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I Love Paris

A day off. And it’s been a productive day again. Slept fairly well last night, had dreams that I remember. One dream featured my mother and it was a nice feeling to see her again. That dream either involved or preceded a dream that involved a varsity jacket that had NUTS written on the back.

I’m not sure if that meant a scrotum or in fact something to do with the state of mind. Then at some point after that I had an itchy palm which to superstitious folk (which I am sometimes) means that I will be coming into some money.

I eventually woke up around the usual time to the sound of Barry White singing ‘You’re My First, My Last, My Everything’ which I took to be a good omen since Barry White and I were both born on September 12.

Bill took the day off since he was feeling exhausted and in need of a rest. I puttered about as usual making some coffee, pouring some cereal and showering and shaving. I had time to get myself ready to head out, and Bill eventually got out of bed to offer his support once again.

I got it together and though I couldn’t find the suit that I wanted to wear (superstition again) I did find another suit that did the job just as well. I wore a belt instead of the braces I usually wear. I thought the braces would have been a bit much, a bit overreaching for a job interview, even though it was for an investment institution.

I thought it would be best to dress like I was in an office support position rather than dressing like an investment banker. Braces make people think ‘stock broker’ or ‘investment banker’ so for an administrative position a belt was in order.

There was a slight snow storm outside as I walked to the Path train, heading to the World Trade Center stop. Of course I was crazy early so I decided to stop by Century 21 and looked at some clothes to kill some time. I still was early after that, but only five minutes early.

I made it to the building and checked in with security. A phone call was made to the woman I was supposed to meet, Shirley. Unfortunately Shirley was unavailable and her voice mail was reached. I of course panicked a bit, but thankfully, having had half a tablet of Xanax it wasn’t so bad.

I hung around for a few minutes until the security guard called me back, Shirley contacted him and I was granted access to the 14th floor. On the 14th floor was a security guard who escorted me to the 12th floor, where I was shown to a conference room overlooking the Hudson River.

It was an impressive sight, a snowstorm was going on and I saw various boats and tug boats going up and down the river. I was tempted to take a photograph of the view but decided against it. This was a serious job I was after and no artsy shenanigans were to be had.

Shirley came in and we seemed to hit it off quite nicely. They need to fill this job which is basically a job that I have done for the past 10 years and did an exceptional job I might add. After a few minutes with Shirley, I met Nelson, who if I get the job, I would be working with.

All around it was a 45 minute interview. Thanks to the Xanax I don’t think I had any scent of desperation on me. Shirley and I talked some more, she showed me the offices as she walked me to the door. I think it was a good sign, for why would they show someone the office to someone who had no chance for the position?

It had basically stopped snowing as I headed back to the Path train, and I stopped in Century 21 and picked up some nice cufflinks as a present for Bill. Back in Hoboken, the Path from Hoboken to the World Trade Center is about a 15 minute ride.

I stopped by the Guitar Bar and picked up some cigars that I had shipped last week. Calvin had something in the order which made me think that was why he was being relatively kind for the past few days.

When I give Calvin the cigars tomorrow when I return, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to being a dick again. But that’s then and not now so as far as I’m concerned the cigar shop simply does not exist for me. It would be nice to get a Monday through Friday job again. I liked the people I met today and I hope they liked me.

Also talked with Harpy for a bit as well as a nice talk with my dear friend Billie in DC today. Billie’s still looking for a job, he’s been out of work longer than I have. I wish him the very best in the world, he’s my chocolate sister and I love him very much.

I Turn My Camera On

OK, So far it’s been an OK day. Been somewhat busy too.

Didn’t sleep well last night. Bill has had a head full if allergies and the poor thing has been having difficulty breathing. He thought the sleep apnea mask would do the trick but it didn’t. Made things worse actually.

I’ve been drinking a lot of juice lately, for the past couple of months and all day all night I’ve been drinking it. I think the sugar in the juices has been keeping me up and no allowing for a good night’s sleep so I’m back to water. Nothing but water.

Maybe some coffee in the morning but for the rest of the day- water. And so far so good. I didn’t come to that conclusion until last night as I lay in bed next to Bill. Stuffy, stuffy Bill.

Finally as I was drifting off to sleep, Bill let out a violent sneeze. Violent and loud enough for me to exclaim, ‘Jesus Christ!’ Woke my ass up and wasn’t able to fall back asleep until later.

I do think that having less sugar in my juices might help me sleep well tonight. It’s an experiment you see, and I am the subject.

Last night was as mellow as all the previous March nights, before sleeping. Bill was off at the play, I was here, exactly where I am now, wearing different clothes.

Watched Olbermann with Laurence O’Donnell subbing for ol’ Keith who is off grieving for his father. Watched Modern Family which was pretty funny. A good show to catch. As is Cougartown which is created by Bill Lawrence of Scrubs fame.

Snappy dialogue and situations and both show don’t have laugh tracks which is, in my book, great. If you liked Scrubs you’ll probably like Cougartown, which features that dancing girl from the Bruce Springsteen video.

So today I headed into the city. I needed some new headphones for my iPod. The ones I got a year ago are kaput. J&R had a sale so I headed towards the Path train. Walked by the waterfront where I saw Tariq.

He was out playing guitar and we chatted for a bit. Told him last week about young Tim getting hit by a car, happy to tell him today that the kid was alright. Tariq has these open houses at the Monroe Center in Hoboken and had one last Sunday which I why he wasn’t on the waterfront.

He’s always inviting me to jam with him in fact he said I should have came back with my guitar and jammed on the Allman Brothers with the Bear Hippie guy he was jamming with.

Tariq also showed me how to play Sweet Melissa but I have to confess I’m really not at all interested in playing any Allman Brothers. I do have some punk principles. On the other hand I just played Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter Paul and Mary so go figure that one out.

I suppose I have no problems with pop music, it’s just southern boogie bands that I seem to abhor.

I made it into the city and walked over to J&R where I found the headphones on sale. Ear buds actually. Sennheiser, volume control on the wire which comes in handy. Walked over to city hall park where I wrestled with the packaging, feeling a bit like Larry David.

