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I Love You- Avril Lavigne

Yes once again it’s a Samuel Beckett kind of day. I can’t go on. I’ll go on. Nothing bad is happening, just an overcast day. Major storms broke out last night and it’s just as well I did not go to the really big supermarket since a little while after I finished the posting, I checked a local blog and there were pictures of flooded streets surrounding the really big supermarket. I did make it to the store today and there were signs of flooding. I spotted a woman headed in that direction about 40 feet in front of me, making a U turn with her stroller.

She walked past me and I asked her if the street was flooded and she said, ‘Yeah, I think so’ and scampered off. I thought something was a bit off about her response and proceeded to see for myself. Sure enough, there was no water, some mud, some sludge but that’s about it. I guess she did not know what a flood was and seemed to hurry off to the smaller supermarket. I admit it would have been a drag if I was unable to shop where I was, after walking all the way there.

I do love Hoboken and I am nostalgic for the time when a young family had a child and soon left town to raise their kid somewhere else. Nowadays they stay and clog the streets with their strollers. I must have passed a half a dozen strollers in a block and a half, opting to walk in the street rather than get hit by an oncoming mother pushing her kid in my direction. I suppose it’s nice that Hoboken is more child friendly but since I don’t have kids I really could care less. Off to the suburbs with them!

Another visit to the bibliothèque this afternoon, I picked up The Life Aquatic, deciding to give it another chance after seeing Moonrise Kingdom with Annemarie the other day. I do like the soundtrack, but after seeing The Royal Tenenbaums and absolutely loving it, whatever followed was bound to be a letdown at least for me. So another chance it is then. I do love the soundtrack. David Bowie songs sung in Portuguese by Brazilian actor/singer Seu Jorge. Bowie reportedly loved it as well. Too bad no one has heard anything from the Dame since his heart problem in 2005.

Today I sat by the river and read the latest Mojo, finished up reading about John Lydon and Public Image Limited as well as an interesting cover story on Brian Jones. John Lydon, easier to get along with sort of, Brian Jones, great musician, lousy human being. Almost got into the record reviews but held off for another day. I came home as it started to rain a bit and that’s about it for my day so far. Resumes still going out, job listings still being perused, emails and contacts resent and reestablished. Same old same old one would reckon.

So it goes.

Before the feast

05 The Great Pretender

Cheeking Tongues

Things are fucking weird lately. I thought it was me, but it’s not. Perhaps it’s because of the sudden change in the weather. A week or so ago we had over a foot of snow in this area, now it’s pushing 60 degrees. I’m definitely not complaining about the weather.

I just got back from sitting by the river and finished the March issue of Mojo with Syd Barrett on the cover. A tragic story about old Syd. I knew the gist of it but now I know a little bit more. Like the 1970’s, people didn’t know how to put a hand out, perhaps saying ‘maybe doing LSD every day isn’t that good an idea’.

Lennon was the same way, nearly a casualty and Cynthia nor the other Beatles did anything about it. Of course I wasn’t there so I shouldn’t really say anything, all my info is third or fourth hand.

And if I was there, who would listen to a 5 year old, which is what I was in that acid drenched year of 1967. I had my own problems, just starting school, trying to stay out of Vietnam. You know the score.

Last night was decent. Nothing earth shattering to write about. I watched It Might Get Loud, a documentary of sorts featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Jimmy Page, Mr Cool and mellow in this day and age. The Edge, I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he didn’t really do much for me but Jack White.

Wow, Jack White. Love his attitude, his approach, his philosophy. It’s worth watching if just for Jimmy Page and Jack White.

Had interesting dreams once again, cannabis free. One involved a Warhol exhibition of Andy’s paintings which seemed to be modeled on Edward Hopper’s work. I really don’t think Andy did any work like that.

In the dream I was on a bus headed to the exhibition and sitting next to old friend Eileen Lynch talking about the Warhol show in Chelsea I believe. Maybe I should or someone should do a series of Edward Hooper paintings in a Warhol style.

That wouldn’t be so weird considering so many photo stores advertise their services for doing photographs in the manner of Warhol’s portrait series from the 1970’s. If you saw them you’d know what I mean.

For some reason I wrote in my dream notepad ‘No, not Jasper Johns, but Jasper Johns’.

Another dream I had involved me finding a store by a motel I was staying at that sold Gauloises. That dream is probably stemming from the fact that I haven’t had a cigarette since last week. I’ve had a few cigars, but no more cigarettes.

It wasn’t really a conscious decision, it just happened.

In the dream I had that familiar blue pack of tobacco that I enjoyed for so long which suddenly became unavailable here in the states. In real life I got into an online argument with some wanker who called me a typical American who thinks the world revolved around the USA.

And all I had written was the fact that they were no longer available here. I’m sure I would be tempted to smoke cigarettes again if Gauloises made an appearance on the market again but we know it’s unlikely to happen.

That time I wrote faster than the processor could handle and that last line came out as ‘if Gauloises made an appeely to happen.’

So about the tease the other day, no it wasn’t about me giving up fags. It was about a plan for Bill and I to get a Civil Union license, document or what have you.

I had hoped Rand could be our witness but I think he’s been under the weather (he mentioned that after the parade)and didn’t respond to my message on Sunday. When he finally did respond, (not to the message but to the fact that I called and hung up instead of leaving a message on Monday) it was too late.

Bill was off in the city and both parties need to be present for a civil union. I did ask Jim Mastro who said he would witness but we both thought it would be at City Hall. Instead it will be at the Multi Service Community Center on Grand Street here in Hoboken.

Not around the block from the Guitar Bar as we had thought.

So I asked Stine who will witness with Alexander after they get out of their morning play session on Thursday. That was nice of her to be able to do so.

