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I Love You This Big

Saturday evening, Bill is off in Philadelphia once again for some acting seminar thing and I am in the swamps of Jersey. Hoboken actually was partially a swamp when Henry Hudson came through all those years ago. I think Bill and I are situated somewhere between the former swamp and the solid ground. And when it rains it really rains, especially in the swampy part. Sewers back up, gutters flood and the city has pumps which pump the water somewhere else, perhaps into the Hudson River. Today it threatened to rain, then it rained and now it’s nothing but hummus.

Last night Bill and I were part of the global village, watching the opening ceremonies on NBC and listening to the incessant prattle of Bob Costas and Matt Lauer. Costas I can usually bear, with Lauer it’s less and less with each syllable that falls from his smarmy thin lipped mouth. It was a nice spectacle produced by Danny Boyle. No zombies involved, no 28 Months Later. I was surprised while listening to the years of British rock and pop there was no Elton John involved. Perhaps Danny Boyle isn’t a fan of Elton John. I did post Elton being MIA on Facebook.

A Facebook friend, Hugo- posted that there was already one old queen at the event. I thought it was pretty funny and I bet Reg Dwight would have had a chuckle at that. Arctic Monkeys did make it on, playing two songs though only one made it to the American broadcast. Their big UK hit, ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor’ was cut but they did show the cover of Come Together which had a strange spoken word bit by Bob Costas over the singing and playing of the earnest young band from Sheffield.

I did not see the Beijing opening ceremonies in 2008, having been down on Long Beach Island at the time with my brother Frank and his wife Elaine. I do remember talking to Bill on the phone after that event and he was blown away by the precision of the whole ceremony. So all I had to compare between last night in London and Beijing was Bill’s four year old enthusiasm which in four years had waned somewhat. He didn’t bring it up, perhaps because he loved watching the Queen jumping from a helicopter with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

It was nice spending time together watching a fun spectacle. Bill was off to bed after Paul McCartney sang Hey Jude. Paul sounded a bit shaky at first on the vocals, maybe its age or maybe he was overcome with emotion. I think Macca’s publicist explained it was emotion. I stayed up and watched the news and soon headed off to bed in the air conditioned bedroom. Bill was up and active before I was this morning. He made coffee which was nice since he hadn’t done that in a while. I walked him to the bus stop, holding hands from time to time.

A nice couple of hours and a great way to start the day with the one I love.

expensive crap I used to sell

04 Talk Of The Town

I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

Just woke up from a Xanap. It was good and longer than the 15 minute allotment I’d been having lately. This was deep and restful. Glad I did it. In fact I probably could have slept a lot longer if I did not have the foresight to set the online alarm clock two rooms away. The online alarm clock sounds like a slippery rubber puppy yapping and makes one get out of bed before it piddles on the floor. No dreams to recollect from the Xanap. It was quite a muggy day and I enjoyed the sleep in the air conditioned room.

Last night I did go out, and I was a few minutes before the storm, the derecho that was fast approaching. iTunes came out with a new Beatles collection, 14 songs that I of course had already, so I made my own version of Tomorrow Never Knows. I listened to that on my iPod on my way and had an umbrella as well as my camera stashed away in my bag as I strolled down Washington Street with my head held high. The show was scheduled to be in Sinatra Park by the Hudson River but was moved prior.

It was moved to a pub directly across the street from the Guitar Bar which Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro had posted on Facebook. Still some people are not plugged in all the time like I usually am, and someone posted signs at Sinatra Park directing them of the relocation. With ominous skies approaching from the west, I threw the cigar I was smoking into a puddle and walked into the pub. It was in a side room, not the main part of the bar and I was directed through a door which had put me onto the makeshift stage.

Nimbly stepping over chords and wires I found Jim Mastro and asked him where Meghan was. It turned out she was not coming. She did not want the girls, Lily & Ruby hanging out in a pub, not that hanging out in a bar or a pub or a VFW Post ever did anything wrong for me. I was disappointed and went out to the sidewalk to call Meghan. She was on the other line and after explaining why she wasn’t there told me she would call me back. I stood at the sidewalk and took some pictures of the storm clouds.

The Guitar Bar All Stars started with a rip roaring version of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. I thought it was a little loud and went outside for a minute, after saying hello to my friend Karyn. It wasn’t raining yet and when I came back in Karyn was talking to someone else and I saw another friend, Alice who sometimes plays bass in Karyn’s band. I bought myself another Corona and bought one for Alice as well.

I did have a quick chat with Alice who asked if I was working. When I told her my situation, she remembered and wondered if there was a way to make money from this here blog, “Perhaps some advertising?” I remarked that this here blog is too personal, and the only adverts I could hope to attract would be pharmaceutical companies pushing antidepressants. Alice laughed. It would have been nice to talk to the both of them, Karyn and Alice, but it was too noisy and after the third song I bid my goodbyes.

Of course as soon as I opened the door I saw the deluge. I was off to meet Bill and luckily I had the umbrella. I rearranged my shoulder bag and opened the umbrella and headed out. The skies were full of lightning and the streets and sidewalks were rapidly getting flooded. I was a little worried about being struck by a falling tree branch rather than lightning though that was in the back of my mind. I wisely wore boots instead of sneakers so my feet were relatively dry.