On the iPod I played TB Sheets, two versions, one by Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker’s version. Not for nothing, but I like Van’s version more. John Lee’s version is definitely good, but the audience talks throughout.

Took the Path to the Newport Mall where I walked through Macy’s. Looked at the men’s suits and felt no suit lust like I used to. Not very good suits anyway. Saw a nice Ben Sherman shirt on sale for 20.00 but it wasn’t my size and I’d wind up looking like a dissolute Robert Plant at Madison Square Garden circa 1973.

Does anyone remember laughter?

Walked to Payless shoes since they usually have good deals on Airwalk sneakers and my current sneakers are looking a bit worn. Still comfortable but it won’t be long till a hole appears. Didn’t see anything I liked so I walked out and walked into a Lens Crafters which of course was all about the hard sell, not really understanding the concept of browsing.

They’re really on you like white on rice. It was off-putting so I walked out of there and wound up walking back to Hoboken on the river walk. It was a nice cool day and glad to have gotten out and done something different, going out and about.

Listened to Spoon who are one of my favorite American bands. I know, I’m late coming to that conclusion.

Good think I put curtains up. Or is it?

Good think I put curtains up. Or is it?

Hoboken from Jersey City

Hoboken from Jersey City

3.25.10 Huhboken 006
3.25.10 Huhboken 008
Yoo Hoo

Yoo Hoo

Time After Time (Annelise)

Nice and tired. Did a lot of walking last night and slept well, did even more walking today. Would have been a good day for a bike ride, but it was way too warm for that.

Since I did some work for Greg Stevens yesterday I decided to head back into the office and just tidy things up for when Greg got into his office tomorrow morning.

I did my usual Sunday morning thing, bagels, newspapers and whatnot. No murderous impulses towards my fellow Hobokenites, it was a warm morning all around. Bill was gone by 7:00 this morning, some big church function.

Came home, had a good breakfast and read the papers. After a while I figured it was now or never so I headed into the city around 1:30. Ran into Rand and Lisa on the bus, they were going to see Billy Elliot on Broadway with some of Rand’s relatives, already in the city.

I explained to them what was going on with me with regards to the Xanax and I was surprised to see Rand have a frown about it. Well it’s working well for me, even at half the dosage prescribed.

He recommended exercise, much like Annemarie did the other day, but there’s no one around to exercise with basically.

There are those Tai Chi classes in Bryant Park on Thursday mornings that I never had time for but now I might be able to find time. Well see about that come Thursday morning.

Made it to the office, wisely sidestepping the Madison Avenue street fair. No one in the office at all today and I was able to get somethings together and make life a little bit easier for Greg Stevens.

Grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and decided to head up to Central Park. I did not want to see or hear Dinosaur Jr so I walked over to the skate circle.

Found a seat by the flagpole monument and sat down, enjoyed a cigar and read the Tom Waits biography. Almost done with it and it’s due back at the library tomorrow.

A beautiful day, lot’s of people in the park. No bears on Bear Hill, but quite a few baby strollers. I guess the bear thing is a Saturday event. The music was classic disco mainly and when it started getting all housy housy I made my way out.

Still people were streaming into the park, lot’s of tourists. I strolled down Sixth Avenue to catch the Path train and one pulled into the station just when I got there. More reading about Tom Waits in an air conditioned train car.

It’s just been a nice, calm day. Really stress free, not even relatively.

I know why that is and I’m sure you have a pretty good idea as well. Feeling the way I am now is so much better than the internal rage that I carried around and never really wrote about except one or two times, which inspired my brother Brian to write that I sounded like our father.

Things have been getting quite intense for me and I needed something fast. And I think I found it for the time being.

So I’m cool.
8.16.09 NYC Central Park Etc 008
8.16.09 NYC Central Park Etc 0268.16.09 NYC Central Park Etc 027
8.16.09 NYC Central Park Etc 0288.16.09 NYC Central Park Etc 0228.16.09 NYC Central Park Etc 072


It’s been quite a pleasant Saturday. Pleasant enough that I wonder what will I write about? I could write about last night. I came home from work and wrote rather hurriedly, did some laundry.

I kept thinking that Bill and I were supposed to meet on 42nd Street to see the Star Trek movie. As I headed downstairs I saw Julio sitting on the stoop. Had a little chat with him, with me keeping my distance since he’s been feeling not at all well the past week and Alexander was sick last weekend.

While I was talking to Julio I suddenly remembered that Bill and I were meeting on 23rd Street and not 42nd Street. I headed towards the Path train, somewhat secure in my knowledge of where to go.

I sat on the Path train after walking against the commuters heading home and sat and read my Eno biography.

I got off at 23rd Street and lit a cigar and saw that Bill had phoned while I was underground and left a message telling me he was on 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

I puffed on the cigar as I walked down 22nd Street. Less crowded which meant less people to complain about the cigar.

I rounded the corner and found Bill leaning on a bus stop. Gave a nice kiss hello and we stood on the side of the movie theater talking while I finished the cigar.

Bill got the tickets and we made our way to the seats after getting some popcorn and sodas. Luckily we found two together on the side. It was very crowded, a sold out showing.

Star Trek was a lot of fun. Very entertaining. Miles ahead of Wolverine. Like I wrote last night, I’m no Trekkie but this was so entertaining, a clean slate for the franchise. A lot of fun indeed.

A few laughs at things that hearkened back to the original series that even a passing viewer with just a basic knowledge of the series could be in on.

Bill loved the movie quite a bit, and of course it wouldn’t be a modern movie going experience without a crying baby sitting nearby.

We caught the Path train back to Hoboken free of crying babies. The bar scene in Hoboken was hopping as befits a Friday night. I texted Roda and told him that Star Trek was good. He texted back that he plans on seeing it soon and that it sounded awesome.

Bill and I made it back to watch Bill Maher before him going off to bed leaving me to watch some episodes of The Daily Show before I went to bed myself around 1:00.

Woke up a little before 9:00 this morning and got myself together. Had a cuppa before heading out to get bagels and other foodstuffs. Saw Julio, Stine and the Boy Wonder and hung out with them for a few minutes.