I saw Stine and Alexander this morning and it was funny to see Alexander having the same eye expressions as Julio. To the T, the rolling upwards of the eyes as if to say ‘Oh Brother’.

So now you know the plan. Bill and I getting legitimized somewhat in the eyes of the Hoboken city government. We’re registered at Regency Cigar Emporium at 752 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818-3501 in case you were wondering.

Just send them an email and tell them my real name. They have my address as well as what I like. Just tell them to duplicate my last orders.

Cheeky ol’ me…

Things to read...

Things to read...

Places to see...

Places to see...

Lucifer Sam

Tired again. I used to walk around a lot, now when I do a lot of walking around, I invariably get pretty tired. It’s more than likely from sitting in at home and not walking much during the winter months. And also I’m usually wearing a lot more clothes than I do during the warmer months so that makes me heavier.

And then there are the boots which make for trudging. I know these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. But in the wintertime, it’s a schlep.

Bill was off to drive a bus this morning at 2:30 this morning. Somehow I was conscious enough to ask him to turn on his Google Latitude so I could track his progress. I was a bit worried since big snowstorms were headed for the Albany area and that was where Bill and his theater group were headed.

Not worried enough to stay awake and pace the floor. I went back to sleep.

I’ve been setting my alarm clock lately and so I’ve been waking up around 8:30. I know, 8:30. Those of you who are employed like I once was can all roll your eyes at the luxury of waking up at 8:30. The others can just put their clothes on instead of walking around their homes naked.

You know who you are.

I had plans to head into the city to help out Greg Stevens so instead of watching Gilmore Girls which is what I watch at 11:00, I headed out midway through. It was actually the last episode so I recorded it.

Ah, Stars Hollow. In some ways Hoboken reminds me of Stars Hollow. In very vague ways of course. When looking at it on paper it seems absurd. Then again, one of the categories for various entries, is Abstract Absurdist Otherness which is what I sometimes am.

I waited for the bus on Washington Street and ran into a neighbor from my building who was also heading into the city. Deborah from the fourth floor was off to her therapy. I asked perhaps brazenly if it was physical or psycho therapy.

It was psychotherapy.

We had a good talk. I told her of my experiences seeing a therapist, how I couldn’t commit to a long term relationship with them since the problem that got me there in the first place usually solved itself or subsided.

Deborah told me the therapist wasn’t charging her for the sessions, but she was stuck for something to say. I explained to Deborah that sometimes when I was going, I would feel fine and also wondering what I would talk about.

Like, if I had a session on a Tuesday, Wednesday through Monday I was fine, yet anxiety ridden that day trying to come up with something to say. I also did not appreciate being fit into a textbook, as my therapists would usually try to apply those lessons to me.

Not your average bear or wolf, me.

It was a good ride though and me being me, was all blah blah this and blah blah that. A walk across town, stopping at Barnes and Noble to get the latest Mojo. Syd Barrett on the cover, Syd Barrett influenced CD inside.

Made it over to Greg Stevens office and on the way up in the elevator I talked with Alex the IT guy who’s also helping Greg out. Alex mentioned that it would make sense for Greg to hire me as his assistant and I couldn’t help but agree.

Money being tight meant that it isn’t meant to be at this moment. Greg was as flustered as usual as Alex and I moved things around in his office. Soon I was out on the street again trying to find a 25 foot DSL cable.

No luck with that so we decided to order one online and have it delivered by Monday, which is when I will be back in Greg’s office. Walked back to the Path train and then back to the apartment which is where I am now, watching the final episode of the Gilmore Girls.

Search and Destroy

A nice Saturday afternoon, unspoiled. Last night was nice too. Bill and I hanging out, watching a recording of the Office from Thursday night and Talk Soup. Both enjoyable and filled with laughs and as usual the Office provided nervous chuckles.

Bill went to bed midway through Bill Maher’s show on HBO. It seems I enjoy Bill Maher if someone else is watching with me. Otherwise I just pick up a magazine and read while it goes on. I did pay some attention though.

Bill Maher’s guests last night were Andrew Breitbart and Michael Eric Dyson. Breitbart playing the role of conservative blow hard to a T while Dyson intelligently explained his own point of view (the liberal side) which effectively made Breitbart look like exactly what he is, a conservative blow hard.

I went to bed a little while after that, Bill fast asleep in the bed. It is nice to have him there though and I find myself falling asleep to the sound of his snoring.

Woke up before 9:00 which was nice for a Saturday. Had my cuppa before heading out for morning foodstuffs.

Totally unlike last week, Fake Patrick’s Day. No groups of twenty somethings heading off to parties at 10:00AM. Came home and Bill was awake and puttering about.

Read the papers and helped Bill with cleaning up the apartment. Needed to get vacuum bags for the new vacuum cleaner I got from work last week.

He was planning on heading out at 1:00, at least thats what he told me at 12:50. We actually left together at 2:30. He was off to the dry cleaners and laundromat while I stood outside smoking a Joya De Nicaragua that I picked up yesterday.

Walked Bill off to the bus stop and then I ambled down Washington Street. . Nice enough day in the sun, chilly in the shade but I didn’t mind. A good cigar and I listened to the second half of A Hard Days Night on the iPod.

Came home and finished Mojo magazine with Pete Townshend circa 1967 on the cover from The Who Sell Out photo sessions. Very good interview with Nick Lowe inside and for once a not too pretentious article by Dave Marsh about the Who.

Picked up some adequate vacuum bags and came home and started vacuuming. Very powerful vacuum cleaner, it sucks so strongly that if you put the nozzle to the floor it takes two hands to lift it. Good to know I think. I don’t think it was ever used in the office.

While I vacuumed I listened to Dark Was The Night, the Red Hot compilation that I picked up last week. It was better than I expected it to be. 2 discs that I played in sequence. Even Antony sounds good on it which for me, says something. Highly recommended.