The shorts I was wearing did become see through, so my black boxer briefs were plainly visible. I made it home as the storm raged, and immediately got out of my wet clothes, the boots drying out in the hallway. And that was it basically. It would have been a different, more fun scene at Sinatra Park but since we were at the mercy of the elements there was nothing else that could be done.

Today as dry once again and muggy as all hell. I had a few errands to run and after that was done I walked over to the river and did some busking. The toddlers love to stop by and watching me play, saying hello and doing whatever dances toddlers do under the watchful eyes of their guardians. Not too many people out today though I did make about $1.45, which when added to what I made the other day surpasses whatever monies I had made when I first started busking a few years ago.

Then I came home and had a Xanap which brings us to the beginning of this here blog. Currently watching the Olympic opening ceremonies with Bill and enjoying them. Former roommate Kevin has been a bit pissy about the whole thing, snarky comments on Facebook. I remember going to clubs and making fun of people who were dancing and having a good time. Then eventually I realized they were having a much better time than I was as I sat there making fun of people that were having the fun that I wasn’t having. Though I’m not dancing I am having more fun than Kevin it seems.


1-03 Get Behind The Mule [Live]

My Heart is an Apple

Well I’m still at work. I usually leave around 4:30 but there have been phone problems and scheduling problems and I’m dealing with a knucklehead from Verizon. So it’s almost 6:00 and I’m just sitting here and decided I might as well start the blog since I don’t want to have to do it when I get home. I would much rather chill out, with a fine Chianti and some fava beans.

It was pretty much a pointless day today. Two other people from my company came in and they were both out by 2:00. I did whatever it is I had to do, and then surfed, unleashing a sock puppet here and there.

Today’s sock puppet was fighting some Puerto Rican dude who was quite happy that the reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee has endorsed John McCrazy since McCrazy has taken a stand on fighting immigration.

So even though Puerto Ricans on the island cannot vote in a presidential election, having the backing of a singer who’s genre was flat lining only a short time ago and features bootylicious girls while Daddy Yankee sings of filling their tanks with Gasolina could only help the crazy old white guy in getting that nonexistent vote.

Resident of Denver CO, Betticola has started a blog for the Democratic convention which is now included in the blogroll to the left of this blog. I recommend visiting it, if and when you have the chance.

I heard from Chaz. He stayed for Patti Smith who didn’t go on until almost 2 hours after I left. She did a decent set according to Chaz. He takes notes from every show he’s attended.

Last night I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with Bill who was getting misty eyed. It was an impressive sight, the Olympics that is. Misty eyed Bill is another sight to be seen, and rarely does anyone but me see it.

I don’t think Jimmy Page came off that well, playing Whole Lotta Love with Leona Lewis, a pop star from the UK. She’s no Robert Plant, but to her credit, Robert Plant is no Leona Lewis either. David Beckham played the role of guy who kicked soccer ball admiringly.

Now it’s officially 6:00 and I’m still here. Might as well hang in here and finish what I’ve started which is so unlike me.

Today is Independence Day in Uruguay which is a cause for celebration in Uruguay, here- not so much. It’s a dead week here on the 4:30 movie and I put in notice that I am taking Thursday and Friday off, giving my self a five day weekend.

I get three weeks off and so far I’ve only taken 7 days off so far, and that’s including this upcoming weekend. Might as well. Been here late the past couple of work days and like I said it’s been slow.

Methinks I’ll be leaving at 6:15 and letting the technicians do their thing. It’s all bullshit and now that the office has no air conditioning after 6:00, sitting and sweating at my desk is no option at all. So that’s that. Nothing much more to add. Weeds is on tonight. Only a week or two left for the season.

Openly Gay diver from Australia wins Gold Medal. NBC ignores the Olympian

6:25. I’m outta here.

Away From The Numbers

Oh what a day it has been. It’s been a Wednesday that’s for sure. But first, last night. Watched Olbermann. Rachel Maddow was on and it was announced she’ll have her own show following Olbermann. It doesn’t have a name yet, but will start after the conventions. That should be a good week starting with Rachel Maddow and ending with the B-52’s in Union NJ that Saturday.

After Olbermann, Bill came home from choir practice. He went to bed soon after that and I watched Enchanted on cable. It was ok, just as I expected. A half step behind funny. It wasn’t offensive and had some laughs. I wasn’t the demographic it was geared towards but I can see how the pre-teen girls loved it.

Saw very little of the Olympics, just enough to pass the time before the usual bad news at 11:00. Went to sleep before the sports report which was fine by me. Bill was out a little before 6:00 and I was out of bed a little after. No Casey again on the bus, listened to Tricky as I walked across town, stopping by to see West Indian Tony and got myself an egg sandwich.

Tricky is playing Irving Plaza in a few weeks, but I’m in no rush to see him. Saw him a few times back in the day, but I was interested in him then, now- not so much. Roda wants to go and is trying to get free tickets. If it’s a freebie I’ll go, but paying cash seems doubtful.