Alexander is certainly getting active. Julio misses the days when Alexander would just lay around whereas Stine doesn’t and is more entertained and busy now that Alexander is more active. He is still so adorable.

No pictures this week but I should have some next weekend at the party in Van Saun Park for Alexander’s first birthday, which was actually last month.

Bill and I watched three hours of Lost which we recorded on Wednesday night while we were watching the Ludes.

Star Trek was directed by JJ Abrams and Lost is his baby. The first hour was catch up from the previous episodes, the last two hours were the season finale which was intense and with every commercial break I let out a ‘Wha?’ V

ery good finale, a tad upsetting but it’s science fiction so normal rules don’t apply, meaning the dead could not really be dead and on a show like Lost that happens sometimes.

Or does it?

Bill went out after that and I went wandering around Hoboken, getting a Graduation Day card for my niece Corinne’s party tomorrow in Garfield.

After sitting by the river and reading a bit about the beginning of Roxy Music I ran a few more errands before coming home and taking a well deserved nap. Overall a pretty good day.

I keep forgetting to write that I saw Bjork with Matthew Barney the other night while walking past Washington Square Park to see the Ludes. She looked great.








The Whole World

Let’s see. At 12:30 this afternoon it was 89 degrees out. On April 26. I can see it being like that in July or August but this makes it seem like we’ve bypassed Spring and jumped right into Summer.

Well you know, that global warming myth. It’s all a scam you see. They say it’s a man made problem, but of course this has happened a few times already. Unfortunately there are no records of the polar ice caps melts, ice shelves collapsing in Antarctica.

Greenland must have been green at some point, why else would it be named Greenland? Too bad Leif Erickson isn’t around to explain that one.

I believe global warming is a fact, and I believe it’s a man made problem. Not so much from car emissions, though that is a factor. It’s from the destruction of the rain forests and what I think no one wants to talk about.

It’s because there are a lot of people exhaling carbon dioxide. A lot more people now than ever before and without major rain forests converting the CO2 to oxygen, we are in the mess and on the slippery slope where we find ourselves today.

I was surprised that one of the people in my office say that she believed global warming was a falsehood. I usually hear that from the conservative blow hards, but that was a surprise and her standing in my view was diminished somewhat.

After having napped and written yesterday, I sat on the stoop in front of my building, enjoying a Padron and sipping on a Guinness. My landlord walked by, apparently he was inside the building.

He said he was planning on calling me since he got the note I sent in February, saying that it was posted on the wall by his phone at home. Now that he had me, he asked if I was still willing to vacuum the hallway in my building.

I told I was and we worked out a deal. He said he couldn’t reduce my rent, but would write me a check each month. I agreed to the deal. Julio says it would be a pain in the ass at first and maybe I could hire someone to do a deep cleaning to start off with, and then my cleaning on top of that would be a lot easier.

It does sound like a good idea. I already started today, sweeping up the front of the building and cleaning out leaves and garbage on the stairs outside that lead to the basement.

Last night was an adventure of sorts. Definitely out of the ordinary. Bill and I headed into the city, I still didn’t have a definite idea on where we were going but I did get an inadvertent clue.

A former co-worker on Facebook, Janelle, wrote that she was taking her mother to dinner for her birthday and after that, taking her to see John Leguizamo. I know Bill loves John Leguizamo so that was the clue.

I did a search for John Leguizamo NYC but all that came up was his IMDB entry. A put that in the back of my mind walking down the gentrified Christopher Street scene. Lot’s of bridge and tunnel LGBT teens hanging out but mostly the gay scene in now in Chelsea.

We walked over to Seventh Avenue South towards the Actor’s Playhouse where I saw a poster for John Leguizamo. I told Bill I guessed it, but not really since we were right on front of the box office.

The show was good, it was a work in progress titled, A Work in Progress- Don’t Hate. Bill loved it of course, laughing uproariously throughout.

One or two times I was the only one who laughed at Leguizamo’s jokes, making him mention that he would wait for everyone else to catch up.

I did see Janelle and her mom and hoped to see them after the show, but it was such a warm night and all the bodies in the Actor’s Playhouse made it like wearing a wool sweater inside, plus the seats were a bit on the small side, not really geared for a 6’2” frame like myself or Bill.

After the show we made a beeline for the street afterwards, hanging out in the fresh air for a few minutes before giving up and heading towards the Path train on Ninth Street where we rode the train up to 33rd Street and then back towards Hoboken so we could get a seat.

By the time the train made it back to Ninth Street most of the people were standing up against one another. Young couples heading home early after getting their drink on.

Bill and I made it back to Hoboken were young patrons were either lined up to get into crowded bars or standing outside of those establishments smoking.

Back home Bill went right to sleep and I stayed up and watched a repeat of Lost that they show on Saturday nights.

Woke up, Bill was on his way to clean out his mother’s apartment, I was off to get breakfast. After that, with the temperature rising, I decided to clean up the front of the building.

Then I fixed up my bike and called Rand and we went cycling up to Guttenberg, as far as the Galaxy Towers. A fun ride, haven’t hung out with Rand in a while.

Lisa stayed home, she doesn’t ride a bicycle lately I guess.

An entertaining couple of hours with an entertaining friend from years gone by. And he’s right.

Lost is better than Heroes.

Pics? Pics!

My buddy Rand

My buddy Rand

Galaxy Towers

Galaxy Towers



34th Street heading east

34th Street heading east



Garbage Peeps

Garbage Peeps

You Can’t Catch Me

Well it was back to Southampton today, boarding the White Star Line for the HMS Titanic. Deck chairs all in in disarray. Someone needs to tidy them up, put them in their proper places and it might as well be me.

They have told me that I will have this job until next March, but of course there could always be an iceberg between now and then, between here and there. Today was nothing extraordinary. I was alive, which was a good thing (depending on who you talk to) I guess.

Bill was up before me, and he bellowed that it was 6:45 and his bellowing was more effective than an alarm clock. I shuffled past Bill as he gussied himself up in the mirror, and jumped into the shower. I was out in time to kiss him good bye.