I’m presently listening to War Child- Heroes, another charity CD I bought last week. It’s fun, but I tell you the guy from the Hold Steady who sings Bruce’s Atlantic City seems to have graduated summa cum laude from the Springsteen School of Singing. I find it annoying, but the singer is known for his love of all things Bruce.

Hot Chip’s cover of Joy Division’s Transmission is a lot of fun, a lot more fun than Ian Curtis and company. I never really ‘got’ Joy Division. Always found them depressing. New Order I liked. Go fish.

Rufus Wainwright singing Brian Wilson’s Wonderful/Song for Children is a wonderful reminder of what a beautiful voice Rufus has. Scissor Sisters singing Roxy Music’s Do The Strand is as much fun as their cover of the Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

And after trying to figure out why the Blood Bank EP by Bon Iver was so pricey, I downloaded a copy. 4 songs, pirated. Argh.

I would have purchased a physical copy if the price was right, but it wasn’t.


It's a trap!

It's a trap!

Shakin’ All Over

Oh that Kenny G. He’s on TV right now playing his horn on some ice skating program. He’s the butt of a lot of jokes but I talked with him a while ago on the phone while working for Arista Records and found him to be quite a nice guy.

So I have no beef with him. I won’t run out and buy his records or anything like that but I really have nothing bad to say about him. I wish I knew him better so I could recommend Harpy working for him.

I just got home from Manhattan. Nice day to walk around the city. I headed into the office and cleaned some vases with bamboo shoots in them and roots and rocks covered in algae. I try to clean them once a month but I’ve been lax in that department.

I was also able to take care of a few things that occurred during my absence yesterday. It’s true, these people I work with and support can’t do anything for themselves. They are spoiled. I’m not complaining since I’m the one who’s spoiled them and it keeps me busy. The smallest thing I do makes me look good I think and I intend to keep this up until the lease runs out in March 2010.

Last night I watched a little bit of Factory Girl (The Edie Sedgwick story) which had a bit of the song, Shakin’ All Over. I loved the version and went to iTunes to find out who had done it. Of course it’s a classic and covered by dozens of artists. I found a version I really liked by Iggy Pop and downloaded it. But still- who did the classic 1960’s version?

I enjoyed a Padron as I walked back to the Path train. I wasn’t going to take the bus home since it took forever to get into the city on the bus. One lane going in through the Lincoln Tunnel, plus the bus had a slight collision with a truck. Nothing bad happened and we only stopped for a few minutes.

I was reading about Caroline Kennedy in the New Yorker and a woman next to me asked what I thought about the article I had just finished. We would up having a nice chat about the Kennedy’s and politics. I mentioned that it’s sometimes confusing and infuriating that being so close to New York, we get all the information about New York politics, like Caroline Kennedy thinking about becoming a Senator for the Empire State.

Ultimately it wouldn’t concern me one way or another, but I was drawn into it due to the Kennedy myths. My seat mate felt the same way. She’s an Irish Catholic and I’m a Irish Atheist, formerly catholic. It was a nice chat. She was chubby cheeked enough that she could have passed for one of my cousins. And we both still feel bad about John F. Kennedy Jr and his untimely demise.

I talked with my sister on the phone as I puffed on my Padron and walked down Fifth Avenue towards the Path train. She and her husband, Rex are enjoying the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss CD I got Rex for his birthday this past week, Raising Sand.

Annemarie is going to burn it for me since I was pretty much intrigued by the song that I had heard. I, in turn promised to burn a copy of Raphael Saadiq, The Way I See It. I posted the 100 Yard Dash on my Facebook page page and Annemarie liked it.

It promises to be another quiet night tonight. No plans really. Got the new Mojo and Uncut magazines which I will likely peruse while perhaps watching Renee Fleming on the Elvis Costello show, Spectacle. That’s it on this end. Hope all is well with you and yours, as it is with me and mine.

Since You’ve Been Gone

A blasé Saturday and that’s fine by me. Stayed up last night watching Elvis Costello interviewing Elton John. It was quite good. Elton discussing Leon Russell, Laura Nyro and David Ackles and how much of an influence they were on him.

Some footage of each artist, each clip less than a minute though. Elton is so pudgy now. He looked comfortable with it, so good for him. Elvis opened the show singing Border Song with Allen Toussaint who may be his musical director.

They did release an album a while ago, singing songs about Hurricane Katrina. They also sand Working in a Coalmine, which is a Toussaint song. Elton sang a good portion of Burn Down the Mission, which was a favorite Elton song for me a number of years ago. It was worth watching.

After that I went to sleep waking up around 9:00 this morning. Pretty cold, temperatures in the low 30’s. Bill in Stuyvesant Town, we talked on the phone. I got the papers and some foodstuffs then started the laundry after breakfast.

Watched the Office and 30 Rock, recorded on Thursday night. Very very funny. 30 Rock was the funnier of the two.

Stopped by the Hoboken library to pick up a book I ordered a few weeks ago and forgot all about it. Turned out to be Frontman by Richard Barone. I was embarrassed and promptly put it in my bag.

I don’t know what made me order it in the first place, I think it was an online article from Popdose, an email I get daily. It was from an interview with Richard Barone and how great he is blah blah blah.

I used to think that, but as time went on I changed my feelings and now think Jim Mastro is great and Richard Barone, not so much. He’s genuinely nice that Jim, as are Rob and Frank. With Barone it seems like it’s phony.

Never got around to buying the Bongo’s Drums Along the Hudson on CD though I did take it out of the library and now it’s an mp3.

Decided to head into the city to visit Farfetched. Before that I went to Virgin and bought the latest Mojo and Uncut magazines. Big sale on cd’s. Guess they’ll be liquidating soon since the Virgin Mega-stores will be shuttered in the next year I think.

