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Hold Back Time

Another Monday it seems. More rain. Gray gray day. Not much reason to go out except for bread and now that that’s done I have no reason to go out again.

Watched the Pacific again which was probably the most intense it’s been so far. And Treme was good too, just not as good as The Pacific. Thanks to the melatonin, no laying in bed thinking about how grenades work.

Bill had rehearsal for a play and didn’t get home until late. I stayed up until he came home and then went to bed. By the time Bill went to bed I was fast asleep. I love me my melatonin.

Haven’t seen or heard from anyone today except a phone call with Bill earlier and emails from my sister. Some Facebook postings and comments as well.

Sent out some resumes once again, hoping for the best and disregarding some requirements. I mean, really, anyone can be a brain surgeon, right? Why not me? Dropped off a suit at the dry cleaners also for some mending and pressing.

For the first time in weeks I have nothing out of the bibliothèque.

Nothing I ordered has come in, and once again an item I asked for, the DVD of Black Dynamite has been deemed too recent to order via BCCLS.org. It’s been a while since I first asked for it, and here we are weeks later being told it’s still too new. I don’t mind, I can wait.

I’ve waited this long and a few more weeks won’t kill me.

I watched the Graduate the other night. It wasn’t as good as I remembered. It had it’s moments but overall it couldn’t be called timeless. I wasn’t the generation it was aimed for so maybe that’s why I missed the boat.

But I used to enjoy watching it a number of years ago. Now, it was just something to watch while killing time.

MGMT were on Saturday Night Live the other night, and I thought they were better than expected. Any song that references Brian Eno is alright by me. Gabourey Sidibe was the guest host and she was funnier than I expected as well.

Still the rain falls.

Laundry is done and hanging in the kitchen and the rest room. Also grilled up some chicken so it’s penne, pesto and chicken tonight for me. I’m looking forward to that.

That’s the type of day it’s been. Shopping for bread, doing laundry, grilling chicken and watching the rain fall down. It’s supposed to let up on Wednesday so I am hoping Wednesday will be a good day.

Not expecting too much besides that. Right now watching Analyze That which is the sequel to Analyze This. The first one was so so and this one is even less so.

I do recall having dinner with Miriam, Suzanne Savage and some colleagues at Arista Records 12 years (?) ago at a restaurant named Gabriel’s on west 59th Street. At the next table was Harold Ramis, Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro in conversation regarding Analyze This.

It was a big thrill then, much better than the picture that was made.

Clean Shaven Me!

Clean Shaven Me!

Hey Little Rich Girl

Well here I am about 24 hours later. I saw the Specials. After 30 years of waiting, seeing a different version of the Specials, seeing a version of their label mates The Selecter, I finally got it together, got a ticket and I was there.

I was anxious of course. After I wrote here, I slowly got myself together. Phat Farm suit with a few errant threads, a seed hole in the pants, wear and tear on the crotch area took it out of being an office suit and is now the rock and roll suit.

Played tag with Miriam on the cellphone as I waited for the bus, finishing up a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 700. It had rained a bit and I brought my umbrella. There was no need since it never rained again last night. But still I didn’t want to arrive all soggy.

Texted Miriam as well as pseudonym as I was on the bus. Pleasantly uneventful sight. Couldn’t tell if I was being cruised by an Indian fellow or he was merely entranced by my thick and thin white over the calf socks.

I went all out with my Rude Boy look, but did not wear a pork pie hat. As I walked up 9th Avenue from the bus terminal I could spot a few other concert goers by the checkerboard patterns they were wearing. Miriam had an extra ticket and she was looking to sell it.

Pseudonym texted me that she was parking in a garage across the street from the venue, Terminal 5. I met up with Miriam and we drove around looking for a spot where we found one a few blocks away. I should have left the umbrella in the car but didn’t.

Pseudonym was inside already while Miriam scalped a scalper outside Terminal 5. He was about to make a sale, selling a ticket for $50.00 when Miriam undercut him and sold it for face value, $30.00.

We made it inside and got on line for some beer when Pseudonym showed up and told us it was less crowded at the back bar. It was a bit less crowded as Miriam bought us all a drink. Pseudonym was a trip to be around. “I got tickets to see PiL and Buzzcocks” she remarked. I was nonplussed.

I remarked at how warm it was inside with me wearing a suit & tie and all the bodies that were filling in which caused her to call me, ‘Saporito’. Yes, anyone who sweats, any mammal will get that name in her eyes.

Pseudonym wandered off saying that she was going to stand by a wall where she usually stands and Miriam and I got another round. We headed in the direction of the wall that Pseudonym was talking about when midway we found an excellent spot.

The DJ was playing some old school roots reggae and Miriam were grooving on it when all of a sudden the lights went down and the Special logo appeared onstage, causing a lot of whooping and hollering.

They opened with Do The Dog and immediately went into Dawning of a New Era. Screaming and dancing all around.

I looked around and felt I was a part of something. Some of us in the crowd probably bought the albums when they first came out years ago and now here we all were, singing along to every song, dancing as much as space would allow.

These were my 2 Tone brothers and sisters. Skinheads, rude boys, wool hat types, mods, rockers, punks, hippies and average folk (including Miriam, mother of 2) all getting along and having fun.

Once in a while a behemoth of a skinhead would surge through the crowd, trying to get to the stage and I would sweep Miriam out of the way, making sure she wouldn’t get trampled. No harm intended just a big guy followed by littler guys but barreling through.

Song after song came out. Terry Hall lead singer who’s recently gone on record about his battles with depression and he didn’t look like he was having a good time. He never did before though. At one point, during the song Nite Klub he sang his parts behind a pillar and eventually sitting on the steps behind the pillar.

Then he went off stage and when he came back, had an armful of bottled water which he handed out to the thirsty punters up front.

Every song was a singalong. My friend Andy who went the night before was absolutely spot on when he said the crowd went apeshit. They certainly did.

I did keep an eye out for Pseudonym but she went missing in action. I asked her earlier if she would give me a ride back to Hoboken, just 15 minutes out of her way but she was determined to get out of there as soon as possible, out of Manhattan and onto the George Washington Bridge to Hackensack.

Miriam was kind enough to drive me close to the Path train before she headed up to Westchester. I can only guess Pseudonym got out alright since she was nowhere to be seen nor did she try to contact me on the cellphone.

Didn’t matter though, Miriam and I had a great time, singing and dancing, no negativity around. Even walking the streets looking to get some water after the show was nice, looking at the other concert goers with the same blissful faces that we had.

3000 people singing along to songs they hold dear. Truly a wonderful evening. Special indeed. Miss ya Jerry!

I will definitely be there on Sunday August 22 at Summerstage when the Specials are scheduled to do a free show.

much better pics at Brooklyn Vegan:

Neville, Horace, Terry, John, Lynval and Roddy (Missing Jerry)

Neville, Horace, Terry, John, Lynval and Roddy (Missing Jerry)



Behind that pillar, Terry Hall

Behind that pillar, Terry Hall

4.21.10 Specials Night LFD DL 700 002
4.21.10 Specials Night LFD DL 700 004
4.21.10 Specials Night LFD DL 700 005
4.21.10 Specials Night LFD DL 700 008
4.21.10 Specials Night LFD DL 700 012
4.21.10 Specials Night LFD DL 700 008
Roddy & Neville watching Terry hand out bottles of water to the crowd up front

Roddy & Neville watching Terry hand out bottles of water to the crowd up front