He reminded me he has a sleep apnea test tomorrow night so he won’t be around. It’s a sleep over thing. My brother Frank did it last week and he complained how uncomfortable it was.

I spoke with Frank for an hour this morning which shows how busy I’ve been. There was the usual initial difficulty in connecting but it lasted only about a minute. We talked about a wide range of things. He finds talking to me therapeutic which is fine by me.

We made plans for me to take a train out to Garfield on Friday to play guitars together. I’ll take a train out there, we’ll play and he can drop me off at the train station so I can get back to Hoboken and beat the rush hour. I’m not as intimidated as I used to be.

Playing guitar in front of him was nerve wracking for me at times. A few years ago Bill and I drove out there during the holidays and I brought my guitar. It turned out he wasn’t into playing guitar. I tried showing him a Beatles song that I had taught myself, so proud I was, only to find him saying, that’s not how it goes.

It sounded fine to me. No, I didn’t play the Fmaj7, instead choosing a simple F barre chord. I was discouraged and put the guitar away. Last time this past holiday season I tried it again, with his guitar, played my version of Nick Lowe’s So It Goes, as well as Macca’s Maybe I’m Amazed and he was intrigued enough to suggest getting together and playing sometime.

So I guess that time will be this Friday. Since he had the stroke he hasn’t played that much and I guess he’s itching to play with someone. Even his baby brother. I’m looking forward to it and will bring a few songbooks out.

I reassured him that playing Graham Parker’s Squeezing out Sparks is easy to play since most of the songs are 3 or 4 chords. I’ll even show him some websites that have chords to songs that wouldn’t be in the songbooks.

I took the Path train back to Hoboken this evening, enjoying a Padron on the way. Chuckled out loud on the train as I was reading David Sedaris which probably raised a few eyebrows but I didn’t see them since my nose was buried in the book.

Nice walk back home in the chilly spring air. Saw Stine with Alexander and I was more than glad to help her out by carrying Alexander up to their apartment. Of course I was nervous, ‘don’t drop the baby…careful…now wouldn’t be a good time to fall down’ all running in my head.

Of course I had the camera available and took some shots of Superboy who is now walking, a bit like a drunken sailor, but still- he’s walking. And saying ‘Oooo’ every now and then.




Me and Superboy

Me and Superboy

Jeezy Creezy- I love this kid!

Daddy’s Home

Late start tonight. Drinks with a former co-worker, Brenda. She’s a sweetheart and we’ve been trying to meet up for drinks after work for quite a while, but things being what they are and life being what it is I usually had to back out. Tonight it all came together and we had some appetizers and some drinks and reminisced about who’s who, what’s what and things like that.

All very pleasant, she’s a luv she is. She’s still working with people I used to work with, now it’s a different company having been bought out a year or so ago. Two Stella Artois for me and I was set. We had drinks quite near Grand Central and so I walked her to the entrance and kissed her good night wishing her a safe ride home.

I decided to take the Path train home since waiting for a bus at the bus terminal can be quite tiring especially after the rush hour. Bright lights and a bunch of people I don’t want to see, or be seen by made the idea of the Path train that much more appealing.

As luck would have it a train pulled into the station and I was able to find a seat in a nearly empty car where I sat and continued reading Alan Bennett’s memoir, Untold Stories. Got off the train in no time and made a bee line so I could do a pee line in the loo in the Hoboken station.

Beautiful late summer night, I walked along the river. Couples, tourists and joggers all out and some taking pictures of the beautiful New York skyline which you can’t see if you’re in Manhattan. It’s a nice trap, how it looks so much better when you’re not in the city, then when you’re there it looks like something totally different.

Right now I’m home, Bill waited up for me to come home so he could go to bed where he is now. Rachel Maddow- we love her, is being so right on. Everything she says makes so much sense even if I did read it online a few hours ago. It just sounds so much better hearing it from her.

Last week on the bus, as I talked with Casey, he had a personal question that required the ‘I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a personal question’ line. I gave the go ahead and he asked if Bill and I ever considered having kids. I can’t speak for Bill since the subject never came up but I answered, no. I don’t want kids and overall I don’t like kids.

I love my nieces and nephews and I like my friends kids (love Alexander and Lily and Ruby etc) but no thanks, none for me. I don’t think I would be a good parent. I had parents that did their best, at least one of them did. The other saw his kids as his duty and his competition.

When Zed was alive, when he did something wrong it was difficult not to lose my temper and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on a child. Plus it’s so much responsibility, responsibility that lasts maybe for 18 years, maybe longer.

I’ve told Bill that I would love to get a cat (but he’s allergic) or a dog, but they tend to die on you and the heartbreak I felt after Zed died was near unbearable. If I could get a pet that died the day after I died, then I’d have no problem.

Now that would be an argument in favor of children. They’re supposed to outlive their parents so that would be cool with me. But no, no kids. Too much trouble and I’m selfish. I’d be a lousy parent and to my credit, I know that fact which is a lot better than some parents who are worse than I would ever be.

Thanks anyway.

Bus Dem Shut

Just got home about an hour ago. Made a pound of pasta yesterday and I still have enough left over for tomorrow. It’s not bad. It’s the usual weekend fare, pasta, chicken with sauce. No pesto, that’s the Thursday thang.

Last night didn’t do much of anything. Wrote the blog, edited some pictures. The Olympics were on but without Bill’s enthusiasm it didn’t hold much interest for me. Today was going to be different. I was heading into the city to go to Summerstage and check out Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings.

Not a motorhead, but I thought this was worth looking at

I hopped on the bus and once in the city I decided to walk around, up to the park. I planned on walking up Park Avenue, a little out of the way because they had closed the street to traffic, leaving the streets to pedestrians and bicycles and kittens! Where they got the kittens from, I don’t know. But the last day for the street being closed was yesterday so no kittens today.

Too thin!

I bought a different cigar, a La Flor Dominicana Double Legero. All I know is that it was Dominican. I got a good deal on it and strolled up Fifth Avenue puffing away and look at all the other pedestrians and tourists roaming around in the shady side of the avenue. It wasn’t as crowded as it was yesterday. A lot less people, but still plenty of toddlers.

