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It’s Sunday and though it’s beautiful day, there is a feeling of anticipation in my gut. More like anxiety. It comes and goes, not a constant thing. As long as my mind is occupied I’m fine.

Last night I watched discs 3 & 4 of a series from the 1970’s called ‘All You Need is Love- The story of Popular Music’. It went back to the beginning of the 20th century with vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley up to about 1975 with the cutting edge music of Black Oak Arkansas.

It did have a lot of footage that if I hadn’t seen before, then I saw it when this series was first broadcast on PBS in the 1970’s and if that’s the case, I had forgotten I had seen it.

3 hours each disc. I watched disc 5 this morning into the afternoon, so ask me anything about Black Oak Arkansas. You’d still get the dumbfounded look that I would have given you then. I’m glad I watched it, but it was a bit much.

I gladly walked to the Post Office, enjoying a cigar to drop off the Netflix discs. I actually bought a book the other day, I couldn’t resist. I was reading somewhere about a biography on Brian Eno and ordered it promptly.

So far, up to chapter 2 and it’s a very entertaining and informative read. Brian Eno has always been a fascinating person in my world. I even had the pleasure of meeting him when I worked at Skyline Studios and he was producing some things for Laurie Anderson.

He was a nice guy, very quiet and startled me a few times when he suddenly would be standing right next to me. He was also quite kind enough to sign his first 4 solo albums and Ambient Volumes 1-4 and a book.

Still within reach and in good condition too. Last night, Saturday Night Live was really funny, excepting the Jimmy Fallon guest spot as Barry Gibb which was about 25 years too late and 10 minutes too long.

I doubt that the 20 somethings that watch it or are the target demographic would actually get the joke.

The stand out bit was the digital short with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake reprising their roles from Dick in a Box and becoming Mother Lovers for Mother’s Day. Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson played the mothers. It was very laugh out loud funny.

I was up until 1:30 reading Uncut magazine. Did not want to get out of bed this morning, just so comfortable. Bill was off to get his mother and bring her to church. I eventually did get out of bed around 8:30 and was soon getting the Sunday morning supplements.

Then after reading the papers I watched the discs and headed out to mail them back. And after enjoying a cigar I met Bill on the street and we just enjoyed a pizza from Grimaldi’s courtesy of Bill’s largess.

Now he catnaps on the couch and I sit a few feet away writing this and playing selected ambient Eno tracks for his napping pleasure.





Keep It Rollin’

Well I’m feeling a whole lot better. That’s good news. Not 100% but in the upper 90’s. Last night Bill and I watched the debate and I participated in the Hoboken411 live blog and defended Obama valiantly.

Not taking any shit this time even with a temperature of 97.7. The democrats outnumbered and out gunned the republicans. My comments immediately went up without approval, so overall Obama and the democrats won. Hopefully we will repeat this on November 4.

Slept really well and didn’t beat up Bill for which he was glad. I woke with no problem and found myself on yet another crowded bus. No Casey. I hope I didn’t get him sick. Listened to A Tribe Called Quest on my journey across town.

Got my weekly egg sandwich. West Indian Tony still not behind the grill and no one knows when or if he is coming back. His partner behind the grill is no longer there either. Walking down 49th street I see a lot of secret service agents again as well as a battalion of police officers and detectives.

I asked one of the cops who was around and he told me Obama. I got excited and lingered with my camera out hoping to get a pic. Obama and 10,000 McCainiacs were in town for the big Alfred E. Smith (I always think Alfred E. Newman) political roast at the Waldorf Astoria.

Eventually I was moved behind a barricade, far away enough to totally not see Obama getting into the SUV motorcade so I took some pictures of some not so secret service men instead. That got me to the office a little past 8:00, not that it mattered since no one was in yet.

Did the usual turning on machines and tvs and changing tapes and making coffee. Trudy, a woman from Northern Ireland was in and we generally get along fine.

She asked how I was feeling and I told her and also mentioned that I felt better knowing that it was a cold from Stine, since I saw her on Friday and Sunday. Trudy said that wasn’t the case since these things incubate for two weeks. I repeated my claim and she repeated hers quite adamantly to the point I just turned and walked away from her. It was like I was arguing with my mother.

The day was odd. I don’t think I mentioned that with all the bad news lately regarding work, one of the former partners has taken legal action against the company. Legal Action that we more than likely can’t afford, so there were some very long meetings between Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin behind closed doors. The day proceeded under such a pall.

I cut my Netflix from 3 dvd’s to just 1. Starting my personal cutbacks. Tomorrow is going to be another quiet Friday, just me and Vivek which means I should be on the way home at 2:00 which is fine by me. I also found out that the office space that we’ve been trying to rent, has been rented and even more good news, my hours aren’t going to be cut….for now.

I checked to see if Obama was back on my way home but there were only one or two agents and police officers around. The streets were crowded with news trucks though lined up outside the Waldorf Astoria. I wasn’t hanging out to wait this time.

Came home saw Juan. He was on his way to a show, now I’m chillin’. I will probably check out O & RM tonight to see their debate coverage, so there goes that abstention.

Go Obama!

