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A nice Saturday. A bit cold though. Now it’s dark. The sun has gone down. It was an uneventful day and I appreciated that. Stayed local, walked around Hoboken for a while this afternoon. Perhaps I’ll head into the city tomorrow. Woke up initially at 7:30 this morning, but I wasn’t having that so I fell back asleep, not getting out of the bed until 9:00, a more than decent hour. Last night I tried watching Sicko, but after a few minutes I found it to be too depressing. I know how bad it is without health care and simply wasn’t in the mood for it. And I read a lot about it when it first came out, so there wouldn’t be any real surprises. Hey sometimes you’re in the mood for Michael Moore, sometimes you’re not. Last night I wasn’t. I do like his documentaries mainly. I do have Fahrenheit 911 somewhere.

I watched The McCartney Years on DVD instead. It was ok up to a point, the point being it stopped playing. I put it back in the envelope. It was pretty good, especially the older 70’s stuff but the Ebony and Ivory video with Stevie Wonder is terrible. It so obvious that Stevie was edited in. But that was technology then, though they did pull it off on the Patty Duke Show back in the 60’s. The commentary for the videos is pretty good, self effacing Paul and it’s worth watching. He’s probably a bastard to work with, but still I love him. Some of his stuff lately is pretty good, I never heard some of it, hearing it for the first time on the DVD’s. There is still one more DVD I’ve yet to watch, and I won’t get that until Tuesday or Wednesday, Netflix you know.

This morning after doing what I do, and I do do that voodoo so well, I watched 3.5 hours of the Peter Bogdanovich documentary on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It was pretty good, they interviewed just about everyone associated with band and made me realize how many Tom Petty songs I like. Quite a few actually. Even guys that were kicked out of the band or quit, ex-managers, producers and Stevie Nicks, who according to the documentary, wanted to leave Fleetwood Mac and join the Heartbreakers. That didn’t happen thankfully and Miss Nicks is still ankled to the Mac.

After that ended I decided to head out into the Hoboken world. Not much was going on, I spoke with both Annemarie and Bill on the phone, both very heavy discussions. Also got a haircut on the corner at Mr. L’s barbershop. They’re featured on DIY TV next week, something about man caves, how they had the barbershop made over last year for a show about man caves. Mr. L’s and the firehouse on Washington Street. Unfortunately, the DIY network is unavailable on cable in Hoboken, and haven’t been able to see anything about it online either. The guys in the barbershop were annoyed at that.

Here’s whats going on next door…