My cigar and a dandy…

Yesterday in an odd moment I was talking to Annemarie on the phone while in the park and I mentioned that there were so many babies, that I wondered if it was because of the blackout that I wrote about on Friday. Annemarie brought me down to earth and punctured my omnipotence. She’s good like that. Reminded me that the blackout was five years ago, not last year.

Rock people

Tree People

The line to get into Summerstage

I sat on the rock and enjoyed my cigar, no one seemed to mind, Other substances were being smoked as well. Of course there’s one in every crowd. Some guy in a white hat was sitting maybe thirty feet away from me stood up with his friend and started to walk away, but not before the guy in the white hat turned and looked at me and said, ‘We’re leaving. You’re ruined everything with your cigar. It stinks.’ I just looked at him and said ‘Bye’.

Be on the lookout

Next to where the guy in the white hat sat, was a couple. The girl said she liked the smell and the boyfriend agreed loudly enough. I thanked them and said that I though the guy in the white hat had an ugly hat. That happens from time to time, albeit rarely.

Some sort of confrontation with a guy usually. I think the last time was last year on my birthday. After lunch I decided to smoke a cigar and was walking down the street when some yutz starts screaming at me, hoping that I would die since I was smoking a cigar.

The illegal beer vendors showed up and I had myself a Heineken and grooved to the opening acts, Menahan Street Band, and Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens. Both were very good. Naomi Shelton was gospel of course and the Menahan Street Band were styled like the Bar-Kays from Stax. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were great but it could have been a little louder.

One more beer and a surreptitious puff and I had to relieve myself. Wide range of people in the park and a ton of tourists of course, all clutching tourist guide books in so many different languages. I watched an older couple, white haired probably in their late 60’s sitting on a bench taking pictures of each other.

Lot’s of toddlers climbing the rock unattended to, somewhat foolishly since the rock is riddled with broken glass in various crevices. No one got hurt. At least while I was around. Not on my watch.

Headed back to the Path train, crowded but I snagged a seat since I knew where the door was going to open. I guess that was a little bit of instant karma. I was soon home heating up some very good leftovers. Bill’s here watching the Olympics as it starts all over again tomorrow.

I’m Waiting for the Man

Bill is laughing. He’s on the couch, we’re watching Scrubs, from the first season. Turk just used a defibrillator on a patient who was actually sleeping and woke up screaming from the electric current. Bill loves it when someone screams in a comedy. He screams in kind. A happy scream.

Last night I watched Rachel Maddow on the Keith Olbermann show. She’s great, we love her. After that I watched Dan Abrams. Just got caught in the political maelstrom I guess.

Then came Weeds which was the best episode of the season so far. Really funny and a cliff hanger at the end and good bye Albert Brooks. I can’t wait for Juan to see it.

Soon after that it was bedtime. Bill ably portrayed the lump on the left side of the bed. It was a good night’s sleep. I wound up hugging Bill at various moments in the night which was very nice. He was off to work bright and early, leaving me with a pot of coffee just waiting for me.

I was up and showered, shaved and out on the street before 7:00. Rode the bus, started the New Yorker and walked across town in the morning heat. Didn’t sweat as much as yesterday but still needed to change my t-shirt when I got to the office.

Set things up, machines running, me drying off in front of a fan. No autographs this time. The office is now occupied by 5 different companies. I am supposed to only support my company but being the office manager, everyone comes to me.

Most of the time it’s fine, they’re generally nice people. 5 companies with a total of 20 people. Not too demanding. I don’t mind helping them when asked, but I find it annoying when certain companies just expect me to be there for them, when I don’t work for them.

That was laid out last year by my boss Greg Stevens who told me, that I only work for one company. I try to help out when I can. Niva, who was let go at the end of May, called and asked if I could print out some reports that we subscribe to. It was all very hush hush.

But I printed them on a color printer and left them on my desk when the managing director saw the copies and told me to print them out in black and white, that the color copies cost a dollor a sheet. They don’t really, but he was making a point.

I told Niva when I saw her, that next time they’ll be in black and white. She didn’t care, just needed to be on top of things in the bio-technology world while she goes job hunting. She looked good with a new hair do though.

After work, a Padron 5000 and a visit to see Jesse, my Rasta buddy. Of course Jesse was late. I waited and finished my cigar and headed to the Path train where I sat in an air conditioned car and read Tweak.

Almost done with it, still harrowing, waiting for Nic Sheff to fall off the wagon. Not wanting him to, but sort of expecting it. About 100 pages left so there is plenty of time.

As we were about to enter the Hoboken station, they announced that there was a problem with a train in the station and that we were being diverted to Journal Square. That sucked.

I got off at Pavonia/Newport and waited with a crowd for the light rail back to Hoboken. Could have used another cigar but didn’t.

Walked to my building where there was another hole in the street where they were working on the water line. My building was fine, still have strong pressure.

Now I’m chillin with Bill laughing on the couch. Life is good. Time to get jazzy.

Here are some snaps from today.

Picture of tourists

Public art on Park Avenue

(your title here)

Outside my building

Big hole in the ground

This just in:

Sorry about the source material. But WTF?

4th of July

Today is the fourth of July. The country is 232 years old. Or at least the Declaration of Independence was stated on this day. Actual independence didn’t happen until a number of years later. In 1976 was the bicentennial. A major event. My father was working in the World Trade Center at the time and a few months before, there was a plan to have a party in the offices so we could watch the tall ships and the fireworks from on high.

That was the plan until rumors started floating around about how gangs were going to be roaming the streets mugging the deep influx of tourists. That scared my father enough so that we spent July 4th in the backyard of 13 Riverview Avenue in Lodi, which despite what you may have heard is not the same thing.

My brother Frank had promised to take me to see the fireworks that night. He was at a party with his wife Elaine though and didn’t show up. There were plenty of firecrackers to keep me amused. My brother Brian wound up with me in the back seat of his car while him and his buddy Eddie drove around River Road in Fort Lee that night where I heard the fireworks going off overhead, not actually able to see them due to the tree tops blocking the view.

