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I Still Miss You

Another cold day. Sunny and cold. Out and about, in and out and now I am in. But enough about that. I got two comments for yesterday’s entry. Of course it was Annemarie and Harpy, but they count. They were confounded by the fact that I am taking a break from writing this here blog at the end of the month. I haven’t decided exactly what it is I will do. Like I wrote last night, it could be for a day, a week or a couple of months. I could have also mentioned that it could be an intermittent thing.

Meaning that I might post something every other day, if at all. I might just post photos. So you see the whole thing hasn’t been figured out and anything is possible. I’m not even sure if I will meet the 500 word quota. I have shown that I could throw down 500 words with no problem on a daily basis. There are other things going on and I just need a break. A change will do me good and perhaps when I return it won’t be so much navel gazing. Like I said, anything is possible.

When I play guitar after not playing for a while, when I get back to it after shaking off the rust, occasionally there is a new, slightly different technique. Hopefully that will be that way for writing. The gears are grinding down and some lubrication is in order. I was surprised by the fact there was not a peep regarding no more cigarettes, no more diet soda and no more Ocean Spray/Apple & Eve juices. I am grateful for the concern about the state of flux this here blog may or may not be in.

And fear not, there are over 2,000 entries posted. If you’d like you can go through the trough and drop me a line, saying this was a good one, this one sucked, this one needs some work. Much like Jimmy Seltzer (aka Peter Pepsi, aka RC Koala, aka Peter Kehoe, aka Nick Colas) would do when I was still working at the cigar shack. I do miss those brief intermittent chats with the aforementioned character and I certainly hope he is well. Texts were sent but went unanswered so it is entirely likely that I have fallen off their radar. I am out of sight so it stands to reason that I am out of mind.

There was an article on the New York Times website yesterday about how hard it is to get the most entry level job if you do not have a 4 year college degree. I related to that and posted a comment, a comment which had 175 recommendations when I last checked before the pay wall came up restricting my access. You have 10 free articles to read a month but whether a month starts at the beginning of the month or merely 30 days after reading the first article, remains to be seen.

I do not regret ending my education after high school. After all- I hated school from day one, from kindergarten to the last day of high school. How I got through those years, I’ll never know.

I did ask my friends on a Facebook page if anyone was going to see Port St. Willow on Friday night at the Mercury Lounge. One guy replied and said he was not going but wouldn’t mind reading a review of it. That is cool, an assignment of sorts, something I have been hoping for since 2005. Of course it comes near the end but it’s better than not coming at all.

Can’t seem to post pictures tonight. A foreboding perhaps?




Fuck forebodings!
01 The Boxer

Karn Evil 9

It’s Sunday and today I spent some time with the Lopez family on the third floor. I did see them this morning when I gave them their bagels but this afternoon I actually met them outside by the river. It was quite a nice day today and quite a few people were out and about.

Julio and Stine were trying to get Alexander to sleep and since I showed up it wasn’t going to happen. We strolled, me discreetly puffing a Padron a few feet away and the strolling put Alexander right out. He’s too heavy to carry so the papoose apparatus is out of the picture.

It’s the McLaren stroller, perhaps named after Malcolm McLaren. As we were heading home, Stine ran into a small bakery and Julio and I stood outside with the stroller and the sleeping baby. Within a few minutes there was a stroller log jam at the corner of 4th and Garden. We maneuvered through that with Stine and a bag of delicious treats for the adults.

We came upstairs and sat around watching Alexander taste various books and stuffed animals. So far his only words are what sounds like ‘Hi’ and ‘Aye’. And ‘aye’ could very well be Danish which Stine speaks to him and Julio is slowly becoming a little bit fluent.

I’m probably giving him more credit than needed but Julio knows a lot more Danish than me, tak. But it’s interesting to watch Alexander try to communicate.

I was getting hungry so I left them with Alexander in Julio’s arms waving me goodbye then wondering where I was going since I was going upstairs rather than downstairs, which is the direction that his father heads off to every morning. Then I made some ravioli for supper.

My friend Pedro finally made me his friend on Facebook which he hates since if he wants to communicate with me all he has to do is pick up the phone. He sent me a request to write a letter to the editors of the NY papers, the Daily News, The NY Post and the NY Times.

It seems that despite the budget cuts and the laying off of teachers, fire fighters and police officers, somehow the Department of Corrections has the money to install 40 to 50 LCD screened TV’s in each of the 10 buildings that house inmates on Rikers Island.

