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Everyone Everywhere

6:30 PM, 67 degrees, Tuesday evening. Not bad. It was 50 something when I left the apartment this morning. No need for a winter coat that’s for sure. Woke up a bit late, and took my time leaving the apartment, still I was just a little bit late, yet in before everyone else. Saw someone I worked with a few years ago, a gent named Hill Benson. Nice guy, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him and plus I didn’t register on his radar, but still I took no chances and did my best to avoid him as I waited for a bagel to be toasted. It went well, I was out of there before any awkwardness could occur.

Today is April Fool’s Day. I wasn’t pranked and I was grateful though I did scare Lydia the receptionist. I scare her most everyday just saying hello to her. Today was intentional. I just stood behind her as she hung up her coat in the closet, and when she turned she screamed a bit. It was a laugh. Most of the office was in today, keeping me busy somewhat. Ran some errands and on one of those errands, I ran into Zephyr, someone I’ve been chatting with online. He came up to me actually, asking if I was John. Since I am John I answered, Yes.

He introduced himself, saying that we had chatted online and I said, ‘Zephyr?’ and he said yes, but his name is actually Paul. Handsome guy, that Paul. Glad to have made his acquaintance. He was off to work and I was off to the Post Office so there would be no hanky and no panky. But having met could possibly lead to a tryst somewhere down the line. He’s pursuing me, and I’m being chaste and chased.

An interesting development occurred that may or may not have something to do with Smiling Imelda. Yes, the ‘woman’ (with a real vagina, as she once wrote to me in an email) who supposedly won a $3 million dollar lawsuit against Wanker Banker, due mainly to the distress that occurred when she read about my encounters with her. Basically I put the spotlight on her and her path of inaccuracies. In her email telling me about her $3 million dollars and her real vagina, she told me that she had moved to Italy and was living the high life. A low life living the high life is quite an accomplishment, clawing her way to the top, sometimes doing a horizontal mambo I bet.

Well she didn’t move to Italy and there was no lawsuit. She moved to San Francisco where she was just a secretary at Walter Fjord and Company. I found all this out vis a vis the internet. It was all very easy, but then again so was Smiling Imelda. She was fond of calling this my Bridget Jones diary. Witty she wasn’t, and far from original, but I’m sure it was the very best she could do. She left that company and soon found someone to finance her retail operation in San Francisco, called something like, Poopy Jelly or words to that effect. I know the actual name, but why pollute the internet and give her free publicity?

There was a mention of Poopy Jelly in SF Gate or something like that that mentioned that she was a former bond trader, which no one ever heard of before, none of the remnants of Wanker Banker knew of it. But the most galling thing, was the fact that she claims to be a survivor of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. That was totally unknown before and I, as well as a few others that I mentioned this to were disgusted by this.

Perhaps she was in Manhattan when the attacks occurred, as was I, but I never claimed to be a survivor of the attacks. I have my doubts and as years go by from that fateful day, other people who claimed to be survivors of the attacks are being found out one way or another, so perhaps her day will come, if she isn’t telling the truth and her record of falsehoods, speaks for itself.

So on this April Fools Day, I get a call from Alan Neckbone from Walter Fjord and Company in San Francisco with a possible deal regarding DNA Inc. I took whatever information I could get from Mr. Neckbone and ran over to Vivek and asked him if he wanted to take the call. He took the call and afterwards, about an hour later I asked how the call went. He said it was good and quite possibly something he was looking for. I didn’t mention anything about Smiling Imelda and our antagonistic history. Why bring up trash, when the trash should be curbside?

If I ever find myself on Union Street in San Francisco, I’ll make it a point to avoid stepping into Poopy Jelly and I would suggest that you do the same.

Another interesting development was the fact that I ordered a Notary Public book, since I plan on taking the Notary test for work. It was discussed a few times in the past, but I decided to take matters into my own hands. So there’s a test down the line, but from what I heard it’s an easy test. Just read the book and I should pass. I hate tests and never do well at them. Well at least in the past. I did take an online IQ test and didn’t really apply myself and somehow wound up with a 137. So I’ll keep you posted on that subject of notoriety.

I also sent in a picture to http://www.savedarfur.org/page/content/china_photopetition/. Check it out.