It wasn’t that bad, I still got back home and met up with my friends. I stole a pack of Marlboro’s from my mother and got caught but was let go when I explained it would be easier to light a firecracker with a cigarette rather than using matches or lighters. Somehow that worked and I walked away with a hard pack of Marlboro’s in my pocket. That’s probably when I started smoking.

Me and my friends whiled away the remaining bicentennial hours blowing up whatever we could. My sister Annemarie worked in a hospital at that time and gave us all warnings about people in the emergency rooms due to playing with fireworks, so we were careful, though a firecracker did go off in my hand, leaving my thumb and index finger numb for a few hours.

My brother Frank tried to make up for his absence the next day and gave me a copy of Abbey Road which is the first Beatles album I ever owned. I forgave him and soon got every much into the Beatles.

This year, it’s been overcast and muggy. Rained a bit today. Hoboken is like a ghost town today. I rode around, wound up by Battery Park. Bill was spending time with his mother, didn’t make it down there. I rode around, the streets crowded with tourists everywhere as well as Statues of Liberty.

The Feelies sounded great, but I couldn’t see them. I wound up outside the park and listened. Brenda was saying thank you after each song, I wonder if her mother asked her to. I was bored and decided to ride back to the Path train, taking it to Exchange Place and riding home from there.

Not much else going on today. Bill’s staying at his mother’s apartment since the fireworks will be going off 100 yards from her bedroom window. Here’s some pics.

The fans

A Klaus Nomi Statue of Liberty

The Feelies somewhere in the trees

Taking Liberties

The way in is the way out

Mennonites at the Path train!

Careful with those fireworks and have a happy Fourth of July!

40 Versions

Written on the train: This stop is Mount Kisco. The next stop is Chappaqua. This is the train to Grand Central. I’ve just got on the train back to Manhattan after leaving my friend Miriam and her husband Joe’s barbecue. A very unsettling noise just occurred which was the sound of another very fast train, whistle blowing going in the opposite direction, the train shudders from the wind pressure flying past.

I had a very good time this afternoon. Lot’s of food and Miriam’s husband made sure I always had a can of Guinness in my hands. I don’t recall how many cans I had, it was a considerable amount but while eating constantly I didn’t get drunk per se. I do know I had 2 cigars while discussing politics with other guests at the table.

Now we’re in Chappaqua, home of the Clintons. Very pricey here in upper Westchester, obviously if Bill and Hillary live up here. It’s funny, Pedro lives in Otisville, two hours from Hoboken, but easier to get to since I just have to hop on a train from Hoboken. This trip to Yorktown Heights, near Sleepy Hollow is just under an hour, but I have to go to the city via bus to catch a train from Grand Central, then a winding cab ride from the train station to Miriam’s house.

Handsome conductor taking tickets. It would have been nice if Bill were able to join me on this excursion, but he’s rehearsing for a short run of the play Pap Smear, which I gave a disparaging review last year, which was found by the playwright who sent the link to the cast, including Bill. So I have strong doubts that I will be seeing the latest version of Pap Smear. Guy across the aisle from me on the train looks like a decrepit Burt Young, or rather a stand in for Burt Young. Not looking too well and a bit unsteady on his feet, handsome conductor is looking out for him.

So the barbecue was a lot of fun. Got to meet Miriam and Joe’s daughter Mareah. She’s a gem, and looks just like Miriam did as an infant, especially when shown a picture of Miriam as a baby. A carbon copy if I say so myself. To me she looked more like Miriam than Joe, but being 13 months old that could all change with time. I was sitting at a table where a political discussion was going on. We were democrats mainly, an independent here and there.

No republicans though Westchester is a republican strong hold. Some for Obama, some for Clinton some undecided. It was rather passionate for me, fueled by Guinness and Padron cigars. I was being forthright, and the others seemed to be jockeying for my attention. Whenever someone had something to say it was me they looked to.

For me it was like a press conference where I would pick the next person to say something, or getting them to wait while someone else finished whatever it was they had to say. I had to juggle, listening and signaling to the others to wait their turns. No fisticuffs occurred and the discussion wound down as the sun went down.

This station is Valhalla. I’ve got relatives buried up here somewhere in this land of Vikings.

I’ve known Miriam for about 15 years. We first worked together at Skyline Studios in midtown where I was the receptionist and Miriam was an assistant engineer. She worked with Siouxsie, John Cale, Tupac, Puff Daddy, though not all at the same time.

We were an odd pair Miriam and I. We fought a few times, sometimes so pissed off at each other that we wouldn’t talk to each other for weeks on end which made for a tense work environment. One time she threw a portable Sony tape recorder at me after I antagonized her when she left a meeting about her attitude.

Out of all the people we worked with at Skyline, we’re the only one’s who have kept in touch with each other. Tried contacting some others from then but they’re unavailable despite some searches online. Miriam later got me a job at Arista after Skyline closed. I worked on Patti Smith and Whitney Houston albums, though they weren’t recording together. That would have been something though. Probably unlistenable but still…

It lasted a few months and t was then I realized, my dream of working for a record company wasn’t that good a dream after all. Perhaps Steve Fallon was right when he told me I was born 10 years too late. White Plains, White Plains next stop. From here it is express to Harlem 125th street. 4 gelled up good looking guys get on with a chick, looking like background from Growing Up Gotti.

The guys all with trace beards and spiky hair and tight t shirts with stenciled words on them like, ‘destroyer’ or ‘electric’ written on them. They had a case of Coors Light that they were guzzling before they got to Grand Central. One of them was USDA Prime Beef who was difficult not to stare at.

A harmless group though they used the words faggot and fag a bit much, not in a sexual way but to describe a former friend of theirs that they wouldn’t have anything to do with anymore. They were taking digital photos of each other and I offered to take a picture of the 5 of them. They appreciated it and gave their best tough guy looks, thanking me profusely and treating me with respect afforded to someone who was old enough to be their father.

They were off to the clubs, trying to talk the girl with them into going to a strip club to look at tits. She definitely didn’t want to go since she looks at tits all day long she said. For me this trip reminded me of going to visit co-workers of my father when I was growing up. A trip to Staten Island was exotic for 5 year old me back then, visiting the peculiarly named John Small, or people named Phil and Lucianne somewhere out in the wilds of New Jersey. Just names from the past.

