remember, whenever we remember…the way we were.”

Oh Alan & Marilyn Bergman and Marvin Hamlisch, what have you wrought?

I’m looking forward to watching Macca from his White House Gershwin Prize tonight on PBS.