And the criminals will also get cable television, 50 channels. Why can’t they get digital converter boxes and regular television sets like ordinary working folk? On Pedro’s behalf I wrote 3 emails which I sent off to the 3 major New York newspapers.

I’ve written to the Daily News before and they’ve published my letters a few times, and the NY Post published an email once which was the same email I had sent to the Daily News. The NY Times I had never attempted before except for an email that I sent to Bob Herbert a few years ago which I received a form ‘thank you’ reply.

This is the New York Times email:
A good friend of mine is a Corrections Officer at Rikers. He is outraged at the fact that budget cuts will cost the jobs of teachers, fire fighters and police officers while the inmates of the ten buildings on Rikers Island are getting brand new LCD TV’s with cable TV, paid for by the taxpayers. Approximately 40 to 50 television sets are being put up in 10 buildings, television sets that I certainly can’t afford. And with cable, (50 channels) that’s a lot of money. Why not give them digital converter boxes with no cable at all? It seems like madness for people to lose their jobs and livelihoods these days while criminals get to watch cable TV on LCD screens. Could this be happening at all the prisons in the city, perhaps even the state?

I have my doubts for the Times since they don’t have an easy set up for sending emails to the editor, unlike the Post and the News which is much easier for crackpots like myself to be heard. So I’m going to check the papers this week to see if my letter gets published.

sleepy baby

sleepy baby

smiling baby!

smiling baby!

it always ends up in his mouth, this time it's a stuffed monkey arm

it always ends up in his mouth, this time it's a stuffed monkey arm

Space Oddity

Right now, Bill and I are watching some nut climbing up the facade of the New York Times building at 40th street and Eighth Avenue. This is the second time today. Earlier there was a successful climb, here’s the link cut and paste at bottom. Presently there is a copycat. Someone perhaps inspired, more than likely deluded is climbing and at the 25th floor right now.

The first guy has done it before around the world with his message that ‘Global warming kills more people each week than 9/11’. This new guy seems to be an amateur, climbing on a dare. Odds are against him and so is gravity. A half hour later, he’s been arrested which is a lot better than falling 52 stories to your death.

It’s been an odd day. Not a bad day just things were a little bit weird. Lot’s of cute guys out though. Saw a few fellow cigar smokers which is always a nice sight and smell, for me at least. I do enjoy the smell of a good cigar. The stopped broadcasting the rogue climber outside the New York Times so we don’t know how this sucker will turn out. I’m just glad my palms stopped sweating, so great is my fear of heights. Makes typing difficult.

Last night I watched Repo Man. I hadn’t seen that movie in something like 26 years. Still a very good film, very fast and as Harpy told me ages ago, it’s the only film where the end credits descend rather than ascend. Emilio Estevez was so cute back then and the soundtrack is still great. Definitely worth catching again if you get the chance, or see it for the first time.

They just broadcast that a flight from La Guardia to Charleston SC was $138.00 a year ago, now it is $604.00. I ain’t flying anywhere this year. That is just too crazy. A few airlines are expected to go out of business this year adding to the 22,000 employees laid off so far already in the past 6 months.

So much stuff online today regarding Obama being the presumptive nominee. I spoke to the bookkeeper at work about it. She’s a democrat and for Clinton, likening Obama’s success as Clinton training someone new at a job, then the trainee gets the promotion, leaving the trainer behind in the same position. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t want to get into a discussion about her point of view.

Some Clinton supporters are saying that they would vote for McCrazy rather than vote for Obama. Yes, that would be a brilliant idea. Women, surrender their reproductive rights, people of color prepare for more cutbacks and roll backs, poor people too and gays take more steps back and strap yourselves in for the war without end.

I’ve read some really heinous things about Obama. I had no idea that Clinton supporters were so persecuted by Obama supporters. I didn’t persecute any Clinton supporters I know. In fact Juan called me out when I said that Clinton was shrill. That was as bad as it got.

Here are some snaps from this afternoon, followed by a video from 1987, A Spaceman For All Seasons which is worth watching.

Waiting for that Specials reunion

Here come the guys

‘Yeah I work for the linen supply business. Whats it to you?’


Photographers get paid a lot for a shot like this

Mister Softee

‘Ha ha you got a lucky ho!’ white t shirt actually was saying that.

Double double breasteds on the runway

and from 1987, A Spaceman For All Seasons

cut and paste