US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, October 15, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008

Full of Fire

Just got back from walking around Hoboken, which on a Sunday afternoon means walking to the main Post Office and dropping off some Netflix DVD’s to be returned. I was returning Cloverfield and Charlie Wilson’s War. I watched Cloverfield before heading to Martha’s party yesterday, and tried to watch the extras, but wasn’t able to watch most of them since they seemed to be unavailable. If you rent the DVD, got to Scene Selections, the setting for the last 4 chapters, then leave your remote alone for a minute or two. An additional 17th chapter will pop up offering other videos somehow related to the movie.

One was an advert for Slusho, a pseudo Japanese soft drink, and the others were a few short clips of some obnoxious girl breaking up via cam with her unseen boyfriend. Perhaps she’ll have something to do with the sequel. Cloverfield certainly played better on a TV screen rather than a movie screen too much going on for the eye to take in. I’ll remember that when the sequel comes out. I’ll wait for the DVD. Charlie Wilson’s War was ok. I like Tom Hanks, everybody likes Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts, not so much. My doppleganger Philip Seymour Hoffman was unrecognizable and also very good. It was entertaining though, but I’m not sure if I would recommend it. A day later, it haunts, particularly the Zen Master comment that Philip Seymour Hoffman states at the end. So yes, I would recommend it.

I would wait for cable. I just figured that a Mike Nichols film with Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman would have a little bit more to it, but it was merely average. As I walked to the Post Office I ran into Roger Johansen. He told me I missed the big party for Steve Saporito at the Blender theater for his entry into the Tribeca Film Festival, ‘SqueezeBox’. Roger said he invited me but he didn’t. It was at the McSwells flea market when I last saw Roger.

He did tell me about Saporito having a film in the festival, and I told Roger to give him my best wishes, pointing out there was no sarcasm involved. Roger thought that was sarcastic and therefore didn’t tell Saporito. I was sincere and that came off as being insincere. Go figure. I did play dumb though. Yesterday I ran over to Kathe’s place of work and she told me about the party and the film which she said was pretty good, also telling me to ignore the Village Voice’s bad review. The only thing in favor of the bad review is that hardly anyone reads or takes the Voice seriously anymore. I didn’t take it seriously 23 years ago when the Voice called me a racist.

Kathe gave me the low down telling me that a certain friend was trying to score some blow, and Connie was in town for it. That was nice to hear that Connie was up and about, but disappointing for me since I’ve been trying to get in touch with Connie to no avail. Just checking in and saying hello. She gets a pass though since she’s really not doing too well. It was good to talk to Roger though, he’s a good guy. He lives in the Gregory Commons, around the block from where I used to live in Weehawken. My former neighbors, Bitch and Moan Kleinke are now his neighbors and like the way I used to, he can hear them through the walls. And to hear Bitch and Moan talk is quite unsettling despite being filtered through insulation.

I also saw Alexander Frederick Sorensen Lopez. Yes, Julio and Stine have decided on the name for their baby boy. And he was sleeping like a little angel. From what I heard, or actually haven’t heard, Alexander is a quiet baby. He’s still an adorable little angel though.

For All We Know

It’s Friday and it’s good. How’s that for a positive spin, eh? It’s been an okay day, got things done, both work wise and personal stuff. Left work around 4:15 this afternoon, after not doing much in the afternoon having done it all in the morning. Last night was pretty good too. Chatted a bit with Juan online. He’s coming up this weekend and I told him I had the Across The Universe dvd from Netflix. He implored me not to watch it without him. He saw it when it came out in December and liked it a lot I believe. So I’m holding off on that.

I did watch Lost which was very good. Interesting plot lines developing. Sawyer beating the shit out of Ben, who had it coming, being evil and all. After Lost I watched the new show Lipstick Jungle which is a very watered down Bizarro version of Sex and The City. I’m not a fan of Kim Raver. I think everything she is in gets canceled soon after. Brooke Shields is definitely wooden and I wanted to smack her hands when she kept messing with her hair in one shot, then another shot the hair is the way it was before she was messing with it. Maybe I should smack the editors hands instead. And the other woman, the ersatz Shannon Doherty was really annoying. And that was the first 10 minutes!

After that it was off to bed. I woke up in a good mood and a little later than I should have but that worked out when I left the apartment early somehow. No hustle either, rather lazy. I ran into my old friend Lois DiLivio yesterday at 51st and 2nd Avenue, of all places. She only lives a few blocks away form me in Hoboken but I hardly ever see her. Bill sees her on the bus from time to time, but not me. She was looking good and headed off to work, after telling me she has a lot of men’s socks and offered to give them to me. I plan on accepting them on behalf of the academy this weekend.

That and laundry are all I really have to do. Oh and maybe seeing either Cloverfield or Michael Clayton with Chaz on Sunday. I’m pulling for Cloverfield, since Pedro berated me for not seeing it yet after hyping it up so much before it came out. Michael Clayton could probably wait until cable. But I have Chaz to consider and he’s driving, but I’m buying. That’s the deal. I buy, he drives. I also have to get my new suit tailored, so it’s looking like I’m going to be busy this weekend, despite what I wrote only a few lines ago.

I also have the rest of the McCartney Years live footage to finish and also Superman 2 The Richard Donner cut, which I’ve never seen. The version that came out in the theaters was started by Richard Donner but when he was fired from the movie, Richard Lester finished it. For those that are playing at home, Richard Lester directed A Hard Day’s Night and Help! I made a dental appointment for Wednesday at the NYU Dental School. That’s going to be fun. A little more positive spin with a touch of anxiety.