So now I’m doing the same thing with people named Pedro or Miriam and instead of running around like a 5 year old, I’m sitting at the table smoking cigars and drinking with the rest of the grown ups.

Now the train is running express, the kids next to me offered me a Coors but I refused explaining that I’ve been drinking all day. That was something they couldn’t understand, if I was drinking all day, why stop now? Got to Grand Central around 10:35, bus from bus terminal is 11:00 and I had to pee. After that I was on the street at 10:40, and talked with Bill to find out when the next bus would be leaving.

I wasn’t going to make it to the 11:00 bus and the one after that was at midnight. Hanging around the bus terminal late at night is a slow painful way to pass the time so I decided to take the Path. Walked over there, got through the turnstile when the train doors closed. I ran up in time to slip in when they opened again, finding myself in the middle of a jam band headed home after playing outside somewhere.

Too tired to write this all last night so here it is now. And here are some snaps of the barbecue.

Joe and Mareah

Miriam and Mareah

Mareah herself

Mareah and me

The Mazzerella family

Me and the girls

Sister Midnight

Well Saturday came and here it is. Turned out to be nice weather after a day and night of rain. Watched the TV last night, chatted with Juan before that. He made some suggestion about going out, I plead poverty. He lost his cellphone and doesn’t have internet where he’s been living at school. He did have a sketch of a plan to come up and visit his mother in Union City, so I told him to give me a call if he was in the area.

By 11:30 I was having difficulty staying awake so I went to bed, only to be woken by the buzzer at midnight. It was Juan looking to hang out. I was almost asleep and had to turn him down which sucked, but perhaps if I had gotten a phone call I would have made an effort. But he didn’t so I went back to sleep.

Then the phone rang and it was Bill calling to wish me a good night as well as tell me the latest tale of woe with regards to looking after his mother. I tried to reassure him that he should get some sleep and it might be better in the morning. When we spoke this morning things hadn’t gotten any better but they didn’t get any worse either. Poor Bill, at wit’s end. His mother can’t be left alone yet Bill has to get on with his day to day routine somehow.

I did my Saturday morning routine and shocked at what used to be cheaper a month or so ago has nearly doubled in price. Everything is getting more expensive. Even bagels which I now butter myself at home, thank you very much. Did the laundry, read the papers had breakfast. I also watched the Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer.

If you were a fan of the Fantastic Four like I was and knew the Silver Surfer saga you will be disappointed. A real must to avoid. Stick to the comic books. I still want to see Iron Man though, which would probably be the first time I listen to a Black Sabbath song with out the urge to leave the room.

Decided to head into the city after that. Took the Path train in and got off at Christopher Street which I hadn’t done in a long time, not in a year maybe. Walked around neighborhoods that were very different years ago. Favorite stores gone, even Washington Square Park is being redone. I think they were re-centering the fountain that used to be in the middle, a little off of center, which added to the charm but the new powers that be decided it must be aligned with something so now a good portion of the park has been dug up, behind fences and unaccessible. The Bottom Line is gone, Tower Records is gone, and we all know CBGB’s is gone too, and Washington Square isn’t the same. .

Sheridan Square/Christopher Street

Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street

Washington Square Park

The former Bottom Line

formerly Tower Records

Lafayette Street and Fourth Avenue

I walked up Lafayette Street, overhearing a conversation on Leslie Van Houten, one of the Manson Girls. Walked up to 110 Fourth Avenue which is where the best god damned card shop in Manhattan is, known as Farfetched. Farfetched is owned by Susan Zappone and Lois Marsilio, 2 old friends of Harpy’s that I’ve known about 10 years now. Farfetched is a fascinating store full of knick knacks and do dads and the occasional whatnot. Harpy was working with Susan and the atmosphere was full of happiness and good music. The customers were plenty and in need of a lot of attention, excepting the steadfast customers who have been shopping at Farfetched since 1945. I believe Harry Truman bought himself a picture frame on a whistle stop tour of Manhattan in 1947. Either Truman or Eisenhower, I don’t know, I could be wrong on that count.

Harpy and Susan at Farfetched

I then walked around a bit, chatted with Annemarie on the phone too near cell phone dead zones and avoided the recently infested with bed bugs, Union Square. I walked up Park Avenue, puffing on a Padron and listening to the B-52’s Funplex which gets better each time I play it and I’ve been playing it once a day at least.

Walked up to 33rd Street so I could finish my cigar and get a seat on the Path train back to Hoboken. An uneventful ride with me reading ‘God is Not Great’ by Christopher Hitchens. Hoboken was busy, people walking up and down the boulevard and shopping. Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, the card and gift shops were busy, which explains the busyness of Farfetched.

Pretty Pretty


Good doggy

Cement crib

Pigeon frenzy

Got a call from Julio, he was out shopping for Mother’s day gifts and I shopped with him for a bit. Of course we hit the card and gift shops and after spending time in Farfetched I headed out to the street to wait. I ran into Steve Pierson a former executive director from my Wanker Banker days. He was with his wife Stacy and their darling daughter of 20 months, Abby. Steve is a nice guy, he grabbed my arm as I was headed out to wait and got my attention. He and Stacy moved to Hoboken a few years ago. He’s a really nice guy, a bit right wing but I don’t hold it against him.

Looks great in a suit and tie though, really woof. I did have a chemically fueled discussion over cigars and drinks (I was fueled he wasn’t) at a holiday party a few years ago. About Bush. He was for him, and guess who wasn’t? I think I’ve been proven right, but it didn’t come up. They left and I wished Steve’s wife a happy Mother’s Day.