People roaming around but not really buying anything. That’s the case at Farfetched as well. No one has much money for anything this year during the holiday season and of course there is the worry about whether or not they will have jobs come Monday or the week after that or the week after that and so on.

It was good to see Harpy and Lois behind the counter. It seems pretty much definite that I won’t be working there this season. I’m pretty sure I would have heard something by now. But it’s cool.

I have a day job and this is Susan and Lois and Harpy’s main source of income. I’m not greedy.

Walked through Manhattan having a Padron and headed to the Path train. That’s about it.

The Vatican will NOT support a UN resolution to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. I’m so glad I have nothing to do with those ‘men’ in fancy dresses and hats anymore. Somethings are just too gay, even for me.

What did YOU do today?

Easy to Love

Last night was nice and certainly not as raucous as other birthdays that I’ve had. I’ve had birthday evenings filled with whippets, acid, coke, booze but not any more. It was the first time in a while that a hangover did not follow the next day. I’m not complaining though some madness would have been nice last night.

After dinner Bill went right to bed and I watched TV. Just like any other night. Bill was up and out at 4:00 this morning. Some church function in upstate New York. A nice kiss goodbye, then he was out of the apartment leaving every light on in every room but the bedroom. I stirred about 5 hours later, waking to find the news of Hurricane Ike kicking Texas ass.

Pretty bad down there. I was telling Bill last night about my father working for the Port of Galveston years ago. From the reports this morning there might not be much of Galveston left, not to mention the ports themselves.

I stopped buying the New York Post this morning. I’ve been buying it for a while now, a perverse thrill but it’s mainly been pissing me off. I can read it online and save myself $0.50. Why should Murdoch get any of my hard earned cash? I can afford it, but it’s the principle.

Just too stupid and wrong wing and I admit a certain snobbery when I would see people reading it on the subway or the bus while I sit and read the New Yorker. It’s not right but it’s a fun moment being judgmental. I have had my moments and I’m pretty sure I’ve been judged for doing a lot worse than reading a tabloid. I

was planning on going for a bike ride this afternoon but it looked like rain so I didn’t. Stayed local and walked over tot he river and read the latest Mojo. Ran into Michael Hill who’s always a nice guy to talk to.

I forget who it was a while ago who had something to say about Michael but I’ve never had any problems with him. He even tried to get me a job at Warner Brother music a couple of decades ago but that didn’t pan out. He was soon on his way and I finished the cigar I was enjoying and walked home as it started to drizzle a bit while talking to my sister on the phone.

15 minute walk from Sinatra Park to my apartment all the while talking to my sister about making pesto sauce. I did try to make the pesto sauce and it certainly was not like the pesto that I would have for lunch. I did not buy heavy cream and following Harpy and Annemarie’s instructions it came out badly.

When I would get the penne pesto and chicken for lunch it was creamy and the pasta was covered in a green sauce. This was speckled with some pesto and rather bland.

Annemarie is worried about the cholesterol with the heavy cream but I was planning on only using a dash of it, to liquefy the pesto which is clumpy. And I couldn’t find any info online.

Plenty of info on how to make pesto sauce from scratch, but nothing about a recipe if the pesto sauce has been store bought. We’ll see about tomorrow.

Today’s weather

In the Midnight Hour

It’s Saturday and so far it’s been a good day. Last night was pretty good too. Hung out with Bill who was non stop last night. Non stop talking. He was getting worked up on everything on TV. The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Olbermann with Rachel Maddow, the the Olympics, when he started talking ghetto which is quite a sight coming from Bill.

For those that don’t know, Bill is not from the ghetto and he doesn’t talk like that at all. It’s a running joke among me and some of his friends about how ‘non-ghetto’ Bill is. After a while though I needed to ask him to tone it down. It was getting tiring and by that I mean I was getting tired listening to him.

Eventually I started reading the latest Mojo Magazine wand tuned him out somewhat. After watching Michael Phelps win his 7th Gold Medal Bill went to bed. I stayed up for a while reading and watching a little bit of Oceans 13. I didn’t see Oceans 12 so I wasn’t sure if I missed anything. It didn’t really matter since I started watching this edition midway through and eventually I could not keep my eyes open.

Fell right asleep as my head hit the pillow. Woke up to Bill kissing me good bye for the day and him wishing me an enjoyable bike ride. I said it depended on the weather. He wished me a good bike ride again, leaving me to believe he checked the weather report before leaving. I soon got out of bed and was out on the streets getting ready for my day.

Ran into Linda who was my favorite cashier at the supermarket. She suddenly wasn’t there anymore and was replaced by several incompetents. I thought the worst, but here she was. She had taken an early retirement and was living on her late husband’s pension.

I was glad she was still alive as I thought she might have passed away. She’s an older woman who reminds my sister of our grandmother. I’ll have to take Annemarie’s word for it since I don’t remember my mother’s mother.

I was back in the apartment in no time, having a nice breakfast and reading the papers. Around 1:00 I decided to go for the bike ride that Bill suggested. Rode over to the Light Rail station on 9th street under the Palisades and took the elevator to Congress Street.

A beautiful day as I rode down Palisades Avenue, turning onto Hudson and through my old neighborhood. I saw Hector who runs Five Corners Liquor around the block from where I lived with William Charas for 11 years.

I always though Hector was so handsome and macho and had a crush on him for a long time. His hair is white now but he’s still a sexy guy. Woof! In a minute! After that lustful escapade in my mind, I was soon on Hudson Avenue heading to North Hudson County Park.

The hills were definitely a lot easier this time around. Last time I rode was three weeks ago and it really wasn’t difficult heading up to the George Washington Bridge through Cliffside Park and Fort Lee. I crossed the bridge with no problem, even stopped and took some snaps as the bridge bounced up and down under my Airwalks.