It was a beautiful morning and promised to be a beautiful day. Lot’s of good looking men on the streets today. We have some empty office space and I have been assigned to find people to fill the vacant spaces. I’ve posted online with Craigslist but so far no takers for a 13 x 11 office for $3300.00. The cheapest office is $1750.00.

I found out that someone was coming by to check out the space, a friend of a friend of the managing director. The visitor expressed some sort of interest but needed to hear from a partner about it and said he’d get back to me next week. I was told not to say this, but to say that. Don’t mention this, but it’s ok to mention that, things like that. Whether or not it went well remains to be seen. I guess I’ll find out about that next week.

I’ve also been trying to tidy up the petty cash for the bookkeeper. It’s been under control but as I added things up it was off by a few dollars. I decided to do everything over again, writing in a new ledger. That turned out to be a mistake and despite my careful adding and subtracting the balance was now off by $37.00.

That’s when I went to the well of despair. Just absolute zero self confidence. It wasn’t from not eating because I had a salad and when the blues hit I had a banana. I went out for a walk just to get away from the numbers. Had a cigar in Dag Hammarskjold Park by the United Nations. Sat next to another gent smoking a cigar. He called it the cigar section as the two of us sat there puffing and reading the papers.

Came back to the office after that, not feeling that much better. A woman in one of the offices in my office, Trudy mentioned that I carry myself in a certain way and when I speak people take notice of what I have to say. That helped me out a bit but still I had this petty cash problem to reconcile.

I decided to go back to the original ledger since that was off by only a few dollars and after adding and subtracting many more times, I found that I didn’t add up a certain item which was $36.00. It seemed I spent so much time looking at these figures that I couldn’t see them anymore.

Couldn’t see the forest, too many trees.

It’s all better now and a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. Had to stay late though for some phone technician was coming in to check the lines. Left the office at 6:00 and walked to the Path train rather than wait on the long lines for the bus back to Hoboken.

Enjoyed another Padron on the way and listened to the playlist of songs that Juan played while I was touring the Versailles in my mind.

Feeling good now, and glad to be able to say that I got through it all on my own. Bill tried helping but he was on a head set and his words of com fort cam ou t a bi t garb led.

Here’s some pics from a few minutes ago.

Strange Overtones

It’s Tuesday again. It was like this last week and the week before that and it goes on further and further from here. Last night was Monday night, Bill and I watched Keith Olbermann who had some righteous indignation towards John McCrazy. Bill got very much into it, not going ghetto but politicized in a way. Then some Olympics then he was off to bed.

I’ve been playing DJ during the commercial breaks, going from roots reggae to the Stones to The Coasters to who knows where, finishing up with Les Paul and Mary Ford singing How High The Moon. Still sounds amazing over 50 years later, miles away from Mahwah where I believe Les Paul still resides.

Right now my computer is pissing me off. Very slow. I’ve been trying to burn some cd’s for Annemarie’s birthday but it’s been impossible. Keep getting some stupid code error. Pisses me off. Had to resort to plan B. Oh I am getting upset.

Presently running some spyware which is doing what it’s supposed to do I hope. More than anything the inability to burn cd’s is definitely pissing me off. I will have to work on that and send Annemarie the cd’s at a later date.

It’s a nice night for sure. Bill called to tell me that Rachel Maddow is getting her own show following Keith Olbermann. I’d like to think that the head of programming reads my blog but I doubt it.

Still no Casey in the morning. Maybe I’ve been leaving earlier, or he’s leaving later or on vacation. I remembered to bring something to read and of course, it’s Alan Bennett. Two short stories, The Clothes They Stood Up In and The Lady In The Van. The first story is funny, in a subtle English. I chuckled a few times reading it on the way in.

So far, a married couple have come back from seeing Cosi Fan Tutti and find their home has been burglarized with everything gone. Furniture, beds, phone, stove, every thing. The husband is a solicitor and the wife is a house wife.

They’ve lived a very sheltered life. No kids, no neighbors, no friends really. And they don’t interact with anyone in their town, in fact when he goes to use a pay phone at the laundromat, it was the first time he had ever been to one.

Of course there’s a lot more than that and I do Alan Bennett no justice in trying to describe his writing. So I’ll stop there. My copy is from Ramsey courtesy of the BBCLS, the cooperative system that Hoboken is a part of.

I am taking Juan to Girl Talk for his birthday in November. That promises to be a real good time. And next month is My Bloody Valentine as well as the B-52’s playing a free show by Kean University in Union, NJ September 6..

Here’s a thought I felt I should write down last night. Some straight people don’t want gay people around kids. The ‘official’ line is the skewed pedophilia fear, despite the fact that most reported pedophiles are straight men.

But perhaps on a deeper, unconscious level it’s fear of gaydar. The unspoken knowing that someone else is gay. It’s there, I have it. It’s defective but it works. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I think that some straight people are afraid of the gaydar coming from a child and picking up the vibe that that certain adult is different from what the child has come into contact with, and might identify more with the gay person rather than the straight people they might have been accustomed to.

What do you think of that? Comments please.