Julio bought all the proper things for Mother’s Day, presents for his wife who’s a new mom, a card from their son for Mother’s day and as well as for his grandmother, Julio’s mom. Julio told me he was going to be an uncle, his sister Maria is having twins. Baby crazy I tell you. None for me thanks.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy

At The Border, Guy

Wow, I am so tired. I walked around the city a bit today. Not in one direction, but rather zig zagging all over Chelsea, checking out various galleries. The day started out ok. Last night was ok. I watched The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson’s latest. I liked it more than The Life Aquatic, but not as much as Rushmore, and definitely not as much as The Royal Tenenbaums. Then I watched Bill Maher who was just so so. I enjoy watching him with someone else. If not I get easily distracted or annoyed with Bill Maher’s smarmyness. Went to bed after that, with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

Woke up and did my Saturday thing, which I also did yesterday. Called up the parents to be, Julio and Stine and asked if they wanted anything from the store. A bagel for Stine was all they needed. I splurged and bought the New York Post for Julio. Had a nice breakfast, did laundry and then sat around the apartment, trying to think of something to do. Thought about going to Burlington Coat Factory, just to see if they had anything new since they redid something and occasionally I can find City of London Ties for $9.99 whereas in the city they’re about $30.00 and up. I also thought about heading into the city to check out some galleries.

I decided to walk up to Washington Street and let fate decide. If there was a bus heading into the city I’d take it, otherwise I’d just walk up to Burlington. That was the plan but what actually happened was I waited for a bus for about a half hour. Just wanted to get out of Hoboken. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Hoboken, but for culture you more or less have to cross the Hudson River, which isn’t so bad. I walked down Ninth Avenue once I got out of the bus terminal. It was more crowded than usual due to the Auto Show at the Javits Center. It’s supposed to be Green themed, as in eco-friendly this year, but I don’t know anything about cars, making it a good thing that I don’t drive.

I made it to Chelsea, retracing my steps from the last time I was there which was January I think. I was underwhelmed by most everything I saw. Nothing reached out and grabbed me, and nothing really made me laugh which I think is the best art out there. Eventually I did find some good art at various galleries, but the majority of what I saw was really boring. Stumbled into an exhibition of Jasper John’s drawings which was fun and also some early Andy Warhol drawings, mainly drawings of men, and one or two of someone sucking a cock which was charming. The gallery area of Chelsea wasn’t too crowded, due to the Easter weekend. Never was a big holiday to me. I did make a joke about the holiday though, and here it is.

Easter is when Jesus comes out of his tomb and if he sees his shadow then it’s six more weeks of Lent.

I like it, it’s mine and it’s funny. I was tuckered out after all the art. A image I saw in a few galleries was of bathtubs. Is there a plumbers movement in the art world afoot? That would be interesting perhaps, or maybe not since it was a rather mediocre day for the galleries today. Walked back to the Path train where it was crowded. They weren’t letting people on or off the train due to the police closing in on some criminal activity at the 33rd Street station. After a few minutes they let people on and off and I stood pressed against the wall as it filled up at every station. Made it back to Hoboken after leaving a few hours earlier. Stopped off at Mision Burrito and now I’m tired and sated.

And here are quite a few pics of the art that I saw today (and liked). Enjoy.









This guy duplicated the house he grew up in





Jasper Johns







Nice space, lousy art

This guy’s work was cool



At it again

Another show


West 21st Street

A bath tub on the street

The Path train. Criminals unknown, unseen


A very busy Monday. It was ok since I did not bop Bill in the nose last night. I was out cold when he came in from driving the bus to and from Atlantic City. It was a busy day yesterday what with the beach and Folsom East. I heard from an online buddy that he was there looking for me, I was there looking for him, but we must’ve passed like two ships in the night, both smoking cigars.

Slept really well and woke up doing the usual routine of breakfast, coffee, shower and out the door. It was already hot walking to the train. I didn’t stop in to see Plantain man since I had bananas left over from the bicycle ride on Saturday. I did wave to him and he waved back. No sign of the pup tent, which was sad. It could’ve been there but I didn’t see it. I guess some guys who are straight would go to stores with girls who have their high beams on, i.e. erect nipples. Me, I’ll take a pup tent.

Path was crowded with guys in suits. Very few guys wear suits with the attention to detail that I did, but then again it was/is a fetish. I occasionally see a well dressed guy that I have difficulty taking my eyes off him, I scan from the head to the toes. The square toed shoe is a turn off and I can abide rubber soled shoes only if there is inclement weather. Most of the men that dress well are older. Sometimes there’s a thirty something kind of guy who dresses to perfection but I see these other guys, who will probably wear suits for the rest of their careers looking like it’s such a chore. Granted, for me if the temperature is over 80 degrees it is a chore.

This morning was over 80 degrees and I wore shorts, a Guyabera, and tan Airwalks. All that was missing was a skateboard. That’s how casual I can dress. Felicia floated into work, not high or anything just seemed to be in good spirits. We were chatting in the pantry when I got a phone call. I answered, and it was Mark, the counselor that got me the job at Wanker Banker in 2002. I called him a few times in the past year as the shit started to hit the fan, begging him to help me get a new job. I left voice mails and emails and never got a response. Today I got a response.

Some funky law firm who prides itself on not being your average law firm is looking for someone that Mark believes is just like me. The pay is in the same range that I am making at McMann and Tate, and probably is a suit and tie job. I told Mark I’d think about it, but never got back to him. Hey, he’s a day late and a dollar short. The man in a coonskin cap wants eleven dollar bills and Mark’s only got ten.

I’ll give him a call and politely decline, thanking him for his effort. I told Felicia who it was and reassured her that I wasn’t planning on leaving, and I’m not. Things have gotten considerably better and we’ve become something that resembles a team. A team, with me as Father Confessor perhaps. Funny thing is, Harpy my old boss from back in the day called later on and Felicia was around for that call too. She seemed concerned that something was going on with me, but once again I reminded her that I told her in the interview (the one that she said I was more animated during) that I wouldn’t be leaving.

I think the reason for my being uncomfortable in the initial month was from going from one work environment to another. Before I started working at Wanker Banker I was doing temp work, no real work place, it just changed every day or every week. That made for an easy transition, going from being rootless to having an actual job. In April I went from one situation where although difficult, it was relatively easy to a job that was 180 degrees from Wanker Banker. It seems to be getting better now.

Felicia and I worked side by side, and even had lunch together while unpacking boxes and file cabinets that were shipped from the now closed San Francisco offices. I like to make her laugh. Nothing it seems is off limits and that’s fine by me.