In Washington Heights, I took some more pictures on the bike path underneath the bridge. When I ride I tend to see other riders, in fact the whole environment as aquatic. There were a lot of bicyclists, more than usual and some were riding in groups like schools of fish.

Cars were sharks, trucks were whales, pedestrians were all different types of fish. Then there’s individual fish like myself cycling past various schools of fish. Just something that I entertain myself with while cycling.

Pics taken while riding with no hands! Look ma!

Under Riverside Drive



Battles were playing Summerstage so I rode over to the rock and had a sandwich. Stayed for Black Dice who were noisy and fun. They had a beat going somewhat and I enjoyed them very much. I saw Battles last year at the Seaport and they were ok, but I didn’t feel like staying for them especially since I enjoyed what I had heard from Black Dice.

Went over to the skate circle and wasn’t too impressed with the day’s DJ, so I rode out of the park determined to avoid any confrontations with Eastern European Ped-Cab drivers. Back to the bike path on the river, riding past the Tibetan protesters across the street from the Chinese embassy, and the ludicrously overpriced ferry winding my way down to the World Trade Center and the Path train to Exchange Place.

At Exchange Place in Jersey City there was a Puerto Rican festival which I took in for a little while. Woof all around. A pleasant ride back to Hoboken followed. A shower, a nice dinner and now this.


All in all approximately 40 miles today.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Summerstage for the final show of the season, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings headlining. No bike, I’m going shanks mare.

RIP Jerry Wexler

I’ll Follow The Sun

Well I just got back a couple of hours ago from Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island. All is well. The ocean was like bathwater, it was that warm. A few jellyfish but that’s sort of expected in August down the shore. There were reports of lots of jellyfish off the coasts of NJ and Long Island, but it wasn’t too bad at least in Ship Bottom.

Thursday morning Bill was off to work after a nice dinner with Casey and his wife. It was at McSwells and it was a bit on the loud side. I don’t recall Steve Fallon allowing music that loud to be played in the restaurant, but these tattooed kids today…

Roda was managing and we saw him for a spell before heading home, Bill went right to bed and I soon after, after realizing that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Plus I had the trip down the shore the next morning. Bill was gone after a nice kiss and I was up getting things together.

Made sure the iPod was charged, had plenty to read and headed off to the bus having decided to avoid the stress of the morning rush hour which I deal with every day. Why should I have to deal with thousands of people on my day off? It was a lot less crowded and I was able to walk outside to see if the latests Mojo and Uncut magazines were on the stand yet.

They weren’t, and I still had the New Yorker and Rip It Up by Simon Reynolds. Got on the bus to Toms River where I would have to transfer. Listened to Scritti Politti and read the sad article about the gay soldier killed in Iraq. Then some of Rip It Up and soon I was asleep, waking up just outside of Toms River.

The Toms River sky

About 20 minutes later the transfer bus shows up and I’m on that heading down the back streets of Highway 9. Contacted my sister in law Elaine and let her know I would soon be in Manahawkin. I was unfamiliar with the route and the map on the schedule was no help at all.

The bus driver told me she would drop me off at the Manahawkin library but I got out a before that at Lake Manhawkin, walked 100 yards and found Elaine with her friend Irene. Got to Ship Bottom where Frank was on the couch watching TV, much like he does on Garfield. But it’s his vacation and he’s entitled to do whatever he wants to do.

Elaine and I walked over to the beach around 4PM. Still hot and bright out and the water must have been in the 70 degree range. Elaine’s not one to play in the ocean so I floated around and got beaten up a bit by the waves, which I definitely enjoy, though it’s always more fun if there’s someone else with you getting knocked around by the tide.

Frank and Elaine

After an hour or so of that we headed back home, Frank in a different position on the couch, Irene on the porch reading a book. I showered and alternated sitting outside with the women and sitting inside with my brother. We microwaved some vittles and watched some TV, Frank and I going for a ride in his car, looking for some place featuring a Grateful Dead cover band the next night.

Thankfully we couldn’t find it. No Deadhead me, whereas Frank used to be and still is somewhat. We talked about music and somehow Pat Boone came up. We also talked about how he is trying to be more positive and stop being negative which in an amazing coincidence for someone who looks a lot like Frank, I am trying to do the same.

I had gotten an email before I left from Casey who said he had a good time and that Bill was one of the most positive people he’s ever met. And it’s true Bill is so damn positive and I’m not. Sometimes a conversation between Bill and myself goes,
Bill: Isn’t it great that so and so had this happen to them?
Me: No. No it isn’t.

So to hear Frank talk about trying to be positive was a weird thing to hear.

I took a walk by myself when I came home, to the beach where I was a bit intimidated by the vastness of the ocean, at night, seeing a boat far away in the darkness. Looking north I could watch a lightning storm miles away, all the while amazed by the hundreds of suns far away in the universe, some dying, some dead with the light just reaching us now.

The beach at night

I am always in awe of just looking up in the sky and seeing all that, but you really can’t see it in Hoboken due to the light pollution of New York City. I came home to Elaine and Irene soon going to their bedrooms and I stayed up with Frank watching some of the Colbert Report but the waves beating me up in the afternoon took it’s toll and soon I was asleep in bed.

And that’s where I had this odd dream about Pat Boone coming onto me, wanting to get a threesome going with Scott from Stevens Tech, unseen in the next room. In the dream Pat Boone was really hung. I woke up just then, and no I didn’t try to go back to sleep.

Got out of bed, and went and got coffee for the coffee drinkers. Went to the beach around 10:00. Not too crowded save for a group of Christianists praying in the sand. A youth group actually repeating whatever it is they were told. There were about 50 kids ranging from about 8 to 16, led by slightly older teenagers, cheerleaders for god.

Took a while for the water to warm up again, Elaine, Irene and myself enjoyed ourselves, the two of them collecting shells. After getting lunch for everyone I jumped in the water. We were sitting in the surfing area so I had to walk about 100 feet north. By that time there were a lot of people on the beach, a lot of families.

When I would go to the beach with Julio and Stine, we would make a point to get as far away from people as possible. It was impossible to do that at Ship Bottom but I made the most of it.

Elaine and Irene left around 2:00, I stayed until about 5:00, going back in the water and occasionally silently freaking out when my hand would brush a dead jellyfish. Dinner was Italian take out which was mediocre.

Just sat around and watched TV with Frank and drank sangria with Elaine on the porch. Since I was beaten up by the ocean so much more in the afternoon I wound up falling asleep at 9:00.

This time I dreamt I was driving the brown Ford Econoline from my HBJ days, driving in Manhattan with Zed my late cat and the namesake of this blog. Like I used to do, in the dream I was driving through Central Park and heading for Farfetched which was now located in a glitzy store in Times Square.

It seemed to be quite a success, enough so that neither Susan nor Lois, not even Harpy were working. I had to pick up something behind the counter and though I didn’t know the girl behind the register, she knew me. Zed and I were back heading through Central Park when I woke up and took a picture.

Then went back to sleep, waking up a little while later, Elaine and Irene cleaning up since we needed to be out by 11:00AM. I went out and got coffee and helped clean up when I got back. Took a walk on the beach, just a handful of people, fishermen and surfers out so early.

We were on the road in two cars, Elaine and Irene in one car, Frank and myself in his. Had a nice ride home talking about familiar subjects in every sense of the word. Now I am home and ready for a nap. Tonight’s plan, dinner with Julio and hanging out with Juan. So perhaps a disco nap is in order.

No nap, second wind, more pics…


♫ everybody’s working for the weekend ♪


Who Has Seen the Wind?

Oh what a weird bus ride home. First off, the bus was crawling back to Hoboken through the Lincoln Tunnel. I thought we were going to breakdown. It was like the driver had the emergency brake on. There was also a priest on the bus and I should have sat next to him, if only I had a Christopher Hitchens/Sam Harris/Richard Dawkins book on me. They wrote books in the past year or so in favor of atheism. I could have engaged the priest in a discussion on the existence of god.

It might have been fun, but no, I took an empty seat behind a cat lady with one of her cats, a white cat with hair all over the place. The cat or the cat lady was heavily medicated, you can smell it. Oh it was a nasty pharmaceutical odor. It started to turn my stomach, enough that I almost got off the bus at the first opportunity.

I have nothing against cat people or people on medications, this was just a foul odor. I’m glad I’m not allergic to cats since there was cat hair all over the seats. And there was another cat person on the bus but she had her cat in a carrier, whereas cat lady had her white cat in a duffel bag that she alternately murmured to and cursed at. I did get off the bus at the usual stop.

Work once again was dreadfully slow. Just three of us in the office out of eight. Greg Stevens one of the three, left the office at 12:00 to head out to the Hamptons. Then Marty Allen left at 3:00, leaving me solo. I stayed until 4:30. I’m taking off tomorrow to get my crap ready for the gate sale on Saturday. Bought some dot stickers so I could price things properly.

Some things were gifts from friends and family that I have absolutely no use for, and I could use the money. I would rather sell these items rather than lugging them back up five flights of stairs. If you’re in the neighborhood, I’ll be out from 10:00-4:00. In theory that is. If nothing is happening and it gets too hot then I might just quit early and call it a day. Who knows? Maybe I’ll sell everything really quick. That would be nice.

I just got an invitation to a wedding party in Walton NY. My friend Lois just married her guy, Fred. They’ve been going out for more than twenty years, so I guess the time is right. The party is August 2, which may be doable, but I am also trying to finagle an invitation to go down the Jersey Shore and stay with my brother Frank and his family. I was invited last year and couldn’t go, so this year might be possible. I’ll find out more this weekend when I see the Garfield contingent on Sunday.

I can still smell the meds from the bus ride. I also got the latest Mojo Magazine with the Sex Pistols on the cover, looking their age, fifty something and Uncut Magazine with CSNY on the cover not looking their age with a snapshot from 1969. I guess if it was a shot of CSNY today, people might get confused and think they were picking up an issue from AARP. I really shouldn’t talk. In five years I’ll be eligible for a subscription to AARP.

Just got back from an errand. Went to the library and picked up ‘We All Shine On: The Stories Behind Every John Lennon song from 1970-1980’ by Paul Du Noyer, a Mojo/Uncut writer. Also picked up ‘Tweaked’ by Nic Sheff, the son of David Sheff, who wrote the last book I read, ‘Beautiful Boy’ about his son’s methamphetamine addiction. This is the son’s side of the story. And 2 slices of pizza at $3.00 per slice. It’s that price all over Hoboken, blaming the cost of shipping flour.

There’s no escape.

Don’t Play That Song

Well it’s an early posting today, so far at least. It also a rainy wet day. Nothing but rain. No mater how you dressed you were going to get wet. Last night I watched Daily Show and Colbert Report. Daily Show had Hank Hill’s father on it, Cotton Hill. No wait, that was John McCrazy. I couldn’t watch it so I played music while the old coot rambled on and on about what a nice guy he is. We know he’s a nutter and not trustworthy. And by we, I am including or incriminating you, dear reader.

So far I’ve missed three weeks of My Name is Earl and Scrubs. I have them recorded so there’s not much to worry about in that department, if worry is the right word to use. I did watch The Office which hit the degree of being uncomfortable that it used to. That humor which is funny yet makes you squirm. Job fairs and golfing were the themes, with Michael making one’s skin crawl accordingly.

30 Rock was near madcap brilliance of course and that was due to Alec Baldwin once again with support from Matthew Broderick as well as Dean Winters playing Liz Lemon’s low rent on again off again boyfriend. No one can play sleaze quite like Dean Winters. And good old Kenneth trying to get to the Beijing Olympics with help from Jenna was cute.

After that was Lost which was pretty good, minimal Jack which is usually a good thing. Too convoluted a plot line to get involved with here, so I recommend you go to the Entertainment Weekly website for recaps and theories about the episode. Way too myriad for me. Went to bed, woke up not wanting to get out of bed but since I arranged for Lydia to have the day off so she can spend time with her Japanese Brazilian boyfriend, I had to go in.

For the first hour it seemed that I would be solo but as the morning progressed one or two people trickled in. A total of 5 people came in out of 10. Around noon, Vivek made an appearance, saying that I could go home around 2PM. I stayed until 3PM. I asked him about the receptionist position and he said yes, we would need one for the summer.

Then I told him what Greg Stevens had to say about it yesterday and he effectively turned the matter over to Tom Chin who once again doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about. So the ball is still up in the air vis a vis Juan working for me during the summer. Sorry Juan, no definite answer yet.

So I left at 3PM, hopped on the E train to the bus terminal where I got in the queue for the bus which was surprising to see so many people who had also left work early. Luckily I got a seat, unluckily I almost got an eye poked out by a umbrella with a jerk attached to it talking to his friend about the most mundane topics. Perhaps if the subject were more interesting I wouldn’t mind getting stabbed in the eye.

He was so annoying that I got off the bus a stop early just to get away from him. I didn’t mind walking in the rain and I noticed he got out at the next stop. I could see his gigantic red and white umbrella in the distance as he tried to mange walking with an umbrella and talking on a cell phone at the same time. I easily overtook him as he fumbled. Made it home, dried myself off and here I am. That’s about it for now.

No one except for dear Harpy commented on the MOJO letter, he being just as confused by the header as I was. I emailed MOJO about it this afternoon, no reply as of yet.

Ego Tripping Out

It’s Thursday though last night I could have sworn it was Thursday which would make today Friday but it isn’t, it’s Thursday and that’s a drag. It happens from time to time, getting a little ahead of myself on occasion. Today was a day of fiasco’s. Bill asked me to drop off a power supply for his laptop at his office on my way to work this morning. That was no problem. The actual problem was I brought the wrong power supply. I thought he needed the one with the Apple logo on it but no. So I have to bring the one Bill actually needs which is no big deal, not even a hassle since it’s on the way.

I watched two documentaries on PBS last night, the first was a new documentary on Marvin Gaye. Great story, deserved more than an hour, though I guess that is where Jesse Martin comes in with his bio-pic of Marvin in the works. Should be an interesting scene of Marvin on the beach in Hawaii trying to kill himself by snorting many grams of cocaine. A troubled life for the trouble man. Great clips throughout the show of Marvin in his uneasy prime. What a sexy guy he was but couldn’t dance for shit.

The other documentary was about Aretha Franklin which had even better clips from the sixties, but it was a documentary from the late eighties it seemed. Keith Richards was in it for a minute or two and he looked still alive. Still there were some clips of Aretha live that sent chills up my spine. A friend of mine and I had a plan a few years ago to drive to Detroit just to hear Aretha sing in her church. Obviously it never came to fruition, never making it to Motown.

Work was ok. Nothing much to report. The bookkeeper was back after a bout with cancer which seems to be in remission and that was good to hear. She’s a buffer of sorts between me and Tom Chin. I was planning on trying to get Juan a summer job in my office, but as usual communication is up to me. A month ago I mentioned that there might not be a need for a receptionist and Vivek said there would be.

Today I mentioned it to Greg Stevens and he said there would be no need. So I figure I have to get a definite answer so in case it doesn’t go well Juan could figure out something else to do. Greg cited the cost, but it wouldn’t be much of a cost since it’s the same as we are paying Lydia presently. I’ll find out more about that tomorrow.

I also dealt with the insurance company and NYU dental school, who didn’t have me in their records. At least the first of several numbers I had dialed. Then the same thing with the insurance company. It turns out they did send a check for the scaling and planing they had done on my left side of my mouth. But they sent it to NYU and not me.

NYU does the work and collects money from me. That’s it. All insurance paperwork has to be done my me, not the dental school. They’ve already gotten my money, and now my check covering a little bit more than 50% of what I paid which is better than nothing.

Serenity now!

Oh forgot this nice little bit. I had a letter published in Mojo Magazine. It was actually the second time they’ve published a letter, or rather email that I’ve sent. This month’s issue, #175 with Slash on the cover. I don’t like Slash. In the UK it was Paul Weller on the cover. My letter was about the previous month’s switch of covers for a US readership. Instead of a great picture of one of my all time favorite bands ever, The Specials, they had Neil Young. Great songs, but let’s face it, he’s a geezer. The Specials, interracial, young and handsome with a great political slant are much more easy on the eyes.

My letter is under the heading “We thought you were inferior” and the letter goes as follows:

I love you MOJO, I really do. I buy your magazine every month. I was driving the newsagents crazy insisting MOJO 174 had the Specials on the cover. Then I saw Neil Young instead. I like Neil Young, but I got so much more from my beloved Specials. Just disappointed in the switch. I know you have to do it in the US since Neil is more famous that Jerry, Terry and co. And I still love you.

What do you think about that? I had to admit, I thought it was great as I laughed out loud.
But that headline…
What do you think it means?

Please check out this link from the wonderful Dan Savage. Cut n’ paste:


Last night was very quiet. Watched Nirvana Unplugged DVD. Very good. Almost got it for my nephew last year for the holidays but apparently Earl isn’t that into Nirvana these days. It was an enjoyable concert, would have loved to have been there. I did see Nirvana inadvertently when they played McSwells on a likely Thursday night before they made it super big. I wasn’t into them, too loud for my tastes at that time, and they looked like carnival workers. I was more than likely wearing my rock snob hat at the time as well. The DVD didn’t hold much in the way of extras. Just a look at rehearsals, nothing more than that.

Channel surfed after that, while watching a George Harrison interview with Dick Cavett on YouTube and reading the latest Mojo magazine. In the UK the magazine had the Specials on the cover. In the US, it’s Neil Young. I like Neil, but the Specials had my heart. And the Specials would have made a better cover. Wound up watching Biography on TV. All about Happy Days, followed by Backstage Stories about Laverne and Shirley and Cheers. It was definitely low brow but provided the right amount of background noise to carry me through to the News followed by bedtime.

Slept really well, woke up earlier than I’ve been waking up lately. Got to the office, no one in yet. I made coffee and did my thing. Lydia the receptionist texted me, telling me she was still ill. I expected that so I was prepared. What I was not prepared for was staring into the abyss. Yes, the abyss stared back. I was caught in the middle of some struggle in the office. Actually what has the makings of a struggle. But the two parties haven’t communicated with each other yet, at least not about the issue that I’m involved with.

I haven’t done anything wrong, forwarded the right paperwork, but red flags have gone up at one end, and the other end doesn’t know. It has the potential to be ugly, that much I know. And like I said, even though I’ve done nothing wrong, there was that sinking feeling, a feeling of worthlessness and stupidity. Two feelings I have dealt with before and am way to acquainted with. I called Bill as I stood outside my building. It was a nice afternoon as Bill did his best to talk me in off the ledge. Of course in my moment of despondency, on the phone with Bill I get surrounded by a few hot hunky men in suits. Nice, but I really wasn’t in the mood. Especially the worked out hunk in a a very nice navy pinstriped suit.

Obviously I paid attention. Bill was great though and I was glad to be able to turn to him in my hour of need. It wasn’t long after that when I went home, having a Padron and listening to the third set of earphones. For the holidays, Julio and Stine got me a pricey pair, and I used them for a while when one earphone crapped out. It was under warranty so I returned them and a few weeks later got a new pair. Then a few weeks after that, those too crapped out. Once again, made arrangements to return for a new set. Today they came in and they sound great once again.

My friend Martha is having a party for her newest Badly Drawn Comix and she asked me to supply the music, iPod style. So I’ve made a playlist which is now almost 7 hours long. Can’t wait to break it out. Of course I keep hearing in the back of my mind, “they’re going to hate it.” Came home and I knew there was nothing to eat so I went to the supermarket where I ran into Andrea Kenny, someone I used to know.

She’s looking for a job and I tried to give her some suggestions while she just gabbed and gabbed about everything under the sun. I started to think we looked like 2 old ladies in the supermarket talking about this and that. That gave me the idea to flee Andrea Kenny. Wished her good luck and made a beeline to the cashier. Now I’m home, feeling better having eaten. I think I need a vacation. No, I know I need a vacation.


♫ It’s a Saturday, and I slept until 8:30 and it felt really good yeah yeah yeah.♪. Didn’t do much of anything last night, watched TV, read Mojo which for me personally was sub par. I tried to get into it, but I didn’t really want to read about the British perspective of Staten Island’s Wu Tang Clan. Not that I don’t like them, but Jeezy Creezy I know most of the story already and what I didn’t know, I didn’t care to know. Just a bum issue I guess.

I did find out that Nick Lowe’s Jesus Of Cool has been reissued for it’s 30th anniversary which is cool and worth getting. Here in the States it was called Pure Pop for Now People. So I’m going to get a copy for myself online, and probably burn a copy for my brother Brian. We both liked Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds back in the day, and last September when I saw Nick Lowe solo I made a point to direct Brian to the YouTube clips I had posted under the vid de plume of johnotoole99.

I watched Monk last night, the detective with OCD, not the jazz pianist. It was the season finale, and even though I watch the show from time to time, I was able to figure out the cliffhanger. Monk was not shot, the gun had blanks, and he’s swimming off to fake his death to finally nab Scott Glenn, the corrupt sheriff. Or not. I was pretty much sure of that last night, but with time, my certainty fades. Also watched Bill Maher which I tend to enjoy more with someone else here on the couch rather than alone. Strange, that. I figured midnight was as good a time as any to finally fall asleep and that’s what I did.

Just knowing I have Monday off was like a vacation and waking up wasn’t so bad. I had things to do, laundry, dry cleaning, shopping for slippers, and some new pots and potting soil for an attempt to rescue a plant that I brought with me from Weehawken 6 years ago. It was originally William’s plant and it almost took over the kitchen. It’s a hearty elephant eared plant, but lately all the leaves fell off my plant. I thought maybe the problem was the soil and the size of the pot so that was my chore for the day. I wouldn’t really know if it was the right thing to do for a few days, much like surgery I guess. I do hope it works because I do like this plant, even though I think it may be from another planet.

Yesterday when I spoke with brother Frank on the phone, he was telling me about a PBS show with Henry Louis Gates called American Lives 2, about tracing roots and genetics for various prominent African Americans. It was very good and Frank was on the money about the show. I don’t think a lot of white people realize how fucked the black people have been in this country, they just expect them to get over 400 years of oppression, from slavery to today, all the time being told that they were worthless, less than human, and when that is systematically enforced both physically and mentally everyday of your life, just getting over it clearly isn’t an option. About 40 years ago there were struggles to eat at the same lunch counter. Such institutional bullshit, still exists today.

I looked into taking some meditation classes in Hoboken. Going to look into it at least. That should be interesting. I’m just in it for the mantra.